Favorites for July

This month has been all about fragrances for me. Particularly the sweet, fruity cocktails like fragrances by Escada. They are just perfect for this time of year. I have most of their summer LE, the small bottles (which contain 4 ml) are Pacific Paradise, Rockin' Rio, Sunset Heat, Ocean Lounge and Moon Sparkle, the big purple one is last years' Marine Groove and the yellow one is the newest Taj Sunset.

It's been another very minimal make up month for me. I just don't feel like wearing a lot of make up now. Mostly I used only ArtDeco Perfect Teint Illuminator (it's excellent for under-eye circles, review is here) and when I felt like I need something more I wore Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum. The latter I absolutely love. I wouldn't describe it as a foundation, maybe the term tinted moisturizer is more appropriate. I'm one of those people, who really dislikes full coverage foundations. Personally I want that my skin still shows through and that the foundation doesn't cover up my freckles. HM serum give the most natural results, it literally looks like your skin but better. And I love the floral-fruity scent it has. My review can be found here.

Beside the illuminating pen, I only wore either Estee Lauder's Bronze Goddess Soft Matte bronzer (review here) or Maybelline's Dream Touch blush (swatch here) to give some healthy sun-kissed glow to my cheeks.

The last thing is the Essence Sun Club Shimmer Skin Body lotion, which I think I discontinued. It's a body lotion that has a bit of self tanner in it and of course some shimmer (which is not even that apparent. In fact it's a very lovely subtle shimmer.) I bought three of these last year, when they cost a euro per bottle (bargain!). Once I bought one and used it a couple of times, I ran back and got back ups, because I wasn't sure if they're going to discontinue it or not. It's amazing, especially for the price. It's sinks in really fast and gives a subtle colour after about three uses and the best part, there is almost no sun tanner scent (It does develop after about about 4-5 uses, but it's really mild). I use it to prolong my fake tan from St. Tropez mousse. I use St. Tropez once a week and than every day Essence lotion. Works like a charm.

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My Top 5 Blushes

I love wearing blushes. A touch of blush just ties everything together. I have a very pale skin tone (NC 15) and without anything on the cheeks I often look unhealthily pale. I find that coral shades look most natural on me, however bubble gum pink shades give me that ''I just came from the cold'' flush I love so much. So here are my selected five:
Top: BeneFit Coralista and NARS Deep Throat
Bottom: Everyday Minerals Waffle Cone (sample size), E.l.f. Natural Radiance blush in Shy and Maybelline Dream Mousse blush in Satin Peach

1. BeneFit Coralista - I think I already raved enough about this blush, so I'm not going to bore you again. In short: it's the perfect coral shade with gold shimmer that just gives that lovely glow. This is my most worn blush. More swatches here and here.

2. NARS Deep Throat - Is a coral pink blush with a gold shimmer. It's pinker and much darker than Orgasm, so it's quite easy to overdo on my skin tone, but I still find it prettier that Orgasm so I wear it more. More swatches and comparisons can be found here.

3. Maybelline Dream Mousse blush in Satin Peach - I love the light texture of the mousse. It blends like a dream and is hard to overdo. The color is a frosty peachy pink that just makes you look so healthy and pretty. I always apply it with my fingertips. More swatches and comparison with the newer Dream Touch blush can be found here.

4. E.l.f. Natural Radiance blush in Shy - Is the most gorgeous light bubble gum pink ever. It gives me the perfect pink cheeks. I heard it's supposedly a good dupe for MAC Well Dressed, personally don't know because I don't own Well Dressed. The texture is a bit chalky but that honestly doesn't bother me. The packaging on the other hand does. The opening mechanism is just annoying, the whole plastic packaging looks very cheap and small, but I for the price your paying it's still a really good blush. I highly recommend Shy for paler skin tones, but I imagine someone with darker skin tone might have trouble getting it to show up. The original full review can be found here.

5. Everyday Minerals blush in Waffle Cone -  The great natural blush for my skin tone. It's similar to Miel Glace by Lancome which I also own, but Waffle Cone has the most amazing subtle shimmer or I could describe it as more of a glow. I own the sample size, but since you only need a little amount even the sample size will last you ages.

Things I'm Loving Right Now Vol. 2

Lavender started to bloom in our little garden. I just love the scent of lavender. I found my last year's bottle of lavender oil that I bought when I was on a holiday. I put a drop on my pillow and a drop on a cotton pad, which I put in my wardrobe. I can't stop opening my wardrobe doors now. It smells divine :) .

I adore dresses. I just can't stop buying them. These three are my latest purchases. All are from Tally Weijl. Isn't the first one just gorgeous! I love wearing it as a top too.

