Manhattan Eyemazing and L'Oreal Super Liner Perfect Slim Felt Tip Liners

I have quite fallen for eyeliners in the past months. Even though I have probably one of the most difficult eye shapes for makeup, lately you would have rarely seen me without my trusted eyeliner including a small flick gracing the top lash line. It's a wonder this eyeliner thingy, I firmly believe it makes my eyes look bigger and I have in general been embracing more elaborate eye makeup, though I don't in any way presume I have any significant eyeliner or eyeshadow skills. I've owned a fair share of different eyeliners, from regular pencils and gel liners to the most unusual one - Teracotta Khôl from Guerlain, but I have settled on what I find is the easiest and most precise option - felt tip liners. I have two today to compare - L'Oreal's and Manhattan's version, and as you can already see from the top picture they appear very similar, but does that mean they also perform the same?  

Starting with the general similarities, both have a thin, precise felt tip, they are super easy to apply and are able to create very thin lines as well as a bolder, graphic liner look. And the differences? Well, Manhattan's nib is ever so slightly bigger and thicker, the formula is not quite as black as L'Oreal's and it has poorer staying power. It might not be so apparent from the picture, but Manhattan's is somewhat greyer than L'Oreal's.

L'OREAL Super Liner Perfect Slim

L'Oreal's liner is super black, applies so easily and is very precise. It can manage to last all day, even the flick, but that's all provided your lids are normal/dry and that you don't have a habit of rubbing your eyes. It doesn't really fade though the day and it stays intense. The tip of the eyeliner stays saturated for at least 4 months and on my old liner the base of the nib still has plenty of colour after 7 months of very frequent use.

MANHATTAN Eyemazing Liner 
Precise Eyeliner Pen

Manhattan's Eyemazing liner (how clever is the name?! I love it) is very similar to L'Oreal's in terms of application - it's easy to use and allows a high level of precision. However, there are a few differences - for one, it's not as black. It also doesn't quite manage to last as long as L'Oreal's and the flick is the first thing to go. It loses a bit of intensity during the day or it can even fade on random spots.
My biggest issue with Manhattan's liner is how fast it dries out. I've only purchased mine about a month and a half ago and the tip is not as saturated with ink as it should be or at least compared to the L'Oreal's. My old L'Oreal's one, which I purchased seven months ago, still has more ink in its tip than Manhattan's currently does. Both were stored upside down to allow the ink to seep freely towards the tip, but somehow Manhattan's just isn't saturated enough. I can do the main line above the eye with the middle of the applicator, but when it comes to the flick, it barely manages to do one.

When new, you'll barely notice a difference between the two in terms of application as the similar shape of the nib allows a high level of precision. However, Manhattan's is less black, has poorer staying power and dries out way to fast, so for that euro or two of price difference, I'd still pick L'Oreal's every time. In fact, I already repurchased it. One last thing to report is that both of these can transfer in the crease during the day if your lids are oily, so in that case I would suggest a primer or at least translucent powder under it.

You can get L'Oreal's Super Liner in some drugstores (7.99 €), for those who live in a country where it's not sold, there is always Feel Unique (9.09 €). Slovene's can get it on Salma (5.60 €).
Manhattan's is sold in DMs and Müllers for 5.99 €.

Thank you for bearing with my poor eyeliner skills, but I like reviews like that - the ones that aren't über perfect as it makes them more real and more average-consumer-like.

Have a great day!

July Favourites

Undoubtedly the winner of this month's favourites, Rose Symphony was on my lips almost every day. Even though, as I've said it a million times, I'm not a lip gloss girl, I find this one is so amazing that I have been truly enjoying wearing it. It's super creamy and pigmented, the colour is spectacular and much to my delight it smells like peaches. It's pure love and I'd love to try more colours.

It really isn't summer without a pastel mint green nail polish gracing your nails at least once or almost all the time when it comes to me and though there are many dupes, Mint Candy Apple is still the quintessential such shade. In a typical pastel nail polish manner the formula is not the easiest to work with, however, it is all worth it for the beautiful shade.

