September Favourites

As a newbie in the setting spray world, I sure picked the winner as my first one to try. It's undetectable on the skin and has no fragrance, but basically it's like a hairspray for the face and keeps everything in check. I've included pictures of my makeup after ten hours in the review and it proofs how remarkably well it prolongs the staying power of makeup . 

I've always been more of a dewy finish foundations fan as matte finish often looks so cakey and draining, however, Nude Illusion showed me how luminous matte finish is done right. Although, I wish the lightest shade were lighter, I really appreciate they went with a neutral undertone (a rarity among pale foundations), which fits me very well. Its staying power is great and it wears so well that even after several hours the skin is still matte, but in a healthy-looking way.

This is one of my favourite concealers ever, however, due to the difficulties of acquiring it before Boots International launched, I was admittedly very frugal with it. In my opinion, there is very little difference between this and the NARS' Radiant Creamy Concealer except for the shade. It covers so well and has great staying power - basically it's excellent.

I must rave about this eyeshadow at least one more time, it is, after all, one of my favourite beauty discoveries lately. It's a beautiful matte taupe shade, exactly my type of shade that I wear daily in the crease. The texture is spectacular especially for a drugstore matte eyeshadow, actually it's the best matte eyeshadow I ever had the chance to try (yes, that includes UD and MAC). It's soft, really pigmented and blends like a dream. Brilliant stuff.

I admit that I neglect this blush, even though it was my everyday choice all throughout the high school years (it was my first ever blush). It's a great colour for us pale ladies as it gives a really lovely, peachy-pink flush with gentle gold sheen that makes you look healthy and radiant. The quality of NARS blushes is great as is to be expected from the price tag and the hype it surrounds them is fully justified.

Without a doubt my most long lasting lip product and a great autumn colour. I wore this on a night out and it lasted amazingly well. It pretty much survives everything. Don't let the strange mousse texture turn you away when you swatch it in the shop, it actually transfers well on the lips. I recently featured it in my Autumn Picks post.

107 was my ultimate autumn shade last year and I wore it to death well into winter, so this year it's having its second round. It's a classic burgundy-berry matte shade that just screams autumn and looks so polished with either minimal or smoky makeup.

Oh, my word is this spectacular! This is my special occasions treatments because it's very pricey, but it never fails to completely transform my hair into incredibly silky and soft loveliness that isn't that far from ads-pretty. I've recently attended a wedding, so I used all of my good hair stuff (Instagram picture here) and my hair felt better than ever. Amazing stuff.

I'm always emphasizing that my hair is almost never greasy, but I still love using dry shampoo to refresh the hair since I wash it twice or even just once a week because it's dry. This is one of my favourite styling products as it's a dry shampoo and a volumising powder in one and I really like that it doesn't come in a can as those accumulate in the trash way too fast, while this bottle should last me ages. I just sprinkle a bit of the powder close to the roots and even a bit on the length of the hair, give it a bit of a tousle and I have tons of volume. It also smells amazing to me, peachy-floral, I just wish the scent lasted longer.

Again a scent I identify with autumn. It's such a lovely scent for those who like sweet scents. It starts syrupy sweet, but then gets some deeper notes of amber and musk, but not vanilla or chocolate as most celebrity scents have.

CHANEL Le Vernis Nail Colour 481 Fantastic (Fall 2008 LE)
Lets not get into the fact that this is six years old, the formula is still ok, but I love this shade and I've actually never found a dupe for it. It's a deep magenta-purple shade with a tiny bit of blue frost that just looks so glam on the nails, I have a picture of it on the nails here

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I Heart Makeup I Heart Sin Palette

Honestly, this palette is miles away from my comfort zone. I'm very much a neutral girl at heart and though there are a few neutral shades, this is mostly a palette for those who revel in wearing bright colours. I <3 Makeup is a subsidiary brand of Makeup Revolution, from which I already reviewed one palette - Welcome to the Pleasure Dome, so it's not that surprising that the quality is pretty much the same.

