Big Pharma’s ‘Adderall’ Is Basically Crystal Meth, Says Dr. Carl Hart

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'Dr. Carl Hart, an associate professor of psychology and psychiatry at Columbia University who specializes in drug abuse and drug addiction, is also an outspoken critic of the drug war, and made comments in the media recently about how the popular big pharma drug Adderall is pretty much the same thing as crystal meth.'


Apple Cider Pumpkin Donuts Recipe

Photo Credit: GreenMedInfo

'Conventional donuts are full of sugar, toxic emulsifiers and trans fats. Not these. Apple cider pumpkin donuts are the perfect complement dessert for your upcoming Halloween festivities. Instead of having kids gorge on candies the day after, promise them this very tasty donut delight which can be raw and deliciously satisfying for even the biggest sweet tooth.'


Why Pomegranate Juice is 'Roto-Rooter' for the Arteries

Worried About Clogged Arteries? Drink This.
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'Millions take toxic cholesterol and blood pressure lowering drugs that may do nothing to reduce heart disease specific mortality. Pomegranate juice, on the other hand, actually reverses underlying pathologies of the cardiovascular system that lead to bypass surgeries and heart attacks.

One of the most amazing clinical studies ever performed has been hidden away behind a pay wall for over a decade. When I first stumbled upon this clinical pearl two years ago, in the form of the publicly indexed abstract on, my jaw nearly dropped.'


Kickboxing Champion Becomes Filmmaker Kicking Cancer and Vaccine Lies

'Now he’s fighting from behind the camera in his chosen role as a warrior against the strangle-hold of worthless, dangerous, cancer causing treatments offered by the Medical Mafia. Shortly after starting his independent film making career, he met a young woman, Cynthia Brooks, who cured her stage 3 ovarian cancer by researching various options and piecing her own approach together.

Cynthia’s complete refusal to yield to Medical Mafia treatments with her mind open to alternative options led to paths she discovered from which to pick and synthesis for her own healing protocol. 


The Brain Needs Cannabinoids And Dietary Hemp Is The Answer


'There are over 400 phytonutrients that exist in Hemp Plants. Hemp is often mistaken for its cannabis cousin, marijuana, even though smoking an entire garbage bag of hemp would not produce an altered state of consciousness. 

Optimal brain health is achieved when linoleic acid (LA) and alpha linoleic acid (ALA) are consumed in a ratio only naturally found in hemp.

The brain also has a requirement for cannabinoids, which regulate most of the major functions of the body including alertness, emotions, inflammation and cancer defenses.'


Just Say No To Acetaminophen


'Acetaminophen (such as Tylenol®) is the most commonly used analgesic medication worldwide. Many physicians and lay people assume that acetaminophen is perfectly safe. It is not. 

A recent study published in the British Medical Journal (March 1, 2015) highlighted some of the adverse effects of acetaminophen. 

The researchers looked at multiple trials that reported adverse events related to acetaminophen use including mortality as well as cardiovascular, gastrointestinal or kidney problems. In one study, the authors found a 90% increased risk in overall mortality in those taking acetaminophen.'


Herbs for Brainpower

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'Adding herbs like parsley and thyme to your diet might help boost your brainpower, courtesy of apigenin. Apigenin is a flavonoid found in many herbs, including parsley, thyme, and chamomile, and certain other plants like celery and other vegetables.

When researchers applied apigenin to human stem cells in a petri dish, something remarkable happened – 25 days later, the stem cells had turned into neurons (an effect that didn't occur without apigenin).'


The One Thing Health Conscious People Haven’t Been Told About Kerrygold Irish Butter

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Editor's Note: This article mistakenly describes white foil packaging for unsalted cultured Kerrygold butter. It's actually silver in the USA.

Kerrygold Butter: Mostly Grass-Fed, But Is It Enough?

'The particular butter recommended in the aforementioned book, Kerrygold, is available at many grocery stores across the country and is also now making it into health food stores as well.

You may have noticed it in either gold foil packages (for the salted variety) or in white foil packages for the cultured, unsalted version.'


Sunlight — It Does Your Body Good

'When you're exposed to sunlight, all of the sun's energy is hitting your skin. Over the past 40 years, dermatologists have promulgated the idea that you should never be exposed to direct sunlight because it will damage your skin and cause skin cancer.