Summer is here (well, kind of as far as weather in Slovenia is concerned) with bare legs on display, so for us who can't really be bothered to self tan regularly or have simply forgotten to, Airbrush Legs is the product that offers a quick fix when the need arises. Granted, it's not the easiest product to apply evenly and it needs a bit more work, but it transforms the ghostly pale complexion into a nice, believable tan colour. For me its greatest downside is the lack of actual coverage which it promises, but it's the best such product I've tried so far.  

The products I've been using for my base have been pretty much identical as the last month, but I replaced Rimmel's foundation for Dior's BB due to a more matte finish. There are so many BB creams on the market and for me this one stands out as the best one. It offers light coverage and is pretty much undetectable on the skin, but the texture is very light for a BB cream and it's instantly dry to the touch - a fact I appreciate greatly. It's one of the easiest bases to apply and blend, hence why I love it for times when I'm pressed for time. 

Who doesn't own at least one Labello's (a.k.a. Nivea) lip balm at any given time? As a massive fan of peach scented products, I really couldn't say no to this Fruity Shine edition as it has one of the best peach scents out there. As far as the quality and moisturisation goes, this one is as average as it gets, but my lips are almost never dry and I don't need intensive care.

I honestly did not expect to be blown away by such an affordable brush. I can do almost an entire eye makeup with it, but it excells at blending and applying a gentle wash of colour in the crease. I so wish I had purchased a couple of back-up, since sadly it's not available in my country.

I've been an fan of Alverde oils for a long time now and used up a few bottles already, but this is the first time I've had this version. I believe I have found my favourite scent of these oils as I just love the refreshing, lemon-citrus candy scent. I must again praise the packaging - though it is glass, I find the pump very practical and well made.

Confession time: I rarely buy cosmetics from Slovene brands because I just assume they aren't as good. I know, I'm terrible. Well I was proven very wrong and this micellar water is pretty damn good. It effectively and quickly removes the makeup while leaving the skin refreshed and clean. It's not exactly Bioderma, but believe me it's not that far away, though it could do with a packaging update.

 CALVIN KLEIN Euphoria eau de toilette
Years ago this was my favourite and signature scent. I actually have three versions of Euphoria (eau de parfum, eau de toilette and blossom) that's how deep my love for them was. This is the fragrance that so many people say: "Damn you smell so good. What are you wearing?" Do not get discouraged by the initial sharp note that might remind some of bug spray because it swiftly begins to transform into this sexy, creamy goodness with notes of orchid, mahogany, amber and musk. It's probably the most grown-up scent I own and is anything but the generic candy scents I usually wear.
Have a great day!

Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs

Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs has been on my wishlist forever, but since it's in an aerosol form (though I heard a lotion version exists as well), until recently I couldn't buy it online and it wasn't sold in my country. This has a lot of very positive reviews dubbing it as the ultimate makeup for legs and believe me I need plenty of that.

My legs are a disaster, which I am occasionally and not that subtly informed by people when I bare my legs (which I do all the time since I wear only dresses and skirts. Obviously I wear tights when it's colder). Years of having the worst ingrown hair, regardless of the hair removing method I use be it epilator, waxing, shaving, depilatory cream or one of those scrubbing disks and the fact that I use scrub as well as moisturise regularly, have left me with tons of scarring and marks. I even used AHA's like Skin Doctors' Ingrown Go and it didn't work at all. It also doesn't help that I'm a very pale girl with strong dark hair resulting in tiny black dots of hair growing under the skin. So yes, you can say I need a little something to at least disguise the problems a little bit and I had strong hopes this will be it. For those reasons I won't be showing you how it performs on the legs, since the worldwide web really doesn't need to see my massacred pins. Now I feel weird sharing that, but this is the source of some of my greatest insecurities.

So how does Sally Hansen's spray perform? It promises to cover freckles, veins and imperfections, however, in my experience this is more of an instant tan for the legs than a proper covering makeup. Light Glow is a great colour for me to paint over my pasty gams as it's about the same colour I achieve with a self tanner and not at all orange, but incredibly believable. The coverage is minimal and apart from darkening the skin, most of the damage on my legs is still visible.

