Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess Soft Mat Bronzer

And here it is - one of the best bronzers for fair skins. I've been looking for a good bronzer that would suit my very pale complexion for a long time, but most bronzers I swatched just looked very orange on my skin. Estee Lauder's one has some red tones in it, which apparently works great on lighter skin tones. Although it's called matte bronzer it does have some golden shimmer in the pan, but it doesn't show up on my skin. It actually mattifies quite well. I apply it on my cheeks, a bit on the sides of my forehead and sweep a touch through the center of my face. It just looks like your natural tan, it's not orange and it doesn't look fake at all. I tried using it as a contour, but I don't find it that good for it. For me the best contouring shade I own is Mac's Wedge eyeshadow or eyeshadow called Naked from UD Naked palette. The bronzer is massive, I doubt I'll ever use it up, which sort of justifies the price (36 € in Müller). The packaging is nice, has a big mirror that is really useful. The brush it comes with is also useful and very soft.

In končno ocena še za Estee Lauderjin Bronzer, ki je odličen za zelo svetlo kožo. Kar nekaj časa sem iskala dober bronzer za mojo svetlo kožo, ampak skoraj vsi, ki sem jih swatchala so izgledali oranžno. Esteejin ima nekaj rdečih tonov, zaradi česa očitno izgleda super na svetlejši koži. Čeprav naj bi bil mat bronzer ima nekakšne zlate bleščice, vendar na koži niso vidne. Pravzaprav kar dobro matira. Nanašam ga na lička, ob strani čela in malenkost ga nanesem še po sredini obraza. Dejansko izgleda kot naravna zagorelost in ni nič oranžen. Za senčenje obraza ni ravno najboljši, meni je bolj všeč Macova Wedge senčka ali Naked senčka iz UD-jeve Naked palete. Bronzer je ogromen, dvomim, da mi ga bo kdaj uspelo porabiti, mogoče to dejstvo malo upravičuje ceno (36 € v Müllerju). Embalaža je lepa in priročna z velikim ogledalom in čopičem, ki je tudi uporaben.

And here is a comparison to my ancient Essence Sun Club bronzer, which I really dislike. It just doesn't pack any pigment, it hardly shows up even of my porcelain skin. It does smell lovely however, like sunscreen and exactly like Estee Lauder's Bronze Goddess body oil (the one in the square bottle with gold sparkles).

Maybelline Dream Touch and Dream Mousse Blushes

Maybelline's Dream Mousse blush in Satin Peach is one of my all time favourite blushes. But unfortunately they aren't available here in Slovenia, neither could I find them the last time I was in Graz (I actually bought mine in Graz previously). I saw on feelunique that they have Dream Touch blush, so I assumed they might be the same thing or at least the shades might be the same. The new version is a cream blush with no apparent shimmer while the ''old'' dream mousse blush is a mousse with a frosty finish that looks gorgeous on the skin. In terms of shade Peach Satin and Peach are nothing alike, Peach Satin is a coral-pink shade and Peach is a very natural shade, sort of beige with some peach. Personally I much prefer Peach Satin, it just works so well with my skin tone, it just make me look more healthy and glowy. But as far as the formula goes, I actually like the Dream Touch more, it's a nice soft cream texture sort of like Jemma Kidd's Ice Gold highlighter. Both formulas blend very smoothly and are a pleasure to use. These are great blushes for the price, but I'm not sure whether Dream Mousse blushes were discontinued and replaced by Dream Touch blushes or they are both still sold. I think both were around 7 €.

First pic shade, 2nd sun:

This is how it looks on a slightly darker skin tone than mine:

Haul from Feelunique

My cousin and I ordered quite a lot of stuff from (they offer free shipping worldwide). I think it took about a week and a half for the order to arrive. On the first picture is my part of the order - St. Tropez self tan bronzing mousse, Redken All Soft conditioner, Maybelline Dream Touch blush in Peach (review of it in another post) and I also bought St.Tropez application mitt, but it's not in the picture. My cousin also ordered St. Tropez mousse, other items were Jemma Kidd creme blush in Guava (a very pigmented, bright pink shade) and Clarins Liquid Bronze Self Tanning for face and decollete (she gave me some of it, I have it in an old L'Occitane bottle).

First of, swatches of Jemma Kidd Blushwear Creme Cheek Colour in Guava. See how bright it is? Of course you have to use a light hand when applying it, but it gives a beautiful pinky flush.

