August Favourites

This was in my last monthly favourites and it deserves its place here once more. I love how this foundation looks on my skin. It's matte, but not flat-looking, it gives me about a medium coverage and it disguises pores like nothing else I've tried. The shade isn't the best, though this part is kind of expected at L'Oreal foundations, but it's not a horrible match. 

This is the ultimate concealer for lazy human beings. No, seriously, you barely need to do anything, just swipe or stipple it where needed and the sponge does most of the work of blending anyway. The coverage is about medium, but I find it covers well enough for me and I love the thin and light formula of this because it blends in so seamlessly, making it look as if you're not even wearing anything. It's been three-four years that I've loved this concealer and I'm still waiting for it to actually be sold in Slovenia. Thank you Maybelline Slovenia, you spoil us way too much #sarcasmON.

No surprise this is here, since I've been gushing about it this month. The colour is so me because it's similar to one of my all-time favourites I'm Nuts About You, except that it's glowy. Flushed-Fixion is a warm natural shade or kind of a muted pink and it's only a hint cooler than Nuts About You, while it's less intense as well as less warm than Rose Royce. Things haven't been rosy from the start, but once I got through the top layer, it revealed its true potential. Too bad it is a LE item. 

A miracle happened. That magical year came when I can walk into a drugstore here and pick up a decent contouring powder. And one that fits pale girls, imagine that. The contour powder is taupe brown, so it manages to fake a shadow well and it's pigmented enough to show up on my cheeks. The highlighter is subtle though, but in a nice champagne shade for a neutral skintone like mine.
I checked the Essence version as well and I' not a fan. The powders are softer, which I like and the highlighter is a lovely warm beige-gold shade (speaking of the lighter duo), however, the contour powder is too warm.

This is such a comfortable product to wear. I much prefer it to wearing a chapstick. It's super, super soft and moisturising, but has plenty of pigment. On me Rose is a lovely, neutral pink shade that is a shade or two darker than my natural lip colour, so it's a great every day colour. It think my favourite part about this lipstick is the scent - it smells like Planica ice cream, so it's absolutely yummy. 

I just love this colour. It's such a cute, warm pink, which makes it a great everyday colour. In terms of texture this is my favourite lip liner because it's soft, therefore comfortable on the lips, but it's not smudgy soft like Essence lip liners, so it has better staying power and it's more precise. 

I "discovered" a colour combination that I'm totally digging and it's this liner together with the Essence Be Berry Now nail polish. They aren't exactly the same, but close enough. Yummy Berry looks a lot cooler on me than on most, so it's a cool toned fuchsia on me and it is such a striking shade. 

Of course Essence had to discontinue this fabulous colour, though they replaced it with a similar enough shade in their Gel Nails called True Love. Be Berry Now is Bahama Mama's lighter, rosier sister and it's such a pretty shade, one of favourite colours ever that is best described a raspberry-purple.

Dry, Rough Hair
L'Oreal Elvive/Elseve is proving to be my favourite drugstore brand for hair care and I'm really kicking myself for not trying anything from them up to less than a year ago because I had this prejudice that L'Oreal does only mediocre products filled with nasties (the things that internet does to you). This is such a great leave-in product and unique in terms of texture from what I tried. It really feels like a hair oil in a cream and coconut oil is actually on the second place among the ingredient. This fixes my dry ends without the high silicone content (though there are silicones in it) and without making my hair greasy or limp. It can be used on either dry or wet hair, which is just awesome, plus it smells lovely. This is all I wanted Phyto's famous 9 to be, but a lot cheaper.

I save this like crazy because I get so nervous about using my good stuff since it's so expensive, but damn it does it make my hair feel like new. Cleansing conditioners are basically conditioners that are used as shampoos, so you're literally done with hair in three minutes, but these should be used only on hair that isn't that dirty, but preferably when you hair is feeling dry. This one is like a Kérastase quality shampoo plus mask in one and the effect of this is amazing on my dry hair - clean, yet moisturised super shiny and healthy looking hair, but still with some volume. My hair feels so great when I use this. But I have to warm you that this is a heavy product and even I need to use it completely on its own, so no additional care later (I'd recommend this only to those with dry hair). It's so hard to get out of the tube because it's so thick, but I think that the new packaging is actually a bottle with a pump.