It is not the easiest product to apply, partly due to the spray not distributing the product well as it merely deposits a little pool of product in one place. This is pretty much impossible for me to apply without a mitt if I want a nice even application. It needs to be blended fast because it dries super quick and after that it doesn't budge at all. There is a very slight sticky feeling for a while, but the product doesn't transfer and needs a lot of rubbing to take it off.

It smells funny, almost like a self tanner, but the scent is not that strong, though you can catch a whiff of it occasionally. 

The can is quite small with only 75 ml of product which for the price isn't exactly the best deal.

I got mine on Boots International for £9.99. For Slovene readers it's also available on Salma and Glossy. It comes is several different shades.

Though it is not ideal for my needs, I have been reaching for this regularly as it's the closest thing I've got for diminishing the awful state of my legs swiftly. It's a fantastic quick tan faker and a great product for occasions when bare legs will be shown. The staying power is amazing as well and I really appreciate that it doesn't transfer. I actually quite like it, though, of course, I would prefer I higher level of coverage. 

Have a great day!

New in #19

03 Fair
I finally had the chance to repurchase one of my favourite ever concealers. I have missed it so much, nothing I bought since compares, only the much more expensive NARS has properly wowed me since. I have several rave reviews about it on my blog, but a quick sum up: it's my HG concealer for under the eyes because it looks like skin, blends seamlessly and covers enough.
DM, 9.95€ 

ESSENCE XXXL Longlasting Lipgloss Matt Effect 
15 Coral Mousse
This shade was on my wishlist forever, but, of course, it wasn't sold in Slovenia (it is now I think, though mine's from Austria). Stay Matt lip creams were my favourite matte formula ever, but they have discontinued the original ones and are now offering a reformulated version (they didn't even manage to leave them alone for one year since their first release *shakes head in disappointment*). The new ones smell like coffee and I hate coffee, also the formula is not as good any more and it doesn't last as long, though the fault of this can be attributed to the lightness of the shade. Coral Mousse is a nude peachy-pink, it's actually very different when swatched and it's a nice every day shade if you like nudes, but a tad boring to me. I'll do a review.
Müller, 2.25 € 

L'OREAL Super Liner Perfect Slim
Another repurchase, but this time of one of my favourite eyeliners. I tried to get along with the Manhattan's version, however, it has started to dry out in less than a month which I find so disappointing, hence why I have promptly picked up another L'Oreal's one. I still have to do a review for this (and Manhattan's), but in short: it's incredibly easy to use, it's super black, lasts well on the lids and it's super precise. I adore it.
Müller, 7.99€ 

MAYBELLINE Lasting Drama Black Shock 36h Liner
This a new release and from what I can tell, very similar to the new Benefit Push up liner which has very mixed reviews, but I was curious about how this one performs. Basically, it's a gel liner in a pen form, so you twist up the bottom and the product comes out of the rubber nib. I've used a few times and you have to apply it on the back of the hand first to avoid weird blobs. I managed to a do a thin as well as a thick line and the shape of the applicator does allow to create a nice flick. However, this is not a liner for beginners. It is intensely black and it managed to last all day on me and that is including the flick which is usually the first thing that wipes off. By the way, it is very difficult to remove at the end of the day and needs an oil remover. I'll do a review.

THE BODY SHOP Camomile Silky Cleansing Oil
I really stocked up on cleansers recently. Silky Cleansing Oil has some great reviews and I was eager to try it because it was on my wishlist right from it's release. It's a light oil that emulsifies when water is added and has a very gentle scent (not of camomile, mind you). I have tried it a few times so far, once on a full face of makeup with waterproof mascara and it removed about 98% of makeup, only a touch of eyeliner that was hiding between the lashes remained.  I'll do a review after a longer use. 
13 € 

THE BODY SHOP Vineyard Peach Cream Body Scrub
Yes, I picked up another Vineyard Peach product, it is after all my favourite scent. I was so hoping to get the body mist, but to my shock and bitter disappointment they were sold out in Celovec/Klagenfurt. I wanted it so badly, however, I partly consoled myself with the scrub. To me this is more of a gentle scrub, although I think most might consider it just perfect. It's super creamy and smells the same as the body butter. I'll do a review of it.

