October Favourites

I've praised this gorgeous plum-bordeaux shade enough already this month and it certainly deserves its spot in the favourites. It the perfect vampy shade for autumn and has an amazing quality formula. Just a classic win-win case.

I just raved about this shade in my most recent post, but the rave won't stop there. This is one of the most beautiful shades I own, which is saying something, since I don't have the most modest collection of blushes. There's something about this natural shade that just compliments my pale neutral skin tone so well. It's not a classic blush colour, actually it's an interesting shade that kind of looks like someone mixed a red-toned bronzer with a warm pink blush and the illuminating effect isn't impressive at all, but I don't mind that at all, since I feel insure about shimmer on my cheeks. Basically, it's just a perfect every day, goes-with-everything blush.

I never expected I'd like an Essence eyeliner, since my previous experience with them left me very underwhelmed. However, they somehow managed to do an excellent shade that is neutral, yet has just enough of the pink hue in it too be delicately brightening. I put this in the waterline as well as in the inner corners of the eyes every day to make the eyes appear more awake. Staying power pleasantly surprised me as well, since it is still some in my waterline after five hours, which for an eyeliner is like forever. It's a very soft pencil and transfers very well on the waterline, one swipe is enough. Perhaps I my only little complaint would be that I'd prefer it if it were a thin version instead of the jumbo, so I wouldn't colour my lashes as well when applying it on the waterline, but I suppose they wanted a product that could also be used as a brow highlighter.

What more can I say about this liner that wasn't covered in the last few posts. I love the formula, applicator, ease of application, lasting power - basically everything. It's an amazing liner, though the price is admittedly not the cheapest. I shall see in the long run how it fares in terms of drying out in comparison to the a bit cheaper L'Oreal's Perfect Slim, but so far I am loving it.

It looks like a classic red in the tube, but it's such a lovely surprise on the lips - it's actually a warm deep pink-red, just check the swatches in my review. I wholeheartedly adore the colour, it's exactly the type of shade that I identify most as being my colour. The pigmentation, staying power and finish is great as well. Fabulous drugstore lipstick.

I still wore Rimmel's 107 this month, but more often I reached for this purely because it's very simple to apply it as a stain as well as it doesn't need a lip liner due to a precise applicator. Eclipse is a deep red shade (or oxblood or bordeoux, however you want to call it) that is a bit darker than 107 and it has greyish undertone plus a glossy finish, but I really like how much easier it is too apply.

Oh, the luxury. If I start with the obvious - the packaging is drop dead gorgeous, however, the product inside matches what's outside. If I just call it what it is without unnecessary embellishments - it's a very pigmented lip gloss, so it's not like Apocalips, which is an actual liquid lipstick. The colour is a very wearable coral-pink with a very glossy finish that I'd call a classic spring/summer shade, but I just felt like wearing such a colour in the gloomy autumn as well.

The combination of these two is out of this world - quite literally because it makes an awesome space/galaxy/night sky effect. Black is Back is just a simple black nail polish, but of a very nice quality, however Icy Fairy is the real star here. It doesn't look like much in the bottle, in fact, you'd probably miss it a million times among their vast collection of (effect) nail polishes, but on the nails it just shines. It actually has a duo chrome blue-purple base that turns the black nail polish into a navy blue. There are also different sizes of glitter or maybe I should call them flakes and shimmer, that give a starry sky effect. My pictures don't quite give it justice, but here is one nonetheless (check Essence's one for an even more accurate representation).

Have a great day!

Catrice Illuminating Blushes

I've sung many praises to the Catrice Defining Blushes, which are my favourite powder blushes ever, so I was pretty excited when I heard the news of Catrice adding a new line of blushes to their standard range, but this time the illuminating kind. Two shades out of three that are available are a part of my collection -  Coral Me Maybe and I'm Nuts About You.

