May Favourites

I like wearing this body spray on warmer days, because even though it's sweet and fruity, there is some freshness to the scent. It's smells like a sweet, but refreshing frizzy soda. It doesn't last long, however, I don't mind reapplying it (besides, the bottle is huge). It does last longer if I layer it over the Love Spell body butter.

I love this colour. It's a great shade for Spring/Summer. Actually, I've worn it for two weeks straight. It's a green with some blue mixed in.

My favourite highlighter that I wear everyday (on days when I'n not experimenting with make up). It's one of those products that I know will look great no matter in what condition my skin is. It's a more subtle highlighter and therefore very appropriate for everyday makeup (when I was wearing Jemma Kidd Iced Gold on a very sunny day, someone commented why am I wearing glitter on my cheeks, it's better suited for gloomier days or night time). Lumi looks more like natural radiance and is perfect in combination with Healthy Mix Serum. 

I only did a first impression review on this foundation, which is odd because I freaking love it and it's my favourite foundation ever. I've been wearing it constantly since I first bought it, but I needed to use up the original Healthy Mix, so I haven't worn it for I while. When I put it on the first time in months, I was gobsmacked when I saw how absolutely perfect it looks. Yup, I love it. Looks so natural like I have nothing on and the finish is moderately glowy. It also doesn't leave my skin tacky, a feeling I genuinely dislike.

Absolutely stunning falsies that don't look over the top, but still give your eyes a bit of drama. These are so comfortable to wear, you can't even feel them on your eyes. And you can re-use them so many times.

I've really enjoyed wearing it this month and I wore it on most days. It's a lovely honey-floral fragrance with a strong fruity note in the beginning and a hint of smokiness from the incense. Plus the bottle is stunning.

However, my absolute favourite thing this month has been the Kerastase Nutritive products. These are the first products I ever tried that left my hair amazingly soft and that feeling lasted for days. I've used my regular conditioners since and I must admit it can't even remotely compare. When I used Kerastase my hair looked great for days (3-4), while with regular conditioners and other products my hair looks good for a day at most, then it's blah again. I own Bain Oléo-Relax Smoothing Shampoo, Masquitense Épais - Thick and Nectar Thermique.

I've been using it on most days to reduce frizz and give some additional shine to my hair. It's very light and great for when you want to add some extra oomph to your hair, plus it smells amazing. I carry the travel size in my bag at all times, not just because it's lighter than most silicone oils, but also because it has a pump.

Bourjois 1 Seconde Gel 22 In the Navy

I already posted a swatch of 22 Turquoise Block here and because I love the quality of these 1 seconde gel nail polishes, I got another colour, 22 In the Navy, which is a dark cobalt blue. Again, as with the Turquoise Block, the formula is very opaque, I can get away with one coat and I add another on nails where the application looks uneven.

I believe it's a new shade, a part of the Spring collection, I'm not sure if it's a LE or permanent, but there where four shades on display -  21 Sunny Sunday (bright yellow), 22 Turquoise Block, 23 In the Navy and a lilac one I didn't check the shade name. These cost 7€, but I got mine 25% off in Müller.

I was inspired to get a cobalt blue shade by one of the images on Pinterest, which featured bright red lips contrasted by cobalt blue nails (I think it was Nails inc. Baker Street which is lighter than In the Navy). For the life of me I can't find that picture anymore, but I loved that combination of colours. I did my version using MUA lipstick in 13 (I should have gone for something matte).

While in DM yesterday, I finally got the chance to check out the new Essie display and I absolutely fell in love with Cute as a Button and Turks and Caicos, but they cost 9.95 € each. I genuinely regret not buying them from Feel unique while they still sent them to my country. Oh, well...

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Review: Kérastase Nutritive

Prepare for a long and picture heavy post. It's been more than a month since I got these goodies and after some thorough testing, I'm finally feeling comfortable writing a review. Originally, I was going to do a separate post for each, however, I feel the need to put them all in one for a good reason. The thing is that individually these are all great products, some of the best I ever had, however, when all three are used together the magic happens. I swear my hair hasn't never felt this silky, light and soft then when I use all three/four products together. I just can't stop touching my hair and the effect lasts for three days - normally, the top layer of my hair and the ends get dry fast. You know how on L'Oreal or Pantene commercials when they lift the hair, it falls down like a waterfall, well that's how my hair feels after using these (it doesn't look as retouched obviously, it's still normal people hair that feels amazing to the touch). They must have some very high quality silicones too make it this way. The whole Nutritive line is targeted for dry to very dry hair (the description of my hair type is under about).

