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Best Buys in 2013: Skincare, Hair and Fragrance

And here is the second part of my traditional best buys of the year post. You can find the first part with favourite makeup products here and posts from previous years here: 20102011 and 2012.

Not a traditional solid balm cleanser, but one with a very runny texture and small oatmeal scrub particles. It removes all but "industrial strength" waterproof mascara and leaves my skin feeling clean yet moisturised. Out of all cleansers I've tried so far, this is the one that makes my skin look best and it really keeps the flakies at bay. The only bad thing is that it's expensive.

A very light liquid serum with AHA's that is nothing revolutionary, however, it does help those pesky blemish marks to fade faster. It doesn't work overnight, but long-term this is very effective.

I must report that since I revamped my skincare routine by using balm or oil cleansers and adding AHA's, I haven't had a single dry patch nor the feeling of uncomfortable dryness. A pretty big win in my book.

Balea's shower gels are not the most luxurious, however, the peach bubble gum scent of this one is just amazing. It's become one of my favourite shower products ever. 

The Body Shop Honeymania and Vineyard Peach Body Butter
TBS body butters are the best one's I've tried. Honeymania in particular has a fantastic texture, while the scent is an interesting and nicely blended mix of soft honey note with a fresh wildflowers scent that I have really grown to love. Vineyard Peach is the best peach scented product I've ever found, however,  unfortunately it was LE, but you can still find it on eBay.

These are the creme de la creme of hair care products. Targeted for dry to very dry hair, Nutritive products are those gem products that leave my hair amazingly soft, silky and healthy looking, and that feeling lasts for days. Kérastase sure is expensive, but you really get what you pay for.

This smells soo divine! I still use Orofluido every time I wash my hair because I find it best for my dry hair, however, on later days I love using a much lighter Elixir Ultime to reduce frizz and give some additional shine to my hair. It also has the best packaging that comes with a pump. I carry the travel size in my bag.

Such a great drugstore conditioner that makes my hair feel quite silky and it's moisturising enough to keep my poor dry ends in shape. The bubble gum scent is fantastic as well.  

 Honestly, I wasn't convinced it was all that amazing from the start, mostly because I was using it wrong, however, I forgot to use it once on damp hair before blow-drying and I was a bit shocked when my hair wasn't really complying as usual. It was then that I realised how brilliant this actually is. It helps with the frizz, tames the hair and keeps it more moisturised. Using this, I can easily use a drugstore conditioner without having my hair dry by the end of second day after washing it. I don't even have to resort to using oil every day on my ends. I also use a small amount mixed with Orofluido on dry hair right after blow-drying and then put it in a high bun overnight, so I get volume and lovely waves. Best leave-in conditioner I ever tried.

This is one of the best styling products I ever tried, certainly the best mousse. It's in a spray which means it's easier to control the amount you want and easier to apply evenly. It isn't sticky, smells like raspberry soda and performs so well. With this and Lee Stafford hairspray my curls last at least three days (curled with a Remington 2.5 cm/1 inch barrel curler).

Healthy hair and shine in a can. It's a light silicon based product with argan oil in a spray form that gives tons of shine, helps fight frizz and doesn't weight down the hair. It's more of a styling/shine product, since the argan oil content is minimal and it doesn't actually nourish the hair much, however, it's much better than your average shine spray because most of those have a high content of alcohol. This is a great product for those, who find that silicone-oils are too heavy for their hair.

I never though hairspray will be among my favourites, but this one sure deserves it. It gives flexible hold without being sticky, doesn't feel crispy or stiff at all and I don't even feel it on the hair. Despite the lightness it actually holds so well and works perfectly in combination with the got2b mousse. I need to buy the full size.

I knew I'd like this from the moment I saw the notes, particularly because I like honey. It's a lovely blend of a honeyed apricot with smokiness of the incense. It's not a typical celebrity juice since the usual notes of vanilla and sugar are replaced by a darker incense. It is an eau de parfum, so it's more of a heavy scent, but I wore it almost all year regardless of the season.

This is a more classic scent and I find it perfect for an everyday daytime choice. It starts with a fantastic proper peach bust and then the scent evolves into a more flowery fragrance (white flowers) with some sandalwood. It ends up smelling a bit like fabric softener, but an expensive kind.

Have a great day!

Best Buys in 2013: Makeup

As tradition dictates, here is the first part of a (rather large) selection of my favourite buys in 2013. The second one will feature skincare, hair products and fragrances. You can find posts from previous years here: 2010, 2011 and 2012. All blue text are links to reviews and swatches.

Dior Diorskin Nude BB Creme (001)
Finally a very light western BB cream and one that is immediately dry to the touch. It is a lovely, light coverage BB with a skin-like finish. I wore it a lot, especially because it takes so little time to apply and blend, so it's great for when you need to apply your makeup in a hurry.

I am ridiculously pale. Even my doctor found this so odd that she had me tested for anemia about 10 times when I was a child (she also apparently has a case of bad memory). So, it's not every day that someone a ghostly pale as me finds a perfect match, but number 13 is it for me. Texture-wise it's really light and runny, and similarly to Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum, it has light to medium coverage. It looks very natural on the skin, however, like most BB's it leaves my skin tacky and sticky, which means it needs time to set. 

A great full coverage concealer in the drugstore range that covers everything from circles to those pesky spots. I think all the hype surrounding it is justified, especially because of it's great staying power. The only bad thing is that it can look a bit obvious later in the day.

I was never not much of an eyeshadow person, but this palette changed that completely. I use it on most days and I actually use every colour in this palette, which is unheard of for a two-tops-eyeshadow-girl like me. It's such a gorgeous combination of matte shades that are great quality and can be used for natural, everyday look or a more intense, smokey eye. If I were allowed to own only one eyeshadow palette, this would be it. 

This is a great quality cream eyeshadow and it's matte, which I love. It's really pigmented, blends nicely and really stays put for hours. I mostly use it as a base, but I like it as a quick eyeshadow look on it's own as well.

Now this is what I call a fabulous mascara. It's one of the rare mascaras that actually hold curl all day, while giving lots of length and some volume. I love how at the end of the day when I take my makeup off, my lashes are still curled even without the mascara.

Absolutely stunning falsies that don't look over the top, but still give the eyes a bit of drama. These are so comfortable to wear and you can't even feel them on your eyes providing you place them correctly (not too close to the inner corner), plus they can be re-used so many times.

This is my favourite cream blush so far. It blends nicely, it's super easy to apply especially on the go (I use fingers) and I like the packaging. It's very similar to Maybelline's Dream Touch blush, only more siliconey and in a more practical packaging.

This is a great shade for contouring for pale skin as it doesn't have any orange or warm tones in it. It's a cool brown-grey shade that imitates a natural shadow. It's become a part of my everyday routine.

