June Favourites

 The Perfect Base:
I've found the perfect combination of products for these today-it's-summer-tommorrow-not-so-much days and I've been wearing it pretty much every day, even on special occasions. The following four products are my gold team at the moment.

With each use I'm more in love with this primer. It does exactly what it promises - prolongs the wear of foundation, so for example even the awesome, but lacking in staying power Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum holds on almost until the day is over. The primer feels super light on the skin and also helps in the oiliness department, so it actually reminds me a bit of the lovely L'Occitane mattifying lotion (all versions were the same, Angelica Ultra Matte is the current one). Oh, and I love using this as an eyeshadow primer, it really does a great job.

I've told you I have a neutral skin tone, right? I haven't found a neutral foundation yet in anything that isn't ghost pale, so at the moment I mix the more yellow-toned Bourjois CC, which is a bit too dark for me, with the much paler pink-toned Rimmel MP 010. I am really loving this combo because of several reasons: the created shade is an exact match for my skin tone, the finish is beyond natural and it gives me a nice light level of coverage. While I love the CC on its own because of the satin-matte natural finish, I'm not such a fan of Rimmels MP, so this the only way I tend to wear it, by mixing it up with other foundations to create my perfect match.
Powders were never something I liked, but this one completely changed that. It's a fabulous powder that unlike any other I've tried, actually makes my foundation look better, it adds a bit of natural-looking radiance to the skin and sets the makeup to last. This has become a staple in my routine.
I wouldn't recommend this to oily gals, though.

 MAC Blush Pinch O'Peach
Every month I try to use a different blush and this time I dusted off this one. Despite its not so cleverly thought out name, it's a neutral pink matte shade that has a sheer formula, but it's still easy to get colour on my cheeks. It gives my cheeks a soft pink flush that looks very cute and girly. I bought this eons ago and used it a lot (it actually has a quite a deep dent, though it's not visible in the picture), but you know how it goes, you just get distracted by new things. I never swatched it, but I'm sure I will in the future.

Summer means bronzer time, so again this year my trusted EL bronzer got its turn. This is the only bronzer I've found that works with my skin tone because it has a reddish undertone instead of the orange/yellow one. It actually creates a very believable tan colour and love that it's matte. It was quite an investment, but it was worth every cent and it's the only bronzer I've been using for years.  

After my frequent ravings about Manhattan's lipcreams years ago, they have been more or less pushed aside, but that doesn't mean I don't love them anymore. These are exactly the same as the NYX or Collection 2000 ones, so they feature a feather light, very pigmented formula with a lovely matte finish. 53M is a light everyday coral shade that is perfect for summer and great for the days when I want something less bright on my lips than usual. These smell like vanilla ice cream and are in general one of my favourite drugstore finds since I started this blog, even though I don't talk about them much any more. 
Perhaps I should reswatch them.

This is one of the most beautiful shades ever and hardly anyone talks about it. It's a gorgeous rose-red-pink that is a perfect mix between a fun and a glamorous colour. It was a serious contended when I was deciding what do wear for my graduation ceremony. I've already raved about the spectacular velvet-matte finish of these as well as their staying power (this particular one survived teeth brushing since I've completely forgotten to do that before I applied makeup in the morning, however, for some reason it doesn't survive eating ice cream well), but this one is easier to apply than Grand Cru due smoother formula, though it still needs two layers to get the most out of it. 
I promise to the swatches soon, though I have to retake a few pictures. I'll do Olé Flamingo in the same post.

(retro matte)
This is a stunning bright pink with some coral and a great matte finish. I find it one of the most unique colours in my collection primarily due to the warm red-pink mix, but also because it's a matte shade. It's my favourite lipstick I own, even though I only have a sample. I actually wore this on my graduation ceremony because I wanted to wear something I truly love and not something boring to comply to the rules of "less is more" for such occasions. 

No surprises that this is here, right? This is one of my favourite drugstore finds of late in the skincare department, even though I'm not amazed by its scrubbing abilities (I like mine harsh). It's the texture that sold me, since it's something quite unexpected for a product that is so affordable. For me this a luxurious-feeling every day body wash and it starts of as a gel with sparse scrubby particles which then transforms into an oil-creamy foam. So basically it feels lovely to use, smells great and it's affordable. Win-Win. 