I think this was appropriately named because it smells like freshly laundered clothes hanging in the warm summer sun, so it does make you think of sunshine. It's a simple fragrance, which to me just means it smells clean and ended up I wearing it every single day since I got it.

Have a great day!

U.S. Government Withholds Vaccine Injury Data: Rolls Out “Vaccine Confidence Plan” Instead


'Theresa Wrangham of the National Vaccine Information Center does an excellent job in this article exposing how the U.S. Government is attempting to conceal data showing vaccine injuries and deaths for the sake of selling more vaccines. 

Health Impact News is one of the few outlets in the U.S. right now that publishes the quarterly reports supplied by the Department of Justice to the Advisory Commission on Childhood Vaccines showing cases compensated for vaccine injuries and deaths.'


Change the Game by Taking Control of Your Health

'This website was created 18 years ago, in 1997, when I combined my two primary passions in life – health and technology – and made it my mission to share exciting new developments in natural health with a wider audience.

Thanks to you, this site has become the most visited natural health website in the world for the last 11 years.

Because of your loyal support, we've slowly but surely awakened the world to the false promises of the fatally flawed conventional medical view, which claims disease is best treated with drugs, and that the government knows what's best for your health and should be allowed to dictate your health options.'


10 Different Ways to Eat Coconut Cream Concentrate (aka “Coconut Butter”)

'Coconut Cream Concentrate, also known as “coconut butter” is a nut butter-like spread made from coconut. Like many nut butters, it often separates into two layers: solid, and oil. It may have to be mixed thoroughly before consuming. Even if the Coconut Cream Concentrate (for short: CCC) gets completely rock hard at colder temperatures, this is easily fixed by gently heating the entire jar using hot water and simply mixing back in (watch the video below to see how it’s done).'


Intermittent Fasting 101 – The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide

Photo Credit:

'Intermittent fasting (IF) is currently one of the world’s most popular health and fitness trends.

People are using it to lose weight, improve health and simplify their healthy lifestyle.

Many studies show that it can have powerful effects on your body and brain, and may even help you live longer (1, 2, 3).

This is the ultimate beginner’s guide to intermittent fasting.'


Study: Antioxidants Present in Virgin Coconut Oil Inhibit Inflammation Associated with Arthritis

Osteoporosis of the knee joint.

Photo Credit: Health Impact News

'In what may the first study of its kind, researchers in India extracted the antioxidants unique to virgin coconut oil from the oil and injected them into rats with induced arthritis. They found that the unique coconut oil antioxidants reduced inflammation associated with arthritis more effectively than current pharmaceutical drugs.'


Chemo Drugs For Life Or Raw Milk? Ulcerative Colitis Cured?

'Below you can watch the full interview to hear Doug’s journey firsthand and learn how he cured himself with raw milk, fermented foods, and a high fat diet. (If you’re more of a reader, see the write-up underneath!) Doug went from pharmaceuticals, to steroids, to chemotherapy drugs, and then even faced surgery to remove his large intestine. Today he is completely symptom-free and has been for 2 years.'


Good Medicine: Do As Much Nothing As Possible

Good Medicine: Do As Much Nothing As Possible
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'Medicine is undergoing an existential crisis today. Its core value proposition – to help and not hurt -- is failing to manifest. Patients are suffering. Doctors are suffering. The only exuberant party on the battlefield against disease is the pharmaceutical industry. An industry whose annual causalities far exceed the death total from our two decade long involvement in the Vietnam war.

The entire system is on the precipice of a collapse, if not for economic reasons alone, then certainly for ethical and intellectual ones. The irony is that the system has become so ineffective and dangerous that avoiding medical treatment (excluding perhaps emergency care) has become one of if not the best healthcare strategy you can implement to protect your health and well-being.'


First Ground Breaking Study Shows How Rhodiola Rosea Protects People From Viral Infections

Photo Credit:

'Also known as arctic root or golden root, Rhodiola Rosea has already been clinically shown to stimulate serotonin, norepinephrine and dopamine activity, and support healthy neurotransmitter balance, but human trials have now shown the the herb protects against viral infection.