The super nice shopping assistant at TBS also gave me a ton of samples to try. I adore samples, we hardly get any in Slovenia.

Shea Body Butter
The texture of this is to die for good. Thick, yet creamy, super easy to apply and intensely nourishing. I think I had this version before and I loved it (or perhaps it was Almond?) The scent is the same as L'Occitane's Shea butter line, kind of a nutty, but clean scent if that makes sense? I hope it does.

Satsuma Body Sorbet
As the name suggests it feels like a sorbet, so it's a light gel-lotion type of product that is excellent for warmer months. I imagine it should be really refreshing if kept in the fridge to apply on a hot day. The satsuma scent is amazing, I've had it before in the body butter version and it is a strong sour-sweet juicy scent.

Japanese Cherry Blossom Body Butter
This has such a soothing, parfumey floral scent and it's very familiar to me, I think it's similar to L'Occitane's Cherry Blossom body milk, but less intense. The texture is similar to the shea one only less thick, so again awesome.

Jasmine Body Lotion
This one is very, very runny and I've never been fond of such body moisturisers, but that's a personal preference. The scent is a very creamy floral one, though I wouldn't describe it as jasmine one.  At least it's not similar to other jasmine stuff I've tried.

BALEA Dusche & Creme mit Maracujaduft
Shower gel Passion Fruit
I was expecting to see this in our DMs and I don't know what they are waiting for, so I picked it up in Austria instead. It's another nice, simple shower gel by Balea and it has a very fresh version of a passion fruit scent. 
DM, 0.85€ 

ESSENCE Eye Blender Brush
Again another product I wanted to try, but it wasn't sold here. I bought two affordable blending brushes to compare, Essence's and Ebelline's version. Eye Blender Brush is soft and has different sizes of bristles, so it's more of a duo fibre sort of brush, but for eyes. I wish it was a bit denser, however, it still does the job, though it takes a bit longer than at Ebelline's. It's a nice brush for the price.
Müller, 1.45 € 

EBELINE Blender Pinsel 
Blending brush 
I really like this one. It's dense, yet soft, works wonderfully in the crease and apart from blending, it can also be used to apply the colour on the lid. Why the hell is this not sold here?! I'd love to have a few back ups. I can do almost an entire eye makeup with this brush, however, I have determined that it performs best with high quality eyeshadows. It's about the same size as MAC's 217 and similarly flatter on one side, but it's softer and synthetic, so I just want to point out that I'm not in any way calling them dupes. I recommend it.
DM, 2.95 € 

Sexy Healthy Hair Tri-Wheat Leave-In Conditioner
I actually just ordered it and this is a pic of my old bottle because Beauty Bay has been processing the order since Saturday. I hope everything is fine and it'll arrive shorty. 
This leave-in is a must for me. I haven't used up current bottle, but the mere though of being without it was just too upsetting for me, so I repurchased it before that happens. I believe this is the product that most transformed my hair in the past year. It keeps my hair hydrated longer, helps tame the frizz and has in general made my hair more healthy. Love it.
Beauty Bay, 11.70 €

I just want to inform Slovene and Croatian girls as well as other locals that there is MAC available in Celovec/Klagenfurt - Douglas, City Arkaden shopping centre. In the same centre you also have DM and Müller with a much larger selection of stuff than here, The Body Shop (the super nice sales assistant speaks Croatian and understands Slovene), Bipa, Yves Rocher and Mariounaud. Definitely worth visiting.

Have a great day!

New in #18

L'OREAL Nude Magique Eau de Teint
100 Porcelain
After my cousin bought this foundation and kindly let me test it, I had to get it for myself as well. I was concerned that the lightest shade would be too dark for me and it is indeed a bit too warm and dark, however, due to the supremely light is-it-a-tinted-moisturiser-or-a-foundation texture, I can make it work. This has a finish that looks like you already used powder on top and is so light only an occasional patch due to the drier matte texture reveals your wearing something. I'm glad I got this for the summer months. I'll do a proper review. 
Feel Unique, 12.99 €.