You know every time I use this, I realize how amazing this is compared to any other body lotion/butter/cream I've tried. It's so nourishing and really does wonders on dry skin, but the best thing is of course the yummy peach scent, which is one of my favourite thing in the world.

I recently had my hair cut (after a year *coughs*) and for the first time ever my hairdresser was amazed at in what good condition my hair is. I will admit, I sensed a great deal of pride, though I acted all humble as she was complimenting how soft and undamaged my hair is. Though part of that could be attributed to my rigorous hair care routine as well as Kérastase Nutritive line, I firmly believe the main reason behind the complete transformation of my hair from a sorry dry mop is due to this leave-in. I've been using it every time I wash my hair on damp hair after rinsing off regular conditioner. It's incredibly light, but gives my hair an additional moisture boots, tames the frizz to a certain degree and keeps the hair moisturised longer. This truly is a holy grail product for me and I couldn't be without it.
I wholeheartedly recommend this to all girls with dry hair. By the way, you can find my tips on dealing with dry hair here.

Imitation of Lancôme La Vie Est Belle 
A wonderful scent for someone with a sweet tooth like me. It smells like an expensive box of pralines with a fruity filling, but not completely gourmand because of the floral notes and patchouli. I've been wearing it every day since I got it, which means something for someone like me who likes to change their fragrance daily. 

 Have a great day!

New In #17

 L'OREAL L'Extraordinaire Liquid Lipstick
201 Rose Symphony
I believe we have love at first swipe. I've just got it yesterday and despite not being a fan of lip gloss, I find this fabulous. The texture is so creamy and lip balm like, the pigmentation is semi-opaque, the shine is lovely, it's not sticky and best of all it smells amazing. Just as Sanja said, it smells like peaches - my favourite scent ever. I need more of these. Rose Symphony is a stunning warm rose-pink shade with just a touch of gold shimmer. I'll do a proper review with swatches.
I'm not sure if these are coming to Slovenia, but I hear they are already available in Austria.
£8.99, Boots.

 L'OREAL Lumi Magique Concealer
I really hesitated whether to get this or not. I heard it's an affordable dupe of Touché Éclat, but it has very mixed reviews, so some adore it and some find it useless. I've tried it today and the shade looks about right for me, but I don't notice any particular illumination. I'll report back with a full review after a longer use.
£8.49, Boots.

 GOOD THINGS Manuka Honey Creamy Cleanser
My beloved Balance Me is on its last legs and though I would repurchase it, I decided to try to find something more budget friendly and since I heard some great things about this cleanser, it was my first choice to try. It's another one of those that need to be removed with a washcloth and I've only used it once, but so far it looks like it's a nice gentle cleanser that does its job. It has a soft sort of honey scent.
£4.99, Boots.

SUPERFACIALIST Rose Hydrate Cleanser 
Another bloggers' recommendation in the budget cleansers category. It smells like roses, which I'm not a fan of, but I'll survive. Again as with Good Things cleanser, there will be a review one day.
£7.99, Boots.

SALLY HANSEN Airbrush Legs
 Light Glow 
This is instant tan and makeup for legs in a can. The colour is just right for my pale skin to breathe some life in it, as it's about the same colour I achieve with my self tanner and not at all orange, but rather incredibly believable. I'm testing it today, so I just applied it. It's not the easiest thing to apply, partly due to the spray not distributing the product well and it needs to be blended fast because it dries super quick and after that is doesn't budge at all. I does smell funny, almost like a self tanner. I'll do a proper review after longer use, but so far it's not bad, though I hoped for a higher level of coverage.
£9.99, Boots.

The three next bits I didn't get for myself, but I was kindly allowed to take pictures and swatches of them for my blog. 

L'OREAL Paris Nude Magique Eau De Teint
150 Nude Beige
This was on my wishlist as well for ages, but mixed reviews and the fact that the lightest shade might be too dark for me kept me from purchasing it. Honestly, if I saw it in person in our drugstores and tried it (L'Oreal get a move on), I'd pick it up in a heart beat. The texture is so light, yet it has nice coverage and it blends so naturally on the skin while leaving a satin-matte finish. I think I'll have to pick up a bottle for myself. The bottle is so adorably dinky, but it doesn't have a pump, however, I don't find it too messy to deal with.
£9.99, Boots.