I tested each individually (with a combination of other products from different brands) and all together. These are all very expensive products and even though I coveted them for a year, I wasn't really prepared to part from my money until a truly fantastic offer came my way. I got the three products 15% off and was given a full size Elixir Ultime, which retails about 35€. A word of advice, salons really overcharge these, so go online on sites like HqHair, Lookfantastic, Feelunique and other similar ones to find the best prices.

Kérastase Nutritive Bain Oléo-Relax Smoothing Shampoo

It's meant for dry, frizzy hair that refuses to be tamed. Other reviewers describe it as the best shampoo for taming frizz - admittedly that was what sold me. Texture-wise it's a regular, gel type shampoo that has an orange hue, it's more on a liquidy side, rather than a thick gel. It foams lovely and lathers to a rich foam. My hair feels quite silky, when I'm rinsing it off and I can easily comb though the knots with fingers. The comb basically just glides though the damp hair. It's a similar effect to using a light conditioner, which is a consequence of the added silicones. It's absolutely not one of those shampoos that leave your hair squeaky clean (a feeling I genuinely dislike) and is one of the best shampoos for dry hair I tried. It doesn't irritate my scalp which is also a plus, however, I do feel the silicones might build up on my hair, so an occasional use of clarifying shampoo or baking soda is needed. As far as the anti-frizz properties go, I must confess I didn't see much of an effect, my hair was equally frizzy than when using other shampoos, however, what I call frizz on my hair are actually individual shorter hairs that get curly because my hair is naturally curly (the longer the hair the less curly it is in my case).

The scent is similar to that of shampoos you get at the chemist's, something like regular soap (aldehydes), but slightly more sharp. I have a slight gripe with the bottle, because the top twists off, rather than having the one that flips. It's more time consuming and frankly a bit annoying, considering I'm paying a lot for it.

If your hair is either normal or oily, you'll probably find it too heavy because of the silicones. It's expensive for a shampoo and I get though shampoos so fast, so it's really more of a luxury to be buying it regularly.  It was 18€ on Lookfantastic and the prices on most online shops are about the same.

Kérastase Nutritive Masquitense Épais - Thick

There are three different hair masks in Nutritive line and this one is targeted for thick hair, which mine are.  The texture is like a medium thickness silicone-heavy cream that just glides on the hair with such ease. Due to that you actually don't have to use much, which is a relief because the pot contains a quite stingy amount of 200 ml. Curiously, there are no instructions as to how long you should leave it on, I do at least 45 minutes. When I'm rinsing it off my hair feels truly silky and it has a lot of slip, it's a very similar feeling to when I use Tigi's Serious Conditioner, but here it's less intense. Once my hair is dry it feels very soft, manageable and moisturised, but the biggest difference is that amazingly my ends stay moisturised for four days. Usually they get dry either on the second day if I use a cheap drugstore conditioner, or on third day if I use a more expensive one and I have to use an oil to condition it. It smells exactly like sunscreen, a scent that I love. 

The packaging is a nice simple pot, nothing special but functional. The price is a shocking 26€ for a 200ml - honestly it could a least be 300ml. 
A little advice: Be careful not to get any water in it, this applies to all products actually, it can affect the effectiveness of the product. So no sticking your fingers into pots under the shower or with wet hands.

Kérastase Nutritive Nectar Thermique

This product excited me the most with the results. It's a heat protection and leave-in conditioner in one meant for dry hair. It's a light cream, truly nothing too heavy, in fact I find it hard to overdo on my hair, but others whose hair aren't so dry might find it heavy if used too much. It glides on the hair with ease and even before blow drying you can feel how your hair feels more silky. During and after blow-drying my hair feels incredibly silky and very soft, the only product that I can compare the feeling to is Tigi's Serious Conditioner, but this goes to an even higher level. My hair looks shiny, but not much less frizzy, I tame frizz with a bit of silicone oil like Elixir Ultime (or Macadamia, Orofluido,...) and Tigi's Spoil Me. The feeling lasts for three-four days and my hair remained soft and silky, but my ends did get a bit knotty as usual.