What they fail to appreciate is that when you're exposed to sunlight, many important biological processes occur in your skin. This is distinct from swallowing oral vitamin D.

While taking an oral vitamin D supplement will improve your vitamin D status, you forgo the benefits sunlight offers beyond vitamin D production.'




'Sciatica refers to pain radiating along the sciatic nerve, which originates in the lower spine as a combination of several nerves from the low back region. The nerve branches from the spine to the left and right buttocks and then travels down the back of the legs, at about the middle of the thighs, to the feet.'


Boost Your Workouts With Chocolate

Boost Your Workouts With Chocolate
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'Dark chocolate is famous for its heart health benefits. Now British researchers find it also improves exercise performance in cyclists.[i]

The researchers recruited nine young men in their early 20s who were moderately trained in cycling.'


Chiropractic Care May Help Reverse Multiple Sclerosis and Parkinson’s Disease


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'The research was performed by Erin Elster, D.C., an Upper Cervical Chiropractor in Boulder, Colorado, who compiled data from 44 MS patients and 37 PD patients treated over the past five years. 

After treating upper neck injuries in 81 patients, 91% of MS patients and 92% of PD patients improved, suggesting that correction of neck injuries stimulated a reversal of MS and PD.'


Coconut Oil for Reversing Alzheimer’s Disease Now Clinically Studied


'Dr. Mary Newport, desperate after orthodox medical attempts failed her husband’s dwindling dysfunction from Alzheimer’s, discovered coconut oil and rescued him from having to be put away in a special home.

His remarkable recovery went viral on the internet and Dr. Newport wrote a 2011-12 bestseller, Alzheimer’s Disease: What if There Was a Cure?'


Why Walnut Resembles the Brain It Nourishes

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'Nothing could be more beautiful or poetic than when a healing food actually looks like the organ system it nourishes and heals in the body.

While commonly viewed as mere coincidence, it is difficult for me to acknowledge the exquisite design of the walnut, whose eerily skull-like shell encompasses the fatty-acid rich, bihemispheric "brain" of the nut, without opening myself to the possibility that mother nature wove metaphor, meaning, and a high degree of co-evolutionary non-arbitrariness into the natural order of things.'


How To Use Hemp Seeds

Receding gums can be treated naturally

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'Receding gums commonly affect people age 40 and over. However, plenty of younger people, including teenagers, struggle with receding gums. Though conventional medicine offers surgery for receding gums, the procedure can be quite painful and costly. 

This surgery also does nothing to address the underlying cause of gum recession. It is possible to reverse gum disease and treat receding gums naturally at home using simple tips and ingredients.'


Powerful Example of the Power of Kindness


'Kindness tends to be featured most heavily around the Christmas season, but there's certainly no expiration date on kindness and acceptance.  

Science tells us that kindness directly influences your propensity for happiness. Kindness also improves your health and increases your longevity. That's a proven biological fact.

And, when it comes to creating happy relationships, few attributes beat kindness, which by definition encompasses taking the feelings of others into consideration, sympathy, empathy, compassion, thoughtfulness, gentleness, and caring.'


DIY Ginger Cinnamon Elderberry Syrup

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'Elder tree flowers and berries are often used in teas, tinctures, jams, jellies and syrups. Traditionally the berries are used to support immune system health.* A syrup can easily be made from fresh elderberries (Sambucus nigra) and elder flowers, or you can simply use dried berries like we’ve done here. 

There are dozens of variations of this traditional syrup recipe, so we urge you to play around with the recipe to see what works best for you.'

Bioactive Glass - The Future of Dental Fillings

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'Mercury amalgam fillings are now a well known toxicity to the body of both dental patients and dentists themselves. Specific resin composites used now by many dentists are safer, however insufficient research has been able to validate long-term health implications. 

'Engineers have made some promising findings about the ability of 'bioactive' glass which may be not only the safest of the three, but perhaps even provide some of the minerals needed to replace those lost to tooth decay.'



Photo Credit:Healthy Holistic Living

'Most of you probably know what Thieves Oil is, but if not have I got a story for you! The name and recipe for Thieves Oil have an interesting backstory and explains why this blend of oils is so good for you.