Arctic Root is a plant indigenous to Siberia, where it thrives in high altitudes and dry arctic climate. The primary medicinal compounds of Arctic Root are derived from the root of the plant. In Russia, Scandinavia and much of Europe, Arctic Root has been traditionally recognized for its adaptogenic properties. An adaptogen is a physiological agent that naturally increases the body’s resistance to physical and emotional stress.'


More Evidence: Benefits of Music Easing Pain and Anxiety After Surgery

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'If you’re going to be undergoing a medical procedure, or you struggle with chronic pain, reaching for your playlist may be as good as reaching for a bottle of pain pills.

The power of music for relaxation, stress relief, and pain reduction is undeniable, although individual research studies proving the same were too small to show a strong connection.

That all changed when researchers pooled the data from 73 randomized clinical trials focusing on the role of music among surgery patients. Researcher Dr. Catherine Meads at Brunel University told NPR.'


Drugstore Challenge: What Makeup Would I Buy with 50 €

Years ago I did a challenge: what makeup would I buy with 50 € at the drugstore? It was a fun task, but a difficult one because things aren't exactly cheap around here. I still stand firmly by my choices made back then and go check it out to see a different version of this challenge, but I wanted to make a new one that would include new products I've tried since then. In my 2013 version I included my favourite foundation, Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum as well as Maybelline's the Eraser and I would still pick both, but they are very expensive for drugstore products at 15 € and 10 € respectively, so they eat a huge chunk of the budget. Essence Stay Matt Lip Creams were discontinued, which broke my heart, so I had to choose a worthy replacement for those as well. I had nine products in the first challenge and in this new one I have twelve. Most of the products are from Catrice and Essence simply because they are the cheapest brands here and they have some excellent products that I use every day, while the rest are just getting more and more expensive.

7.69 €
I chose this foundation not just to switch it up from my previous selection, but also because it's half cheaper than Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum. Nude Illusion is a wonderful foundation in the drugstores and the cheapest one in my top 5. It's gives about a medium coverage, has this lovely luminous matte finish and lasts very well on the skin.  

4.19 £ (currently 5.8 €)
This category got a bit tricky because in all these years, I still haven't found a decent concealer that I could just pick up in our drugstores. I could choose Bourjois' 123 Perfect CC Eye Cream, but the coverage is only medium, so it's best suited only for under the eyes, plus I have this huge issue with the fact there is only 1.5 ml in the pen. So I said sod it and chose one of my favourite concealers, the famous Collection's one, even though it's hard to get here in Slovenia (try eBay or Boots International). It has full coverage, comes in light enough shades and can be used on both spots as well as dark circles. 

6.8 € (Salma)
So I cheated and added this one as a replacement for Collection's one since that one is hard to find. It's a euro more expensive (price is from Salma, where it's cheapest that I could find) and it's again not sold in Slovene drugstores, but at least it's sold online and in neighbouring countries. It has less coverage than Collections', but it's less thick and better suited for under the eyes. 

3.79 €
Whether you're on a budget or not, these blushes are a fantastic drugstore buy. They have excellent pigmentation, they apply and blend nicely, plus they have great staying power. Their shade range is lovely, but the one shade I recommend you to try is Rose Royce.

2.99 €
I never talk about this, but this is a pretty good highlighter. It's very glowy for what I'm used to, but I love a good cream highlighter. The formula is indeed cream to powder, well at least in a sense that it dries fast on the skin. There are two colours of this, I got the pink toned Bright up your life (similar to Benefit High Beam).

4.69 €
I admit I haven't tried a ton of powders from the drugstore, but the one thing I know is that I dislike the Essence all about matt! fixing compact powder despite the fact it's a euro cheaper. So I chose this one because I do use it a lot and it's a decent product. The colour correcting bit is a total lie, but it mattifies and sets the makeup without looking powdery and cakey.

3.59 €
I could choose pretty much any other Essence mascara because they do some really good ones, but I chose this one since it gives the most massive, voluminous and long lashes ever when it's new. It's not waterproof so it doesn't hold a curl on my lashes, but most of you don't experience such a problem anyway. Essence does have some good waterproof formulas if you need that instead.

