Continuing with Reviews (Nivea, Garnier, Rimmel)

As promised, here are some skin care reviews. Starting with the Garnier Roll-on anti circles concealer. I have  to say I love the idea of skin care combined with make up, but when it comes to us paler girls, Garnier fails miserably. I took the lighter shade (heller bis mittles typ) and well, it's not light. I'd say it's more of a medium shade. It would probably suit someone who wears Healthy Mix 53, or Mac NC/W 20-25. Unfortunately, even though it is (at least in my books) technically a make up item, there are no testers. Brilliant. But on to the actually product itself, it's not to shabby. It covers quite nice, though the formula is very thin. Surprisingly, it is not such a bad match for my skintone. Because the formula is so light, it blends in nicely. But still, I prefer lighter concealer, after all I want to brighten my under eye area. I like the cooling feeling of the applicator and enough product is apply quickly. However, this won't cover serious circles, I'd use it underneath foundation + concealer. For me this is more of a skin care item than proper make up.

I didn't even know that Aqua Sensation Nourishing Cleansing cream existed. I just happen to find it on their website and it immediately caught my eye. I've been searching for a good cleanser for a while now (ever since they discontinued Nivea Toddies gel). The initial impressions were very positive. The consistency is a light cream and it has a very pleasant typical Nivea scent but with a fruity twist. Though I had a feeling that it cleaned the skin well, it did not remove my eye make up (regular nor waterproof mascara). It left my skin feeling soft and moisturised, still I could feel like maybe not all of the cream rinsed off completely. But then my skin started breaking out and my skin never breaks out. The only logical explanation for this was that it is my cleanser that is causing it. So I stopped using it, used a DIY honey mask and my skin is normal again. It is a nice product, but just not for me. If you have very dry skin, it might work great for you. I bought it in DM for about 4 €.

Nourishing Cleansing Cream is on the right, on the left is Nivea Soft cream. As you can see the consistency looks very similar, however, Nivea Soft is a bit thicker.

I really like the classic Nivea scent, so I purchased Nivea Soft cream (it's been a while since I used up my last pot, but I really liked it then). It's a lovely moisturiser  very underrated I think. I like that they have a tube version too, it's much more handy.

I ordered Sun Shimmer instant tan from It's a wash off tan, perfect for occasions when you need to tan yourself up quickly. I purchased the shade medium matte and it's perfect for my very light skin. The colour you get is very natural (unlike Lush's Charlotte Island which makes you look burned). It's has a very light consistency and it looks alarmingly dark right out of the tube, but it blends in very nicely. You have to work fast with this, because it does stain your skin and it is a pain to remove. It works better if you moisturise your skin before application. It has a bit of an odd scent, but it is not that noticeable to me. It's a really nice product for the price.
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A bit of a package related rant. I recently ordered from two UK based websites. And they were both extremely professional and sent off the packages on the same or the next day. However, I didn't receive those packages for almost two weeks. And why is that? Because our ''extremely competent'' postman left them somewhere outside around our house (like literally just somewhere on the floor, he really deserves a postman of the year award). God knows how long they were there and it was well below zero here. Fortunately everything was ok, also thanks to very well protected packaging. But enough of that.  

I'll review some things in this post and some in the future.

I ordered a Britney Spears Radiance gift set and Seche Vite from Radiance set contains a 30 ml bottle, 5 ml bottle and a 50 ml shower gel for about 23 € which is a really good deal. I've been eyeing Radiance for a while now, despite the extremely tacky bottle. It's a very girly scent. Initially it's a very fruity-berry scent, but then flower notes (tuberose, jasmine) and musk prevail. For me it's a more spring/summer scent, however, it is quite strong. I'll keep the small bottle in my purse.

I got Mac Bronze eyeshadow on (they literally sent off the package on the same day I ordered, thumbs up). The closest shade from Mac I own is Mulch, but they are worlds apart. Mulch is much darker, cooler brown and Bronze is, well, bronze. A great shade for blue/grey eyes. 

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Vampire's Love edt: An (Almost) Dupe for Fantasy

Fantasy meet your sibling. Vampire's Love edt is a part of the current TE by Essence and it's (almost) identical to Fantasy by Britney Spears. Why almost? Because from the start it's not as sweet as Fantasy, but then it develops into an identical scent. It also lasts the same as Fantasy (which on me is ages). I'll just say a superb quality fragrance for only 6-7€ (50 ml). Vampire's Love is currently available in Műller, I hope it'll be available in DM soon.