The recipe varies and dates back to the Middle Ages where Thieves Oil kept a group of merchants safe from the Black Plague. The mixtures of antiseptic, antibacterial, and antimicrobial properties were able to stave off the Plague and keep these merchants safe.'


6 Ways Drumming Heals Body, Mind and Soul

6 Ways Drumming Heals Body, Mind and Soul
Photo Credit:GreeenMedInfo

'From slowing the decline in fatal brain disease, to generating a sense of oneness with one another and the universe, drumming's physical and spiritual health benefits may be as old as time itself.

Drumming is as fundamental a form of human expression as speaking, and likely emerged long before humans even developed the capability of using the lips, tongue and vocal organs as instruments of communication.'


A Japanese Method For Healing, Each Finger Is Tied To Two Organs

'Jean Shin Jyutsu is a traditional Japanese healing art. It is an extremely simple practice that anybody can do themselves anywhere at anytime. 


It’s one of the most convenient forms of healing since it requires no drug or herb. Just two hands and a little know-how is all that’s needed to get lasting results.'


Fat Cells Morph From Storage To Burning With Fish Oil


'It prevents cardiovascular disease, cancer and hypertension, but researchers have now found that fish oil also transforms fat-storage cells into fat-burning cells, which may reduce weight gain in middle age.'


Study shows ginseng offers strong protection against colds


'Here's another natural supplement that can help keep you safe from colds this winter. Canadian researchers found that taking ginseng daily helped participants cut their risk of colds by less than half. What's better, those who did catch colds while taking ginseng reported milder symptoms and shorter duration of illness.'


How the Little Known Nutrient Alpha Lipoic Acid Kills Cancer Cells and Outperforms Chemotherapy

Photo Credit: The Truth About Cancer

'Alpha lipoic acid (ALA) is a virtually unknown nutrient. It is a naturally occurring thiol antioxidant, or simply stated, a sulfur containing chemical produced in plants and animals.

It has been shown to have a remarkable ability to regenerate other major anti-oxidants and protect the body from oxidative stress. Research has also shown that it has the potential to outperform chemotherapy in its ability to reduce cancer cell formation; with little to no side-effects or collateral damage.'


9 Healing Herbs


'Have you ever chewed on a piece of ginger to curb your nausea? Or sprinkled ground cinnamon in your oatmeal to help lower blood sugar? If the answer is yes, you are taking part in a tradition that stretches deep into our past.

One of China’s first books on healing was the Pen Ts’ao, written around 4,500 years ago, detailing the therapeutic properties of 365 medicinal plants. Many of the healing herbs outlined in the book are still in use today, including ephedra, yellow gentian, ginseng, and, yes, ginger and cinnamon.'


Ghee Caramel Pecan Clusters

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'The recipe below is slightly untraditional as I skipped the typical heavy dairy and sugar based caramel which many folks would have difficulties getting to the right consistency. 

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Instead I combined nutty tasting ghee with dates and honey to create a very similar taste, and likely a bit better for you anyways. You may end up with a bit of leftover caramel so enjoy it on apple slices, or bake mini cookies and use it as a filling!'


5 Powerful Psychedelics That Treat Mental Disorders and Change Human Consciousness By Reorganizing the Brain

'Psychoactive plants and hallucinogens have given us the opportunity to see life through different perspectives for thousands of years. Many of these plants, which can only be defined as gifts from nature, have unfortunately been declared illegal in many parts of the world due to the ignorance and intolerance of many governments.

As the shift in consciousness is accelerating across the planet, more people are accepting the true power of psychedelics with unprecedented potential to treat cancers, addictions, psychological traumas, but most of all, to reorganize the brain and shift thought patterns.'


Light Therapy Is More Effective Than Prozac In Major Depression

Light Therapy Is More Effective Than Prozac In Major Depression
Photo Credit: GreenMedInfo

'Bright light therapy has a proven track record of success in the treatment of seasonal affective disorder (SAD), commonly referred to as the winter blues. A new study from the University of British Columbia shows that this simple and safe therapy is effective for non-seasonal major depression. In fact, researchers showed light therapy was much more effective than fluoxetine (Prozac).'