I just love everything about this blush - the colour, pigmentation, staying power, packaging and affordable price. A great drugstore find!

Mac Lipstick Samples from The Body Needs
I adore these. I have a large selection of Mac shades on hand without spending too much. I wore Lady Danger for most of the summer and other shades I loved to wear this year were Impassioned, Coral Bliss and Relentlessly Red. Swatches here and here.

This was my most worn shade this year. It's a bright peachy pink colour with a matte finish and it's a great way of wearing something bright without being too much. The formula is not exactly brilliant, but the colour makes it worth it. 

After Bourjois brought out their fantastic formula of lipsticks last year, this year they launched their version of lipstick/lipgloss/lip balm hybrids and again the formula is brilliant. It is the first shine lipstick that is actually worth the 12€ price tag because it has a far better formula than any I tried so far. 21 Rouge Making of is an orange based Lady-Danger-like but more transparent red and I wore it loads.

I finally dipped my toes into the deep berry pool and I am loving it. This lippie rarely left my lips since I got it and I love how I can wear it either as a stain, full-on or something in between and it looks like three different lipsticks. The formula is a great matte one, however, the only gripe I have is the staying power.

Essence Stay Matte Lip Creams
These have the most amazing formula out of all lip products I've tried. They are super pigmented, apply like a dream, last amazingly well on the lips, smell nice and leave a lovely velvety matte finish. Amazing quality for the price. They need to add more shades. Swatches here and here.

This shade is stunningly beautiful. It's such a bright, fun colour, sort of a mix between coral and pink. The quality of these lacquers is great because they are so pigmented and wear off to a nice stain, but the scent is horrible. The finish they leave is glossy at first, but then sets to a more creamy leaning to matte finish when it's wearing off. I recently bought another shade called Eclipse.

I adore this colour - a beautiful brightened pink-coral. What impressed me most is the formula which is such a pleasure to use. I wish every nail polish were like that.

Second part is here. Have a great day!

L'Oreal Colour Infalible Eyeshadows

I've had this post ready for months now. I was looking at some of my old posts, when I was making the post directory and have decided that I need to reswatch my beloved L'Oreal Colour Infalible eyeshadows. I have six in my collection and before I got the Naked Basics palette, some of these shades were my most used eyeshadows.
These have pressed pigment/cream eyeshadow hybrid type of texture that is very smooth and ultra pigmented. I don't like to apply them with brushes because it's difficult to get colour on them, but I always apply them with fingers like cream eyeshadow. I get maximum pigmentation with pretty much one swipe and then blend the edges with a fluffy brush. Due to their strong pigmentation, they work excellently as liners. The formula is very longlasting, the longest out the all the eyeshadows I tried, but these do crease if your eyelids are oily after several hours. Applied as a liner they can last all day on my lids. All of the shades I own are very shimmery and maybe that's my only little gripe since I'm more of a matte girl.

002 Hourglass Beige - super shimmery very light gold. A great inner corner highlighter or lid shade if you want a very shimmery  glamorous look.

021 Sahara Treasure - soft golden taupe. This was my most worn lid shade.

024 Bronze Goddess - golden olive. Gorgeous colour, I often wear it as a liner.

012 Endless Chocolat - warm chocolate brown. I adore this shade, again I wear it loads as a liner. It looks particularly good on the lower lashline with my eye colour. 

015 Flashback Silver - silver with a lavender hue. I wanted something silver, but this isn't really what I was looking for.

005 Purple Obsession - purple with blue and purple shimmer. I got this as a gift. Purple isn't really my colour, so I don't tend to wear it.
Several shades aren't sold any more and there are loads of new shades. I was shocked to discover that Endless Chocolat isn't available here anymore, but I managed to track it down on Fragrance Direct. These cost about 8 € in drugstores here, but they are cheaper online. Also the names of US, Canadian and European shades are different. Nunu compiled a very handy list of all the different names of the same shades here.

Happy holidays and merry Christmas!

Beauty Herbs For Healthy Skin


Mint is an energy-boosting herb that cleanses the liver to give you clearer skin and brighter eyes and drinking mint tea or chewing mint leaves will calm the body and reduce anxiety.

TIP: For dull blotchy skin simply add mint teabags to your bath and enjoy a relaxing soak.

Using mint leaves in a facial steam will liven and refresh the skin. Mint also makes a great revitalising hair rinse, is also great in mouthwash and also helps to treat tired and aching feet.


Sage is a wonderful herb to relax the nervous system and increase energy. The powerful antioxidants found in sage can protect the skin from free radicals and slow the signs of ageing. If you suffer from acne, use sage leaves in a facial steam to fully engage the herbs antibacterial properties. You can also sage in mouthwash by placing 4-5 leaves in a cup of boiling water, cover and infuse for 5 minutes. Once cooled use this healing mouthwash to swish around your mouth.

TIP: Rub fresh sage leaves over teeth and gums for whiter teeth and healthier gums.

To deep cleanse normal skin try this nourishing face mask weekly:

* A few chopped sage leaves
* 1 chopped apple
* 2 tablespoons honey

Use a blender to mix ingredients and apply to the skin and leave for 15 minutes, then wash off with warm water.


Calendula helps to remove toxins from the liver thus promoting healthy, glowing skin. You can eat the leaves and flowers raw in salads and rice dishes or drink hot infusions to increase blood flow and help the body eliminate toxins through the skin. Infuse the petals to make a simple face wash to help reduce pores and clear acne or add the petals to a facial steam. To lighten fair hair rinse your locks in an infusion of petals or use the infusion to soothe tired feet in a foot bath.

TIP: Skin creams and face washes containing calendula extracts can help to soothe an inflamed and sensitive complexion.


Natural skincare products often use camomile for its softening, smoothing and healing properties. Camomile tea makes the body sweat which helps in flushing out toxins from the body, leaving you with clearer and brighter skin. Put camomile in a facial steam to treat spots or rinse your face with a camomile infusion to soothe, heal and prevent scarring of acne. Using camomile teabags in the bath will soften and sooth irritated skin. If you have blonde locks, try rinsing your hair with a camomile infusion to lighten and add shine to your hair.

If you have sensitive skin try using this cleansing milk lotion:

* Fresh or dried camomile flowers
* Milk

Place the flowers and milk in a pan and warm gently over low heat for 15 minutes.
Leave for an hour, then strain through a sieve.
Store in the refrigerator for up tone week


Adding herbs to a facial steam makes it a powerful beauty booster.

Herbal steams are a simple and fragrant way to deep cleanse the skin. They help to open up the pores, remove impurities and boost circulation to leave your complex glowing.