There are 16 eyeshadows in the palette with a real mix of colours - purples, pinks greens, blues, neons and a couple of neutrals. The finishes range from shimmery/frosty to matte. Performance of shades differs from eyeshadow to eyeshadow with mattes generally performing poorer than shimmery/frosty ones.

Once an Angel - a skin tone shade with a satin finish. It has plenty of pay off, but is chalky and has drop down. Still it doesn't matter, since it's just a base/blending out shade and as that is works great.

Glorious Envy - pearly forest green. It's buttery soft, but needs to be built-up for intensity. It blends ok.

Bad Habit - matte dark purple with taupe tones. It's dry with poor pigmentation and chalky. I really build it up here, so it can be done, but it's a laborious process. 

Slave - silver. A basic silver shade that is buttery soft, though it could be a bit more pigmented.

Bad Boys - matte dark grey-green.  More pigmented than Bad Habit, but still chalky.

It Works for Me - matte fluorescent yellow-green - Awful shade, dry as a Sahara, chalky and impossible to build up. Worst performing shade in the palette and it doesn't work for me.

Jealous Eyes - pearly teal. It's soft and buttery with a good colour pay-off.

Future Proof - matte bright violet. Another difficult matte shade, though it can be built up by using fingers. Blends ok on the lids, but you lose much of the intensity.

Full Throttle - matte fluorescent pink. A lot better than It Works for Me as it's not as dry and it's similar in texture to Future Proof, but still the second most problematic shade.

Golden Gun - shimmery gold. One of the rare wearable shades for me, but it has left me a bit disappointed due to a poorer pigmentation. It can be built up.

Greed is Good - shimmery brown-bronze. One of the best performing shades in the palette due to the softness and nice pigmentation.

Colour Crime - satin magenta. Pigmentation is ok, which is surprising for such a shade.

Cross the Line - pearly polar blue. One of the best performing shades in the palette, soft, pigmented and blends well.

Want it All - pearly ice blue. Similar to Cross the Line, but slightly less pigmented. 

Self Indulgent - pearly blue-toned dark purple. Weak pigmentation and needs  a lot of layers to be built up.

Do it For Me - shimmery white. An ok shade that could be used as a highlighter, but it's a bit too stark white.

The packaging looks straight from the Barbie's essentials pack with the big violet heart crystal that makes the palette look ridiculously girly and immature, despite being on a glossy, sleek packaging. The general quality of the packaging is good, it's sturdy and secure, it even features a handy big mirror.   

It's a fairly average palette. As at most of these budget palettes the quality of the eyeshadows varies, with mattes performing worst, but some shimmery shades are very decent. I'd use a primer with these if you want nice staying power. This is a palette that will appeal to more brave individuals, something I unfortunately am not, but if you like to experiment with colours and don't want to spend much, this may be for you. Just keep in mind that neons and purples aren't the best in this palette.

Paletka je trenutno znižana na Lič in stane 7,95 €.
It's £7.99 on Makeup Revolution website.

*I was sent the palette, but not conditions were set.

Autumn Picks

This year feels like one long autumn already, so there is not better time to dust of the berry lippies, chocolate eyeshadows and deep, sultry scents.

Berry-Burgundy Lips
A proper matte burgundy shade that is just super glam and pretty. It lasts ages on the lips as well.

My ultimate autumn shade - a matte deep purple-burgundy colour. It looks great as a stain as well.

A glossy deep burgundy-purple colour, but a bit more desaturated/grey than 107. Again can be worn as a stain and is easy to apply precisely due to a great applicator. 

Brown Smoky Eyes

A great warm chocolate shade with tiny gold shimmer that is superbly pigmented. It's hard to find, though not impossible, just look online. Riche Mono Eyeshadow in Die for Chocolate and Catrice Liquid Metal 090 Nougat It Right are similar.