Study: Vitamin D May Repair MS Nerve Damage

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'The researchers noted that the study "provides significant evidence that vitamin D is also involved in the regeneration of myelin" once MS has developed, and they hope to create a myelin repair drug that works by targeting the vitamin D receptor (currently, the typical prescription for MS focuses on highly toxic medications like prednisone and interferon).3

Susan Kohlhaas, head of biomedical research at the MS Society, stated, however, that she'd like to see more studies to reveal whether taking vitamin D supplements could be an effective treatment for MS.'

Apple Cider Vinegar Isn’t A Fad, It’s A Weight Loss Weapon Against Stubborn Belly Fat

'Rightly touted as the new ‘super fluid’ that has become an obsession with millions, Apple Cider Vinegar, popularly called ACV, is a quick way to an effective energy rake-up. A miracle product that can be used in a large number of ways, ACV can possibly do everything from lowering your cholesterol to helping you shed weight to even polishing your furniture.'


Neuroscientist Shows What Fasting Does To Your Brain & Why Big Pharma Won’t Study It

“Why is it that the normal diet is three meals a day plus snacks? It isn’t that it’s the healthiest eating pattern, now that’s my opinion but I think there is a lot of evidence to support that. 

There are a lot of pressures to have that eating pattern, there’s a lot of money involved. The food industry — are they going to make money from skipping breakfast like I did today? No, they’re going to lose money. If people fast, the food industry loses money. 

What about the pharmaceutical industries? What if people do some intermittent fasting, exercise periodically and are very healthy, is the pharmaceutical industry going to make any money on healthy people?”


Selecting Fresh, Uncontaminated Foods

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'In early November, I spoke with a client in her early 50s who was going on about 6 weeks of experiencing chronic nausea and diarrhea without a clue as to why.

My hunch was that her local grocery store marinates older cuts of meat to mask bacterial slime and odour - a colleague in California told me about this practice many years ago.

Thankfully, within two days of doing away with pre-marinated cuts of chicken from her grocery store, the nausea and diarrhea stopped.'


New In #37

ESSENCE All About Nude and All About Bronze Palettes
I never thought much of Essence eyeshadows. The ones I tried were rubbish, so I avoided buying more, but I heard some good things about these palettes and after swatching them in the shop, I put them on my wishlist. To be fair, since I got theBalm Nude'Tude palette I didn't plan on getting any more cheap eyeshadows, but I bought these because I need them for my work and they were the only ones I could just go and buy in the drugstore - stupid reason, but whatever. When I first tried these, they got a double "hmm" from me. That's the sound I make when I'm feeling underwhelmed by the product, basically it's not a good sign when I do this. They are nice... ish. Well nice for drugstore eyeshadows, but based on those swatches I made in the shop I expected a lot more pigment. They are just sheerer than I expected, though the bronze shades are nice. I don't know.. .they're not bad, but  theBalm palette is miles better ( and 8-times more expensive). It could just be the top layer and I do have a feeling they are improving the more I use them. 
You can find a few looks I did with them here. My fellow bloggers already wrote a review about these, you can find them here: Adjusting Beauty and Chunky Cheeks.
Müller, 4.39 €

 GOLDEN ROSE Velvet Matte Lipstick
I got my first products from this brand. I've heard about it, but they only recently came to Slovenia. They remind me of Kiko in some ways, with the large selection of products and shades as well as very affordable prices. I was highly recommended to try Velvet Matte Lipsticks and I decided on shade 12 after checking Instagram pics and saw a comparison with Mac's Mehr (they're not dupes just to be clear). I like this. It's a nice matte lipstick, quite creamy once you get through the top slightly harder layer and it reminds me a bit of Maybelline's Matte lipstick. Shade 12 is a medium muted rose, a natural shade, but darker than my lips. It's like a darker Nude-ist and I'm quite liking it at the moment. I did a swatch on the lips bellow, but I hate winter for taking swatches, so it's not completely spot on, but close enough.
Golden Rose, 3.90 €

GOLDEN ROSE Matte Lipstick Crayon
02, 03 and 05
Another product I was recommended to try and heard raves about. I get quite a few e-mails and messages from readers and friends about really dark, plumy shades and the darkest shade I own is Mac's Diva, so I wanted to explore some more affordable and ever darker options. I choose two very deep shades, 02 and 03. The first is a deep red that is similar to Diva and 03 is a deep brownish plum, which I'm not so sure about, it's not terribly pretty, but it very close to some pictures I got sent (from Pinterest obviously, which are all so clearly photoshopped). My cousin also lend me shade 05 which is a deep red. The formula is a bit creamier than of Velvets and it's not that easy to get very precise edges with it, so a lip liner is still a must at such dark shades. I noticed that some shades in the Velvet Matte range and Matte Crayon are basically the same, 02 is 23 in Velvet, 03 is 29 and 07 is 12 (Ajda is wearing Velvet 23 here). These need to be sharpened which I'm not a fan of. 