In a bowl, cover fresh or dried herbs in boiling water.
Lean over the bowl for ten minutes, with your head and bowl covered by a towel.
Then pat your face dry and dab on a refreshing toner to close the pores.
Use once a week for oily skin, less often for dry skin - don't steam your face if you have thread veins.


One of my favourite herbs is rosemary. It is great for clearing and brightening the complexion, boosts a sluggish digestion, speeds up the elimination of waste and improves the absorption of nutrients. Rosemary is a powerful antioxidant that can help prevent the skin from damage and slow the ageing process. Use dried or fresh leaves in a facial steam to boost blood flow or use rosemary infusion for dark hair to make it shine and reduce scalp irritation.

Rosemary Hair Mask

* Fresh rosemary leaves
* Almond oil

Steep the leaves in the oil for two weeks.
Strain then warm the oil gently in a cup of hot water.
Apply to the roots, comb through, wrap your head in a warm towel for 15 minutes, then shampoo as normal.

TIP: Hang a bunch of rosemary under running water for an invigorating bath to rev you up before an evening out


Lavender balances, purifies and soothes the skin, and it eases the spirits. Lavender vinegar balances excessive oily secretions, helping to ward off spots - use as a toner after cleansing. Using lavender in a facial steam will help to heal skin. Lavender water helps to ease sunburn and is a soothing cleanser. Try this face mask below.

* Handful of lavender flowers
* One egg yolk for dry skin or 1 whisked egg white for oily skin
* Cup of cream

Mix all the ingredients together with a spoon.
Apply to the face, leave for 15 minutes then rinse off with warm water.

TIP: Drink hot lavender infusions to eliminate toxins and brighten the complexion.


Face packs help to cleanse, nourish and refresh the skin for all skin types but you must choose the one that is right for your skins needs. The lavender mask above is suited for dry or oily skin once adapted accordingly. Make sure to cleanse skin first using a soft muslin cloth to gently exfoliate, pat your face dry. Then if your face is very dry, smooth on a little almond oil to protect it. Apply the mask and leave it on to work its magic for 10-15 minutes. Wash off with cool or warm water but never really cold water as it can make the skin contract and feel tight. Finish with your favourite herbal moisturiser, let your face rest without makeup fore several hours or overnight.

Beauty Tips And Tricks To Get You Through The Winter

People want to look good, however some individuals do not know that the steps you take for you to do this depends on the season. Winter is certainly one time that poses a lot of challenges in regards to beauty. Listed below are some tricks that can help you look every bit as good the moment the cold hits.

Use creamy facial cleansers rather than ones which are a little bit thinner. Winter has a tendency to dry out your skin, therefore you should moisturize as soon as you have the opportunity. Though it may be perfectly fine to utilize a traditional moisturizer all through the other months, you need to do a bit extra during winter. Makes use of the moisturizer you use all the time, but incorporate a creamy cleanser within the regimen. Your skin needs all the moisture it may possibly get at this time.

Always remember to put on body lotion. The instant you get out of the shower, it is best to apply a liberal amount to your entire body. Winter itch is quite common in fact it is usually a result of the skin not getting the actual moisture it needs during this season. The thicker the more effective since thinner lotions tend not to offer as much protection. Avoid the use of the ones that contain a great deal of alcohol simply because this type has the potential for drying out the skin.

Considering the fact that winter isn't the season to tan, many of us walk around looking somewhat paler than usual. There's no need for this, especially given that there are actually a great number of tanning salons around. You should visit one about every week. Just be sure you apply sun tan lotion prior to getting into one of the sun tanning machines because over consumption might damage your skin.

Chap Stick is vital at this time. Winter is certainly a dry season, so that all aspects of your body will be a bit parched. Start using a high quality, thick chap stick in order for your lips to remain supple and soft. In case you regularly have on lipstick, be sure to put on lip balm or lip gloss over it. No matter what, it's vital to keep your lips moist.

When you shampoo your own hair it is essential that you condition it. Skin isn't the only thing that gets dehydrated in the winter months. When hair becomes drier, it has the tendency to become brittle and fall out, and this is something that you might want to avoid. Many of us wash their hair regularly and skip the conditioner often, however, this is a large mistake in the winter months. Get used to conditioning often, or your hair will end up suffering.

In this article are several tips that will assist you look your very best whilst you brave the cold. The majority of people consider winter as being cold and lonely, but it does not have to feel that way. Follow all the tips here and your mood should improve to suit your looks

Beauty Mistakes To Avoid

This doesn't require a great deal of work for a person to be beautiful. Whilst you may possibly believe that it is all about consuming hours in order to do hair and makeup, there are many other considerations that play a role in it. One example of these things is making certain that you do not make any of these mistakes when you find yourself on a mission to look nice.

Tend not to spend a lot of time on your hair. This can seem hard as you like it to look great, however, there is a good reason for this. Currently, people find it more trendy if your look looks like it did not involve a great deal of effort. This means that perfectly styled curls along with tight buns usually are not the best choice. Loosely putting your hair up or even a ponytail can make you look much better.

Tend not to put together eye shadows and lipstick which matches. This will likely only give you a clown appearance. The concept is usually to play up the mouth Or perhaps the eyes, not both. In the event you wear a bold color on your eyes, the hue you decide on for the mouth needs to be more neutral, and vice versa. Furthermore, you should not put the makeup on so thick due to the fact subtlety goes some distance.

Be sure you use sunscreen. Although it is not summer, it doesn't suggest that it's not at all very important to people to protect your skin from the harmful sun rays. Winter sun is usually even worse, so slather up prior to leaving your home. Make use of makeup which includes sunscreen listed as among the ingredients. This can make certain you always remember to put it on.

Do not think the fact that the makeup shades you find are definitely the only ones available. Combine your eyeshadow colors until you develop that which you like. This may be a great idea instead of looking for that ideal shade which you can not find on the market. You can attempt this with perfumes likewise, so be imaginative. Apply different scents by way of layering them, but you should not over do it. If you smell too loud it is going to ruin your entire look since people could be offended.

Moisturizer has to be placed on the skin when you first get out of the shower, so do not delay until your skin actually starts to get dry. When skin is actually dry, it begins to itch, and scratching way too much could cause scabs to develop. Avoid this by rubbing moisturizer on the minute you emerge from the shower. Performing it right this moment will help keep your skin as soft as possible.

These beauty tips may help save you a whole lot of trouble. Stop worrying so much about impressing those with your beauty as it is not really that difficult. The secret is to prevent yourself from making dreadful mistakes that will have a negative result on the manner in which people see you. In the event you follow all the advice given here, there is no way that anyone is ever going to be able to deny your beauty.

Cosmetic Skin Care: Chemical Peel

What is chemical skin peel?