  MAYBELLINE Dream Terra Sun Bronzer
10 Bronzed Tropics
My word is this gorgeous in person! The bronzer doesn't really work on my skin as the shade just looks wrong and too warm, though it's not orange. The blush, on the other hand,  is stunning - a beautiful pink-coral. It does have gold shimmer in it, which is visible particularly in the bronzer part, though on the skin it doesn't show up. The pigmentation is not excellent, so it's one of those products you have to build up slowly or maybe it's just the top layer that's like that, I can't really say. By the way, it has a strong smell of sunscreen or baby shampoo.
How many of you think this will ever reach our drugstores? No one? I thought so. 
£6.49, Boots.

  RIMMEL London Stay Blushed!
001 Pop of Pink
This is a cream blusher in a tube with a sort of a mousse-meets-cream texture. The shade is beautiful, a soft pink with a hint of coral, again another one right up my alley and very close on the cheeks to NYX Cream Blush in Natural. It shows up very well on me, so the pigmentation is sufficient and it's easy to apply, though you have less time to work with than with other cream blushes I tried because it sets fast.
£4.49, Boots.
 *MAKEUP REVOLUTION Welcome to the Pleasuredome
18 Exclusive Eyeshadow Palette
The palette holds 18 eyeshadows ranging from neutrals to bright shades. Top 12 are shimmery and bottom 6 are matte. So far I can say that some shades perform better than others, but it's definitely a very nice mix of colours. I like the neutral ones, the brighter colours not so much, but there is a shade that is like MAC Patina's cousin and two shades are very Satin Taupe-ish. The mattes are really lovely and most of them are nicely pigmented. There will be a review with swatches, but so far I'm really enjoying this palette.
8,95 € na Ličila.si

No Good Waiting
A frost rusty shade. I'll do a proper swatch one day, though this is so not my colour.
1,95 € na Ličila.si.

Have a great day!

New in #16

MAX FACTOR Facefinity All Day Primer SPF20
I've heard several bloggers say good things about it, so I grabbed myself a bottle in Müller. It's a face primer with SPF 20 that promises to prolong the wear of make up. So far I like it a lot, it really does what it promises and it also keeps oil at bay, but I'll do a review once I properly test it.
By the way, I find it works great as an eyeshadow primer as well.
12.99 €, Müller.

BOURJOIS Rouge Edition Velvet 
02 Frambourjoise and 05 Olé Flamingo
I bought two more shades after being seriously impressed by the formula of Velvets. These two have a much better formula to work with than 08 Grand Cru and again have that perfect velvety matte finish. Frambourjoise is a beautiful rose-pink and Olé Flamingo a super bright hot pink. There will be a review with swatches.
12.99 €, Müller/DM.

MANHATTAN Eyemazing Liner
My L'Oréal Super Liner Perfect Slim eyeliner is on its last legs and I was planning on repurchasing it, but then I saw Paddy mentioning Eyemazing in one of her reviews as her preferred choice for a liner. While I love L'Oreal's version, since it's not sold in Slovenia and Manhattan is more accessible to me as well as cheaper, I didn't hesitate in tracking it down. It has a very similar design with the thin felt tip that allows a lot of precision. I've only used it once and while it's a nice cheaper alternative, it's not as good as L'Oreal's. I'll do a quick comparison of the two soon.
5.99 €, DM.

Imitation of Lancôme La Vie Est Belle
This is a spectacular scent! It smells like an expensive box of pralines with a fruity filling (black currant and pear), but not completely gourmand because of the floral notes (iris, orange blossom, jasmine) and patchouli. The combination of the latter with the sweet notes reminds me of a much sweeter version of Paco Rabanne's Black XS. It's a strong scent with a fantastic staying power and one of my favourites at the moment. If you like sweet scents (like these), give the original a sniff when you see it.
Notes and reviews of the original on Fragrantica.
5 € for 15 ml in Refan.