I really appreciate it for it's moisturising properties. If I had to choose my favourite heat protection, this one and the Tigi S Factor one are neck to neck, but I use them in two different ways, Tigi on dry hair because it's more oily and Kérastase on damp because it's a cream (I use a lot of heat protection, I apply it every time I use a heat tool, so before blow drying and then again if I'll use a curling iron). 

It's 19 € for 150 ml which is actually a very nice size, since it just glides on the hair and you don't need to use much. For example TIGI Catwalk Sleek Mystique Blow Out Balm contains only 90ml for 15€ (well, I got it for 9€ on offer) and I have to use quite a lot pumps. If you really want something from Kérastase, I would definitely go with this first.

Kérastase Elixir Ultime gives the final touches to the hair and makes it look more polished. In my original review I stated it's too light for my hair and it leaves my ends dry, however, in this case because the other three products leave my hair in such great condition this works perfectly. Because it's so light, it doesn't weight my hair down, it just tames the frizz and gives lots of shine. I actually keep a travel size in my bag all the time for frizz taming emergencies. I already raved about the scent, which is just divine, a mix of floral notes and coconut, almost like a high-end beach scent. And the pump is a giant plus. I'm not sure I'd pay a full price (I got it for free), it depends on how long the bottle will last or if I have an unexpected windfall, but it's certainly addictive.

In general my hair does look healthy and amazingly shiny, my mother even commented on how super shiny my hair looks and that it's even noticeable in a dimly lit room. How my hair looks depends more on how I style it using heat tools and the serum I use, but this gives one hell of a base. I am absolutely loving how my hair feels. It truly hasn't felt as silky and soft in like ever. It just stays awesome for days and I've already talked about how my hair is practically never soft in my Macadamia Deep Repair mask review, so this is a huge deal for me. It doesn't get super tangly, nor do I need to use Alverde hair oil to condition the ends and the shine is outstanding. I do, however, use Elixir Ultime daily to make it look more polished and to tame the frizz (the latter is still a nuisance, but I can live with it. There is no need for everything looking perfect).

(You can also see my hair while testing Kérastase in my last months posts: Essence Guerilla Gardening and Ardell Demi Lashes, both are second or third day hair)

I'm a hair care junkie and I've tried my fair share of products, so considering how expensive Kérastase products are, my expectation were very high and I wasn't disappointed. What I can say is that if you have such problematic, dry hair like me and you really want it too feel more like normal hair, I can't recommend this enough, but to get the maximum effect they work best when you use all together, which does mean it's very, very expensive. This does make your hair very silky, which means that some people will need some sort of a texturing product to style their hair. This is heavy-duty stuff, so if your hair is in a relatively nice condition, you don't desperately need it and there are some cheaper options that won't make your hair feel as great, but close enough.  Some links to my posts about hair: My Tips for Dealing with Dry HairMy Current Hair Care - Part 1My Current Hair Care - Part 2 and Hair Oils Series. So far my experience with Kérastase has been nothing but positive and I'll probably try more of their products.

Congratulations to everyone who managed to get through this long-winded post. Have a great day!

Product of the Week #11

Coralista is my go-to blush and I tend to neglect the rest that I own at lot, but this week decided to dust off my (almost) forgotten Lancome Blush Subtil in Miel Glace and start using it again. If you only knew how long this has been hiding in my make up storage. It was actually my second blush, the first one being Nars Orgasm and I bought it because I wanted a nice, very natural looking blush that would go with everything. It was blooming expensive as is everything by Lancome, I believe somewhere around 35-40€ in Müller a long time ago (btw, the same product costs almost half the price in the USA - so unfair!).

It came so highly recommended by the pale members of the beauty community, citing it as the perfect natural blush for those who wish to avoid their cheeks looking overly red. It's a very natural, warm, light beige-pink-peach shade with delicate shimmer, which gives a soft flush to the cheeks with a subtle glow. It's almost like a light mix of a blush, highlighter and bronzer in one, adding just the right amount of warmth to the cheeks. Despite it looking very beige in the pan, it actually looks more pink on the cheeks.

As far as the quality goes, you really get what you're paying for. The texture is just right, not too soft nor too hard and the pigmentation is also nice. One or two swipes are enough to get the colour going and you can slowly build it up to get the desired intensity. I am really pale and I can apply too much if I'm overzealous with the blush application. I actually like the brush that's included, it works just fine for me. The compact also has a nice size mirror that comes in really handy.