It is an umbrella term that encompasses several different types of chemical treatments used to remove the surface layers of the skin. The common misconception about it is that there is some "peeling" involved. The idea in actual is to remove one or several layers of skin depending on the specific treatment involved. The treatment is most commonly used to treat the results of photo-aging or in simpler words any damage that has occurred on our skin because of the rays of the sun. It can also help to reduce sun spots, wrinkles, acne, and acne scars. All this is possible because peeling encourages cell regeneration and collagen development, both of which improve the appearance of the skin.

How chemical skin peel works?

The treatment uses a chemical solution to dissolve skin layers and stimulates healthy cell regeneration and rejuvenation. The solution is applied by a specialist on the surface of the skin-usually the face, back, or chest area and remains there for a predetermined period of time. The chemicals in the solution gradually dissolve the dead skin cells that rest on the surface of the skin, and deeper peels can go beyond that to eliminate deeper layers as well. Once the application process of the solution has been completed, the clinician will remove any remaining solution. These chemicals are also called exfoliating or wounding agents.

Chemical skin peels are relatively painless for most patients. Milder surface peels produce a minor tingling sensation as the solution goes to work, while deeper peels use solutions that have a secondary anesthetic effect. This means that the solution used in deeper peels will numb the skin as it works, preventing discomfort during the process.

When chemical skin peel should be performed?

The treatment provides high-quality results when it is used in conjunction with other treatments. The procedure helps in improving:

    Sun spots
    Wrinkles and fine lines
    Acne scars
    Uneven skin tone or texture
    Sun damage
    Lesions and growth on skin

What are the types of chemical skin peels?

A number of different chemical skin peels are available today, with each offering a different type of chemical solution for the skin. The choice of the chemical depends on the treatment that is required. A good cosmetic specialist will recommend the suitable peel that will help treat the skin problem. The widely used types are:

    Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA) Peels
    Glycolic Acid Peels
    Trichloroacetic Acid (TCA) Peels
    Phenol Peels

It is important to consult a cosmetic surgeon before getting a chemical skin peel treatment. The goal of the procedure is to restore and improve texture and appearance of skin. In planning the treatment, the doctor will consider many things, including skin type, actual problem, skin sensitivity and general health. The doctor and his team will then provide with necessary information to help in understanding the procedure.

Welcome Winter, Farewell Dry Hair!

I've consistently had particularly dry hair. The frequent usage of hair dryers clearly doesn't improve the situation. Making it worse are the drying side effects of winter time's air. Along with the inescapable home heating, we have now the best formula for dried out, fragile hair! Hence, I've recently been searching for the perfect strategies and techniques to help keep my hair well-moisturized during the winter weather.

Tip 1: Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize!

Condition your locks every week with hair conditioners made with glycerin or various other humectants. Humectants lock in the moisture in your hair, preventing the dryness due to wintertime, heating systems, as well as blow drying. I myself prepare my very own moisturizing cream and spray with vegetable glycerin mixed together with coconut oil. Nevertheless there are various wonderful beauty products and hair conditioners that you can purchase which will serve the exact same purpose, in addition to being tailored to specific hair types. Hot oil treatments also do a highly effective job of returning its hydration and shine to dried out locks.

Tip 2: Swap your styling gel for a cream

Styling lotions are frequently a much better alternative for styling your hair all through the winter months when compared to styling gels. They have a tendency to increase the hair's moisture, thereby making it far more supple, which can help limit drying out as well as damage.

Tip 3: Stay away from hair products with high alcohol content

Alcohol has a likelihood to dry out your hair and even leave it fragile and dull. It is, for that reason, extremely essential to steer clear of styling products with an elevated level of alcohol in the course of the winter season. In addition, it is suggested to stay away from rubbing fragrance and perfumes straight onto your hair, because they likewise have elevated alcohol levels.

Tip 4: Decrease hair dryer use

Blow dryers are infamous for drying out your hair. It is actually suggested to generally minimize their use; however this is particularly true for the duration of the winter time. A great way to decrease the period of time your damp hair stays under a blow dryer would be to first of all make sure you blot out your hair with a bath towel to get rid of the maximum amount of water. After that, use your hair dryer to complete the task, ceasing the instant your hair is no longer wet.

Tip 5: Use all-natural hair shampoos

All-natural hair products are now widespread. Organic hair shampoos may be particularly kind to your hair in the course of the harsh winter season. Using organic products such as Shea butter, which also happens to be excellent for the skin, can do marvels for even the driest, most damaged locks, and is popular amongst a lot of pro hair stylists like Jamal Hammadi.

Tip 6: Protective styling

Finger combing and hair twirling, as enticing and attractive as they often are, tend not to do your hair any good. In actuality, never-ending manipulating of the hair will only suck the moisture from it. Use protective styles similar to the top knot, braids, or any other hair styles that effectively protect your hair from your own self! This will also make it easier to stop your hair from drying out.

I hope that, using these helpful recommendations, you will weather the severeness of the cold months of winter and maintain your hair hydrated and strong until the beautiful spring season.

Makeup Tips to Make Your Face Look Thinner

We know that there are days when you don't feel excited. We have been there too. No matter what the reason is, not feeling your best sucks. However if putting on your best dress isn't enough and you really want to lift your spirits and appear your best, here are a few makeup tips to do so. Use the following techniques while applying makeup and watch how you appear fabulous with just a few strokes.


The right shape of your eyebrow-

Eyebrows play a big role in how slim or heavy your face appears. Your eyebrows need to be thick with an arch in the middle. A higher arched eyebrow lifts the face and makes a round face appear slimmer. You can also use an eyebrow pencil with a shade darker than your natural brow to make them stand out.

Hide your eye circles-

Dark circles add weight to your face. Cover your under eye circles with a concealer and blend it to match the rest of your face. You can also use a white eye shadow or a highlighter to the corners of your eyes to make them stand out. By making your eyes stand out your face will look slimmer.


Blushes with brown undertones make your face look slimmer. Pink or peach blushes make your cheeks appear fuller and your face appears heavier than it actually is. Apply your blush under the cheekbone and sweep it diagonally upwards to the middle of the ear. Make a "fish face" while doing this to figure out the perfect placement. Do not apply too much of it.

Highlight your eyes-

The more dramatic your eyes look, the slimmer your face will appear. Use eyeliner and mascara to make your eyes appear larger and a dark shadow to add volume. Gold and pink shadows work best for blue eyes, copper and plum for green eyes and blue, teal and purple look great with brown eyes.

Bronzer is the key-

In makeup, dark shades recede while lighter shades highlight the features. Use a bronzer correctly to lift the weight off your face. Apply the bronzer on the jaw line to highlight your cheek bones. Blend the bronzer properly with your makeup so that you do not appear too dark. To hide your double chin, apply bronzer on your jawline to define the area. Blend it perfectly.


