Essence Stay All Day Eyeshadows

Since I was very pleased with the quality of the Stay All Day creme eyeshadow in shade 02, I purchased some more shades (and I don't think these will be the only ones in my collection). I bought 01 Copy Right and 06 Rock Chic.

01 Copy Right is a shimmery, warm brown shade, on my skin tone it's actually quite similar to Satin Taupe eyeshadow by MAC.
06 is a black with silver shimmer. It's a great shade if you want quick smokey eyes. All Stay All Day eyeshadows are very shimmery, but they apply very nicely and really stay put all day (click here for my previous review of these eyeshadows).

Here I'm wearing only 01 Copy Right and L'Oreal Volume Million Lashes Waterproof mascara:

I also purchased a new tube of L'Oreal Volume Million lashes mascara, but this time the waterproof version. Waterproof mascaras hold the curl a lot better than the ones with a regular formula. This one holds the curl very well. The formula is a bit thicker than the extra black version's. I've raved so much about Million Lashes mascara (extra black version) and this one is basically the same just a bit better, because it holds the curl better. I bought Maybelline's make up remover for waterproof make up as I find that Bioderma doesn't perform well when it comes to waterproof mascara. 
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L'Occitane Amande Supple Skin Oil

I absolutely adore L'Occitane's Almond shower oil. For me scent of the product very important and this shower oil smells amazing. So naturally I wanted something with the same scent. I used to own Blossom Dew from the same line, but the scent was so disappointingly weak that I sold it. I received a lot of testers of the body cream from the almond line and it's so lovely. It leaves your skin really soft and silky, but the scent isn't the same as the shower oil, however, it's still super nice. I tried the Supple Skin oil in the shop and the scent wasn't pleasing at all. It smelled a bit like play dough, like a mix of plastic and almond, so I never came round to actually buying it. Don't let those (possibly) old tester bottles fool you! I finally purchased it, I just took a risk and it paid of. Initially the scent is a bit different than the shower oil, it's a bit more fruity, but then it turns into that gorgeous almond scent I love and adore. 

It's a dry oil, but it's not as dry as the Nuxe one. It's still quite greasy, but it sinks into the skin in minutes, although I don't put clothes on right away. I use it right after a shower as I find it sinks into the skin faster. It's quite a thick oil, so it doesn't spread that easy on dry skin, but this is not really such a big issue (at least for me). I also use it on my hair (both dry and wet). It leaves the skin really soft and moisturised. It's a fantastic product for people who suffer from dry skin. The scent lasts for a long time, but it's not super strong.  

The product comes in a classy glass bottle with a pump. Unfortunately it's a bit of a challenge to hold the bottle with greasy hands, so that's a minus. But it looks so pretty in your bathroom. The pump is great, you can really control the amount you want.

All in all a great product if you feel like pampering yourself a bit. It is super expensive (too expensive if you ask me!), so buy it only if you like the L'Occitane's almond scent.

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One Year Blogoversary

Exactly one year ago, on September 21st, I started my little beauty blog. So far I've posted 133 post and received a slew of comments. Thank you for everyone of them, I appreciate it so much. Thanks to all of my readers and followers, it means a lot to me just to know that someone is interested in what I have to say.

Here are some most popular post (as you can see they all feature lip products) :

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Catrice Made to Stay vs, Essence Stay All Day Cream Eyeshadows

Drugstore brands really stepped up their game recently. After Catrice's Made to Stay longlasting eyeshadow, Essence released Stay All Day longlasting eyeshadow and guess what - they really last a long time on your eyelids.

I own Stay All Day in the shade 02 Glammy Goes to... which is a light gold-champagne color, super shimmery and all-together a very pretty shade for everyday (at least I wear it like that). It's not the creamiest of the creme eyeshadows, but it still blends nicely. I use a synthetic eyeshadow brush (from The Body Shop) to apply it and Mac's 217 to blend it, but you can use fingers. It's very pigmented and it sticks to the lids well. It lasted all day (yes, all day!) and without any base underneath. Didn't even crease. Just brilliant! It almost looked like I just applied it. Luckily, Stay All Day are a addition to the permanent line and come in six colours. I highly recommend these, I'll definitely get more colours  The packaging is a nice, sturdy plastic container with a screw lid.

