November Favourites

I was already a huge fan of its older sister a.k.a. the original Basics and the second one stole my heart as well. It's a bit more cool toned than its predecessor and there are more medium taupe shades in it, so it's like an expansion of the original. I love taupe matte eyeshadows because they are excellent colours to define the eyes and Urban Decay has some of the best matte eyeshadows - they are very pigmented, silky and they blend so well. It may be an expensive palette, but it's worth it.  

Just like the Naked2 Basics, it's another fantastic matte, neutral palette and even though it's a lot cheaper, the quality is very similar. I find that the collection of shades is something like a mix of both Basics palettes and it includes great base colours, several medium taupes and darker browns. I imagine it should be great for eyebrows as well. It's an amazing palette and I recommend it to everyone.

This was a month of deep burgundy-berry lips for me and the stars of this trend were Grand Cru and Love the Way You Plum liner. Grand Cru is a beautiful matte deep red shade, though I admit the formula is the dud in this line and it's not the easiest to work with, but it sure lasts forever on the lips once it sets, so it's excellent for when you need your lipstick to last. I have the picture of the combination with the lip liner here.

This is just one of the liners I've bough recently, but it's certainly my most worn so far, especially in combination with Grand Cru, but it also works perfectly with Rimmel's 107 and Eclipse. It's a deep plum shade, definitely very purple toned and it gives more depth and a plum undertone to the Grand Cru combination. I must warn you that it's a very fragile liner and should be applied very carefully or it will break off, but it's very inexpensive.

Steering away from the bold burgundies a bit, the peachy-pink liner I Got You Babel is a stark opposite and a nice choice when I wanted to wear something more natural. I wear it on its own, though it's not the most moisturising option, but given that my lips don't tend to be dry, it works out just fine. It's a nice pencil that is somewhere between being creamy and hard, so it defines well, but  is also easy to apply. 

These are so good, especially considering the price. I don't think a day has passed that I haven't used them. These are the perfect size, shape and density for blending concealer under the eyes, applying a base eyeshadow on the lids and setting powder under the eyes. Such great brushes that have pretty much become indispensable to me.

Another brush gained its spot in my favourites, but this one is for blush. It's really soft, softer even than Real Techniques brushes, but still dense enough to pick up enough colour and apply it on the cheeks. I tend to use it sideways, meaning that I use the narrower part of the tapered brush and it works with most blushes, except if they are exceptionally light as it's quite a fluffy brush and in that case it doesn't pick up enough colour. I'm very happy with this brush.

I'll keep this short because it's a recurring product form my previous favourites. It's the only blush I've been wearing the last couple of months and it's fast become my favourite ever shade. Fantastic drugstore find.

I've just spoken about this in my latest review. I must sound like a broken record by now, but Vineyard Peach is by far the best peach scent I've ever tried because it's so much like the real thing. I just adore this, despite poorer lasting power.

I must admit that this grew on me so much in the past year. I rarely speak about it, but I use it a lot because it's so much lighter than dry shampoos (which I don't really need, I just need something to refresh the hair). There is none of that gritty feeling or white powder residue, meaning I can use it liberally without having to need to wash my hair the next day because it feels like there is too much product on it. This also smells so yummy, like raspberry drink. In regards to volume, my hair has a lot of natural volume even on, for example, the fourth day after washing because my hair gets drier not greasier, but this does indeed give it a bit of extra oomph. Basically, this is a dry shampoo for those who hate dry shampoo.

This is one of my favourite shower gels and I was informed by one of my readers that it's being discontinued. It smells sooo good, just like peach bubble gum and it's very affordable. If you're a fan like me, there's not much time left before these completely disappear from the shelves.
I'm getting really tired of this "high innovation" angle that some companies implement, discontinuing everything in their path. Everything seems to be limited edition, so you can't really afford to fall in love with a specific product and it kind of blows.

Have a great day!