MAC Mulch, Bronze and Satin Taupe
Mulch is similar to L'Oreal's Endless Chocolat, just a bit cooler, lighter and with poorer pigmentation. Bronze is a warm bronze shade and Satin Taupe is a cool taupe-brown shade with a hint of purple.

The perfect matte taupe eyeshadow. One of my favourite eyeshadows ever.

CATRICE Absolute Eye Colour Mono 570 Plum Up The Jam
Deep purple shade with gold shimmer. Looks more brown-purple on the eyes when blended out, but it can still make you look like you've been punched. This bad boy brings out the blue in my grey eyes like no other.

MAYBELLINE Color Tattoo in 35 On and On Bronze
A cream eyeshadow in a shimmery brown-bronze shade. Works great as a base.

URBAN DECAY 24/7 Glide On Liner in Bourbon
My favourite formula of eyeliners in a warm brown colour with gold shimmer. Amazing on blue-grey eyes.

KARDASHIAN BEAUTY Deeply Felt Eyeliner
Black eyeliner adds the final touches to the look. Deeply Felt is currently my favourite felt tip eyeliner because it's super easy to apply precisely and lasts all day.

Natural Flush
To compliment the berry lips, a nice gentle flush of a natural blush on the cheeks. Mandy-rine is a natural apricot shade.

An amazing rosy-neutral shade that goes with everything. My favourite blush ever.

A very natural, warm, light beige-pink-peach shade with delicate shimmer, which gives a soft flush to the cheeks with a subtle glow. It's almost like a light mix of a blush, highlighter and bronzer in one, adding just the right amount of warmth to the cheeks.

 Autumnal Nails

An interesting red because I notice it changes colour depending on the light. Under artificial yellow lighting it looks deep wine-burgundy with more purple hues (leaning to vampy territory, but still not too dark), while under natural light it's a more medium cherry red. 

A burgundy wine shade, so a deep red with a bit of purple hues in it. 

The most classic, true deep red shade.

A taupe shade with gold shimmer. It smells like cinnamon on the nails.

The deep reds look the same and they are very, very similar in real life.

ESSIE Sole Mate
Deep cherry, purple- burgundy loveliness. A supposed dupe of Chanel's Rouge Noir. This will be my ultimate shade this autumn.

A warm plum with tiny red shimmer. It looks a lot more purple on me than on other people.

A frosty navy that is leaning a bit to purple and less vibrant due to a grey undertone.

Dark, inky navy blue with a cream finish. It was a part of the 2013 Fall Collection, but you can still get it in some places like Beauty Bay.

 Skin Care

An amazing quality body butter that is deeply moisturising and features a nicely blended mix of soft honey note with a fresh wildflowers scent. Love it!

A super moisturising dry oil for skin in colder months with a nice sweet nutty-floral scent. I called this in my review the ultimate lazy girl's moisturiser as it's so easy to use.

Luxuriously feeling creamy shower gel that smells so good - not as described, but deep, sultry and clean.

A favourite in all seasons, it's lovely oriental vanilla-amber scent fits particularly well into colder months. The thicker formula is great for dry hair and helps fight the frizz caused by the increased humidity.

Not only does it smells fantastic like a sophisticated mix of coconut and caramel (the scent really lingers), it also nourishes the hair well and leaves it super shiny.  

 Sultry Scents
I adore this scent. It's so sweet and cozy, like a fluffy jumper - just perfect for this time of year. I smell mostly berries with warm vanilla and sugar notes.

This is such a sweet syrupy scent, yet so cozy and warm. Can Can is like a more grown up version of Fantasy that is still girly, but without notes of vanilla or chocolate. I love wearing this is the autumn, it just fits into this season so well. 

The most grown-up scent I own and great for colder months. It's a sexy, creamy goodness with notes of orchid, mahogany, amber and musk. 

L'OCCITANE Ambre eau de toillete
Much to my regret already discontinued. These two may be similar: L'Occitane Ambre Santal and Yves Rocher Voile d'Ambre.
A lovely deep, warm woody and amber fragrance with a Mediterranean twist. Great for mixing with vanilla or coconut scents.