I used Redken's All Soft conditioner once so far and I like it a lot. It makes you hair very soft. Here are ingredients (click on the picture to enlarge it):

And the best part of the haul: St. Tropez self tan bronzing mousse. I am super pale and I rarely tan even if I sunbathe (I actually prefer to stay in the shade). This is the best self tanner I ever used. I smells amazing, sort of floral and fresh (I used to have a shower gel that smelled very similar, I believe it was called Fresh Summer by Duschdas). It's a bronze mousse, which is handy because you can see where you applied it. I use a mitt and it buffs the tan beautifully. When I used it for the first time, it did apply a bit streaky, but it was my fault, because I got my arm wet to soon after application. The second time it looked flawless, with no streaks. It dries in a minute, so you can get dressed after a few minutes and it doesn't transfer to the clothes or sheets. The tan you get look so natural and beautiful, and it's dark enough even after one application (my cousin was amazed by the results). You have to wash your hands thoroughly after application (preferably every time you apply it on a certain part of the body or you'll get dark hands). Also I apply some moisturiser on my elbows, knees hands and feet before applying tan. Here's a video on how to apply it click. I find  that it does smell a bit of self tanner, but it actually so mild, you can cover it with a body moisturiser. All in all a great self tanner.
It's very expensive (around 25 pounds for 236 ml) but it's so much better that your run-of-the-mill drugstore tan. I highly recommend it.

The application mitt - It very expensive (3,5 pounds) considering how cheaply it's made. I felt a bit stupid paying that much for it, but there is no cheaper alternative available on feelunique or here in Slovenia.

This is how the mousse looks like:

Clarins Liquid Bronze Self Tanning for face and decollete - It's a very light lotion that you apply with a cotton pad. It doesn't get streaky at all. It's not as dark as St. Tropez, with one application you get just a touch of colour, more of a healthy glow actually. It smells lovely and it doesn't have that self tan scent at all. It feels very light on the skin and doesn't make my skin oily or clog my pores. You get 125 ml for 15,20 pounds. Another product I'd recommend.

Haul S-he Stylezone and Some Nail Polish Swatches

S-he finally revamped their line and I think I'm actually one of the rare people who likes the new lego style packaging. I bought two nail polishes (020 and 345) and two eye shadows in 035 and 065.
S-he je končno zamenjal embalaže in sodeč po komentarjih, sem ena izmed redkih kateri so embalaže v stilu lego kock dejansko všeč. Kupila sem dva laka (020 in 345), ter dve senčili 035 in 065.

Eyeshadows are very pigmented. S-he doesn't carry a particularity great selection of colours, but these are very good (especially compared to Essence). 035 is an sapphire blue and it's so pigmented, vibrant and easy to blend, I would easily compare it to ArtDeco's 272 (but S-he is a bit brighter). 065 is a gorgeous highlight shade with a satin finish. It's a good dupe for one of my favourite highlighting shades - the lightest shade from one of the Essence's Secret of the Past TE palettes.  I've worn both for hours without a base and the blue one only faded a bit, the highlighter shade still looked ok. Here is a lousy pic of swatches, but can you see how vibrant the blue is? The eyeshadows are very small, but I don't mind since they're 1.95 € a piece. I'll probaby get some more colours.
Senčila so zelo dobra in zelo pigmentirana. Kakšne velike izbire barv ravno ni, ampak v primerjavi s Essence so mi ta senčila veliko boljša. 035 je smaragdno modra, zelo pigmentirana in se lepo nanaša. Zlahka bi jo primerjala z ArtDecovo 272 , ampak S-he-jeva je malo bolj živa. 065 je odličen odtenek za pod obrv, ima satenast finiš. Je zelo podoben mojemu najljubšemu odtenku za pod obrv - najsvetlejšemu odtenku v Essencevi paleti iz Secret of the Past TE. Obe senčili sem nosila brez baze več ur, modra je malenkost zbledela (kot vsa druga temnejša senčila), bež senčka pa je ostala ok. Tukaj je še bolj slaba slika odtenkov, modra je dejansko še bolj živa. Senčila so zelo majhna, ampak mene to ne moti, so itak samo 1, 95€ za kos. Verjetno bom kupila še kakšno barvo.

Here is first of the nail polishes - 020, which is light pink. It has a jelly finish, first coat is very see through, second still has a bit too little coverage for my taste, but 3 coats looks ok (although the tips still show through).
Prvi lak 020 je svetlo roza. Prva plast je prozorna, druga ima že malo več prekrivnosti, tretja pa je že ok (čeprav se konice še vidijo).

I'm sure you've already seen the swatches of 345 before, mine is very bad, sorry about that. I bought this one after seeing Biba's and Nihrida's swatches. It's a black with gold and silver shimmer, just so pretty. However it's a pain to remove.
Verjetno ste že prej videli slike laka 345, moja je zelo slaba. Kupila sem ga potem, ko sem videla slike Bibe in Nihride. Je črn z zlatimi in srebrnimi bleščicami, res lep. Ga je pa težko odstraniti. 