2.79 €
Essence has a pretty good felt tip eyeliner for the price. It's nicely black, the nib is of a normal shape and it lasts quite well on the eyes. It dries out fast though and it's not as amazing as some other more expensive liners, but it's worth purchasing.

2.20 €
Basically you just need this. I use it every single day. Every. Single. Day. Even if I'm not wearing makeup. This became such a staple to me and I much prefer it to the Max Factor Khol Eyeliner in Glaze that I mentioned in my previous version of the challenge. This is a super creamy eyeliner that transfers into the waterline with ease and it makes your eyes appear more wide and awake. My shade is called 01 Highlight it...Nude and it's a pinky toned nude. Amazing product.

5.29 €
Boy did Catrice did a great job at these, especially the Matt and Nude versions. They are very pigmented, apply nicely, aren't chalky and last well on the lids. Matt is an excellent neutral, matte palette that is great for a basic, "contoured" taupe look which is just such a classic, while Nude has a lovely collection of shimmery nudes that should suit just about anyone. Whichever you choose, you'll be set in the eyeshadow department for a classic neutral look.

I was deliberating whether to include Catrice's Contour Palette or this here, since I already put Tattoos in my previous version of this challenge, but they won again because they also work as an eyeshadow base, plus they are so easy and quick to apply. I put only On and on Bronze here because this is the shade I'd choose as it's so universally flattering.

4.29 €
These are amazing quality for the price. If I compare them to the a bit cheaper Essence or Makeup Revolutions ones, these are much better quality. They have an excellent pigmentation, lasting power, don't dry the lips, don't bleed and they are very smooth. Their colour range is beautiful, but shades are discontinued and new added often, so don't get too attached to one colour. 

ESSENCE Lipliner and Longlasting Lipliner
1.19-1.59 €
So I had some money left and I just threw these in. The reality is that it's almost impossible to walk out of the drugstore without one of these (queue exhibit A). I'm not a massive fan of their "regular" lipliners as they are too soft for my liking, but that's just my opinion and just about anyone I know utterly adores these. I'm more of a fan of the Longlasting range and I love the shades Lovely Frappuccino and Yummy Berry (you'll have to dig out some extra change, if you want these to fit the 50 € budget). Both of these can easily be used instead of a lipstick and they don't feel drying at all, so they are a great way to experiment with colours. From the regular lipliners range I highly recommend you check 14 Wish me a Rose because it's a good dupe for Mac's Please Me (at least on my lips) and those who are a fan of the 90's trend, try Satin Mauve. It looks awful on me, but gorgeous on most I've seen. 

A grand total comes just shy of 50 €. The prices used are those that are set in Slovenia or online (in case of Fit Me concealer) and the price of Collection concealer is from Boots International. Some prices are either lower or higher depending on the country you're in.

12.99 €
I couldn't resist cheating yet again, but I'd be a really bad blogger if I didn't mentioned this primer. I mean what if you have a nice discount or you decide not a buy a few of the products above and you have some spare cash from those 50 €? All Day Primer is an absolutely wonderful product that is very light, doesn't feel like your skin will suffocate under a layer of silicones, it prolongs your makeup and it mattifies. It also doubles as a pretty good eyeshadow primer as well. 

4.69 €
As I mentioned above at the Maybelline's Tattoo, based on your preference you can swap it for this palette. I've only tried the light version called Ashy Radiance, but it works for my pale complexion. The pigmentation is enough for me (it's more pigmented than NYX's Taupe, which would be another recommendation of mine here), it blend nicely and fakes a shadow pretty well. The highlighter is subtle, so if you like thing more glowy, I'd still buy that Essence one.

BOURJOIS Rouge Edition Velvet 
12.99 €
If you treat yourself with one thing, pick up one of these. These are so lovely, I'm a huge fan since day one and am dreaming of three more shades. These are liquid lipsticks with a matte finish and an excellent staying power. Grand Cru won't blow you away with its formula, though the colour is gorgeous, but I would definitely recommend you check shades Nude-ist, Frambourjoise and if you're feeling brave, Olé Flamingo.

So these are my choices for this challenge. My draft of course contained more products, but I tough decisions had to be made. So what would your choices be? I would love to see your version of the challenge. 