MAYBELLINE Fit Me Concealer
15 Fair
I have heard rumours of this being very similar to NARS Radiant Creamy concealer. They are so wrong. There is no comparison between the two except the packaging is similar. Maybelline's is much lighter and more liquid, it's not as creamy and the shade, well, the shade is a disappointment. 15 is supposed to be the lightest one and it's not all that light and unfortunately it has some very unflattering orange hues. So far I'm not loving it, I mean it's decent and the coverage is ok, but I've had better. There will be a review. 
Feel Unique, 7.79 € (Slovenes can get it on Salma).

 During one of my strolls through E.Leclerc, a new brand caught my attention called Inell. It's ridiculously affordable and from what I could see from the ingredients, it has some very decent products. Here's what I got:

INELL Eau Micellaire
Micellar water 
The first thing that caught my eye was a massive micellar water that bears a striking resemblance to Bioderma as well as Garnier's bottle. It holds an impressive 500 ml of micellar water and costs only 2.29 €. My jaw dropped to the floor so hard it landed somewhere in the Pacific and after a quick glance of ingredients (Poloxamer 184 on second place, the same ingredient as in Garnier's and L'Oreal's versions), I promptly put it in my basket. I'll do a comparison of Garnier's and Green Line's micellar water in a future post, but so far I can say there is very little difference and you should grab it if you see it.
E.Leclerc, 2.29 €.

INELL Démaquillant Yeux Spécial Waterproof
Eye makeup remover waterproof
You have no idea just how much hate my current Nivea's dual phase remover has stirred, so when I saw this little affordable guy that again shares similar ingredients to my favourite Maybelline one, I didn't hesitate to take it as well. The packaging is so much better than all the rest, but I'll show you that in the review. I've used it a couple of times and I'm not convinced yet, but it is better than Nivea's.
E.Leclerc, 2.03 €.

INELL Mousse Nettoyante Hydratante 
Hydrating Cleansing Mousse
Many, many years ago I used L'Oreal's Happy Derm mousse in a can and it was my favourite cleanser, but I can't find it any more, so I was delighted to find something similar and for so much cheaper. Basically, the texture of it is like a whipped cream in a can, so a dense mousse that is very different from that diluted crap everyone except L'Occitane is selling. Best of all, it smells exactly like that cleansing oil from L'Oreal, the scent that I adore and describe it as beach like, even though it doesn't really smell all that typically beachy. I'll do a review when I'll be using it long enough, but so far this gets my two thumbs up and it's become a part of my morning routine.
E.Leclerc, 1.51 €.

I was told in the comments that Inell is a brand from E.Leclerc, so it's only sold there.

Nourishing hair mask shea butter and honey
Ulmiel from Did some say nail polish? pointed me into direction of Le Petit Marseiliais hair products with her recommendation. I could only find this mask from the line for dry hair, though I had hoped to try more things. First of, this smells divine to me, it's a very good, albeit a strong, honey scent. I've tried it twice so far - it's super thick (a very good sign for me) and the results were very satisfactory. I'll do a proper review after a few uses, but I think I may have discovered a new drugstore gem.
E.Leclerc, 5.18 €.

GARNIER Fructis Wunder Öl 
Miraculous Oil 
I bought this to use on others when I do their hair, but naturally I'll test it out myself as well. It is a very light and runny hair oil that is the closest in texture to Elixir Ultime. It smells a bit blah to me, like Nivea with a slight fruity twist or some baby cosmetics. I may have expected too much from it. In the mountain of drugstore hair silicone-oils, judging purely from ingredients, absolutely none apart from this one and one other whose brand name I don't recall is anything particularly special. Given that the argan oil is supposedly not only in trace amounts since it's placed third on the INCI list, I presumed it was pretty much on pair with the professional salon brands ones. It is not. I may be thoroughly spoiled by Orofluido and the likes (I've tried most of the popular ones which you can read in my Hair Oils Series), but yes, there is a difference between high-end and drugstore treatment that I guess most people won't notice on their hair, but on my dry hair there just is. I will do a proper review for this.
Müller, 10 €. 