The last thing is Barry M's Limited Edition Pink nail polish, which I got in a swap. It's a very bright pink and very opaque, on this picture I'm only wearing one coat.
Še slika Barry M-ovega Limitited Edtiton Pink laka, ki sem ga dobila v zamenjavi. Je zelo živo rozast in zelo prekriven. Na tej sliki imam namazano le eno plast. 


Review: Orofluido Shampoo, Conditioner and Shine Spray

This (and apparently last) month, Studioma had an offer - for 26 € you got Orofluido shampoo, conditioner and shine spray. As I love the scent of their serum, I wanted to try out the rest of the products from the range (here is a link to the Orofluido web page, if anyone is interested). I've already raved about the scent in one of my monthly favourites posts (also for review of Orofluido Beauty Elixir click here), but as lovely as the scent is, it just doesn't last on my hair (which is weird, because other say it lasts on their hair). The scent of all the products is the same as of the serum, an oriental mix of vanilla and amber. They all contain argan oil (which is supposed to strengthen the hair and make them light and silky), cyperus oil (gives natural protection against free radicals, makes hair soft and voluminous, manageable, smooth and flexible) and linseed oil (seals and smooths the hair cuticle, gives shine). They come packed in the most beautiful boxes ever, which are mat black with a glossy pattern, I actually keep them on the shelf as a decoration. All three have extremely useful and practical packaging, the conditioner has a pump (can I just say brilliant), the shine spray comes in a glass bottle and sprays a very fine mist.

Starting with shampoo. I like this shampoo a lot. The scent is just right, not to strong not to weak, it foams nice, doesn't dry out my hair or make them greasy. My hair is very dry, so I wash them once a week and even then they aren't that greasy. It's a gel like consistency and it's amber colour. Thankfully it doesn't irritate my scalp (a lot of other shampoo's do), that's why I like it so much. All in all a lovely shampoo.

Unlike the shampoo, the conditioner left me a bit unimpressed. It's not that moisturising as I'd like, but I do have extremely dry hair, so perhaps it works great on hair that aren't as dry as mine. It has medium thick consistency, it's almost a bit runny. I'll give this conditioner another chance and just apply more, maybe that will do the trick. But overall I have to say that my hair is a lot more shiny and smooth.

The shine spray gives a lot of shine and has the strongest scent of the three (it's almost like a perfume). I like it a lot, but the amount you get is quite little (50ml).

Ingredients of Orofluido shampoo:
Ingredients of Orofluido conditioner:
Ingredients of Orofluido shine spray: 

Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse Multipurpose Dry Oil

This oil has been on my wishlist for a long time. I wanted the regular version and not the shimmery one because I think that shimmer would look ridiculous on my milky skin. First off let me start with the scent - it's amazing.  I can't stop smelling it. It's very sweet, I don't really know what it resembles, but some say it's a bit like almond oil (by the way, it is identical as their tinted moisturizer). For me, one of the most important things in a product is the scent, so this oil gets a big plus because of that. Another thing that I love is how it just sinks into the skin, there's no greasy feeling whatsoever. It leaves the skin so very soft and feeling amazing. I also used it on my hair and it's great. It tames the frizz and gives amazing shine. But it performs the best on my face. I use a drop or two on my face and I swear my skin never looked so radiant and lovely (also using honey and homemade aspirin toner contributed greatly to making my skin look better, but more about that another time). Vichy Aqualia Thermal serum got rid of my dry patches, but in combination with a bit of Nuxe oil my skin looks so nice and radiant. The only thing I really don't like is the packaging. The glass bottle looks so luxurious and pretty, but I have the 50 ml version and it's so hard to get the oil out. I think the 100 ml version has a spray which I'd prefer, but it's very expensive (31 €). Nuxe is sold in almost every pharmacy here in Slovenia, 50 ml bottle cost around 18 €.

My final verdict: I love it.I think I will keep repurchasing it, but I don't like the packaging (next time I'll try the spray bottle), also the price is exaggerated.
Update (14. feb.2013): I'm still loving it. I did repurchase the 100ml version and the spray bottle is so much more handy.  I've been using it as a face moisturiser every day since I bought it (almost 2 years!) and it's amazing. It gives skin radiance and more importantly it makes your skin incredibly smooth. Definitely a product worth the hype. I changed the pictures with the 100ml version, the 50ml ones are bellow.