The Body Shop Vineyard Peach Body Scrub and Body Mist

My love for The Body Shop's Vineyard Peach remains strong even after more than two years since I first purchased the body butter and recently two more products joined my collection - the body scrub and the highly coveted body mist. The scent of this line is out of this world to me and it's probably my favourite scent ever. It's the best peach scent I've ever had the pleasure to smell. Being a huge fan of vineyard peaches, I can attest that it is indeed very close to the real thing, perhaps there is a bit of a peach yoghurt mixed in it. Mouth-wateringly juicy and sweet, to me it's the scent of happiness and I wholeheartedly adore it. I tip my hat to the creator of this scent and I hope this stays on the shelves for a long time.  

Vineyard Peach Body Scrub

The texture of the body scrub is pleasantly creamy with scrubby particles (silica). It's not a harsh scrub by any means, in fact, I'd prefer it if the scrubby bits were not so sparse, but it does its job and it leaves the skin moisturised without the greasy filter meaning it rinses of completely. The scrubby particles do collect on the bottom of the shower/bathtub, so be sure to do an extra rinse after you're done. It's not the best scrub I've ever tries, in fact, I prefer sugar scrubs because they are harsher (my favourite is Soap & Glory's Flake Away), but it's a good one and I'm glad I got it. You can see ingredients here.

I paid 10 € for 200 ml in an Austrian The Body Shop, while it's $20 on US website. (Slovenke lahko dobite nekatere The Body Shop izdelke v trgovinah Travel Free ob meji).

Vineyard Peach Body Mist

You have no idea how much I wanted this. I even went to Austria to get this and it was sold out due to popularity. I then found it on eBay, paid an extortionate amount for shipping, but I finally got it. Obviously, it smells amazing, however, as you might expect from a fruity body spray, it doesn't last terribly long, but I really don't mind since just one spray makes me inhale deeply and smile. The bottle is glass with a metal pump and cap, so it looks a lot more expensive than it is. This is one of my favourite purchases of the year.

It was $8 without shipping on eBay and it's currently $12 on US The Body Shop site.

In a world where so many peach scents are some synthetic, sweetened disappointing weirdness, The Body Shop really delivered. If you're a fan of peach scents, look no further. 

What's your favourite The Body Shop scent or any scent really?
Have a great day!

Wishlist #15

1. L'OREAL Collection Exclusive Lipsticks Pure Reds
in Laetitia and Blake
This is on the very top of my wishlist, especially the Laetitia shade, which is a gorgeous deep burgundy colour, while Blake is a glamorous cherry red. I swatched both and compared them with some other shades in this Instagram photo. I think the finish of both of these is almost matte or creamy-matte, which is just up my alley. I need these in my life.
Drugstores,  around 13 €.

2.  MAYBELLINE Color Drama Lipstick
in Berry Much and Red Essential
Everyone talks about how these are a nice drugstore alternative to the NARS' Velvet Pencils, so naturally I'm intrigued. I sneakily already ordered Berry Much since Boots has a 3 for 2 offer at the moment (a little tip for you), but I'm still waiting for package. If happen to like these, I'm also interested in the shade called Red Essential, which is supposedly very similar to NARS' Cruella.

3. NARS Sheer Glow Foundation
in Siberia
You may have seen in my latest New in that I purchased a new Rimmel foundation that fits me so well in terms of shade, but the formula is so hard to work with. Since I'm so fed up with crappy, very light foundations that I put up with purely for the shade, I think it's finally time that I take the plunge and get the highly praised Sheer Glow in the lightest shade called Siberia. It's going to be painful to fork out so much money for a foundation, but I feel like I have no other choice, since almost every drugstore brand refuses to make a really light shade (why am I being punished for being naturally pale?).
HqHair, 39 €.

4. ESSENCE Colour & Go
in 167 Candy Love and 175 Be Berry Now!
After being blown away by the quality of Colour & Go line, I asked you in that review, which shades you like. Katja from Viva La Vida recommended Candy Love, which based on her swatch looks amazing - I love full coverage nude shades. The other, Be Berry Now, I found by checking the swatches of all the nail polishes and it's the colour I'm so into at the moment, a purple-red shade a.k.a. berry (I've got a whole Pinterest board dedicated to it). Both should end up in my shopping basket very soon.
Drugstores, 1.67 €.