Catrice gave these an eye-catching 3D pattern, with rhombi in two hues of the same colour. They are described as illuminating, so I expected a very luminous/shimmery finish, which honestly kind of scared me a bit, however, the illuminating finish is very, very subtle, actually pretty much almost non existent. I obviously don't mind that because I hate how shimmer always shows up under artificial light, but some might find it a bit disappointing. 

The pigmentation differs between these two shades. Coral Me Maybe is the weak link here, though I notice that now that the top layer has gone, it's performance is better. I'm Nuts about You has a wonderful pigmentation and needs little building up (I'm using quite a fluffy, soft brush at the moment for application).

I wore Coral Me Maybe on one cheek and Pink feat. Coral from the Defining Blushes range on the other to check how they compare in terms of staying power. As I've mentioned in my previous reviews, Defining blushes last an impressive amount of time on my cheeks. I find that Illuminating blushes are not as long lasting as Defining Blushes, but they still last a fair amount of time on my cheeks.

010 I'm Nuts About You

Well I sure am nuts about this shade. It's a natural, slightly pinkish warm shade. It's so strange that the colours I'd least expect, become my favourite, I suppose I should just stop with the peachy-pinks and switch to natural shades completely. You may know of my "slight obsession" with the Rose Royce shade from Defining Blushes line - this is similar. Again it looks dull in the pan, but on the cheeks, sweet mother of blushes, it's bloody amazing. Basically I've been wearing it every day, since I grabbed it at the Essence event. I actually paused in front of a mirror in H&M and gasped at how adorable my flushed cheeks looked when I was wearing it in combination with MATTraction lipstick. Do give this a swatch the next time you're near a Catrice stand.

020 Coral Me Maybe

Coral me Maybe is a classic peachy-pink shade, one of so many on the market, not to mention in my collection, yet I think this is the shade that most would pick up first from the stand. I've had it for weeks now (I picked it up the moment these reached our drugstores) and from the start it had an unflattering yellowish sheen that clashed with my skin tone, but once the top layer was gone, the sheen disappeared. Perhaps it was just an over-spray. Now it's an adorable shade that gives that baby doll cheeks effect, but it's still a more muted version of the brighter Pink feat. Coral from the Defining Blush range. When I swatched this in the shop it appeared that it has the weakest pigmentation of the three shades available, however, it still shows up well on my cheeks (but, I'm super pale)

These cost 5.29 € and I believe they can only be found on the 2 m long Catrice stands, though I could be mistaken.

My choice is definitely I'm Nuts About You - I utterly adore it. Coral Me Maybe is cute, but maybe a bit too generic for my taste, which begs the question why I picked it up first. However, if you don't have a peachy-pink shade in your collection, it's worth picking up, though I think that Pink feat.Coral from Defining Blushes is better and almost 2 € cheaper. These aren't better than Defining Blushes in any respect, even the finish is similar despite the illuminating label, but they are great drugstore blushes nonetheless.  

Have a great day!

The Winners of Catrice & Essence Giveaway are...

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Congratulations to both Aida a.k.a. Lippie Hippie and Manca from Invisibly Perfect! I will contact to through the e-mail you're registered with on Rafflecopter, so you can give me your information on where to send you the prizes. If you don't respond in two days, a new winner will be chosen.

Thanks to all who participated and keep your eyes peeled for a new giveaway in the next couple of weeks with a lovely Kérastase prize.

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10 Current Drugstore Picks #2

(read my previous Current Drustore Picks here)

It's no secret that I love this concealer, I have, after all, been raving about it for years now. I particularly like this as an under-eye concealer, because due to the light texture, it looks so natural on the skin. The coverage is about medium, so it won't cover super dark circles, but I find it works for me and my under-eye redness, It even manages to cover some small blemishes and it doesn't look like a caked-up patch on the spot. The unique sponge applicator, as unhygienic as it might look, is actually brilliant as I find that very little additional blending is needed after application. I use the shade called Fair, which pink-toned and probably closest to NW 15 for a reference. 
DM (not available in Slovenia), 9.95 €.