Christina Aguilera eau de Parfum and Shower Gel
Though it's been out for years and many people adore it, I never paid much attention to this scent. I was very pleasantly surprised when one of my friends gifted me a set with a small 15 ml bottle and a shower gel as a thank you for helping her. I honestly did not expect to like it as much as I do. It's brilliant! I would describe it as a very expensive smelling soap, an oriental-floral scent and in general very feminine and warm. It sort of reminds me of a warmer vanilla version of Chanel N°5 as I find it has the same soapiness in it with jasmine standing out. The shower gel is fabulous as well and it has the same scent, so it makes a regular shower a more glamorous experience.
Notes and reviews on Fragrantica.

GARNIER Hautklar Fruit Energy Peeling-Gel
a.k.a.Pure Active Fruit Energy Daily Energising Gel Scrub 
I bought it as a more quick-to-use cleanser to include in my morning routine, since Balance Me needs to be removed with a washcloth. My skin hates gels because they dry it out and patches appear, so this is my first gel cleanser in a really long time.  The formula feels pleasant due to a more thick texture and the exfoliating beads in it are very gentle, while the pomegranate scent is lovely and refreshing. I haven't been using it for long and I want to thoroughly test it before I write a review, but so far I'm sad to report that despite being pleased with it from the start, I have noticed my skin getting drier. 
5.19 €, Műller.

DAS GESUNDE PLUS Panthenol Schutz- und Pflegesalbe
Panthenol protective ointment 
This is just a run of the mill panthenol treatment for cuts, dry patches and other problematic areas. It has the same super thick texture as Bepanthenol and Avene's Cicalfate, except that I think this version isn't antibacterial. The tube is much bigger than the two and it's much cheaper. I plan to use it regularly on my legs because I have a lot of damage there and I want to speed up healing. It should also be good to use on old spots.
2.29 €, DM.

GARNIER Deodorant Neo Fresh Blossom
I am disappointed with this deodorant. I don't sweat much, but this just does not work on me. A not so funny anecdote: I wore this to my graduation ceremony held in a stuffy hall on a hot day and I could just feel a drop of sweat roll down which never happened to me with any other deodorant. Good thing that I was wearing black! Fresh Blossom version smells like you'd expect, florally fresh. I like the applicator and the fast-absorbing cream formula that doesn't leave traces, but what does that help if it's rubbish. Rexona Clear Pure is miles better despite white marks. 
3.49 €, DM.

NIVEA Anti-Perspirant Stress Protect
I bought a travel size to try in DM after being disappointed by Garnier's Neo. I actually like it for a spray deodorant, though I usually go for roll-ons. It's almost instantly dry to the touch after application and the scent is very freshly clean. It's definitely more effective than Neo.
1.49 € for 50 ml, 2.99€ for 150 ml, DM.

SUN DANCE Transparentes Sonnenspray mit Tropicduft SPF 30 LE
Transparent spray sunscreen with a tropical scent SPF 30
It was the tropical scent that got me. As the name suggests it's a transparent sunscreen with the texture similar to a dry oil, so it gives that shine to the skin, but also doesn't sink in completely. The application is a breeze and it's a great sunscreen if you don't have anyone to do your back. It smells like papaya and oranges, so sourly-juicy sweet or for anyone that's familiar, it smells really close to Mango Mambo shower gel (or last year's Brazil Mango). 
4.49 €, DM.

BALEA Trend it up Lovely Berries Dry Shampoo
Limited Edition. It's temporarily replacing their original formula.
This is so white! It's one of those dry shampoos that leaves a lot of fine powder in the hair which you can feel when you run your fingers through it, however, this also means that it absorbs oils well and gives tons of texture/volume. It smells like strawberry sweets and the scent lasts decently on the hair. It's nice, but only if you're blond or you have light hair especially if your hair gets very oily and you need to spray a lot of dry shampoo. I use it only to refresh the hair, so I spray small amounts and from very far away to avoid it looking too white. Do not spray this close because it's very, very hard to blend in and it leaves a matte, grayish cast.  
2.49 €, DM.

ESSENCE Studio Nail 4in1 Profi File
I buy these all the time. It's just regular nail file with four different textures that vary in roughness. It does its job and it does it well.
1.59 €, Müller.