5. ESSIE Nail Polish 
in Bahama Mama 
I've heard so many people say that Bahama Mama is their favourite autumnal shade and it's a shade that has intrigued me for a while now. It looks like a beautiful deep berry shade, again a colour I'm really into at the moment. I'm kind of hoping for a discount soon in DM. Swatch here (tell me it looks like this?).
DM, 9.99 €.

6. DEBORAH MILANO Smalto Gel Effect 
in 01 
Yes, another nail polish. I don't think I ever wanted so many new nail polishes. I saw this on Zlatana's blog and it immediately went on my wishlist. It reminds me of Essie's Spin the Bottle, so it's again an opaque nude shade that looks very classy on the nails.  
Drugstores, about 5 €.

7. BOURJOIS Lévres Contour Edition 
in T02 Cotton Candy
I've recently spoken about Catrice's lip liners and my thirst for more liners hasn't been quite quenched yet. I swatched this in the shop and it's a very cute pinky-natural shade. I also tried the shade T01, but my cousin and I established that shades like that don't suit me, nonetheless it's a beautiful colour for the 90's trend.
Drugstores, about 6 € or Feel Unique,7.14 €.

8. CLARINS Instant Eye Make Up Remover
I still have a generous sample of this and it's so good. I use waterproof mascara practically daily and my current rubbish drugstore removers aren't doing their job. This removes mascara and eye liner with ease, it doesn't make my vision foggy, isn't super greasy and it smells so lovely. But the price is just extortion, though as I said in my original review, I find I use a lot less of it than at cheaper removers.
Müller, about 20 €.

9. CHARLES WORTHINGTON Volume & Bounce Texturising Spray
I heard this is a dupe for Oribe Texturising Spray, though I must admit I'm reluctant to believe that. But even if it's just a similar enough product, I'm intrigued by it, since I like using such products right after I've curled my hair as I find it makes them look better. I actually already ordered it (remember 3 for 2?), I'm just waiting for it to arrive.

10. EMMA HARDIE 4 Piece Starter Kit
I saw this offer thanks to Almu from Feel Bella and I didn't even hesitate to place an order, especially since it was an additional 10 % off (I'm basically just sharing this offer with you before it's too late). It contains Amazing Face Natural Lift and Sculpt Moringa Cleansing Balm (50 ml),  Amazing Face Age Support Cream (15ml), Amazing Face Dual Action Professional Cleansing Cloth and a wash bag. I'm not going to say it's a generous offer because I don't' find it is, however, I wanted to try the Cleansing Balm for so long, but under no circumstances am I ready to fork out almost 50 € for a pot, especially since I might end up with a full size product that I may not even end up liking. I'm looking forward to trying this.
Feel Unique, 27.30 €.

Just look at how adorable are these! There are obviously duping Lush stuff, but trying to stay at a more reasonable price range, which I appreciate a lot, especially considering Lush's prices in Slovenia are just not normal (as if I'm going to pay 6 € for something that fizzes out in 5 minutes, though I admit these aren't the cheapest either, they are lot more reasonably priced). I think these look even cuter, especially the snow man bath bomb (Chilly Willy, smells like cinnamon), the cupcake bath (Milk & Honey), the ice cream sundae bath bomb (Cherry Bathe Well, smells like cherries, cookies, coconut and white chocolate), the heart shaped massage bar (Summer Honey) and that Honey Bee looking dupe (Goodnight Honey). They have some great looking gifts as well.
Click2Chic, starting at 2.93 €, Official site (UK) with a list of retailers.

Have a great day!

Neutral Matte Palettes: Urban Decay Naked2 Basics & Catrice Absolute Matt

I am a huge fan of matte neutral palettes, especially of those with prevailing taupe shades. The original Naked Basics palette (review here) was what I used for my every day makeup since I got it last year and now I have two more such palettes - an Urban Decay's spin-off named Naked2 Basics and a very budget option by Catrice called Absolute Matt. Both have fast become my favourites and I use all three palettes in combination, depending on what kind of look I'm going for.