ALVERDE Cellulite Körperöl
Anti-cellulite body oil
After two empty bottles of the Coconut version of Alverde oil, I picked up a different version as I have grown tired of the scent. I chose this based on recommendations from my readers (I remember Kristina recommending me this), it seems that this is the most popular one and based on the scent itself, I can see why. It has a wonderful lemon-citrus scent that is familiar to me as one of  Alverde's scrubs has the same scent. It's marketed as anti-cellulite product, but since I have none to speak of or at least one that I would care about, I won't be using it for that purpose, but like all other oils for a multitude of uses. It has the same light texture as the coconut one and in terms of performance there is no difference between them whatsoever. It's great what else can I say.
Ingredients here.
DM, 6 €.

REXONA Clear Pure Crystal Dry Deo Stick Anti-Perspirant
A repurchase as I implied in my latest empties. This is the only deodorant so far that hasn't stopped working on me and after my recent disappointment with Garnier Neo (well that was money well spent!), I ran off to the nearest supermarket and bought my trusted Rexona again. It just works so well, though the white marks are a bit of a pain, but I can deal with it.
2 - 3 €, Tuš.

NIVEA Anti-perspirant Pearl & Beauty 
I always double my deodorant meaning I use a stick or a roll-on one and then spray on top. It's my technique to make sure that deodorant don't lose their mojo on me too fast and it keeps me fresh longer. I used Pearl & Beauty sometime during my teens, you might remember the utterly ridiculously claims they had about how it contains pearl extracts that make your armpits nicer (I'm still laughing), but I remembered liking the scent, which was the original reason I bought it all those years ago. Of course, when it stopped working I moved to the next one. It smells so lovely - powdery floral and just very feminine. I really like it and it works fantastically in combination with Rexona as it keeps me dry and fresh super long. By the way, this one leaves white marks as well.
DM, 2.99 €

YUMMY Strawberry Shower gel, Body Butter and Hand Cream
These products smell like Milka strawberry yoghurt chocolate. Yes, I'm serious. I get the strongest craving for chocolate when I use these. Anyway, the shower gel is huge with 500 ml of product, the body butter is a nice thick one as I like them and the last item is the hand cream, a beauty item I practically never use. I'll do a proper review of the set.
I was sent these from Click2Chic, but this set costs 14.99 €.

By the way, I went to Austria recently, so naturally, there will be a second part of the New In and I dare say a more exciting one. 

Have a great day!

Aussie Miracle Moist Shampoo

I am terribly picky when it comes to shampoo, which may sound strange since it is just shampoo, but when you hair is as dry as mine, you can't really afford to buy rubbish things. I've already fallen in love with the 3 Minute Miracle Reconstructor and I find it one of the best drugstore hair treatments, so this alone encouraged me to try more things from Aussie. Miracle Moist shampoo is quite praised as being good for dry hair, so it was the first on my list.

Texture: The shampoo is creamy and easy to work with, I especially appreciate how well it foams as even on the first wash it forms a lot of thick foam.

Performance: It cleans the hair well and removes most of the dandruff that is stuck on my scalp but not all. The hair is left almost squeaky clean, so it's not moisturising (or moisturising enough for my hair), but that also means it leaves the hair very light and airy. I wouldn't be surprised if someone with oily hair liked it. The fact it's not nourishing results in the hair being a bit difficult to comb through after washing, which is something I'm not fond of.

Scent: The scent is just divine. It has the same sweet, bubble gum scent as the 3 Minute Miracle and it lasts so well. Love.


Packaging: Just a simple bottle, but made from softer plastic than most, meaning it's easy to squeeze.

Price: I paid 6 € on Feel Unique. It's also sold in Boots and some DM's across Europe. I hear Aussie is now sold in Slovene Müllers.

It's an average shampoo, but the good kind of average, so it's not amazing, but decent. The scent won me over, although, if it weren't for the bubble gum scent I wouldn't like it as much. However, I love this in conjunction with the 3 Minutes Miracle, since for some reason the combination of the two works amazingly well. This shampoo should work for most people and you'll probably like it a lot, but if you have super dry hair and expect moisture, look somewhere else (I like Fructis Oil Repair 3 from the drugstore selection).