Not the best swatches, but I wanted to post them now, since I have a feeling it will take me some time to do proper reviews.
 Golden Rose, 3.90 €

GOLDEN ROSE Extreme Sparkle Eyeliner
I wanted a gold eyeliner for my holiday look and when I was checking the Golden Rose website before going to the actual shop, I chose Metallic Eyeliner in 02, but when I swatched them, this one looked more special, so I chose glitter over metallic. It looked a bit thin when I swatched it at home again and indeed it is a product that requires two layers, but I love the effect of it. It sparkles so nicely on the eyes, which looks so glamorous. The colour is a very yellow gold, which isn't the best, but I'm pleased with this and would love to get the silver version as well. You'll see it in action in my holiday inspired post (still working on it).

 Golden Rose, 4.50 €

 GOLDEN ROSE Eyeshadow Crayon
Since I discovered Kiko's Eyeshadow Sticks, I've been loving these type of creamy products as bases because they make even the cheap eyeshadows work perfectly, not to mention how quick they are to apply. I got the shade 14 which is  a warm hazelnut brown shade with a metallic finish. It's not as good as Kiko's, by that I mean it's not as intensely pigmented, it just means that the products need to be layered and when it comes to eyeshadows that's not the best thing as thick layers are prone to creasing, however, I do really like this. It blends nicely and works well as a base. The one thing I'm not a fan of is that it needs to be sharpened, which is a hassle and you essentially throw away some of product when you do it. 
Golden Rose, 3.30 €

 GOLDEN ROSE Jolly Jewels Nail Lacquer
Golden Rose has the most impressive nail polish collection I've ever seen. They truly have an astonishing range of colours and finishes. I wanted a dense gold glitter nail polish, which I actually searched for all over my home town. This one isn't quite it, but it caught my eye because it has an interesting combination of small gold glitter with large copper hexagons. It's not fully opaque even with several coats, instead it's more of a top coat. It sparkles under the artificial light, though when you look at it closely, it's a bit strange, since the base is warm gold and then the hexagonal flakes are copper. The removal process is understandably a nightmare, those copper hexagons stick to the nails so fast you need some ungodly power to get them off. Picture of it on my nails here.
Golden Rose, 3.10 €

 ESSENCE The Gel Nail Polish 
50 i feel good
I got this purely to do some nail art, which failed so miserably. I never owned a green nail polish, frankly it's a weird colour to wear on the nails to me (and the comments I got were hilarious). This one is a dark forest green. The formula is lovely, it's one of those gel formula ones, so it's excellent.  
Müeller, 1.69 €

 eBay Metallic Rose Gold Brushes
Blush brush and contour brush
These are beyond amazing for the price! I got then immediately after seeing them of Petra's Instagram and got only two to try, but I'm getting the whole set for sure or at least the powder one and another set of these two. These look expensive, though the handle is plastic, which is actually much better to me as I would hate to have a heavy brush to handle. The bristles are amazingly soft and these just feel well made. 

 The blush brush fits my cheeks well, some might find it a bit small, but I prefer more precise blush brushes. It's the type of brush I would use with more pigmented blushes as it's not very dense. By the way, the bristles are synthetic. 

The contour brush is dense, just the way I like it and it can work as a great foundation brush. I tried contouring with it which ended up very well. Great brush.