I have Catrice Made to Stay in a darker shade called 050 Metall of Honor . 050 is a darker bronzy brown shade with shimmer (brilliant shade for lighter eyes). It's creamier than Stay All Day, it blends well and is very pigmented. Again like Essence Stay All Day it lasts all day on the lids. Since it's a darker shade it faded a bit (but really just a bit, a minute difference) and it didn't crease (again without any base). Made to Stay come in six shades. The packaging is a glass container with a screw lid, very posh and pretty. 

Essence Stay All Day contain 5,5 g of product for 2,89 € while Catrice's contain 5 g for 3,79 €, so basically Essence one's are a lot cheaper and quality wise there isn't really any difference between them. Still both are seriously good and affordable, all I can say is give them a go.

I also bought one of the Catrice's powder eyeshadows, just to test their quality. For the price (just under 3€ for 2 g) they perform very well. The shade I own is called 070 Mr. Copper's Field and it's a light gold shade, just a nice neutral, everyday shade. It's very pigmented and it blends well. The selection of shades is really nice, loads of pretty neutral shades, brighter shades, even some (very pigmented) matte shades.

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Essence 55 Coralize Me!

Coralize me! finally reached our drugstores too. It was supposed to be released last year in September and I've been looking for it ever since. It's a coral shade with a frosty finish and even though I really don't like frosty lipsticks, the shimmer in this shade isn't that bad. It's one of the prettiest coral shades I've found so far, however it is on the sheer side (as are all Essence lipsticks). It's a perfect match for pairing it with Coralista blush as it is a very similar shade. Like all Essence lipsticks it's moisturising and I would describe them more as tinted lip balms. However, this particular shade is more drying than the others and can look really bad after a while on the lips. In terms of longevity, it's performance is quite poor. After about an hour all the colour was gone. The packaging is a plastic tube in the shade of the lipstick, it feels cheap but hey so is the price. 

And here are all four shades I own (coloured text is a link to the swatch) : 44 Almost Famous, 45 This is Me, 53 All About Cupcake and 55 Coralize Me!

Miss Sporty Miss Cocktail lipgloss in 007 Boy Trick is a red shade that smells like cherry candy (if you're familiar with NYX Mega Shine lipglosses this has the same scent). The colour is sheer but it still colours the lips slightly. It is super cheap, I believe it was about 1,7 € plus now you get a free nail polish with purchase (Müller), so it's quite a good deal. Staying power is really poor, but the scent is quite cool.

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I'm Back with a Haul

I'm back! And I accumulated quite a few new things in the past weeks as you can see from the first picture. I will feature the eyeshadows, L'Occitane oil and lip stuff separately shorty. But, first lets start with the Escada Taj Sunset shower gel. It's was actually on sale in Műller otherwise I wouldn't buy it. If you read my posts regularly, you probably already know how much I'm loving Taj Sunset fragrance this year. It's a great summery tropical fruit scent (it smells like mangoes), I've been wearing it loads this summer. The shower gel has the same scent, however for my taste it could have a stronger scent, it is a bit weak. The texture is thin and very runny, personally I prefer thicker shower gels. It's a nice product if you like the scent, but honestly it's not worth a full price.

Balea Young released a new (LE?) shower gel and deodorant Traum Geschöpf, and they smell freaking brilliant. They smell like ripe peaches - just yummy. Both are super cheap, I think the shower gel was a bit under a euro, I'm not sure about the deodorant. The scent of the deodorant lasts at least 7 hours, which is pretty impressive in my books. The shower gel is again a bit thin, but for the price still great. I highly recommend these if you love the scent of peaches (I just adore it).

Essence released loads of new shades in the Colour&Go line and 79 Viva La Green is one of them. It's a medium mint green colour with cream finish. I find the consistency of the C&G nail polishes to be one of the best, especially for the price. Here I'm wearing two coats:

Müller in Novo mesto finally got a Catrice stand (and Misslyn)! How lucky are we! However, I restrained myself and bought only one nail polish and a cream eyeshadow. This is 020 Cotton Candy at Eiffel Tower from the Ulti-mates Nudes collection. It's a very light beige with a cream finish. You get almost full coverage with three coats. The brush is bit bigger than usually, actually I find it pretty handy.

Here I'm wearing two coats in the left picture and three in the right:

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