And the last thing are pretty perfume bottles. The first one is from Versace and I just adore the classic greek/roman design. Plus it smells like lilac and fruit (guava). Oh, I sooo want it!
Versace Cystal Noir smells amazing to me. It reminds me of some shampoo or something. Sort of like coconut and flowers. The bottle could be prettier though.
The bottle design of Guerlain Insolence must be one of the prettiest ever. I just wish the scent would be a bit more appealing to me.
And this concludes my short rambling about random things. Thanks for reading!

My Top 6 Lipsticks

Lipsticks are my favourite make up items. They are the easiest way to change your look. Mostly I wear light neutral pinks (hence the amount of them in my top 6), but I also love wearing a bit brighter colours (paired with very neutral eyes). 

And here are all six of them. From left to right they are Oriflame Pure Color 00012, E.l.f. Mineral lipstick in Runway Pink, Mac's Hue and Creme Cup, Gosh Darling, Nyx and Manhattan Soft Matte/Mat lipcreams in Istanbul and 45H. (Colored text is a link.)

Oriflame Pure Color 00012 - I don't really know how it's called exactly, which is a shame because I would repurchase it when the time comes. It's the brightest pink in my top 6 bunch. It's a bright pink but slighly peachy with a cream finish. It's one of my four most-worn shades.

E.l.f. Mineral lipstick in Runway Pink - My absolutely most-worn lipstick. It's a light matte pink that goes with everything. Here is another swatch.

Mac Hue -  is my absolute favorite lipstick. It's a gorgeous light milky pink, slightly peachy with glossy finish  This lipstick is my ultimate to-go shade. Here is another swatch.

Mac Creme Cup - is a light blue pink and is a part of their cremesheen line. It's a very wearable, neutral everyday colour. This shade looks darker on me than on most, but here is a swatch from a lovely fellow Slovenian blogger from The Dollhouse Diary.

Gosh Darling - is my favourite nude lipstick. It's just one of the most flattering nude shades ever. To bad Gosh isn't sold in Slovenia anymore.

Manhattan Soft Mat Lipcream in 45H - I love soft mat lipcreams, from both brands Nyx and Manhattan. First off they are mat (I love mat shades), secondly they are all really pigmented and after they dry they survive through everything (eating, drinking). 45H is a gorgeous red shade which after it drys doesn't budge so you don't leave lipstick stains on the glasses.
Nyx Soft Mat Lipcream in Istanbul - is another my to-go shade. It's a neutral, light to medium pink (on me at least) and the colour lasts for hours. And another thing about mat lipcreams, after they dry they tend to change colour a bit, Istanbul for example becomes a bit lighter.

So this is my top 6. Nothing terribly exciting. I'm sure I've already talked a lot about all or at least most of these shades.
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Small Haul - Sunprotection

Just a small haul featuring mostly sunscreen and other sun protection items. I bought a small size bottle of SunDance sun protection cream SPF 30 for sensitive skin, which I'm currently using for my face. It's quite a greasy sunscreen, so I have to powder at least my T-zone to avoid looking like a disco ball. It's also handy to carry it in your bag in case you need to reapply it. 

Hawaiian Tropic Protective Dry Spray Oil SPF 20 smells exactly like pina colada. It smells like coconut and pineapple, just very sweet (I have a feeling I'll get sick of the scent eventually). It's a dry oil, which means it doesn't leave your skin (too) greasy, but it leaves your skin kind of shinny (I quite like that). The spray bottle is quite handy, the nozzle sprays a nice mist and it doesn't drip. Btw the price of it is currently reduced in DM (around 10 € instead of 13 €)

I'm not too satisfied with the CadeaVera lip balm SPF20. I was very happy with it right after application. It's nicely soft, smells a bit like vanilla and leaves just a little bit of a white cast (but nothing compared to Sprite LipSmacker). However, and there is a big however, after a while you get that weird yucky plasticky taste in you mouth. I really don't like that. Plus after an hour my lips looked so chapped like I just crossed the Sahara. Oh, well. At least it was under a 1 €.

The last thing is the Ando Vandini travel size creme shower with macadamia and vanilla, which I have yet to try.

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My Top 10 Eyeshadows

I own a reasonable amount of eyeshadows, however I tend to use only a few and mostly it's neutral colours that complement my eye colour (which is grey, you can see it in this post). These are all single eyeshadows, I might feature my palettes separately, but I don't even own that much palettes anyway. So here are my chosen 10:
1. Row: Mac Satin Taupe, Mac Patina, Nyx Black
2. Row: Mac Wedge, L'Oreal Color Infaillible 012 Endless Chocolate, Make Up Factory Shimmer Creme 4
3. L'Oreal Chrome Shine 172 Beige Shimmer, S-he 065, S-he 035, ArtDeco 245

1. L'Oreal Chome Shine in 172 Beige Shimmer - is a very shimmery beige gold shade that really brings out my eyes. I find the the best way to apply it is with the sponge applicator, it sort of doesn't really work well with brushes, I honestly don't know why. Also because it's really shimmery, you have to be carefull when applying it or the shimmer gets everywhere. I bought it when I was in London and I don't think they sell this colour in Slovenia (actually the color selection of L'Oreal eyeshadows in our drugstores is really pathetic). I love pairing this shade with L'Oreal's 012 Endless Chocolate.