URBAN DECAY Naked2 Basics Palette

Naked2 Basics is quite different from the original one, it's definitely different enough to justify having both. I look at it almost as a complimentary palette, so what I thought was missing from the first one, is in this one. Perhaps this one might be more appealing to those with a medium skin tone who found the shades in original Basics too similar and mostly too light, since Naked2 excludes the light skin toned shades and replaces them with medium browns. 

The shades in the palette are:

Skimp - the only shimmery shade in the palette, just as Venus in the original Naked Basics. 

Stark - a matte warm medium skin tone shade. On me it's already a shade that is darker than my skin tone, so I have to limit the use to only the lid. This should be a great base for medium skin tones. W.O.S. from the original and the second shade from the Catrice's Absolute Matte are the shades I use all over the lid as a base since they are lighter. 

Frisk - a matte light taupe shade. It's cooler than Naked 2 from the original, but doesn't look too different when blended out on the skin. I adore such shades.

Cover - a matte medium warm-ish brown. Again a shade I love.

Primal - a matte cool-toned brown. It's like a cooler version of Cover, but a bit darker. Great colour that I use a lot.

Undone - a deep grey. I would prefer a charcoal black here, but it's a nice shade to deepen the crease if you're not as fair as me. I prefer Faint from the original or that dark browh shade in Catrice's Absoloute Matte for that job.

The quality of the eyeshadows is again superb. It's a collection of fantastic quality matte eyeshadows, all are very pigmented (since I'm pale, with most shades I only need to barely touch the surface of the eyeshadow to get enough pay-off), they are so smooth, blend well and last decently on the lids without creasing even without primer (I have normal eyelids). The packaging is small and compact with a big mirror and a rubbery surface. To me this is just the perfect palette.

CATRICE Absolute Matt Eyeshadow Palette 010 Eyes Wide Matt

I love Catrice's single eyeshadows because they are of great quality and they certainly have some of the best matte eyeshadows, but I never tried any of their palettes because I heard somewhere than the quality is far worse and that it lacks pigmentation. Whoever said that is wrong. At least when it comes to this palette. The quality is amazing, I would even call it high-end-ish, though I admit that the eyeshadows are not quite as smooth as Urban Decay's, but on the lids they behave exactly the same. They are certainly better than, for example, Mac's Wedge, which I find quite hard. 

The palette contains:

A matte white - on my skin it's actually no different to the second shade in the palette, so I can use it all over as a base, but I don't often. It's the best performing white eyeshadow I ever tried, since most were so chalky.

A matte pink-toned skin tone shade - I use this shade so much, I use it interchangeably with W.O.S. from the original Basics as a base all over the lids.

A matte cool-toned medium taupe - this is a similar shade to Frisk from the Naked2 Basics. I use it either on the lid or in the crease as the initial "base" shade that ensures a softer transition.

A matte warm-ish medium taupe - a slightly darker shade than Cover from Naked2 Basics. It's a shade I use a lot in the crease.

A matte deep cool-toned brown - one of my favourite shades and one I use pretty much every day. It's a shade that adds a lot of depth and definition to the crease just like Faint from the original Naked Basics, but this one is darker and cooler.

A matte deep grey/black - again another shade that is not quite dark enough just as Undone in Naked2 Basics. I don't mean that they are bad shades at all, but I would prefer black because I use it as a liner and I have no use of such deep grey's. But it's a nicely pigmented shade that blends well.

Another great set of eyeshadows that to me is like a mix between both Basics in terms of variety of shades, They can be used for a subtle every day look or a more smoky effect, but in general they are really good, they perform so well, are very pigmented (again I need only to touch the deeper shades to get enough pay-off for me) and they blend well. The packaging does feel cheap even with an added brush/sponge applicator, but it suffices. It's an amazing palette and I highly recommend it to every one, whether you're on a budget or not. 