Add a little touch up to your cheek bones with a light highlighter. Also apply some on the center of your nose and forehead to elongate your face and make your entire face look lighter.

Pink Lips-

Dark shades of lipsticks make you look heavier. A light pink shade makes the face look light and gives fullness to your lips. Nude colors make your lips appear thinner.

My Health Ritual to Look 10 Years Younger

Health, well-being, and natural skin care have long been passions of mine. I was raised to eat good, healthy foods, drink a lot of pure water, and avoid fast foods and chemical additives or preservatives. As a result, I have maintained good health, been in good physical shape, and looked good for my age. But over time, as I have been aging, there have been some things happening with my appearance that I want to avoid. I have adjusted a great health and beauty routine to keep my feeling and looking my best from the inside out. Here are all the problems I have encountered and what I have done to really look 10 years younger and feel great from within.

1. Dull skin tone, oily patches on the face. I noticed that my face had been losing vitality and radiance. I also get really oily patches in the daytime and find myself wiping my face too often with my hands. This just leaves more dirt on my face and doesn't look great. So my solution is using a great pure Bentonite clay facial mask. I apply the mask once a week, let it dry completely, and then rinse off. This has helped give my pores a deeper cleaning, and removing excess oils. My skin looks and feels healthier, more radiant, and the oily patches are much less frequent.

2. Lines and dark circles under the eyes. I inherited dark circles from my mother, and have seen more fine lines appearing around the eye area. So I started using an under eye mud treatment mask 3 times a week, followed by a few drops of essential oils (Emu Oil, Sea Buckthorn Oil) mixed with a carrier oil (Coconut Oil). I actually apply this oil mixture over my entire face 3 times a week. My skin feels so soft and supple, yet firm and natural. The dark circles are diminished and fine lines are hardly visible. My eyes are the first place that I show age so I am very happy with these results.

3. Digestion problems, gas and bloating. As we get older, we can start to have more problems digesting some foods, and have more gas and bloating. I hate that feeling, and also find that is zaps some of my natural energy. So I committed to a great health supplement that has all but eliminated these problems. I eat the gel from half a leaf from an Aloe Vera plant daily. I grow several plants at a time in the warm weather climate that I live in, so I am able to keep a good supply of aloe vera available. On top of the digestion benefits, my skin on my entire body has felt firmer, softer, and with less breakout irritations or itchy patches. The aloe plant really is a whole body and health miracle.

So these are the three things that I maintain for my natural health care. The results are great, and now people continually guess me to be 12 to 15 years younger than my actual age. I don't spend a lot of extra money to keep up this routine, and everything I use is 100% natural and will continue to have good benefits to my skin and body.

Tips on Hair Regrowth For Man

You are not alone... Hair fall affects millions of people. Most of them are aggravated because they have spent a lot of time and money on hair regrowth for men and got no results. Unfortunately there is no correct answer for your hairstyle regrowth. There are no products that can guarantee 100% success rates as there are many different factors which trigger tresses loss. If you have a hair fall problem and you are afraid that you will go bald, there are many special kinds of hairstyle regrowth on the market for your hair loss problem. When choosing the hairstyle treatment, you need one thing that you should seem at it is the product's capacity to accelerate tresses growth and refresh dead hair follicles. This is a common problem that happens to both men and women and many people find themselves wondering how to prevent hair fall. Over styling can be a problem as well. So that takes the time to take care of your hair if you want to keep it.

Some solution is topical treatments rather than a hair growth pill. To use this type of treatment you have to apply it to the scalp when you wash your hairstyle. You apply it directly to the scalp twice a day. The most ordinary method of tresses fall treatment is to use a thick conditioner on a usual basis. Obviously, one should be used after washing your hair, but you should also start using a rigorous conditioner at least once a week. There is one question that arises in all mind that is hair problem. Nothing tarnishes a man is confidence and self-image like a patch of baldness or a receding hairline. The touching distress is so bad sometimes that he even suffers from depression.

Hair loss is the question for all who are suffering from hair loss problem. The reason for hair problem are many. Knowing the ordinary causes like indecent, medications, stress, or lack of iron haircare will help you to more effectively deal with the situation. The first thing you need to remember that how to prevent hair loss and also needs the proper food. People today eat a lot of junk that contains little or no diet at all. Because of this, premature haircare will happen. If you are particularly concerned about your hair and you want hair fall, then eat healthy food with zinc and iron. These two natural resources are considered to be hair food which can keep your hair healthy and strong. The most effective tips on how to prevent hair loss, doesn't comb your hair when they are wet. This is because when the hair is wet, its root is a bit weakened for a while. Combing hair in this situation may induce more hair fall and hence to be avoided. If you are worried about hair fall than Yoga and Pranayama is said to be a technique that helps prevent hair loss. However, to see results, one should perform it on a regular basis.

Steps To Getting The Right Look

Many people wish to look their finest all the time, but saying this is a lot easier than getting this done. It isn't an easy task and lots of individuals don't contain the patience to see it through. Even though it is not really a cakewalk, it's not necessarily the most challenging thing in the entire world. The next four-step method could have you looking your very best without having to put an excessive amount of effort in it.

Eat, drink and get enough rest. This can be a small statement but there's a great deal to it. You need to take better care of your entire body if you wish to look great. What this means is filling your stomach with food which has a good vitamins and minerals. Drinking excessively is a simple method to promote wrinkles therefore it ought to be avoided. Additionally, attempt to get 8 hours of sleep every night. This could appear to be a great deal, but a well-rested body is a much healthier body.

Physical exercise is a thing which will make an individual look better. Don't fall directly into the hype you need to be rail-thin for being gorgeous. The only goal is you are fit, it doesn't matter what your bodily weight is. For instance, if you're thin and also you don't exercise whatsoever, chances are that a larger person who visits a fitness center every day is much more fit than you happen to be. You don't have to kill yourself with hours and hours at the health club, but a little workout every day can perform wonders.

Buy top quality makeup, and steer clear of those you will find within the bargain bin. Regrettably, with regards to makeup you certainly get that which you pay for. There are many people who enter discount stores and purchase cheap makeup, chances are they complain concerning the method in which it can make them look. When you do not have to spend your life savings on it, you must choose the right that you could afford.

Steer clear of the sun nearly as much as you are able to. Although it might appear to be relaxing in the sun is the greatest method of getting a golden hue, you will find alternatives. Tanning salons can be a little more safe, however, you still need to wear sunblock. The easiest method to acquire a 100% safe tan is by using a self tanning product. Be very selective since a number of them can have you looking more orange than tan. If you happen to be worried about your ability to use it correctly, you should think of going to have a professional provide you with a spray tan. It costs somewhat, but you'll definitely obtain the look you would like.