Have a great day!

Garnier Pure Active Fruit Energy Daily Energising Gel Scrub

Is that the longest name of a product, or what? It's been a while since I used a gel cleanser, even though they used to be the predominant version of cleansers I used, however, since I have discovered that they are the cause for my recurring dry patches, I swapped them go for more moisturising, less stripping options. Recently, I did find myself in need of a quick, morning cleanser and since Amelia recommended it in one of the videos as well as mentioned that it's similar to the new Origins Vitazing scrub, I gave it a go.
By the way I have the German version that is called Hautklar Fruit Energy Belebendes Peeling-Gel, but it's the same thing.

Texture: It's a thick gel with micro beads that aren't too scratchy. Most gels I tried were usually thinner, but this one feels nice, almost slightly cushiony.

Performance: Basically it just cleans well, though I wouldn't use it on it's own to remove makeup. The skin is left clean, fresh and matte, the gel washes off completely, so there is no residue left and it doesn't irritate my eyes. The exfoliating beads are very gentle and I wouldn't describe this as a scrub in the real sense of the word.
The first day when I used it as a part of my night routine and then just applied Nuxe oil, I was very pleasantly surprised at how great my skin looked in the morning - radiant, healthy and with a completely clear forehead like someone ironed it. I was like: damn, am I having a good skin day or what? It just looked good and I would sport a no-make up look if it weren't for a few old blemish marks on my chin. Unfortunately, with more uses my skin started to get drier with a dry patch forming on my cheeks as usual any time I use gel cleansers for a longer period of time. So I'm currently using it sporadically to avoid potential dry patches, but it's a great quick refreshing cleanser for the morning. I also think that I might only be able to use it in the warmer months, since in the winter my skin is a lot more prone to drying out.

Scent: It smells fabulous - freshly fruity like pomegranate.

Packaging: A simple squeeze tube that works as it should. I like that it's clear, so I can see how much product is still in.

Price and availability: 5€ and available pretty much everywhere, I've even seen it in smaller supermarkets.

I think it's a nice, simple cleanser for those with oily or combination-oily skin and it does it's job as well as smells delicious. However, I have since found a better morning cleanser (and much cheaper) for my skin that I use daily and I will discuss it in my future New in post.

Have a great day!

Makeup Revolution Welcome to Pleasuredome

I am not completely convinced by the Makeup Revolution brand. Their liquid blush is really cute, but the rest left me a bit apathetic. This palette did spark more interest in me and I've been enjoying using it every day for the past month, though it was almost exclusively only the neutral part of the palette.

Welcome to the Pleasuredome contains 18 eyeshadows ranging from shimmery to matte finish and from neutrals to bright colours. I've only recently started getting more into more intricate eyeshadow looks and I am very much a neutral girl at heart, so for me the brights in this palette just won't get enough use. I'll discuss the quality and colour of each eyeshadow in detail, but in general it's a nicely pigmented palette, though certain shades perform better than others. Quality-wise they obviously feel of lesser quality than something from MAC or Urban Decay in a sense that they are less smooth and silky, but that doesn't mean that the quality of this palette isn't nice, it's just obviously drugstore. The eyeshadows in the top two rows are shimmery, soft and creamy, but can flake in the pan, while most matte shades in the bottom row are quite hard and dry. I find most of the shades are very easy to build up on the lid and they blend nicely.

I do have an issue with this palette, namely I can't wrap my head around why they decided to include two pairs of eyeshadows, which look so similar once applied on the lids that I can't justify putting both in one palette.  

Welcome to Pleasure Dome - light shimmery gold. A typical highlighting shade and it looks nice in the inner corners.

Xanadu - shimmery beige.  Looks similar on the lids to Sin from the Naked palette only less pink.

Moving On - dark shimmery beige. Just an average all-over the lid shade.

Using my Power - navy-cobalt blue. It has nice pigmentation and blends ok.

You Really Can't Afford Me - forest green. Similar quality to Using my Power

Even When They Reach The Top - aubergine with strong grey tones. It looks very different on the eyes, it is a lot more grey, but with a purple sheen. It's the least pigmented shade in the palette and needs a few layers, but blends well. However, I can't get it to stay intense on the lids as it just fades into light grey.