As you may have established, I love both of these palette. Well, all three actually. If you're into matte neutrals, I highly recommend all three, but if you're on a budget or you just want a nice cheap thrill, I highly recommend that you at least get the Catrice one. Naked Basic and Naked2 Basics cost about 28 € (I waited for a discount when buying both), while the Catrice Absolute Matte costs 5.29 €.

Have a great day!

Catrice Nail Polishes

Luxury Lacquers Metal
03 My Satin Ballet Shoes

A pink-rose gold shade with a metallic/über frosty finish. The formula is very pigmented and reaches about 80% opacity with one coat. If you're not bothered with a hint of the tips showing through, then it's a one coater, otherwise a two-coater. The formula is quite thick, but it applies smoothly and evenly. Despite being a shimmery nail polish it's easy and quick to remove if you use a pot remover.

All of the nail polishes in the Luxury Line have a normal, "useful" brush.

Luxury Lacquers Brilliance
05 Plum Fiction

This is a colour that will probably pop out in the stand the most to people. It's a warm purple shimmer with a few red shimmer bits in it, you don't see a nail polish like this often. I expected it to look more spectacular on the nails and more shiny, but I do love the colour. The base is almost translucent and just slightly tinted purple, however, for the full effect/opacity two thick or three thin coats are needed. The removal process was incredibly long, even with the pot remover, which usually removes glitter polishes with ease and the shimmer went everywhere, so I will really consider it before using it again.

Luxury Lacquers Brilliance
01 It's Showtime

An eye-catching glittery silver that looks super glam on the nails. The base is translucent and again as at Plum fiction two thick or three thin coats are needed for full opacity. I love this shade, but again the removal process was so irritating. 

Colour Brightening Base Coat 
01 On Top of the Alps

I never had a white nail polish, but always wanted one. Remember how we painted our nail with Edigs (correction fluid) in primary school. Or was that just me?  Colour Brightening Base Coat is a white nail polish with a semi-matte finish. It needs two/three thick coats to be even, so I'm not sure how would it work as a base because that would mean a hell of a lot of nail polish coats.
Unlike at the Luxury Line, this one unfortunately has the roundly shaped brush, which only slightly less annoying than the angled Bourjois' 10 Days one, but truly only by a small margin. It pretty much makes it impossible to apply the nail polish nicely, so it can result in the manicure looking like it was made by a two-year-old during an earthquake. It needs a lot of clean-up is what I'm trying to say as a lot of the polish ends up on the cuticles.

  Million Styles Effect Top Coat 
02 ¿Holo, Que Tal? 

This looks a lot prettier in person than in pictures. It's a topper with a duo-chrome or perhaps even slightly holographic gold-green shimmer. It really makes for a glamorous manicure, but I find so far it works best over black. I applied three coats one the ring finger and on others it's one. It's easy to remove.

See anything you like?
Have a great day!

Empties: Samples Edition

CLARINS Instant Eye Make-Up Remover
I like this a lot. You may be aware that I wear waterproof mascara to keep my lashes curled all day, so I need a good oil-based remover to get it off. I've been using two pretty rubbish ones for the past several months (they just won't run out!) and using this for the first time was like a choir of angels came singing under a double rainbow with a unicorn flying over it (too much?). It's a duo-phase product as most oil-based removers and it smells really lovely, like roasted chestnuts and linden tea. Unlike most other cheap ones I've tried, when I shake this so the two parts mix, the lighter part actually stays suspended and both fluids are mixed meaning they don't just separate after a second as most do. This removes my eye makeup with such ease and what I really, really appreciate is that it doesn't make my vision foggy like every other duo-phase remover does and it doesn't leave my skin quite as greasy as the others. I'd definitely purchase a full size if it weren't so expensive, though I find I need to use a lot less that other removers. It's on my wishlist.

CLARINS Gentle Eye Make-Up Remover 
Another remover I liked, this one for sensitive eyes. Though I wear contact lenses, my eyes are far from sensitive, so I can't report whether it irritates the eyes of those who are more sensitive to some skin care. However, I can say that it takes of makeup with ease (regular mascara plus eyeliner) and that it smells like a hospital. It doesn't leave a greasy residue behind, but it's not as light as micellar waters. Nice stuff.