I had very little faith in primers before discovering this. Most made my skin so terribly flaky, but this leaves a perfect, matte smooth surface ready for an application of foundation. It's not so super siliconey that it might feel greasy, instead it's instantly dry to the touch and it feels like nothing on the skin, though I'd still recommend thin layers, since like that you get most benefits of any primer. This really prolongs the staying power of makeup, so it's perfect to use under all those new-age dewy foundations that just disappear in the middle of the day. I also love using this as an eye primer because it intensifies the colour of the eyeshadows and makes them last a lot longer.
Müller, 12.99 €.

This converted me into a powder person again. For years I dared no apply powder as it would just make my foundation look cakey and noticeable. But this kind of just blurs the skin a tiny bit, so it makes the foundation look better and less obvious, even a bit radiant, but it still keeps oil at bay (though my skin isn't particularly oily, just on my T-zone a bit). There are some pretty intimidating glitter particles in it, but if you keep your application very moderate, it's completely transparent. 
Boots International, £9.99.

BOURJOIS Cream Blush
I'm a big fan of cream blushes as I find them so easy to apply with fingers when in a hurry as well as I use them as a base under a powder blush to prolong its staying power. Bourjois are my absolute favourite due to a velvet texture, so they are not as "greasy feeling" as others, rather they are dry to the touch once applied and therefore when I apply a powder blush on top, it doesn't stick to the wet patches. The finish of these is a lovely matte, so they look a lot more natural on the skin than most. Nude Velvet is my absolute favourite cream blush, though admittedly it looks very boring in the pan, it gives an adorable peachy flush to the skin.
Feel Unique, 10.39 €.

You don't see a matte eyeshadow in the drugstore often, especially one that is actually good. L'Oreal's isn't just good, it's brilliant. Somehow they managed to make a pigmented, soft matte shade that doesn't have some strange fall-out, doesn't look patchy on the skin and blends like a dream. I'm bloody impressed. The colour is a complete winner as well, Breaking Nude is a beautiful taupe shade that is totally up my alley. It's expensive for drugstore, but totally worth it.
Műller, 8.99 €

Give an award to the inventor of these felt tip eyeliners. L'Oreal's and (surprisingly) Kardashian Beauty's are my two absolute favourite. The sharp nib allows to draw super thin and precise lines including the flicks. If you're a beginner when it comes to liners or you're just having a hard time making liner work for you due to your eye shape (like me), give these a go. They make all the difference to the eye makeup because they make the eyes look more awake, defined and noticeable.
L'Oreal: Feel Unique,  9.09 €, Salma (SLO) 5.60 €
Kardashian Beauty: Feel Unique, 15.54 €

It's be a small crime not to mention this beauty in an October post. Burgundies are all the rage every autumn and this is such a classic, yet inexpensive shade. On me it looks more purple than on most, but it's a deep red-purple shade, which looks killer with a nice neutral eye and subtle blush. The formula is matte, which is what I personally prefer when it comes to darker lip colour, but it's not so matte that it would be terribly drying. I would recommend you get a lip liner for this shade.
Feel Unique, 7.14 €

Such an amazing lip gloss. The pigmentation is lovely, it feels very comfortably creamy on the lips and much to my delight it smells like peaches (which is only my favourite scent of products ever). I have a beautiful warm pink shade called Rose Symphony that I really love as I think it makes my eyes appear more blue. Luckily these finally reached our drugstores, though the price tag is not so easy to swallow - still it's total worth it.
Müller, 13€

(Oil-licious Triple Oil Dry Oil Mist)
Since I have dry hair, I love using hair oils and Öl-la-la is one of the most innovative as well as fastest to apply. It's a light silicon based product with argan oil in a spray form that gives tons of shine, helps fight frizz and doesn't weight down the hair. Often when I do a hairstyle, especially curls, I prefer to not touch it much as I find that curls can drop too much that way, so I spray some of this instead of using a liquid oil like Orofluido or Elixir Ultime. Basically this spray is healthy looking hair in a can and I'd even recommend it to those, who are afraid of silicone-oils because they find them too heavy since if used in moderation, this is super light. 
Müller, 6.99 €.