REFAN imitations of La Vie est Belle (n.034) and Roberto Cavalli (n.024) 
When it comes to fragrance, you don't always have to splurge. I'm a huge fan of Refan imitation fragrances and these two are some of my favourites. 
N.024/Roberto Cavalli is a very heavy, rich, balmy and strong oriental-floral fragrance. This is a scent for those who want to be noticed. 
N.034/La Vie est Belle smells like an expensive box of pralines with a fruity filling (black currant and pear), but not completely gourmand because of the floral notes (iris, orange blossom, jasmine) and patchouli. 

Keeping Warm
PRETTY POLLY 200 Denier Fleecy Tights
I'm the one who's almost always cold as well as a girl who wears dresses and skirts 99% of the time (honestly, I can't remember the last time I wore trousers). To keep my skinny pins from freezing, fleecy tights are my best friend in cold weather. I've tried pairs from several brands and Pretty Polly's are by far the best. I swear, these things are better than trousers! Aside from being super soft and warm, they are also super comfy. I recommend them to everyone (I buy them on Asos).

Have a great day!

Models Own Scented Nail Polishes

So far I hadn't had much luck with scented nail polishes. The one I tried from Revlon had no detectable scent, however, these two are a completely different story. I have two of them from Models Own - Gumballs and Fizzy Cola Bottles.


Gumballs is a bubble gum/ barbie pink shade with a cream finish. The formula is not the easiest to work with, though if you're lucky it can be a one coater, but mostly it's a two or even three-coater due to the need to even it out. However, I wouldn't describe it as a difficult nail polish, more like average in terms of formula. The brush is a classic, thin one.

Once it dries it has a very authentic and lovely bubble gum scent, which reminds me of my childhood with Čunga Lunga, Bazooka and those round colorfull bubble gums. I looked a bit weird smelling my nails all the time, but it's so delicious. The scent lasts about a day.

 Fizzy Cola Bottles

Fizzy Cola Bottles is a taupe shade with gold shimmer. It's quite a sheer formula, so three coats are needed. I think it's one of the more unique shades out there. The gold shimmer doesn't come to focus as it's not dense enough and the colour actually covers it, but still it's one of those nail polishes that difficult to remove.  

This one smells of cinnamon on the nails - yes, cinnamon and not so much like fizzy cola bottles. I actually love cinnamon and it would be a perfect nail polish for Christmas time. Again, as at Gumballs, the scent lasts about a day.

Gumballs in Fizzy Cola Bottle sta laka za nohte, ki tudi lepo dišita. Gumballs je barbie roza s kremnim sijočim videzom in formulo, ki odvisno od debeline ter uspeha nanosa potrebuje 1-3 plasti. Super lepo diši po Čunga Lunga ali pa morda Bazooka čigumijih, vonj pa zdrži en dan. Fizzy Cola Bottles je sivo-rjav odtenek z zlatimi bleščicami. Meni se zdi eden izmed bolj unikatnih odtenkov na voljo. Formula je bolj redka in potrebuje tri plasti za polno prekrivnost. Same bleščice ne pridejo toliko do izraza, ampak vseeno to pomeni, da je eden izmed tistih lakov, ki jih je težko odstranjevati. Kljub temu, da naj bi dišal kot cola gumijastih bombonih in nalepka na vrhu že diši tako, meni na nohtih diši po cimetu, kar mi je še bolj všeč, ker obožujem cimet. Prav spominja me na jabolčni štrudel (zavitek) in božič. 

Models Own lake lahko dobite na Click2Chic za 5,95 € - Gumballs: SLO/CRO; Fizzy Cola Bottles: SLO/CRO.

Have a great day!

*Products were given to me to review / Laka sta mi bila podarjena za namen ocene.