*GREEN LINE Micellar Cleansing Water
Micelarna čistilna vodica
Another micellar water is joining the drugstore ranks with Green Line launching their version. Green Line is a Slovene brand, so I'm not sure how accessible it is apart from here and probably in the Balkans. I've only used it once and so far I like it. It works great, but it's heavily fragranced (I like that, though). There will be a review once I properly test it.
I was sent this before its official release, so I don't know the price yet.

A repurchase of course. If you're a regular on this blog then you know how much I adore this oil and I've been using it every day as a face moisturiser for the past three years. I'm so happy that I got such a good price for it and I adore the limited edition packaging. I still have my old bottle, so this is going to the back of the shelf until I use that one up.
24€, Feel Unique (it's still on offer).

Actually this is only part one of my New in. I still have a couple of packages coming and I didn't feel like waiting any more, besides it's a too long post already. The second part should be posted soon and it will feature my Boots purchases.

Have a great day!

Bourjois Java Poudre de Riz

I was never a fan of face powders, at least I wasn't until I tried this one. My struggle with powders is that they always make the foundation look so flat, cakey and noticeable, but this one is a whole different story. It actually makes my foundation look better and less noticeable, but still sets the makeup and keeps oil at bay.

It's a light pink finely milled powder with micro shimmer and some larger glitter particlesWhen I first tried it on my hand in the shop, I was concerned that the shimmer will show up on the face, especially under artificial light or in the strong sun like at essence's shimmer pearls, but on the skin it's a transparent powder with no visible shimmer or glitter. The powder doesn't settle into pores or make the foundation look cakey and instead of the flat, matte look, it gives my skin that subtle radiance and luminosity. Some might describe the effect as glow-from-within, but I'm not a fan of that term. Though I wouldn't say that it has the retouching and blurring effect as some claim, it does make the foundation look better in an indescribable way. It works with most of my foundations, the only exception is Estee Lauders' Maximum Cover which is very matte and heavy, and putting any powder on top makes it terribly cakey. As a setting powder it works very well and manages to keep my foundation on much longer.

Left swatch was taken under artificial light (Phillips cool white bulb) and right in sunlight:

I'm wearing it over a mix of Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum (51) and Rimmel Match Perfection foundation (010 Light Porcelain). I'm also wearing it in this post.

However, I want to point out that one day when my skin was more oily than usual, a noticeable oily glow appeared just under my eyes in that triangle to the end of the nose (just like at Cynthia). But that was only on one occasion and in general it's performance on me was faultless. By the way, my skin is normal and occasionally just a bit oily on my T-zone.

The powder has a strong, floral fragrance, which I believe is the scent of violets.

It looks like they really made an effort with the packaging trying to make it as effective as possible, but as all loose powders it's still messy. It has a plastic cover that swivels around to reveal a set of small holes that dispense the product if you gently shake it. However, it appears that they didn't make it tight enough and the powder comes out even without turning the plastic. To avoid a cloud of powder everywhere, I simply shake the powder with the lid on.

I love it and it's become a part of my everyday routine. After all the cakey powders I tried, I finally found something that is right up my alley - a lovely translucent setting powder that adds radiance to the skin and makes my foundation look better. I'm kind of lemming Hourglass Ambient Powders now, since I hear they are even better than this.
While it works for my skin, I would be a bit more cautious if your skin is oily. In that case, I'd put it over a layer of mattifying powder. 

I got mine on Boots international for £9.99, but it used to be sold in our drugstores and I have no idea why it disappeared.

Have a great day!

Wishlist #12

1. CLINIQUE Cheek Pop Blush
These blushes grabbed my attention the moment I laid my eyes upon them. They look adorable with the beautiful floral relief and I hear it's not just their looks that is spectacular, the creamy-powder hybrid formula is highly praised as well. Peach Pop appeals to me most and perhaps even Berry Pop, though it looks super bright.
I really wanted to see them in person when I went to Müller a week ago, but it appears Slovenia is late to the party yet again. Boots international has them for £16.50 (about 20.6 €).