 Petra already wrote an awesome and comprehensive review, so I probably won't write any more than in this New In.
eBay, blusher brush (contour) £1.70, facial brush (blush) £1.66

YVES ROCHER Exfoliating Bubble for Bath 
Spicy Vanilla
Last year I won a shower gel in Yves Rocher's Christmas/December giveaway and I loved it. It was really good, so this year I decided to give their holiday collection a go. These bubbles looked the coolest and when I saw they have three version, all of which mention cinnamon in one way or another, I really wanted one. I checked all of them in the shop, the Orange-Cinnamon version, the Orange-Almond one and this one, Spicy Vanilla, and to be completely honest they all smelled the same, just like Jaffa Cakes. I'm not a fan of the latter, I mean jam with chocolate, where is this world going, but it's kind of a nice scent for Christmas I guess. The gel is thick, which I like and the exfoliating particles aren't just for show, though it's not a proper scrub. The one thing I hate about this bubble is that there is no proper "delivering system", it's just a gaping hole when you open it and it's hard to control the amount you want. Nice, but the packaging needs an update.
Yves Rocher, 5.90 €

YVES ROCHER Perfumed Bath Oil
Spicy Vanilla
This has an even more unfortunate packaging than the Bubble for Bath. It's seriously so stupid. There is a tiny hole through which the product should be delivered, but unless you shake this vigorously, nothing comes out. So you spend a better part of the shower shaking this like a moron for a few drops of the oil. The scent is more vanillary that the Exfoliating bubble, but it's still all about the Jaffa biscuits. It's light oil compared to L'Occitane's, but it emulsified to a thin foam and doesn't dry out the skin. The ingredients are cheap, main is mineral oil, then there is some maze oil plus fragrance. It's nice, but I need to figure out how to fix the packaging problem. It's also a very pretty decoration on the shelf. 
Yves Rocher, 7.5 €

MILANI Powder Blush 
01 Romantic Rose (borrowed)
This isn't mine, but I sure wish it was. These have been on my wishlist for absolutely ages and when my cousin came round enthusiastically waving the new Milani lipstick in Darling she got because of me, she also showed me this and asked me if I'd like to review it. I adore this. It's so good, like HG material. The shade is so lovely, a natural brownish-muted pink-mauve, complicated to describe but something along the lines of Catrice's I'm Nuts About You. It's very pigmented, blends nicely and looks superb on the cheeks. And the design is sooooo pretty! You shall hear a lot of gushing about it here in the future. Basically I want all of these, well the natural shades, I'm not sure I can pull off Coral Cove, it looks very intense.
Milani EU 9.16 €; Milani USA $7.99; Beauty Crowd, £7.20; Moja Drogerija, 14.41 €; Click2Chic, 10.46 €

YANKEE CANDLE Cranberry Pear
When it comes to Yankee Candle, I'm one of those that is mainly unimpressed, but constantly tempted especially at Christmas. I fell in love with this scent instantly. I won't write this poetic description of the scent, I'll just say what it actually smells like and that is wild strawberries and a bit of pine, which actually ends up smelling like picking strawberries in the forest (something I do every year and I just love that smell). I've actually never found any scent that would mimic wild berries, they smells so much nicer that garden ones and taste far better too, so I'm delighted to have found this. The scent it very intense and even unlit/melted it fills the room. But basically it doesn't smell like neither pear nor cranberry. 
Yankee Candle, 1.99 €

YANKEE CANDLE Season of Peace
This one reminds me of my late grandmother, or at least the smell of her house. It's somewhat like Soft Blanket, so a clean and warm scent. It's like a fabric softener, I'm sure my grandma had a laundry detergent or a fabric softener with this scent, so it must be something that was sold here 15 years ago, but I haven't a clue which one she used (maybe Silan. I think I saw a bottle of it in her house). 
Yankee Candle, 2.60 €

Another gorgeous scent. Shea butter doesn't smell as nice as this, but I can smell it mixed in the scent. It's warm, creamy and clean. It like a generic body cream in the scent that everyone likes. Love this. 
Yankee Candle, 2.60 €

YANKEE CANDLE Snowflake Cookie
This is pretty much the same as their Christmas Cookie. There's loads of gourmand vanilla and this baked note. It sounds strange I know, but when you bake cookies and you just take them out of the oven, there is this smell of baked. It's kind of a classic candle that you burn when you want to make it appear like you baked something, but were too lazy to do it and you just sneakily bought them in the supermarket.
Yankee Candle, 2.60 €