Although some people would like to look a little bit better, most of them do not know how you can accomplish this. Should you adhere to the tips above, you should look much better than you ever have. While true beauty originates from within, it is usually nice for it to be wrapped in an excellent looking package.

Empties #3

I love this cleanser and so does my skin. It's a balm cleanser in a liquidy form with small oatmeal scrub particles. I love the scent, it works great and keeps the flakies at bay. The only bad thing is that it's expensive. Original review here
Repurchase: Yes.

Mavala Double-Lash
I got this a long time ago because I wanted to strengthen my lashes and stop them from falling out so much. I had no results whatsoever the first time. Then I stopped using it for a while and started using it months later, however, again I saw no positive changes. My eyelashes did stop falling out, but that happened when I wasn't using this for a long time. Original review here
Repurchase: No.

These remove the most stubborn waterproof mascara, but they are too oily. I need to use a separate remover to get rid of all the oil. I prefer the Maybelline remover.
Repurchase: No.

Balea Makeup Removing Wipes 3 in 1 for dry and sensitive skin
These are too harsh compared to my favourites from Speedy Care. It hurt my skin when I was using them.
Repurchase: No.

 Nivea Soft
I buy a pot or a tube of this every now and then. It's a standard cream that is quite light and refreshing. Honestly, I buy it because I love the typical Nivea scent.
Repurchase: Maybe.

Skin Doctors Ingrow Go
This is a liquid lotion that smells horrible and contains a lot of glycolic acid that should help with ingrown hair. I have the worst ingrown hair, literary the worst (even if I just shave and/or scrub everyday, flm), and this doesn't do squat for me, neither to prevent them nor help them get out. Waste of money.
Repurchase: No.

Skin Doctors Hair no More
A spray that is supposed to inhibit/stop the hair from growing. There were promises of having to shave less often and the hair becoming finer. All a load of crap. It does smell nicer as the Ingrown go.
Repurchase: No.

Yves Rocher Noix de Coco Malaysian Coconut Silky Lotion
This feels and smells the same as the silky cream, it's just a bit runnier. It's ok, but not for dry skin. The scent is barely coconuty, it's more of a milky scent that is similar to Lush's Sympathy for the Skin.
Repurchase: No.

A very decent lotion that is nicely moisturising. The scent is a great as well - peach mixed with cream.
Repurchase: It's really nice, but no.

 L'Oreal Ever Rich Mask
A great drugstore treatment for dry hair. It's quite light for a mask, however it still manages to moisturise well. The scent is a sweet caramel one and it's quite strong. Original review here.
Repurchase: Yes.

This made a great first impression, however, with every use my enthusiasm was fading. I mentioned before that I have awful dandruff, dry and itchy scalp, so I'm trying the whole sulphate free thing (and I'm not liking it, to be honest). The shampoo is really creamy, foams nicely, is sulphate-free, smells nice and doesn't leave my hair dry. Sound nice, right? However, my scalp hates this. I think it's building up on my scalp and that's why it's ridiculously itchy literary right after washing my hair. Strangely, I had much better experience with the Ever Pure one. One more thing, it's so thick that towards the end, it get really difficult to get it out of the tube.
Repurchase: No.

Me and this mask do not get along. Almost everyone loves it, but I find it painfully average. It leaves my hair dry and abnormally frizzy. There are so many better cheaper products as well as salon treatments. Original review here
Repurchase: No.

This is a protein leave-in treatment that helps prevent breakage and split ends. There is 250 ml of a very light lotion with a sort of artificial sweet fruity scent in the bottle. I've had mine for about a year and I used it almost every time I washed my hair. As far as results go, I noticed my hair was more tamed and it was definitely less damaged. Why I love this is because I started using this right after having my hair cut and my hair was in such great condition that I didn't feel I need to get my ends trimmed for a year (honestly, it saved me a lot of money since I pay 30€ for a simple trim. The joy of having long hair, greedy bastards). I got it cut when it got too long since it reached the end of my back.
I often get a question how do you get the hair to grow faster. Well, first off, everyone's hair supposedly grows at the same rate, however, if your hair is damaged and breaks off easily, you have the felling that your hair doesn't grow or it's growing really slowly. If you're one of those people, I highly recommend giving this a try (also anything with protein). Ingredients here.
Repurchase: Yes. But since it's not that good to use protein treatments for too long or you might risk making more damage, I'll buy it in a year or so.
Though some people find Balea's shower gels drying, me and my skin actually like them. These three were a part of this summer's limited edition and they all smelled great - one like fresh passionfruit, one like Haribo candy and one like Pina Colada.
Repurchase: I would if they weren't limited edition.

L'Occitane Angelica Face Toner
A run-of-the-mill hydrating toner. Smells similar as the hydrating cream - herbally fresh and I like it. It leaves the skin slightly sticky. There are cheaper ones that are similar. Ingredients here.
Purchase: No.

L'Occitane Sublime Essence Skin Perfector
The texture is thick for a serum, but not greasy. It feels super light on the skin and gives that silicone like feeling, despite that it doesn't have them. It's leaves a great velvety matte finish, like using a super light primer. I think it's not hydrating enough on it's on in the winter for dry skin, but it should be enough for combination, normal and oily. The scent is nice, flowery (rose perhaps) and closer to something by Vichy than L'Occitane. Based on two samples I can't really report on results, but it did help to make my forehead smooth again. I really like it. Ingredients here.
Purchase: Yes.

L'Occitane Angelica Ultra Matte Fluid
When I was a teen with oily skin, their previous versions, the Lavender and Red Rice fluid, were my staples and I adored both. This is very similar. It has pretty much identical light, yet hydrating texture that leaves a matte finish, again like using a light primer or powder. L'Occitane excels at this. It has the same fresh herbal scent of the angelica line that I like. It's on my wishlist together with their Hydrating cream. Ingredients here.
Purchase: Yes.
I must say, L'Occitane's skin care works wonderfully for my skin. I had a bad skin moment and these samples made it all right again. Their products deserve more praise and attention that they get.

Sante Shower Gels: Grenadine Spirit and Coconut Dream
How this get to be sold?! Saying they are awful is an understatement. Both smell horrific and there is nothing dreamy about that coconut scent. Both have a revolting alcoholic rotten scent and the texture is ridiculously runny. Thankfully, I only had samples.
Purchase: No Way. 