2. DIOR ADDICT Fluid Stick and MAYBELLINE Color Elixir Lip Color 
 I used to own loads of lip gloss, but I have since completely switched to lipsticks resulting in a very pathetic lip gloss collection for a beauty enthusiast. These new releases by Maybelline and Dior, which are just a couple of the new takes on very pigmented versions of lip gloss formula, caught my attention. I swatched a few Dior ones in Müller and I really liked them. I already ordered L'Oreal's version, so I can see if I can renew my interest in wearing lip gloss.
Maybelline on eBay for about 9 € with shipping, Dior 33.80€ on Feel Unique (I think it's cheaper in Müller), L'Oreal £8.99 on Boots.

3. MAYBELLINE New York Fit Me Concealer
People seem to really love this budget concealer and praise it highly. I heard that the creamy formula is nice for using both under the eyes as well as on individual spots. It's not sold in our drugstores (can't say I'm surprised) and the last time I was in Croatia they didn't have the shade 15, so I couldn't at least test the shade, but I think I'll order it online anyway.
7.79 € on Feel Unique, 7.10 € on Salma.

4. MAX FACTOR False Lash Effect Waterproof and BOURJOIS Volume 1 Seconde Mascara Waterproof
I really need to try more drugstore waterproof mascaras, though I'm not sure that I'll ever find a drugstore formula that is as amazing as Lancôme's, but I'll at least try to. I need something that will hold the curl all day and these two are on the top of my list to try out of the mascaras available here.
Both about 13-14 € in Müller/DM, Bourjois 12.49 € on HqHair.

5.FRUCTIS Miraculous Oil, GARNIER Ultimate Blends The Marvellous Argan oil and The Sleek Perfector Oil
I've taken an interest in drugstore silicones-oils and while most have "lame" ingredients, Garnier Fructis stands out for being, well, actually surprisingly good. There is Argan oil in it and not just in trace amounts, but placed third on the ingredients list. Isabelle from Nails & Cupcakes says it's the best budget oil for hair. From what I can tell by glancing the INCI list, these three have pretty much the same ingredients in the same order, though two of them claim to have heat protection (amazing what companies do nowadays - change the packaging, write some added bonus and offer a new version, but do nothing to the original formula, except maybe change the scent. Bravo!). Nonetheless, one of these will be mine, the first one I see in the shop.
About 10 € in Müller, £6.66 on Boots (offer).

6. OJON Revitalizing Mist
When someone raves about a hair product, I'm like: yeah, I'm gonna need some of that. Alix from I Covet Thee says that she loves this for taming frizzy hair and to give the hair a boost of moisture, so I really want to try it. Plus I hear it smells great as well.
€26.04 on Look Fantastic.

7. BALEA Duche & Creme Strawberry and Passion Fruit
I know, I know, who in their right mind thinks and plans which shower gel they'll get next. Well, I do. I see new releases by Balea on their Facebook page and as soon as I saw they are adding a passion fruit version to their selection of shower gels, I noted to myself that I need to try it. I haven't seen it in our DMs yet, but I hope it will reach them soon. Admittedly the formula of these is run of the mill, but my skin isn't particularly demanding and I already adore the Nectarine & Coconut version, so I'm looking forward to trying something new. Another version that caught my attention is the strawberry one, which I sneakily took a sniff of during my last time in DM and I loved it.
0.99€ in DM.

8. L'OCCITANE Shower Oil Jenipapo
I'm often expressed my undying devotion (exaggerating much?) to L'Occitane's Almond Shower oil that has been in my bathroom stash continuously since 2007 (I buy eco-refills). The formula of it is out of this world good and the scent is just one of the best things ever. L'Occitane launched a new version with the same formula, but a tropical scent. To be frank, they had me at mango. One tropical paradise shower goodness, please!
18.30 € in L'Occitane (damn the price's gone up!).

9. KÉRASTASE Elixir Ultime Creme Fine
I heard a few bloggers say that this is fantastic and given that it's from my favourite hair brand, I'm sure they are right. It's a moisturiser for hair that helps with dryness, adds shine and smooths flyaways. I just hope it's an improved version of Phyto 9 as I hear it supposedly doesn't leave any residue on the hair.
33.29 € on HqHair (150 ml), 33.90 on Salma.