Texturising spray were more or less designed to inject volume and texture to thin, limp hair, so considering my coarse, thick type of hair, you'd think it'd be the last styling product I'd ever like. However, I really like it just after curling the hair as it just makes the curls look a bit better. It's like a dry shampoo on steroids, meaning it gives a lot of grip and a bit of hold, so it's like a dry shampoo-light hairspray hybrid or a dry version of a salt spray (it does have sea salt in it).
Boots International, 4.7 €.

Have a great day!

Dior Addict Fluid Stick 479 Magique

It's hard to resist a product in a pretty packaging and as shallow as it may sound, I admit that the cool, yet glam tubes of Fluid Sticks played a huge part in why I wanted at least one. These lip gloss/liquid lipsticks just exploded on the market in the past year and though I'm a through and through lipstick person, I'm quite enjoying these new releases and Dior's is certainly one of the most glamorous.

Fluid Stick in Magique is a very pigmented lip gloss with a high shine finish, so it gives the appearance of a lip gloss and lipstick in one if you apply a thick coat, however, it can be worn very subtly, giving the sheer glossy lipstick effect. It's a thick gloss, hence the abundance of pigmentation and it's not sticky, however, it has quite a "wet" feeling on the lips, so it feels a bit pleasantly cooling upon application. 

Magique is a medium pink-coral shade and, for me at least, a very everyday colour that looks very glam due to the shine. I was considering buying Wonderland, just like Sara, but when I was swatching all the shades in the shop, I decided on Magique because it's a colour that is easy to wear and should work with a lot of things.

The scent is nothing special. It has a gentle caramel/vanilla scent, but with a chemical component. It's not strong, so mostly I don't even notice it.

Staying power is better than at most glosses I've tried, which is what I expected from it considering the high price tag. It's not uncommon that it survives a meal, but it depends on what you eat. I believe these promise to leave a stain and I notice that this shade does. It's not a proper stain, but it's more of a lingering lipstick stain - for me that's enough.

As I said the packaging is a complete stunner and the applicator is nice to use. This pretty tube gained a special place on my vanity.

I got mine in Műller for an eye-watering 31.79 €, though I did use a few of their "receipt coupons" to soften the blow. Besides, I had a particularly lousy day, so some pampering was in order - it felt very satisfying holding such a pretty new goody in my hands.

I have a few other lip gloss/liquid lipstick hybrids: L'Oreal's L'Extraordinaire,  Revlon's Moisture Stain, Catrice Made to Stay Smoothing Lip Polish and Makeup Revolution Salvation Intense Lacquer. I think Dior's is the best one, although I admit I have quite a soft spot for L'Extraordinaire because of the divine peach scent, but's not quite as pigmented and long lasting as Dior's (Catrice's wins in terms of staying power - it's pretty awesome). So do I think it's worth the money? If you're a hardcore lip gloss girl, who loves high shine finish, then yes, the quality will appeal to you greatly. Otherwise, I think it's a lovely pampering product, especially nice for a Christmas gift, but whether you want to splurge on a lip gloss, which never lasts as long as a lipstick or a matte liquid lipstick, it's up to you. I don't regret it for a second.

Have a great day!

The Body Shop Silky Cleansing Oil

Praised for it's makeup removing capabilities, Camomile Silky Cleansing Oil certainly intrigued me greatly as a regular wearer of waterproof mascara and I wasn't disappointed. It was on my wishlist since the first press release and a couple of months ago I finally had a chance to snatch one for myself on my trip to Celovec/Klagenfurt. 