New in #21

 DIOR Addict Fluid Stick
479 Magique
It has been a really, really long time since I splurged on a high-end make up item, but man is it satisfying. I've been planning to get this since Sara raved about it in her excellent review and I was adamant on getting the same shade as her, but when I was in the shop, the lovely medium pink-coral shade Magique caught my attention because it's the type of shade that can be worn with everything. The formula is super pigmented and glossy, it lasts well for a gloss and even leaves a tiny bit of a stain behind. And just look at the stunning packaging! I'll post swatches. 
Müller, 31.79 €.

REVLON Colorstay Moisture Stain
020 Rio Rush
I had a choice of several colours and this bright pink one immediately caught my attention. Moisture Stains remind me more of liquid lipsticks, but with characteristics of a gloss. They are not like Dior's Fluid Sticks which are very pigmented glosses, rather the formula is somewhere between a mousse and a cream, but has a nice glossy finish. I'll post swatches.
*PR Sample: 10.89 € on Click2Chic

MAYBELLINE Color Tattoo 24HR 
35 On and one Bronze
Permanent Taupe is my favourite cream eyeshadow and I've been planning of getting this shade as well for ages to use as a base under warmer eyeshadow looks. It's a standard shimmery brown-bronzy shade, with a smooth, very pigmented formula that lasts so well on the lids. I still prefer Permanent Taupe due to the fact it's matte, but I'm glad I got this one as well because it works really well with colours like UD YDK and Smog. I'll post swatches.
Müller, 5.59 €.

 EBELINE Nagellack - Entferner Express
Nail Polish Remover
I've been loyal to the original Bourjois' version for years now, but I picked up this one instead based on Petra's recommendation to see if it's as good. These nail polish removing pots are by far the best invention in the nail cosmetics department, they make everything so easy and fast. Bourjois' version leaves an oily layer behind, which at times I find annoying, but it does nourish the skin around the nails. Well, Ebeline's version is just a regular nail polish remover and I actually prefer it because it means I don't have to run to wash my hands straight after removal while avoiding touching anything so it won't be greasy. It has the same sponge with a hole inside, so you just pop the finger inside, swish it around a few times and it's done. Brilliant.
DM, 1.99 €.

CATRICE Defining Blush
090 Mandy-rine
New Catrice stuff finally arrived and admittedly I raided the new shiny stands a bit. This is just one of the new blush shades that I've been patiently waiting for. Defining blushes are my favourite blush formula, but the shade range was small up to now. Mandy-rine is a matte, natural-apricot shade. I'll post swatches.
DM, 3.79 €

CATRICE Defining Blush
025 Pink feat. Coral
Another new shade and the one I've been anticipating the most. As you've probably gathered from the name it's a peachy-pink shade, though more pink and with only a hint of warm peachy tones. 
Müller, 3.79 €.

CATRICE Illuminating Blush
020 Coral me Maybe
When I swatched this in the shop it appeared that it has the weakest pigmentation of the three shades available, however, when I tried it at home it performed a lot better. Coral me Maybe is a proper coral, the perfect mix of pink and peach/orange with a yellow-golden sheen. It's a colour I really like in the pan, however, I'm not so sure about it when it's on the cheeks. That yellowish sheen clashes a bit with my skin tone, but the base colour is adorable and gives that cute, baby doll cheeks effect. I've only worn it yesterday and it lasted all day. By the way, the other two shades are gorgeous.
Müller, 5.29 €.

CATRICE Ultimate Stay Lipstick
120 Looks Like Coral
This is such a lovely everyday shade. It a very wearable coral that is not too bright on the lips, but still gives a nice punch on colour and it's one of the rare coral lipstick that doesn't turn orange on me.
Müller, 5.29 €.

CATRICE Ultimate Colour Lipstick
360 MATTraction
I love this shade. It's a deep rose colour, a shade that is a mix of red and pink - my favourite type of colours because they look so glam, yet fun and I feel most comfortable when I wear such shades. The formula is classified as matte, but to me it's a more creamy matte, which also means it feels very comfortable on the lips.
Müller, 4.29 €.