People with sensitive skin might find it a bit irritating because it has quite a perfumey scent (typical Lancome flowery scent) and even after years it hasn't faded away much.

I know it's not the best quality picture, but I hope you can see the delicate flush this blush gives.

I'd love to hear about your products of the week if you have one. Thank for reading!

Bourjois 1 Seconde Gel 22 Turquoise Block

I just love this colour!  22 Turquoise Block is a blue-green shade that is more green. It looks completely green is some lights and in some it looks more blue. The formula is really opaque, I applied just one coat on most nails in the picture and I added one more where the application was uneven. The brush is wide, which for me presents more of a problem than an advantage because I have narrow nails. I loved the quality so much that I got another shade, a cobalt-navy blue one - I'll post swatches sometime in the future.

I believe it's a new colour since it was on a new spring edition display. The colour immediately caught my attention, but I complained about the price and my awesome cousin decided to just buy it for me a as a mini gift. Of course, I forgot how much it was, but more that 5€.

Do you like the colour as much as me? Have a great day!

Ardell Demi Wispies

Ardell's Demi Wispies are some of the most popular falsies, at least according to reviews MUA. I completely understand the hype. These are so lovely! And pretty! I've never actually worn false strip lashes before, only individual ones from Misslyn, which were too short for me (number 2), so I've only worn them to make my lashes look thicker. I've tried the Essence ones for a minute, but I hated how fake they looked and they have been lying in my drawer untouched since. My natural lashes are quite long, so technically I don't need falsies, but I will admit that my vanity got the best of me.

They look like individual lashes on a clear strip. The lashes are different lengths and they flare out at the end. They are quite long, but it's still a suitable length for everyday wear, or if you're not so brave, you can wear them on special occasions. The band is so soft and if placed properly (not too close to the inner corner) you can't feel them at all on your eyes. They feel almost like natural lashes and are all in all very comfortable to wear. The size of them is perfect, which means I don't have to cut them and are so easy to apply. 

They're the perfect thickness and don't draw too much attention despite the length, actually they look almost natural, so the overall look is like you have nice wispy, long and fluttery lashes. My mother actually thought these were my real lashes for a moment. Compared to Eylure Katy Perry's 'Oh Honey' lashes, these don't have a black strip and my cousin commented that because of that it's not so apparent you're wearing falsies when you close your eyes.

I use Essence's Frame 4 Fame lash glue, which is ok, but the lashes start popping off on the edges after 8 hours. I should invest in Duo.

You can find pictures of my natural lashes in my mascara posts here for comparison. The lashes in the inner corner are the same length as my natural ones.

I've worn them four times so far and they still look like new, but I never put any mascara on them (I just put one coat of mascara on my natural lashes). I think I'll get many more uses out of them. I got mine from lookfantastic for about 6€, but you can get them cheaper on eBay and Cherryculture (but the shipping might cost you more). 
I really like these and I will repurchase them. If you're new to false lashes and you want something more natural, but still a bit dramatic, I can't recommend these enough.

Have a great day!

Bionature Nail Polishes

Bionature has a line of nail polishes that are without the big 3, so formaldehyde, toluene and DBP. I was sent the 3-in-1 nail polish, which can be used as a base and a top coat, and a nail polish in the shade Pearly Cobalt Blue 951.

Bionature ima linijo lakov na nohte, ki nimajo formaldehida, toluena in DBP-ja. Sama z laki z BIO oznako nimam izkušenj, tako da ne morem primerjat, ampak glede kvalitete se mi ne zdijo nič drugačni od navadnih lakov. S spletne trgovine Za piko na i so mi poslali v oceno 3-v-1 lak za nohte in lak v odtenku Pearly Cobalt Blue 951.

The 3-in-1 nail polish works nicely as a base and takes less than a minute to dry when used like that, but as a top coat it takes about 10 minutes to get dry. So it's not Seche Vite, but still nice. I really like it as a base and I will continue using it.
Pearly Cobalt Blue 951 nail polish is an electric blue with a frosty finish. I'm not a fan of the frost, it could be more demure, but the base colour is pretty. It needs two-three coats for full opacity.