Texture: This is a very, very light and liquid oil, it's almost light as water and can quickly run off your hands. It doesn't emulsify much, certainly nothing like Clarins Pure Melt Cleansing Gel or L'Oreal Skin Perfection 15 Second Miracle Oil, instead it stays oily with only the slightest bit of foam forming.

Performance: It removes a large bulk of makeup in one go, even a waterproof mascara, though bits can still linger between the lashes. It does need quite a while and gentle rubbing to get the mascara off, though the rest is much easier. I use a washcloth to remove it as it leaves a filter on the skin if it's just washed off. It does make the vision blurry as most oils I tried, which I admit, I find annoying. I've tried using it as an everyday cleanser, but like at all oil cleansers I've tried, my skin isn't as clear and in good condition as when I use balm or creamy cleansers. I prefer to use this as a makeup remover and then follow up with a creamy cleanser, so the double cleansing method. I liked it when I went on a holiday because I didn't need to take separate makeup removers and cleansers with me, but on long term, it's not the best thing for my skin if I use it on its own as a cleanser.

Scent: It has a very gentle scent that isn't particularly reminiscent of camomile, but it is a nice scent nonetheless.

Packaging: It gets an A+ for packaging from me. The pump is very handy and efficient. The bottle is plastic, so there's no worry it might break and there is no leaking, which is the last thing you want when dealing with an oil.


Price: it costs about 13 € for 200 ml in The Body Shop in Austria.

I love this as a makeup remover because it's fast, efficient and it even manages to take on a challenge of removing my super stubborn Hynôse waterproof mascara. I do find that I need to follow up with another cleanser to keep my skin in check, however, I think that those who don't have problems with oil cleansers with like this on its own.

Have a great day!

New in: Essence Products for Autumn/Winter 2014

Liquid Ink Matt Eyeliner
I've tried this before and it's ok, but I'm so into felt tip eyeliners that these liquid ones don't appeal to me. Basically, it's a classic liquid eyeliner with a flexible thin brush, so you need really steady hands to apply it nicely, however, you can get a great result. The formula is super pigmented, very black and once it dries, it sets to a matte finish. However, I find that if you don't wipe off the excess from the brush well enough and therefore end up with too much product on the lids, once it dries, it's feels like someone put a thin strip of sticky tape on the lids. The key is using a very small amount of product and in that case it works great. This lasts all day on my lids and stays pretty much like freshly applied, it flakes off only in my inner corners. It's a part of the giveaway.
2.99 €

Liquid Ink High Shine Eyeliner
The same thing as the matte version only with a glossy finish. It's a part of the giveaway.
2.99 €

Lash Princess Volume Mascara
This is a very, very volumising mascara. Even with one coat I get tons of volume and two give a pretty damn huge, fluttery, glamorous look to the lashes, I have actually been asked if I'm wearing falsies. However, the volume comes at the expense of defined looking lashes, which is the look I prefer. Still, too bad this doesn't exist in a waterproof formula.
3.59 €

Effect Eyeshadow 
06 UK's Stonehenge and 02 Brazil's Sunset
I've heard a lot good stuff about these eyeshadows and I was very excited to receive two in the goody bag. These are liquid/cream eyeshadows with a metallic finish that are easy to apply with fingers and can be used on it's own or as a base. Stonehenge is a lovely taupe-brown colour (Satin Taupe like, swatches are at the end of the post), while Brazil's Sunset is a toned-down liquid gold and as most gold eyeshadows, it looks orange on my eyes, so I'm not too fond of it. The large shimmer particles do bother me a bit because they look very out of place when it's wearing off. My cousin tried Stonehenge and she loved it so much, she ran to the shop to get one for herself one as well.
2.95 €

Metal Glam Eyeshadow
18 Choco-Chic
This looks absolutely stunning in the pan - it really looks like glittery metal. It swatches very pigmented on the finger, but on the lids I just can't built it up to look intense enough. I have no idea what's the problem. I must experiment more with it, because the colour is so pretty in the pan, however, in general, I'm not a fan of Essence eyeshadows, Catrice's are a lot better.
2.76 €