Precision Tip Eyeliner 125 Midnight Black
I adore this. Seriously. I think I like it more than L'Oreal's. It's a felt tip eyeliner with a super black formula and a slightly smaller, even more precise nib that L'Oreal, but what impressed me most is that the formula is more liquid than at other felt tip liners I tried, so the application is incredibly smooth and flawless. It dries in seconds and it doesn't transfer anywhere. I love it, but I shall see how long it'll take to dry out. I'll do a review.
*PR Sample: 15.54 € on Feel Unique.

Curl & Nourish 401 Coal Black
This is a mascara that also supposedly nourishes the lashes and makes it longer, healthier as well as darker in time. It's a non-waterproof mascara, so I didn't expect much from it, since my lashes drop like a stone if I use a regular mascara and the brush as well as the packaging look straight from the 99 cent shop, but I was actually kind of impressed and the "Great-Lash" type of brush works well. It's a very decent mascara, I actually like it more and more the more I use it. I'll do a review after about a month of use because I'd like to see if it really helps the lashes be healthier.
*PR Sample: 14.95 € on Click2Chic, 15.45 € on Feel Unique.

Perfection 806
Just a basic coral-apricot shade. I haven't worn it yet, but I'll post swatches.
*PR Sample: 9.96 € on Click2Chic.

ESSIE Nail Lacquer
Sole Mate
A gift from my cousin for my Name Day (thank you). I wanted a deep red/berry/purple/bordeaux shade that is similar to Chanel Rouge Noir and I hope this is it. I can't wait to wear it, it looks like the perfect autumnal colour.
9.90 € in DM.

MODELS OWN Scented Nail Polish Gumballs
I've only tried one scented nail polish so far, Revlon's, and it was a bust, but this actually does smell like gumballs. I love that scent, it smells of childhood. The scent lasts about a day and that's enough for me. The colour is an adorable Barbie pink.
*PR Sample: 5.95 € on Click2Chic.

MODELS OWN Scented Nail Polish Fizzy Cola Bottles
A taupe shade with gold shimmer. This one smells exactly like cinnamon on the nails - I love cinnamon!. I'll post swatches.
*PR Sample: 5.95 € on Click2Chic.

My staple top coat, I can't live without it. It dries the nail polish super fast and that what's most important to me.
6.01 €, Destination Pretty

My old Seche Vite thickened in to a complete mess, so I bought this to save it. I don't find it works particularly well or my Seche Vite is just too far gone. I tried adding it gradually, a few drops at a time and it's still thick no matter how much thinner I added. What am I doing wrong?
6.55 €, Destination Pretty

DOVE Damage Solutions Intensive Repair Regenerating Treatment Mask
This is a self heating hair mask that has two components: 15 ml of hair mask in a satchel and 5 ml of self heating liquid/gel. You're meant to apply the mask first and then add the self heating liquid later. 15 ml was a bit little for my hair but I made it work. The thermo part heats up between the hands during application and it is kind of cool for those 5 seconds until it cools, so I don't quite get it. It didn't feel particularly special. It was good, but not exceptional for a special treatment that wasn't exactly cheap for one application. My hair felt well nourished, but it didn't last long, however, I did feel it helped a bit with the damage. In general, I don't think it worth those 2€ for one application.
Müller, 2 €.

10 Spiral Hair Pins
I recently found one of my spiral hair pins that I bought ages ago in Műller, where a pack of two costs 5 €. You basically screw them into your bun and two should hold it securely all day. However, on my thick, long hair, two aren't enough, so I bought a pack of ten on eBay for a ridiculously small price. These aren't as good as those from Müller as the ends are very scratchy due to not being filled well, so they can damage the hair, but for one euro they're fine.  
eBay, 1.07 €.

And last but not least (as if there aren't enough pictures in this post already), I sneakily took a few pictures of the newly set-up Catrice stand a.k.a. my new personal heaven. I'd just look at it all day. 

 Have a great day!