How I Organize My Make Up

This is how I keep my make up organized for about a year now. Those are a set of 2 drawers, I bought them in Leclerc as well as the glass vase where I keep the brushes and one of the two mascaras I own.

My set of brushes and eyeliners (I hope the pictures aren't too big. Write in the comments if you think I should make them smaller):

Top drawer on the left holds blushes and highlighters:

Middle drawer on the left is for my two foundations, concealer and powder:

The last drawer on the left is filled with some of my fragrances and jewelry:

The top drawer on the right is actually a random drawer, but I put my naked palette there, because it doesn't fit in my palette drawer.

Palette drawer:

 Eyeshadow drawer:

 My lipstick and glosses are kept in small plastic ''cups'', these are from Bauhaus and come in various sizes.

And my modest nail polish collection and some lipsticks/lipglosses I don't like using.

I hope this post was at least a little bit useful. It's not a particularly big collection, but I alway like watching pictures of make up collections.

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