L'Occitane Sublime Beauty Cream BB Cream SPF 30 
The texture is light and runny, very Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum like. It feels light on the skin and I wouldn't say moisturising, which considering it's a BB cream, is a bit odd. So this not for dry skin, rather better suited for normal to oily skin. It leaves a satin finish and it's slightly dewy, but not from the moisture like other BB's. It lacks that silicone feeling, which makes it not blend that well on dry skin. It's the type of product that I have a feeling might cling to dry patches. It's pretty much immediately dry to the touch, a feature I love. Coverage is light, maybe light to medium. It has the same flowery scent as the serum, but it's stronger, so not the best product for those sensitive to fragrance. I had samples of both of the shades they offer, light and medium. Look at the swatches. In what universe is that light? Yet another western company released only dark BB shades as if everyone in Europe spends their entire lives sunbathing in friggin Ibiza. Light is slightly darker than Bourjois BB in 21, but close, while medium is very dark. Ingredients here.
Purchase: Until they stop screwing around and make actual useful shades the answer is no.

Have a great day!

Magnetic Lariats for Health and Beauty

Magnetic lariats can be health saver people are searching for. Magnets have been used for its medicinal purposes since time immemorial. It has been accounted to help relieve pain and promotes better healing of the body. It is said to keep people healthy and energized as long as they are wearing their magnets. Today, many companies are employing this philosophy in many of their products to boost people's health and overall well-being. Lariats, for one, that contain magnets can be very helpful to anyone wearing them.

What is Magnetic Lariat Necklace Wrap?

The name may sound misleading to a lot of people, but this wrap can actually be worn in various parts of the body - not just around the neck. You can wrap it around your wrist and wear it as a bracelet or around your ankle and wear it as an ankle bracelet. These are made of high quality crystal beads to boost the power of magnets in keeping you healthy and free from injuries. The lariat is made of very powerful magnets as well that are known to help alleviate pain associated with arthritis, improve blood circulation, relieve muscle fatigue, and reduce swelling of the joints. Wrapping around a lariat in any part of your body can help relieve any pain and potentially cure illnesses.

Cloisonne Lariat

Cloissone Lariat is a great option out of all the magnetic lariats available you can find. It is a traditional enamel wear in the Near East of the world that dates back to 500 years ago. Because of its beauty and cultural significance, wearing of this spread through the Byzantine Empire and soon was adopted by the people in China. The Chinese Cloisonne is said to be the most popular version out of all the ones that were made. The production process of the Cloissone is a complex set of processes including hammering, inlay of copper strips on the crystals, soldering, filling the crystals with enamel, polishing and then gliding.

Variety in Colors

The Cloissone Lariat is available in a variety of colors. This gives many women out there option on which to wear to match their outfits. If you want a sexy and elegant Lariat, there are some you can find in dark colors such as red and black as well as black and pink. There are also multicolored ones that come in a multiple colors to make it more fitting on many different outfits. If you want a classy look, going for an all white lariat can be your best option.

Materials Used

Such Lariats are made of different materials. It is predominantly composed of real Swarovski crystals but you can also find a few beads as well as pearls. This makes the lariat look more elegant and appealing and boosts the power and healthy benefits of the magnet.

Magnetic Lariats are a great accessory to adorn your body with. It not only helps you look more beautiful and elegant but it also brings many health benefits. With this, you not only feel healthy but you feel more beautiful as well.

Health and Beauty

Organic beauty products

Much like organic food, organic beauty products should be made with ingredients that are certified organic, cosmetics and skin care products can be certified through the same processes used for food and the best way to know that you are getting an organic skin care product is to look for the USDA organic seal which means that the product has met the standards of the National Organic Program, the seal can legally be used on products labeled "100% organic" which means what it says or "organic" at least 95% organic products. Products labeled "made with organic ingredients" cannot carry the seal, but they must have at least 70% organic ingredients.

Organic is defined as follows: Organic food is produced without using most conventional pesticides, fertilizers made with synthetic ingredients or sewage sludge, bioengineering, or ionizing radiation so before a product can be labeled 'organic,' a government-approved certifier inspects the farm where the food is grown to make sure the farmer is following all the rules necessary to meet USDA organic standards. What this means for organic skin products is that the farms that make a product's raw ingredients must use organic farming practices, in addition, the product itself must be produced in a way that keeps the ingredients organic, generally, this means that no chemicals are added during the manufacturing process.

Here are some popular organic beauty products you could lay your hand on:

Jason red elements - Jason products are well known in the organic sector, their new line "Red Elements" is infused with not green, but red tea and both the cleanser and toner have shown promise. Nature's gate organics forget your line wrinkles diffuser - Helps relax facial muscles to decrease the appearance of fine lines.

Zia oat milk detoxifying mask - Best for soothing sensitive or irritated skin, perfect for anyone with problem or sensitive skin and ideal for those with rosacea or eczema as well. Avalons organic renewal and vitality facial cleansing gel - Fine for normal to dry skin, but it also helps soothe sensitive skin too, the mild formula is fine for daily use.

Silky underwear - An innovative product by LUSH made with cocoa butter, jasmine, and cornstarch, it is a perfect body powder for the hot summer months when moisturizer is too much.

Burt's Bees head to toe starter kit - Experience a tidbit of everything Burt's Bees has to offer with this kit full of sampler size products, it works well as a gift or as a travel kit for yourself.

L'Occitane shea butter - This is one of the most famous products by L'Occitane, nonetheless, they offer a wide range of quality products for your skin including a new Grape Body Care line.

Kiss my face moisture shave in lavender and shea butter - Moisturizer for dry skin and great for warding of razor burn or infections from razor cuts.

Kiss my face shampoo - Kiss my face is not only organic, but also affordable, lots of types to choose from, all kinds of conditioners and different hair needs addressed.

Burt's Bees shampoo - Both the shampoo and Burt's Bees conditioners combat different issues from dull hair to color treated hair, they work and smell great and aren't too expensive.

Smooth skin

Smooth skin is achieved when proper care is taken of the skin, for the face, normal skin - A mild facial scrub helps keep skin soft and smooth; try Aveeno Skin Brightening Daily Scrub with moisture-rich soy. Acne-prone skin, wash your face with a beta-hydroxy-acid cleanser that penetrates pores, removing dirt and oil like Biore Blemish Fighting Cleanser. Skin with fine lines - Alpha-hydroxy acids digest the cement that keeps dead skin cells attached to one another and makes lines more visible; try Peter Thomas Roth AHA/BHA Face & Body Polish.