Where Lovers Roam - medium cool brown. It's very pigmented, so the brush picks up the colour easily and it blends very well. This is a spot on dupe for MAC's Satin Taupe on the lids as you will see at the bottom of the post. It's a lovely shade and my favourite in the palette.

Jungle Call - cool taupe brown-purple. Another very, very similar shade to Satin Taupe, swatched it looks just a bit more purple, but on the lids it looks exactly the same and it just too similar to Where Lovers Roam to have both in the palette. Nonetheless it's another one of my favourites. It's blends nicely and has good pigmentation.

Moving At Million Milles An Hour - warm, red-toned dark brown. It looks much darker in the pan than Where Lover Roam and Jungle Call, but I just can't match the intensity of the colour in the pan on the lids and it's actually lighter that Long Way From Home (second matte shade). It's my third favourite shade and one of those I use most.

Sell It By The Hour - sea foam green. The brush picks it up easily, but needs a few layers to get an intense colour on the lids. I have the same issues as with some other shades as it difficult to keep it intense, even with primer.

Shooting Stars Never Stop - antiqued gold shade. It's a much browner and darker version of MAC's Patina (again pictures at the end). It's very pigmented and blends easily, but the surface of the eyeshadow in the pan flakes.

There Goes A Supernova - another forest green that is not even that different from the one in the top row, it's just a touch lighter and less saturated.

What a Rush Over - matte, yellow-toned skin shade. Pigmentation is not the best and only a dense brush picks it up, however, I still use it as a blending shade, though it could be better.

Long Way From Home - very pigmented matte cool brown. The brush picks up the colour very fast and it needs to be wiped off before application. I have a bit of a problem with blending this shade nicely, nonetheless it's one of the most used shades as I apply it in the outer corner and crease.

Diamond by the Shower - matte cool taupe-grey. It has nice pigmentation, but I have the same issues as at Long Way From Home.

Love Your Body - matte violet taupe. A bit of a problematic shade because it's very difficult to get an even application and it looks too dark for wearing it on its own, but doesn't work well in the crease. I actually love the colour and I think it's very unique, but the quality could be better.

I Can Do it - smoky grey. It's pigmented and easy to pick up with the brush, but once it's blended it doesn't look that dissimilar to Diamond by the Shower.

Never Doing What I am Told - A charcoal black. It's intensely black, very pigmented and pretty much identical to blacks in Sleek palettes. It has fall down.

As I already said Where Lover Roam and Jungle Call are both good dupes for Satin Taupe on the lids. Can you spot any significant difference? I sure can't. 

The packaging is surprisingly good quality for the price, it's not at all flimsy and nothing is loose. The huge mirror is a big plus and the added applicators are fine for me. However, due to the glossy surface, every fingerprint shows.
Regarding staying power, without primer at the end of the day, at certain shades only a small line of eyeshadow is left in the crease and other shades do again crease, but don't completely disappear. I like to wear them with a primer underneath since they perform much better like that.

I didn't plan on posting these two pictures, since I wrongfully assumed that Patina is similar to Shooting Star Never Stop, but it would be a shame to just delete them.

It's a good affordable palette and a nice one if you're on a budget (or even if you're not). I only use the neutral part of the palette and even from those just the two Satin Taupe-like shades, the warm brown one in the second row and the matte brown shade in the third row. On occasions I shake it up a little and use one of the two medium neutral shades in the top row. Aren't I a risk taker? Honestly, I much prefer my Naked palettes and Mac eyeshadows as the quality is just that much better, though this one is rather nice and I really appreciate the Satin Taupe dupes. I miss a matte light brown-taupe crease/blending out shade in the palette, since though A Long Way from Home is just too dark.

I believe this palette is a limited edition, but it's available in Makeup Revolution online shop for 6 £.
Paletka je na voljo na Lič za 8,95 €.

What do you think. Do you like it?
Have a great day!

*I was sent this, but no conditions were set/ Izdelek mi je bil poslan brez postavljenih pogojev.