2. S-he 065 - is a brilliant highlighting shade. It's has a soft satin shine finish. I love using it just all over with some gel eyeliner. It's ridiculously cheap (1,95 €), however the size of it is also ridiculously small. 

3. S-he 035 - is a gorgeous dark blue with a satin finish. I love, love, love dark blue shades and this one is one of the prettiest I came across. I wear it over Essence kajal pencil in 13 Nightfever on the top lash line, when I want to wear something else than a black eyeliner.

4. Mac Wedge - is the perfect contouring shade for my skin tone. Also use it for contouring  my cheekbones.
5. ArtDeco 245 - I already featured it in my top 10 products post. It's my all-time favorite eyeshadow. The shade is sort of an old gold color, green-gold with a satin finish. The size of the pan is really, really small and it is a bit expensive (around 5 €), but the quality is fantastic.

6. Make Up Factory Shimmer Creme 4 - is the only creme eyeshadow I own. It's perfect for days when I'm in a rush, but I still want to wear something on my lids. It's really smooth and applies like butter. Unfortunately, since it is a creme eyeshadow, it does crease eventually, but I still find it that it lasts reasonably long. It's one of those shades that really complement blue/grey eyes because it's gold with some copper undertones. I also love using it as a base, especially when I'm wearing Urban Decay's Half Baked. Make Up Factory is only available in Müller, I believe this eyeshadow was around 12-14€.

7. L'Oreal Color Infaillible in 012 Endless Chocolate - I already raved a lot about the Color Infaillible range. Endless Chocolate is a gorgeous shimmery, bronzey brown shade. It's so versatile, I wear it all over the lid or just as a liner and it's also one of those shades that looks great in combination with so many colors. The staying power is excellent. The texture of these eyeshadows is like a pressed pigment and are really pigmented. These cost around 8 €.

8. Nyx Black - Another eyeshadow I featured in my top 10 products post. It's my most worn eyeshadow. I wear it as a liner on my waterline and top lash line. It's such a deep black shade that just lasts ages on your waterline. 
9. Mac Patina - One of the pretties shades ever. It's an antiqued gold shade that complements blue/grey eyes. It's not massively pigmented, you have to build up the color, but it just looks so gorgeous even by itself.

10. Mac Satin Taupe - Another really gorgeous shade for blue/grey eyes. It a brown taupe shade with some purple undertones. It's the prefect color for a neutral brown smoky eye. I love wearing it alone with just some mascara and black liner.

L'Oreal Color Infaillible Eyeshadow in 005 Purple Obsession

And then there were three. L'Oreal's Infaillible eyeshadows that is. After 012 Endless Chocolate and 002 Hourglass Beige, 005 Purple Obsession joined my collection. Purple Obsession is a purple (what a shocker!) with blue shimmer. As the other two, this one is also extremely pigmented and long lasting. The texture of it is like a  pressed  pigment and it's very smooth. Color Infaillible eyeshadows cost around 8 €.

My Top 10 Products

So here are my current top 10 products. It's ridiculously difficult to pick only 10, I could easy add at least 10 more products, but that would be just too much.

1. Dove Beauty Body Milk for dry skin - My absolute favourite body moisturiser  I use it regularly every day. I love the thick, creamy consistency that just feels so moisturising (I don't like very runny moisturisers . But despite it's heavier formula it just sinks into the skin in a matter of minutes. And the scent is so lovely. I think I've already gone through at least five 400 ml bottles and I'll definitely keep repurchasing. Recently they've changed the packaging, but I still saw a lot of the old ones everywhere, however with the help of one of my readers, we established that the new one is called Dove Essential Nourishment Body Lotion for dry skin (with a white and blue label).

2. L'Occitane Amande Cleansing and Soothing Shower Oil - The best smelling product ever. Seriously the scent is freaking amazing. Apparently it smells like almonds, honestly I don't know. It's a thick oil, also useful for shaving. It leaves your skin moisturised and soft. My bottle is almost empty (I think this is the third one), so I need to purchase a new one. However, it's expensive (16,5 € for 250 ml), but you don't need to use much, so the bottle lasts you a while.

3. Calvin Klein Euphoria - My signature scent. I just adore it. I have the perfume and the toilette version and I love them both.

4. Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse Multi-Purpose Dry Oil - I think I already raved enough about this oil. Since I purchased it, I used it almost every day. It leaves your skin so soft and it smells amazing. I use it for everything, on my face, body, hair and lips.

5. L'Oreal Million Lashes Extra-Black mascara - Another product I already raved loads about. My favourite mascara so far. It separates, elongates and gives volume. Just perfect.

6. Nyx Black eyeshadow - I use it almost every day. It's really, really black and it lasts all day in the waterline and on the top lash line.

7. ArtDeco 245 eyeshadow - I just adore the colour  It's a sort of an old gold colour  gold with some green, just stunning. ArtDeco eyeshadows are one of my favourites  despite their ultra small size, but they are really soft, pigmented and they blend well.

8. BeneFit Coralista - My most worn blush. It's the most gorgeous coral shade with gold shimmer.

9. MAC Hue - My favourite lipstick. It is the most beautiful light milky pink shade with some peach. It's a glaze formula so it has a slightly shiny finish.

10. E.l.f. Runway Pink - My ultimate to-go shade and most worn lipstick. It goes with everything, plus it has a matte finish (which I love). It's a bit darker and pinker than Hue, but still very similar.

Manhattan Luxopolis LE Shampaigh 21L

Shampaigh 21L is one of the four shades from the Luxopolis LE by Manhattan. It's a light gold shade with a lot of shimmer. It's a nice eyeshadow and that's all that it is, just nice. It's not as soft as I'd like and I wish it was more pigmented. In DM it looked so promising, I really though I struck gold, but when I came home, I was a bit disappointed. It's doesn't even show up much on my lids. Here is a comparison of my other gold shades. L'Oreal Infaillible is more white and a lot more shimmery and 172 Beige Shimmer, which is one of my all-time favourite shades, is a a bit darker beige-gold color. All are super shimmery (Color Infaillible wins here hands down).

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Mini Haul - ArtDeco and Manhattan

Just a mini haul I made this week. I bought ArtDeco Perfect Teint Illuminator in shade 8 and Manhattan nail polish in 51T.

ArtDeco Perfect Teint Illuminator is the ArtDeco version of the famous Touche Eclat by YSL, just half cheaper (it's around 9-10€). It comes in two shades, one is more pink and 8 is more yellow. 8 suits me perfectly, right now my circles aren't that bad (yay!) and this covers them completely. I also apply some on the top of my cheekbones, around the nose and on the bridge of the nose, just to highlight and brighten those features a bit. This is my second pen so far and I like it a lot.

51T is a part of the Naughty Nails collection by Manhattan and it's a milky pastel pink. It's really difficult to apply it evenly and it's quite thick. On this picture I'm wearing two coats.
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S-He Eyeshadow Quattro and Khol Kajal

S-he completely revamped their line and I already raved about their single eyeshadows here (which I still love). However, the quattro eyeshadows do not live up to the singles. The quad I have in called 152/205 (at least I think it is, the naming is a bit odd) and it contains a pearly white, very light lilac, dusty pink and a bright blue-violet color (all have some shimmer in them). Honesty I really don't like the colors in this quad, they just don't suit me. Eyeshadows feel quite chalky, although they are quite pigmented and soft. Unfortunately they simply don't last long, they just disappear after a couple of hours (unlike the singles which last for hours). 
The kohl kajal in 003 is a smokey grey color (I have no idea why it looks a bit green on my picture). It's a great color for those who find a black eyeliner a bit to harsh but they still want to define their eyes. It a sort of in the middle pencil, not to soft and not to hard. It's quite pigmented, but it smudges quickly. I wore it as a liner on my top lashline and it smudged off quite fast, so maybe it's better just as a base for darker eyeshadows. It comes with a rubber ''smudger'' on the other side.
I was given this quattro and khol as a gift, so I have no idea how much they cost.

Things I'm Loving Right Now: Coral

I already wrote in the previous post how my new top inspired my recent lipstick purchase, so when I came home I searched my make up collection for other coral shades I have. Consequently, I've been wearing corals a lot in the past week. So here are they (colored text is a link to the swatch):

  • Benefit Coralista - a beautiful coral shade with gold shimmer, makes your cheeks look luminous:

  • Miss Sporty nail polish in shade 370 (one of my all-time favorites. It's a gorgeous shade)
  • Manhattan 43K 
  • Essence in BBC Pink Heat (which is more red than coral, but it's a beautiful summery shade)

And swatches of all (in the shade):

And another of Candy Bar, Coral Punch and Coralista in the sun:

Swatches of nail polishes:

Manhattan 43K:

I was also inspired by this picture:

Thanks for watching. Have a great summer!