Another current LE is by Catrice called Welcome to Las Vegas. I bought the Shimmer Powder because the packaging is just adorable. It's a really small bottle, about a lipstick size tall. It sprays a fine mist of golden shimmer, which is really pretty, but unfortunately doesn't last long on the skin. The shimmer has a subtle nice fragrance.

Müller has a 30 per cent off all Miss Sporty products, so I got Fabulous Lash Waterproof for something under 2€. Unfortunately it's a pretty bad mascara. It smudges like crazy when you're applying it, nor is it good for layering. Second coat just looks odd. Maybe it's just because it's still to wet. However, it is a very good waterproof mascara. I tested it under shower and it didn't smudge or flake off, so it's not like really bad.

Viviana (from Viviana Does Makeup) has been raving about the Dove Nourishing Oil Care Express Treatment Conditioner so naturally I had to try it.  It's actually a really good drugstore conditioner. It's even more moisturising than my other favourite drugstore conditioner which is John Frieda Brilliant Brunette. It has quite a thick consistency (I like that a lot) and it comes out in two colours, like toothpaste. It's very moisturising and made my hair feel very silky. The scent is pleasant, I'd say typical Dove like scent. I think it was somewhere around 4-5€ for a tube, I'll definitely repurchase.  
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Pink Cheek Stains

A couple of weeks ago I went a bit cheek stain crazy and bought two. MeMeMe Poppy Tint, a dupe for the famous Benefit Posie Tint (which I also have in a sample size), and Alverde 02 Happy Pink.

In the bottles the colours look quite similar, Alverde just looks a bit more peachy. But swatched on my hand, you can notice the difference. Poppy Pink is a bright bubble gum pink and Happy Pink is a darker coral-pink shade. However on the cheeks, the difference is barely noticeable. Poppy Pink is a much more transparent shade and needs a lot of layering to achieve that discreet, fresh-looking pink flush. Alverde's is much more pigmented, but still it's a very hard colour to overdo. Like a lot of Alverde products, Happy Pink has a very odd scent, to me it's actually quite unpleasant. They both come in a nail-polish-like packaging with a brush. Poppy Tint is almost an exact dupe for Benefit's Posie Tint in every respect. I bought Poppy Tint on and Alverde Happy Pink in DM for about 4 € (it's a part of a LE, I just don't know the name). These are great if you are a bit blush shy and all you want is a discreet pink flush.

As you can see Poppy Tint left a much brighter stain on my hand after I wiped the product of with a tissue.

I treated myself with another Lush bath bomb, this time with Twilight. It has a very pleasant lavender-floral scent, I find it's stronger that at Dragon's Egg. First the water turns into a light pink shade, but then when it reaches the core, into the most beautiful light blue-green shade (I love those kind of shades), inside there also some shimmer, but not as much as with Dragon's Egg (try Google for more images).

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Beauty UK Passion

Something brighter today. Beauty UK's Passion is a darker rose shade, similar but a bit darker than Manhattan's Soft Mat Lipcream in 54L and a lot lighter than Barry M's 145. It's very creamy and super pigmented. It lasts surprisingly long on the lips and it actually stains them. It has a sort of a peppermint scent and your lips tingle for the first couple of minutes. The packaging is very good, especially for the price. I bought mine on lič (it was 5.15€), but you can get it on the Beauty UK web site (£3.49).

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Sleek Pout Paint in Minx

When I was ordering Sleek Pout Paints the first time (review is here), I decided to skip Minx, because I had a feeling it might be too similar to Milkshake. Boy was I wrong. Seeing Minx for the first time in person, I thought ''Well, that can't be good''. It looks so brown in the packaging and I really hate brown(ish) shades. Boy was I wrong again. It turns out that Minx is by far the most wearable shade for me out of all Pout Paints I own. Milkshake is just a little bit too bright to be wearing it on its own (although that doesn't stop me sometimes, I do love bright shades). Minx, on the other hand, is a perfect mix of pink and beige. It's nude shade, but not too nude. It really is one of the best everyday shades for me (I'm super pale though, NC 15 and Healthy Mix 51). For a fast application I use fingers and for a more precise application I use a lip brush. It lasts reasonably long on the lips, though it's not a record breaker in terms of longevity. Fortunately, this one doesn't oxidise on my lips like Milkshake does (that one turns into a much darker pink in a couple of hours). If you plan to get any shades from the Pout Paint range and you like more nude shades, pick this one over Milkshake. It's just more wearable.
You can get Pout Paints on the Sleek web page (that's where I purchased them the first time) and Slovene readers can get them on

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