L'OREAL Elnett Heat Protect Spray - Straight 
Elnett Hitze Styling Sprays 3 Tage Glatt 
A couple of weeks ago I met the lovely Petra from Adjusting Beauty blog, whom I mention a lot on my blog and we even did my first (an only) collaboration a while ago. She surprised me with a set of samples when we were saying goodbye (thanks again <3) and this was among it. This has been on my wishlist for quite a while, but I always have other products to finish, so I'm been putting off purchasing it. It's a very basic heat protectant that is light and simple, so it fits many hair types and I've been enjoying using it precisely because of that. Actually it's no different to me from the Bumble and Bumble Hairdresser's Invisible Oil Heat UV Protective Primer, which is a lot more expensive. If you're looking for something similar, but for a lot cheaper, this is it. I will buy a full size one day. It has a simple, hair care scent.   
I think it's about 7 €

AVON Advance Techniques 360 Nourishment Moroccan Argan Oil Mask
I have this prejudice that Avon't stuff isn't all that impressive when it comes to dealing with very dry hair. I always imagine they have some diluted, super liquid hair masks, but his one is thick and feels like it will do something. It wasn't bad, but it also wasn't quite enough for my hair, however, I could see it working for moderately dry hair. Full size looks like this (also a pic of shampoo)
Avon, regular price 5.70 €

AVON Advanced Techniques Supreme Oils Shampoo
This was a pleasant surprise to me. It didn't leave my hair stripped and that is a sign of a good shampoo to me. If you have dry hair, this is worth trying out. 
Avon, regular price 4.60 €

AVON Planet Spa Sleepy Serenity Pillow Mist
Petra raved about this a while ago and remember being intrigued as I love such scents. It smells very calming, they describe it as a mix of lavender and camomile, but the latter is much more dominant. From the start this is a dead ringer for the Kamagel's scent to me (camomile based ointment made by Slovene pharmaceutical company Krka), but it then switches to a more lavender based scent. Very calming and very lovely. I can't find this in the catalogue, so I don't know how much it costs or if it still exists. Petra's review here

EBELINE Nagellack Entferner
Nail polish remover
I got this one because of the packaging. It's one of those where you press the cotton pad at the top and it pumps the product up, soaking the cotton pad. One pump delivers pretty much the perfect amount of product for me, others might be used to more, but it can start spraying/dripping if you're too greedy for the product. It's nothing special when it comes to removing. It's not particularly strong, so I probably won't repurchase.  
DM, 1.39 €

 ESSENCE Quick and easy Sponge Nail Polish Remover
This one is more expensive than the Ebeline one I usually buy, but that one gets dirty so fast, so I'm looking for something better (Bourjois' is excellent, but too expensive. Ombia's is total crap). So far I've only used it with light nail polishes because I don't want to ruin it straight away, but it's ok. It does the job.
Interspar, 2.99 €

ESSENCE Holo Stripes Nail Stickers
I got these to do that design that is on the nail wheel next to Golden Rose 103 above. It kind of failed which isn't a surprise. Anyway, there are three thin strips in the set: a silver one, a dark silver one and violet-pink one all with a metallic look, not really holographic. My picture isn't the best, but it's hard to photograph these with a camera phone. They tend to fall off fast without a good layer of top coat. 

 Interspar, 1.39 €

YUMMY Wild Things Shower Gels
Happy Boost and Sexy Boost 
There are new Yummy shower gels called Wild Things which all feature animal prints. I got the zebra Happy Boosts and the snake Sexy Boost, but there are more: the giraffe Classy Boost, leopard Energy Boost, tiger Power Boost, and peacock Vanity Boost. These are pretty basic shower gels that smell nice. They foam well, clean well and that's it. Happy Boost will appeal to many, at least that my experience when I gave these two to people to sniff. It's a classic girly scent, but a bit more sophisticated. It's candy-vanilla sweet, but a bit floral and woody, so it's gourmand without being properly gourmand.

Sexy Boost won't be for everybody though, at least not for those who like simpler scents. It's a proper unisex scent, almost more masculine than feminine. The best way that I can describe it is if I compare it to Axe (Lynx) scents, not the super douchey Dark Temptation, but those green ones. It smells a lot more masculine in the bottle, but in the shower it's more tame. The base is citrusy, I get lime, though its described as earthy. The sharper note that gives the scent defining character is spice, cardamom in particular. I actually like this scent a bit more than the Happy Boost and I'm not a girl for unisex scents. 
Click2Chic, 4.95 €

Have a great day!