CLARINS Multi-Active Day 
Early wrinkle correcting lotion
SPF 15
This is a lotion targeted at young women and it promises to guard against UV damage and visibly correct early signs of ageing. It's a light day moisturiser that smells like a man (I'm just getting weirder by the minute, aren't I?). Despite the SPF it doesn't feel greasy on the skin, but it does need a bit of time to completely sink it. It's a lovely moisturiser, just the way I like them, but I can't say much about its "anti-ageing"/repairing properties, since I only had a sample. The full size comes with a pump.

CLARINS Tonic Body Treatment
Apparently this is Clarins' #1 selling body oil. It promises to help firm, tone and improve elasticity of the skin as well as reduce the appearance stretch marks. I don't any have any of those, but I can say that it's quite a thick oil, in fact, it reminds me of the L'Occitane Almond Supple skin oil, so it's intensely moisturising, but it due to being a dry oil, it sinks in quite fast. A little goes a long way, so this small vial lasted me a lot of applications. The only thing I wasn't a fan of, is the strong herbal scent (most prominent I think is rosemary), but that is a completely subjective thing. 

CLARINS BB Skin Perfecting Cream
I received samples of the lightest shade called Fair. Again it's like someone is having a laugh at pale people's expense. This is not by any definition fair. Why is it so bloody hard to comprehend what fair means?! I looked orange with this and that makes me angry more than it should. I'm guessing the shade is close to NC30 or Healthy Mix 54.
Venting and shade aside, it's a classic tinted moisturiser or BB if you want to call it that way. The consistency is like a medium-thick moisturiser and it has light coverage that can be layered to light to medium coverage. On my normal skin the finish is just regular skin-like with a bit of healthy dewiness and you can't tell that you're wearing anything, provided the shade fits you. I love how it doesn't settle into and emphasize pores as most foundations started to do that on me recently. It has an SPF 25 (titanium dioxide). In short: the texture and finish are lovely, this will appeal to those who want to just even out the skin a bit, but the shade is a complete fail.

L'ORÉAL Paris Revitalift Magic Blur 
Instant Lift Smoother
Blurring + Anti-Age Moisturiser
I really like this. It's more on the thicker side, however, feels super light on the skin. There is a huge amount of silicones in it, so it leaves a matte satin-velvet finish and it's immediately dry to the touch. It's a primer-meets-moisturiser type of product making it an excellent base for makeup, though it's not particularly moisturising (neither drying, of course). It's similar to L'Occitane Angelica Ultra Matte Fluid, but less moisturising and cheaper. I don't find it all that blurring, at least it doesn't disguise my pores, though so far I haven't found a primer that would. I think this is a great product for those with oily skin, as it might help keep oil at bay quite well. I might buy full size, I actually just saw it in a local super market for 15 €.

CAUDALIE Polyphenol C15 Overnight Detox Oil 
I love using oils on my face, actually I've been using Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse for three years now. First off this Caudalie one smells terrible and it's so strong. It's a weird earthy-herbal scent, I really dislike it, but it's the type of smell that I know some people will really like. This dry oil promises to help tired skin regenerate itself overnight and to detoxify the skin. It's quite a thick oil, so those 6 recommended drops feel a bit to much for me. I've been using it a few days and my skin turned for the worse and when I switched back to Nuxe, it was ok again. I'm afraid my skin doesn't like this very much and neither does my nose, but I have heard some raves about it.

That Beauty Flash Balm and the lip gloss in the first picture will have separate reviews.

 Izdelki Clarins so na voljo v Müller drogerijah, Maximarketu, Nami, Beautique drogerijah in Kompass shop-ih.

Have a great day!

*Clarins samples were gifted to me.

Beauty News #3

Artdeco Glam Moon & Stars Collection

I rarely do beauty news, but I get a lot of e-mails and since December is approaching, I selected a few things that interest me.