3D Eyeshadow 
07 Irresistible Fullmoon Flash
A duo of shimmery eyeshadows with an interesting 3D design. This shade consists of a shimmery grey and champagne colour. It's a part of the giveaway.
3.18 €

Soo Blush! Cream to Powder Blush 
10 Sweet as a Peach
 A medium peach shade that reminds me a lot of Catrice's blush from Siberian Call LE called Coral-al-al-al (swatch by Parokeets). It's a standard cream blush, not exactly cream to powder in my opinion and it's pigmented enough to show up on someone NC25. 
2.99 €

Soo Glow! Cream to Powder Highlighter
20 Bright Up Your Life
Ok, this is just a bit too glowy for me. Not because the shimmer would be huge, but it's just so shiny. I prefer much more subtle highlighters, but I hear people really like this one. It's a pink-toned shade which suits my colouring and it's very similar to Benefit's High Beam. The texture is very, very creamy, almost too much for my liking as I have trouble getting a small amount, it's almost like it's melted, however, on the skin it feels kind of dry to the touch and I don't have I lot of time to blend it in. 
2.99 €

Silky Touch Blush 
80 Autumn Peach
I don't have anything similar in my collection, so I'm glad I got this. Actually I was just thinking a few days ago that I should check it out next time I'm near an Essence stand because I realised I only have pink or peachy blushes and I think this colour might go nicely with berry lipsticks. It's kind of an terracotta-peach shade and it looks a lot prettier on the skin than in the pan. I'm not a fan of Silky Touch blushes, I much, much prefer Catrice's Defining blushes and but this one is actually decently pigmented.
2.79 €

Essence Longlasting Lipstick 
13 Love Me and 14 Adorable Matt!
I admit these aren't my favourite lipsticks, personally I prefer to pay those two euros more and get one from Catrice. I already have three shades and I rarely wear them, not because they are bad, but just because they are very average. Still, I picked up shade 13 Love Me from the brimming stand because I have been looking at it for quite a while. It's a super pretty light warm pink with peachy tones, very everyday-ish. The other shade Adorable Matte is a matte red that Taya reviewed, but I decided it's going to be a part of the giveaway.
2.49 €

Big Bright Eyes 
01 Highlight it...Nude
Love this. It's such a great colour for me to put on my waterline because it's a neutral slightly pinkish nude that makes the eyes less tired looking. It's super soft and transfers fully opaque on the waterline with one swipe. This might just replace my trusted Max Factor eyeliner in Natural Glaze that I've been using for the last three years. It looks great in the inner corners as well.
2.20 €

14 Femme Fatale
I was never a fan of Essence lip liners and this is a bit too soft for my liking, but it's very pigmented and doesn't drag on the lips. The colour is a neutral red, so it should suit a lot of red lipstick.
1.19 €

Glossy Lip Balm 
07 Raspberry Sorbet
A lightly tinted lip gloss that smells like raspberries. I used to own the mint version and it was ok, but nothing to write home about. It's nice for a young teenage girl. It's a part of the giveaway.
1.19 €

Effect Lipgloss 
08 OH LA LA! and 02 Jewels in a Bottle
Effect lip glosses come in a variety of interesting finishes - classic shimmery, with flakes, holographic and metallic finish. Oh La La! is a pink-purple shade with tiny blue sort of holographic shimmer and Jewels in a Bottle is an orange-coral shade with different sized flakes. Great swatches here. Both are a part of the giveaway.
2.79 €