Sensitive skin Products containing lactic acid are gentle exfoliators; opt for Chanel Maximum Radiance Delicate Exfoliator. For your body, normal skin - because body skin is thicker than facial skin, rough exfoliant like salt scrubs and crushed natural ingredients like nuts are most effective; try Bath & Body Works True Blue Spa There is the Rub Salt Scrub or Les Elixirs Sweet Orange Exfoliating Cream. Rough skin - Use AHA body products on rough areas like elbows, knees and feet; use Estee Lauder Body Smoother Exfoliating Crème. Sensitive skin - Body exfoliators with jojoba beads are gentle; Murad Exfoliating Body Cleansing Gel also includes chamomile and calendula, both anti-irritants. If you have flesh-colored bumps, up to 40 percent of adults suffer from keratosis pilaris, tiny bumps on the upper outer arms and thighs, the condition is genetically inherited and caused when the skin's top layers don't slough off normally, the hair follicles are elevated above the surrounding skin, resulting in a dead-skin-cell backlog.

Over-the-counter remedy Dermatologist Bruce Katz, M.D., director of the JUVA Skin & Laser Center in New York City, recommends using moisturizers with skin-exfoliating AHAs, try BeneFit Wonderbod, it will help make the surface less rough. For ingrown hairs, that is, people with dark wiry body hair are more prone to these often-painful bumps that frequently appear after waxing or shaving, when growing hair is blocked by dead skin cells or curls at the skin's surface so the tip re-enters the follicle, the follicle and surrounding skin can become infected, causing the bump. Over-the-counter remedy Aida Thibiant, owner of Thibiant Beverly Hills Day Spa in California advises clients to use an exfoliating product and loofah on the area, it takes longer on the arms and butt, she says, but it will make ingrown hairs disappear.

Also apply products with pore-de-clogging salicylic acid to the area daily; try Neutrogena Men Skin Clearing Astringent After Shave. And if you have warts - warts are caused by a viral infection that gives rise to a growth, it is a common problem and they are easy to contract, particularly in places you walk barefoot, like a yoga center or locker room, warts can be contagious both to other people and to you, they can spread to other areas of your body. Over-the-counter remedy "Covering a wart with a bandage stops the possibility of it spreading, Drugstore treatments like DuoFilm are good options for warts on hands and feet, but for more sensitive areas like the face, visit a dermatologist.

Clear skin tips

Maintaining a clear skin is not as difficult and expensive as people make it to look and sound, there are some little tips to make your skin appear clear and beautiful in no time, first of all, if your skin is not clean it can never be clear, wash your face in the morning when you wake up, and again before bedtime, always use an antibacterial facial soap, there are many good products on the market these days, priced to suit any income, do not wash your face more than two times every day, over-cleansing can dry out your skin, which can cause your pores to produce more oil.

Use your fingertips or a washcloth, avoid scrubbing your skin as this also can cause your pores to over-produce oil. Always use an SPF facial moisturizer after you wash your face even if your skin is very oily, you should use a moisturizer as it helps achieve balance and even out skin tone, but make sure your moisturizer is oil-free, or non-comedogenic so it will not clog your pores and make sure any make-up you use is non-comedogenic. Also avoid getting hair products like hairspray or gel on your skin; try not to touch your skin with your hands during the day because oil and germs from your fingers can cause pimples.

And the final tip and most important tip for clear skin is - DO NOT squeeze pimples! Yes, it is tempting but squeezing a pimple will only make it get worse and take longer to clear and it bruises the skin, causes scarring, and can spread bacteria, causing more pimples. These simple, easy to follow tips will help you see clear, beautiful skin, sooner than you ever thought was possible. Daily use of sunscreen will help prevent irregular pigmentation from occurring; also tretinon-applied daily for many months will treat irregular pigmentation. To keep facial lines from setting in around your mouth, over-exaggerate smiling, and then gnash your teeth together. Repeat each motion 24 times.

To prevent a wrinkled neck, sweep your hands up under your chin and down again. Repeat 12 times. Rosewater can also be used as a home treatment, rosewater is filled with vitamin B, E, and k, and it is a good cleansing astringent as it wipes away gently the dirt and oil while nourishing the skin. You can also try moisturizing with natural emollient coconut oil, this exfoliates the outer layer of a dead skin while protecting it and moisturizing it and making it firmer, smoother and stronger, lastly a mixture of milk and honey, milk has lactic acid which is a natural exfoliant filled with vitamins and softener which helps in peeling the top layer of the skin while honey is a natural antibacterial and antiseptic agent that can help cleanse and shrink the pores while clearing it. Do not use moisturizers that contain mineral oils and other natural ingredients that have oil in it, as this will clog your pores the more so the general rule is to make sure the product is oil free for people with oily skin and vice versa for people with dry skin.

Acne skin

Acne is a skin condition that causes spots; most people affected by acne are aged between 12 and 25, however, men and women in their 30s and 40s can also suffer from acne, there are many treatments available to help deal with the condition. To maintain a clear acne skin, here are some tips to take note of: clean your skin gently - if you have acne, you should gently wash your face with a mild cleanser, once in the morning and once in the evening, as well as after heavy exercise, wash your face from under the jaw to the hairline and be sure to thoroughly rinse your skin, note that using strong soaps or rough scrub pads is not helpful and can actually make the problem worse, astringents are also not recommended unless the skin is very oily and then they should be used only on oily spots.

Avoid frequent handling of the skin - avoid rubbing and touching skin lesions, squeezing, pinching or picking blemishes can lead to the development of scars or dark blotches. Shave skin carefully - men who shave and who have acne should test both electric and safety razors to see which is more comfortable, when using a safety razor, make sure the blade is sharp and soften your beard thoroughly with soap and water before applying shaving cream, shave gently and only when necessary to reduce the risk of nicking blemishes. Avoid a sunburn or a suntan - many of the medicines used to cure a pimples can make you more prone to sunburn, a sunburn that reddens the skin or suntan that darkens the skin may make blemishes less visible and make the skin feel drier but these benefits are only temporary and there are known risks of excessive sun exposure, such as more rapid skin aging and a risk of developing skin cancer.

And lastly don't ever forget to choose your cosmetics carefully - while undergoing acne treatment you may need to change some of the cosmetics you use, all cosmetics, such as foundation, blush, eye shadow, moisturizers, and hair-care products should be oil free, choose products labeled non-comedogenic "meaning they do not promote the formation of closed pores", in some people, however, even these products may make acne worse. There are a vast variety of clear skin tips or ways to clear up acne, but not all are effective. Acne soaps and cleansers are the most important products but people ignore its importance. Although soaps and cleaners are common, they eliminate root causes of acne breakouts.

Smooth acne skin can be achieved when proper care is taken of the skin, for the face, a mild facial scrub helps keep skin soft and smooth; try Aveeno Skin Brightening Daily Scrub with moisture-rich soy and if your skin type is acne-prone, wash your face with a beta-hydroxy-acid cleanser that penetrates pores, removing dirt and oil like Biore Blemish Fighting Cleanser. When you follow all these steps including eating a healthy diet, you are well on your way to maintaining your acne skin and reducing blemishes.