To olje je bilo dolgo na moji wishlisti. Želela sem navadno verzijo in ne tisto s bleščicami, ker mislim da bi bleščice izgledale čudno na moji mlečno beli koži. Obožujem vonj tega olja in glede na to, da je zame vonj izdelka ena izmed najpomembnejših stvari, tale dobi en velik plus. Je zelo sladek vonj, sicer ne vem čemu je najbolj podoben, nekateri pravijo, da je nekako podoben mandlju (gre pa za isti vonj, kot ga ima njihova obarvana krema). Je suho olje, kar pomeni da se takoj vpije v kožo in ne pusti nobenega mastnega občutka, meni je to zelo všeč. Kožo naredi izjemno mehko in gladko. Uporabila sem ga tudi na laseh (konicah) in ukroti frizz in doda sijaj. Najbolj pa se obnese na koži obraza. Uporabim kapljico ali dve zraven Vichyijevega seruma in moja koža nikoli ni izgledala lepše. Edino kar mi ni všeč je embalaža. Sama steklenička izgleda čudovito, ampak pri 50 ml verziji zelo težko dobim kaj izdelka ven (moraš kar agresivno stresati stekleničko, da dobiš kakšno kapljo). Pri 100 ml veziji je baje sprej, verjetno bom naslednjič vzela kar to. Nuxe se dobi v skoraj vsaki lekarni, 50 ml stane 18€ in 100 ml je okrog 31€. 
Meni je olje zelo všeč in verjetno ga bom še kupovala. Moti me le embalaža (pri 50 ml) in cena. Priporočam.

Barry M Blusher Rose and Lipstick 145

When Barry M make up finally became accessible in Slovenia, their blushers were the first thing on my wishlist. But I was a bit concerned about how pigmented they looked, so I never came round to ordering them. I got this one in a swap and as I presumed it's very, very pigmented. You need to use a light hand when applying it. Take most of the colour off on your hand and just build up the colour slowly. It gives a beautiful rosey-pink flush and it's mat finish. I'm interested in how shade 1 (Pink Orchid) would look on me, it looks so beautiful on pictures. I think this is a perfect blush for darker skin tones because it's so pigmented that you don't have to worry if it will show up. Another good thing is the price, it's quite cheap.
Ko so Barry M ličila prišla v Slovenijo, so me najbolj zanimali njihovi blushi, ampak so se mi zdeli zelo pigmetirani in jih zato nisem nikoli naročila. Odtenek Rose (2) sem dobila v zamenjavi in kot sem pričakovala je izjemno pigmentiran. Pri nanosu moraš biti precej previden, saj je kmalu preveč. Najbolje je, da ga nanašaš postopoma, bolje je premalo kot preveč. Da res lepo roza rdečico in ima mat finiš. Mene zanima še odtenek številka 1 (Pink Orchid, ki je najsvetlejši), na slikah izgleda zelo lep. Ta blush je zelo dober za tiste z temnejšo poltjo (sama sem bela kot mleko in se na meni vsak blush pozna), saj se ni treba bati se ne bi poznal. Barry M ličila lahko kupite na Lič, stanejo 6,55 €.

I also got a lipstick in the shade 145 (Punky Pink) which is a very, very bright fuchsia pink. It's way to bright for my liking, but others say it looks fine on me. I like the formula of this shade, it's not moisturising but it just feels like it'll stay on forever. Shade 147 (Peachy Pink) has the worst formula I ever tried, it is extremely drying, applies so patchy and uneven plus the colour looks horrible on me, it's very bright pastel orange. I gave it to my cousin who has darker skin tone than I me (about NC 20 or Bourjois Healthy Mix 52-53) and it still looks very pastel orange, but she tops it with a pink gloss and it looks ok. If you like very bright fuchsia shades, you'll love 145 (perhaps you should bare in mind that I'm very pale so it might not look as bright on you)
Dobila sem še šminko v odtenku 145 (Punky Pink), ki je zelo, zelo živa fusija. Zame je preveč živa, ampak drugi pravijo da na meni izgleda ok. Baje je najbolj prodajan roza odtenek na lič, meni se ne zdi ravno odtenek za vsak dan. Všeč mi je občutek na ustnicah, ni vlažilna, ampak imaš občutek da ostala gor ure in ure. Veliko boljša je kot naprimer odtenek 147 (Peachy Pink), ki je verjetno najslabša šminka, kar sem jo imela. Je izjemno izsušujoča, nikakor je ne moreš lepo namazati, pa še odtenek je grozen na meni, tak živo pastelno oranžen. Dala sem jo moji sestrični, ki je temnejša kot jaz (približno NC 20 ali Bourjois 52-53) in na njej izgleda isto, ampak ona da gor svetlo roza glos in izgleda ok. Če so vam všeč fuksijasti odtenki, vam bo tale verjetno zelo všeč (Imejte v mislim da sem zelo svetla in bo mogoče na vas 145 izgledala malenkost manj živo).