Look at that gorgeous packaging of the blush and eyeshadow case. I love starry sky.  The whole collection is unashamedly sparkly and definitely very Christmasy. I'm wondering if those two cream highlighters resemble the discontinued Jemma Kidd's one.

 I believe this is sold already.
Kolekcijo ARTDECO dobite v drogerijah Muller, Tuš in Beautiqe, ter v spletni trgovini Moonlight Dust bleščice za telo so na voljo eksluzivno v Müllerju.

Deborah Secrets of the Smokey Eye

Well, well, well, look who decided to release some lovely looking palettes. I don't know the finish of these, but I'm secretly hoping for a lot of matte shades. There are four palettes in the collection, I'm not sure if it's limited edition or permanent, but I suspect the neutral one will be very popular.

Nude Rose Smokey Eyes

Nude Beige Smokey Eyes

Black Smokey Eyes

Violet Smokey Eyes
The palettes will be available in December and should cost 12 €, though there is a possibility that this already reached other countries.
Na voljo v začetku meseca decembra v izbranih parfumerijah po Sloveniji. PMPC: 11,99 €.

There are many new products by Balea, but I chose only those that interest me. I particularly love the look of those retro creams - I'm really digging the packaging. I'm excited about the honey vanilla batch cube as well and I hope it smells nice. You can find more new releases here. By the way, I just saw that Ebeline will have a konjac sponge.

Mislim, da tole velja samo za Slovenijo, ampak pri nakupu nad 30 € na blagajni dobiš USB ključek 8 GB. Velja do razdelitve 4.000 ključkov. Vir

Calvin Klein Euphoria Gold
Eau de parfum

I am SO excited about this fragrance. I'm a fan of the original Euphoria's and its flankers, but this one states honey and apricots in the notes - we all know how much I love both (they are also in Fame by Lady Gaga, my favourite fragrance). However, it does make me sad that it's only a limited edition. I need to sniff this ASAP.

Euphoria Gold for women
It'a fruity-oriental edition of Euphoria. Notes and reviews on Fragrantica.
 Top notes include a juicy union of cumquat, tangerine and sweet apricots. 
The heart incorporates warm shades of honey sweetened with scents of gardenia and daffodil.
Base consists of white patchouli, sandalwood and musk.

Euphoria Gold for men
A oriental-fougere composition. Notes and reviews on Fragrantica.
Top notes include fresh blend of ginger and lemon. 
The heart is dominated by honey, cinnamon and basil.
Base consists of amber, patchouli and vanilla. 

Britney Spears Rocker Femme Fantasy
eau de parfum

Another fragrance I'm very, very excited about. Again I'm a huge fan of the original Fantasy and this one will surely be another jummy fragrance judging from the notes. 

The fragrance is announced as a gourmand - fruity - oriental. The composition opens with sweet aromas of blackberry liqueur and coconut cream. Flowers of violet, gardenia and jasmine are in the heart of the perfume. Amber, musk, cashmere and vanilla provide lasting finish. 

Shiseido Zen Moon Essence 
Eau de parfum intense

The scent is floral-woody-ambery. It opens with accord of rose accompanied by bergamot, pineapple, grapefruit and pear. The heart captures intense notes of jasmine, magnolia, freesia, tuberose, violet and raspberry. The base wraps the composition up in patchouli, cashmere, white musk, vanilla and amber. Notes on Fragrantica.

La Roche Posay

A generous offer by LRP - when you purchase 400 ml bottle of Solution Micellaire Physiologique, you receive another 400 ml bottle for free. It's possible this is valid only in Slovenia, though I doubt it (here it costs 13.72 €). Sounds very generous to me.

Another package by LRP, but in this one you get a nail polish and a 50 ml micellar water when you buy one of the Hydreane products and the full size micellar water. Again I'm not sure if this is only in Slovenia.


When you puchase any Aqualia Thermal product (except the eye cream and lip balm) you receive complimentary 7-days worth of samples. 
When you purchase any of the Idéalia products you receive a complimentary bag with 8 samples of Idéalia Life Serum.

See anything interesting?
Have a great day!