Effect Nail Polish
22 I Love Magic and 21 Icy Fairy
I Love Magic is a top coat with holographic shimmer that needs maybe two coats to get a decent holographic effect and it's best applied over a dark nail polish. But here is a more important shade - Icy Fairy. I was so, so excited about this nail polish, I was actually planning to getting it myself ever since I saw this image on Instagram. It is the most awesome effect top coat ever and it looks amazing over a black nail polish. I love galaxy manicures and this comes closest to it, but without all the nail art work (which I suck at so bad). I just posted a picture on Instagram where I'm wearing it. Love this so much and since I have two, I'm giving one away in the giveaway. 
1.49 €

Nail Art Sparkle Sand Top Coat
As the name suggests, it's a sparkly top coat with a sand effect meaning it's quite gritty to the touch once you apply in on the nails. It looks quite pretty over darker nail polishes, but the textured feeling on the nails is something I'll have to get used to.
2.49 €

Colour & Go Nail Polish
144 Black is Back and 187 Juicy Love
I picked up a black shade called Black is Back purely so I would use it with Icy Fairy, while Juicy Love is a classic red. I like these Colour & Go nail polishes because they're really good for the price, better than Catrice's in my opinion and there is a huge selection of colours available. I'm wearing the black one at the moment and the application was a breeze due to a great, wide brush and a smooth formula. It needed two coats.
1.69 €

Click & go Nails Glow in the Night
Self-adhesive nails with the french manicure design and a cute butterfly print. Apparently these glow in the dark, but I'm not sure whether it's actually in the dark or it's like that top coat I once bought from Essence that, after reading the back of the bottle closely, turned out to glow only under black light (what a waste of money that was…). These look quite narrow to me, but there is 12 pieces inside and I can't see all. These are a part of the giveaway.
3.29 €

Nail Art Stickers 
13 Neon
There are several versions of these stickers, we were given the neon ones with stars, bow ties, hipster glasses with a moustache (my favourite), peace symbol, leaves and lightening bolts.
1.39 €

Pencil sharpener
Just a revamped old version as far as I can tell. I've bought a few of these so far. It can sharpen two types of pencils - the classic thin and jumbo.
1.20 €

Nail Art Hello Foils! Transfer Solution
Meant to be used in together with the transfer foils (high five to Captain Obvious Mateja). You need to apply this before applying the foil so it has something to stick too and then finish off with a top coat. It's a part of the giveaway.
1.79 €

Nail Art Hello Foils! Transfer Foils
01 Hello Flashy
These have a metallic graffiti look, picture here. Honestly, I'm not into the nail art also because I'm useless at this stuff and I admire anyone who can draw at least polka dots on their nails. It's a part of the giveaway.
1.49 €

Gel Nails at Home 2in1 Primer & Cleanser
Designed to be used before and after a gel manicure. It cleans and protects the nails from nail dust, oil and grease. After curing under the UV-light it can be can also be used to remove gel residues from your nails. It's a part of the giveaway.
2.99 €

Gel Nails at Home 2in1 French Peel Off Gel Base & Top Coat
This is a rosé nude coloured base that gives the appearance of the perfect french manicure. It's meant to be used in conjunction with the UV-light. It's a part of the giveaway.
3.29 €

Gel Nails at Home 2in1 Clear Peel Off Gel Base & Top Coat
A classic gel base coat over which you apply the regular nail polish (Colour & Go line is recommended). Again it's meant to be cured under the UV-light. It's a part of the giveaway.
3.29 €

Like Best Friends Forever 
50 ml 
I didn't expect to like this, but surprisingly I do. I went to check the notes on Fragrantica and it was immediately clear - it has peach in it. Some of you may know about my of fondness for anything peach scented and I get super excited about such products. It's not a predominately peach scent as it is mixed with a more fresh apple note, but even more prominent are the sweet vanilla and sandalwood. It's a classic super sweet fruity-gourmand scent, very celebrity like and yes, generic, but I happen to like those. The staying power is unfortunately very weak and I can't smell it any more after an hour despite the vanilla note, which tends to linger longer that others.
7.5 €

 You can enter the giveaway here.
Have a great day!