3-v-1 lak za nohte se lahko uporablja kot podlak, nadlak ali kot navaden prozoren lak. Kot podlak se dobro obnese in se posuši v manj ko minuti, ampak kot nadlak pa traja 10 minut da se posuši (sama sem kar razvajena od Seche Vite-a, ki posuši lak v minuti). Kot podlak mi je zelo všeč in ga bom definitivno veliko uporabljala. Kot nadlak mi je sicer všeč predvsem zaradi obstojnosti, ampak me moti to, da predolgo traja, da se popolnoma posuši.
Pearly Cobalt Blue 951 je kot opisujejo na spletni strani živo električno modra s srebrnim shimmer finišem. Boljšega opisa zanj praktično ni. Lak ima frosty finiš, ki meni ni najbolj pri srcu, ampak osnovna barva je lepa modra. Maže se v redu in sta potrebna dva-tri sloji za polno prekrivnost.
The manicure lasted like every other on me, so about a week. I take my manicures off when I get bored of the colour or my nails grow to much already. I had this one on for seven days, but it could last a few more days. It didn't chip, except on the edges of the nails, like any other nail polish.

Glede obstojnosti ne opažam razlike med navadnimi laki z nadlakom Seche Vite. Manikura je zdržala en teden in bi verjetno še kakšen dan. Na mojih nohtih se vsi laki zelo dobro obdržijo (z izjemo Chanelovih) in tudi ta se ni odkrušil, razen na konicah, kar je pa normalno.  

Ostale barve lahko vidite na spletni strani Za Piko na I tukaj.

the left picture was taken under a Phillips Cool Daylight bulb (right after application) and the right in daylight on the third day after application.
Leva slika je slikana pod žarnico (Phillips Cool Daylight), desna pa na naravni svetlobi (na tretji dan od nanosa)

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Essence Guerilla Gardening TE Lip Cream Floral Glam

Floral Glam is one of the two lip creams from the Guerilla Gardening TE (the other colour is Mission Flower and a fellow blogger Taya posted her swatches of that shade here). I already did my review on lip creams here and because it's the same formula, it's pointless to write it all over again (I'm lazy I know), but I'll rather focus on the shade. 
It reminded me of Lady Danger (currently my favourite red) in the shop, not in a sense that it would be a dupe, but in the same colour family. Floral Glam is an orange based red. Compared to Silky Red, which is the red shade of lip creams in the permanent range, it's warmer, more orange and slightly lighter. It's very pigmented as the rest of the lip creams.

I swear I'm not that pale in person, but I was wearing black, plus the dark hair, so my camera had a "lets use maximum contrast" moment, which I tried to fix (the picture had even more contrast originally), but the shade of the lip cream is true.

I did a comparison of most of my reds - on the left are blue based reds (Mac's Ruby Woo, Russian Red and Manhattan's mat lipcream in 45H) and on the right orange based reds (Mac's Lady Danger and MUA lipstick in 13), with the exception of Silky Red, which is very neutral, but leaning to blue. As I suspected in the shop, it's similar to Lady Danger, but NOT a dupe. Lady Danger is more orange, however, the difference on the lips is surprisingly not that noticeable especially from far away. MUA 13 is also very similar, but less orange and more of a true red. Basically Floral Glam is a mix of the two, Lady Danger and MUA 13. However, as most lip creams it oxidises in the next hours. It turns slightly darker and is much less orange. It becomes a lot more neutral and for that reason I would refrain myself from calling it a dupe for any of the shades I mentioned. But if you love orange based reds, you'll love this shade and you should snatch it while it's still in the shops.
I hope you can see the difference between the shades, I do on my screen:

Thanks for reading and have a great day!

Product of the Week #10

I've liked Fame by Lady Gaga fragrance since I first tested it, but I only got it recently because it had a nice discount in Müller. I've been really enjoying wearing since I got it, mostly because it has honey in it, loads of it and I love honey. However, this is not a full-on honey scent, but rather a lovely honey-floral fragrance with a strong fruity note in the beginning and a hint of smokiness from the incense. A new "push-pull" technology was introduced in this fragrance instead of the "regular" pyramid structure and the notes are belladonna, incense, apricot, honey, saffron, tiger orchid and sambac jasmine. 

It starts with a sweet fruity note, apricot, but to me it smells like grape juice. My family owns a vineyard and this is how freshly squeezed grapes smell to me. Almost immediately the sweet honey makes an appearance and takes the dominant role, while the floral notes and apricot are in the background, however, they are still quite strong. To temper the sweetness of honey and the fruity note, there is a smoky note, incense, which differentiates the scent from the rest of the celebrity fruity-florals that mostly have vanilla, caramel and/or amber notes, but in its essence it's still a typical celebrity scent.