10. KÉRASTASE Nutritive Irisome Touche Perfection
I recently gushed about how amazing Nutritive line is for my dry, rebellious hair and this is one of the new additions to the line. It's a finishing cream that is supposed to be used on dry hair any time the hair feels dry. However, the price is ridiculous for a mere 40 ml tube, so I think this will just stay on my wishlist unless I find oil in my back yard.
 33.29 € on HqHair, 27.40 € on Salma.

11. REAL TECHNIQUES Travel Essentials Kit
After buying the blush brush, I'm really craving more Real Techniques brushes in my collection. They are seriously good. Actually I'm not that interested in the foundation brush, but I'd love to have the other two - the multitask brush and domed shadow brush.
24.95 € on Moja Drogerija, 18$ on iHerb.

Have a great day!

Products Worth the Splurge #1

I've had brainwave and decided to do yet another series of posts, so just like with Forever Repurchased, I have several posts ready that I'll post sporadically. They will feature products that are high-end(-ish), but nonetheless worth spending your pennies on them.
 Lancôme Hypnôse Mascara in Waterproof Formula
I know most people, even if they use a lot of high-end make up, still stick only to drugstore mascaras and how I wish I could as well, but my incredibly stubborn lashes are not just difficult to curl, they also refuse to stay that way if I don't use an amazing waterproof formula. Hypnôse absolutely delivers when it comes to holding curl and it lasts pretty much all day, though this means it's a pain to remove. It gives plenty of length to my lashes as well as some volume, basically it just does all I want from a mascara.
You can see both versions I own in action in my How to Curl Stubborn and Difficult-to-Curl Lashes post.

I've used many different moisturisers through the years and this one comes close to perfection as far as the needs of my skin are concerned (combination-normal type). It's a light, yet intensely hydrating cream that sinks in fast and leaves a smooth velvety finish, which makes it perfect to use under foundation. It really suits my skin and keeps it in top shape. The fact it's in a pot is not ideal and it would be better if it were in a tube, but it's what's inside that counts.
L'Occitane is generous with samples, so I suggest you drop by the nearest shop and ask for a few if you're interested.

It's tanning season and since my skin can produce any significant tan to speak about, I use one from the bottle. Xen-Tan has been my first choice for the past two years or so. With one application it gives me a nice, natural tan that lasts about a week. I really suggest you get a mitt since it makes everything much easier. As far as the scent is concerned, straight from the bottle it's a sweet marzipan scent, but after a few hours on the skin, a faint selftan scent appears. However, I should say that the older the bottle, the stronger the scent.
If you're wondering whether paying more for fake tan makes much of difference, the answer is yes. The scent is not so obvious and they last a lot longer without fading patchy. I like both St.Tropez Bronzing Mousse and this one, but I repurchase Xen-Tan due to a less drying formula. Both have their pluses and minuses which I discussed in my review.

BEST.HAIR.PRODUCTS.EVER. Yes, the caps are necessary. I have very dry, rebellious hair and nothing works on it as well as these. They are expensive and I use them only on special occasions when my hair needs to look its best (which is a bit sad because I want to use them all the time). Bain Oleo-Relax puts all other shampoos to shame and they feel like you're using a bar soap compared to this. Masqueintense Epais-Thick makes my hair feel like normal people's hair and Nectar Thermique is perfect for those who suffer from dry hair that needs heat styling to look decent. These work amazing on dry hair and are worth the investment if you have problematic hair like me, but if your hair is any other type, you don't need them.
I cheekily added the Elixir Ultimate, which is very, very expensive and there are plenty other silicone-oils on the market that do the same job (lets be honest, right). But I love it. It smells absolutely divine (I want a fragrance with that scent) and its light texture is great for taming the frizz and giving shine. I keep a travel size in my bag.

Which high-end products do you love?
Have a great day!

5 Fragrances to Try if you have a Sweet Tooth (and are also a bit Broke)

I'm the one who enjoys smelling like cupcakes, lollipops and sweets. How very mature of me, right? But hey, I wear fragrances for myself and not to please others. Celebrity scents are notorious for being gourmand fruity-florals and despite not being a fan of pop princesses behind the scent, many of their sweet smelling fragrances have a place in my collection. All of these can be found for less or around 30 € for 100 ml, so unlike designer fragrances they don't break the bank and yet, they still have plenty of sillage and staying power.