Staying power is quite good, I'd say moderate as is the projection. It's an eau de parfum, which makes it more concentrated, however it's not too strong. 

I find the bottle so beautiful. I really like the design of the cap, even though it's plastic, but it sure looks cool. It looks like something an evil queen from a fairytale would have on her vanity. The liquid is black, well more of a really dark purple if you look towards the light, but it doesn't spray black, however I still wouldn't spray it too close on light clothes. 

Have a great day!

Majolica Majorca Lash Expander Frame Plus

I have very stubborn lashes that refuse to stay curled unless I use a good waterproof mascara. So far I have rarely been truly impressed by any, a notable exception being Helena Rubinstein Lash Queen Feline Black waterproof, which costs an eye-watering 30 €, but it sure holds the curl all day and makes your lashes look amazing. I have heard that Japanese mascaras hold curl very well, so after checking some reviews I narrowed my choice to two mascaras -  Fairy Drops Platinum Waterproof and this one, Majolica Majorca Lash Expander Frame Plus

The design of the tube is definitely eye-catching with the gold/black label and an interesting top. The brush is unusual with a two sided design, one side has a comb and the other what I can only describe as evenly spaced grooves. I suppose the idea is to use the "groove" side first to get the product on the lashes and then the other side to comb them through. The brush is small, especially in comparison to the new big brushes that became so popular in the recent years. I must admit, I needed a few uses to get used to it, because it's definitely not the easiest brush to work with. What I can say is that the brush almost ruins this mascara for me. It seems to me like it was made for very short lashes, because it barely combs though mine. The grooves on both sides are just not deep enough for both application and separation. It almost feels like I'm applying mascara with a stick. First coat goes on easy and looks good, the lashes look separated and darker, but the problems appear with the second coat. The lashes starts to clump together and the brush just piles the product on, but the comb can't separate them any more. I have to use an old mascara wand from L'Oreal's Million lashes (one of the best brushes ever) to separate the lashes and avoid it looking too spidery.I do however, get a lot of volume with the second coat. I don't know how such a brush performs on short lashes though. 

As much as I dislike the brush, the formula is great. It's jet black, honestly one of the darkest mascaras I've had. It's not waterproof and wetter than I'm used to, but it holds curl all day, which makes me one happy camper. Of course, I have to make sure that the curl is great from the start by using my Tana lash curlers and the mascara works like a hair spray for lashes, so just holds it in place. Basically, the lashes stay the same as when I applied it all day - curled, volumised and black. A lot of mascaras change colour on me and get lighter during the day, but not this one.
It is a fibre mascara and you can see the fibres on the brush. I don't notice my lashes being any longer because of that and it's definitely not that special when it comes to lengthening in comparison to regular mascaras. The fibres in it are quite big and occasionally some do fall off the lashes, either on the cheeks or in the eye, the latter can be a bit uncomfortable and even painful.
It's very volumising because of the thicker formula, but as I said it has a tendency to clump up fast. Personally, I prefer the volumising effect of Maybelline's the Colossal mascara. I compared the two, each on one eye and the Maybelline one looked more natural, the lashes were more defined, but still volumised. 

It's not a waterproof mascara, but removal can be difficult if you don't use an oil based eye makeup remover. I use the Maybelline's spezial waterproof one. It doesn't run under a shower like other non-waterproof mascaras do, only the fibres fall off, still I wouldn't go swimming with it.

I got it on eBay from one the most thoughtful sellers (this one), who included a nice note and mascara took only one week to arrive from Thailand. I paid about 14 €.

It's a great mascara, but it has it's faults. I like the formula, but dislike the brush. However, since I have an old mascara wand to brush through my lashes, I don't find this such a big problem, just more of a nuisance. It passes with flying colours when it comes to holding the curl all day and it does give you a lot of volume, but lengthening-wise the fibres don't make much of a difference compared to regular formulas. A lot of people rave about this mascara, but I don't know whether they have mostly short lashes, because I find the brush difficult to use on mine. I'll probably get the Fairy Drops one next, I'm hoping it has a similar, great formula, but with a better brush for my lashes.

Thanks for reading!