The first in line of fragrances to satisfy your sweet tooth, Can Can, opens with a sweet syrupy combination which is considerably toned down by amber, woods and musk making it a more sensual candy scent that I consider more grown up than the rest of my selection. The absence of vanilla is the reason that this isn't the typical cupcake scent, yet it still manages to evoke the warm, cosy feeling. It's a stronger scent that I love wearing during the colder months, though I still use it in the warmer part of the year.
Top notes: clementine blossom, black currant, nectarine
Heart notes: wild orchid, orange blossom
Base notes: soft musk, amber, precious woods
Currently cheapest 12.52 - 22.49 € on All Beauty, 16.30 - 24.60 € on Salma.si

I wouldn't be much of a blogger if I didn't include Fantasy in this post, wouldn't I? The silage of this is amazing. It's the most long lasting fragrance I own, I've been using it for years and I can still smell it on myself at the end of the day, even if I use just one spray. I call it the quintessential cupcake scent with strong puffs of vanilla and white chocolate tickling my nostrils throughout the day and cheering me up. The opening is fruity with tropically sweet kiwi and lichee notes, but the dry down reveals the warm white chocolate-vanilla-cupcake mix. I adore wearing this scent no matter the season and I would go as far as to call it my favourite scent ever.
Top notes: litchi, golden quince and kiwi. 
Heart notes: jasmine and white chocolate. 
The base notes: orris root, musk and woods.
Two flankers were released this year called The Naughty Remix and The Nice Remix. The Naughty has a stronger emphasis on orris root, which to me makes the scent too sharp, however, the Nice Remix is bloody fantastic, essentially a fruitier version of the original and is gracing the top of my wishlist.
Currently cheapest 16.22 € - 20.67 € on All Beauty, 18 - 29.70 € on Salma.si

The notes description sounds so forcibly exotic, but it's just a simple sweet orange candy scent that unlike the rest develops into a floral-powdery scent rather than into vanilla-amber snugness. Foreign reviewers describe the opening as orange creamsicle like, but for my more local readers I'll describe the scent as the childhood-memories-inducing scent of orange Fru Fru candy. I believe it's the scent of curacao liqueur that provides the candy sweetness, but throughout the day its intensity diminishes and you're left with a gentle, more grown up powdery scent.
Top notes: pear blossom, frozen bergamot, curacao liqueur.
Heart notes: Bluebird orchid (used for the first time in a fragrance), peony, jasmine.
Base notes: Madagascar vanilla, musk, precious woods.
Currently cheapest 13.34 € - 16.47 € on All Beauty, 30 ml is 10.01 € on Fragrance Direct, 13.90 - 21 € on Salma.si

Scents don't get more vanilla-like than Yves Rocher's version. It's exactly like spraying yourself with vanilla extract, so you basically smell like a batch of freshly baked cookies or cake. Due to being a one note fragrance,  it's ideal for mixing with other scents when you want to add or emphasize vanilla note. Personally, I love mixing it with another fragrance by Yves Rocher Noix de Coco for a coconut crescents scent.
I actually have/had two, but either my mom or cousin nicked one since they both gushed over how much they love it (cheeky!). This is the LE packaging from Christmas (that the awesome and fellow fragrance lover Živa sent me for my birthday), though the juice inside is the same as the regular version which comes in 20 ml and 100 ml version both for a very, very affordable price (100 ml is about 10 €, 20 ml about 5 €). 
Notes: vanilla bourbon extract

A sweet and cosy fragrance with the opening that features an excellent mix of berries with sugar and an occasional whiff of passion fruit that gives it a slight tropical twist, but the most dominant note throughout is warm vanilla that makes the fragrance feel like a snug jumper. It's only bad side - poor staying power, though this fault can be attributed to my body chemistry, since I hear people rave about its superb sillage and staying power. I have to admit that this scent grew on me more than I ever expected it to when I first tried it.
Top notes: wild berries, pink poppy and passion fruit
Heart notes: peony blossoms, sugar-glazed champaca petals and white freesia
Base notes: White musk, vanilla and blonde woods
Currently cheapest for 15.85 €- 33.76€ on All Beauty, or 29.40€ (100 ml) on Salma.si.

And some homemade cupcakes for the end:

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