Have a great day!

Most Big Pharma Drugs Create Superbugs, Not Just Antibiotics!

'Careless prescriptions and cattle fattening antibiotics are blamed for the rise of superbugs resistant to everything in the hospital arsenal, but that’s all wrong. Antibiotics fail, because we are all abusing common medicines that also have powerful antibiotic activity. All painkillers, anti-inflammatories, statins, antidepressants, and the whole list of common pharmaceuticals are the problem. We simply use too many drugs.

Common drugs should also be labeled as antibiotics, because they kill the sensitive bacteria in your gut and leave behind just the resistant bacteria.' 


Large Scale Study Shows Coffee Prevents Cancer

Photo Credit:

'Coffee is known to have anti-cancer properties as researchers have found that coffee drinkers are typically 50% less likely to get specific cancers than nondrinkers. Several studies have found ties to lower rates of breast and rectal cancers. A large-scale cohort study of nearly 1,000 cancer patients has shown coffee prevents the recurrence of colon cancer.'


The Art of Bending Over

The Art of Bending Over
Photo Credit:/

'As we age, we lose resiliency, and, of course, the stiffer the body, the stiffer the spirit. The forward fold demands flexibility in surprising ways.

The forward fold isn't about flexible hamstrings.

The very nature of the bend invites introspection and inner quiet. Unifying the up-body with the low-body, sky with earth, the spiritual with the physical, is a most grounding move.

You'll have to surrender your ego and embrace modification. You may never touch your toes, and you'll have to settle for your knees or your thighs. Your legs my never be straight as you reach for the earth.'

Read more... 

As we age, we lose resiliency, and, of course, the stiffer the body, the stiffer the spirit. The forward fold demands flexibility in surprising ways. You'll have to face how you're compressed in more than just your body.'

Flaxseed: Just An Ounce A Day May Extend Your Life

Flaxseed: Just An Ounce A Day May Extend Your Life
Photo Credit:

'A new study shows flaxseed positively impacts age-associated changes in inflammation, adding to an already extensive list of beneficial health effects linked to its consumption.

A new study published in Experimental Gerontology indicates that consuming about an ounce a day of flaxseed (30 grams) may profoundly benefit elderly subjects, possibly neutralizing age-associated increases in inflammation, by modulating levels of a class of fat derived biomolecules known as oxylipins.'


The Side Effects Of Eating That (Vaccinated) Farmed Fish

The Side Effects Of Eating That (Vaccinated) Farmed Fish
Photo Credit:

'Be forewarned, please, that this will not be very pleasant reading, especially if readers eat farm-raised fishand, in particular, salmon, a highly-farm-raised fish. “Wild-caught” need not apply.

During my years of research, I’ve come across all sorts of information, studies, and papers relating to animal vaccines, but this one sort of “takes the cake,” in my opinion. Farmed fish are vaccinated because, according to the Norwegian School of Veterinary Science (NSVS),

Modern fish farming is highly industrialized and relies heavily upon effective vaccines to minimize losses caused by infectious diseases.'


Even Ants Use Natural Medicine Because IT WORKS

Even Ants Use Natural Medicine Because IT WORKS

'From humans to insects, using natural substances to treat infection is a concept as old as time itself.

A fascinating article published on TechTimes online titled, "Ants Treat Their Own Fungal Infections With Natural Medicine," illustrates how universal the use of natural substances to maintain health is across the animal kingdom.

Researchers discovered that ants infected with a deadly fungus will ingest a naturally occurring -- albeit pro-oxidative -- molecule known as hydrogen peroxide when offered in combination with honey, presumably in order to medicate themselves.'


Catrice Chocolate Nudes Eyeshadow Palette

When I first saw the preview for the new things that were launching in autumn, this was the thing I was most excited about. I've been craving a nice chocolate palette for a while and have both I <3 Makeup Naked Chocolate and Too Faced Chocolate Palette on my wishlist, but never got round to buying them. I'm a fan of these Catrice palettes and including this one, I currently have four, however, as absolutely gorgeous as the shades in this palette are, in terms of quality this disappointed me. It's of course not a total fail, but it's not what I'm used to when it comes to Catrice. 

I love the selection of shades - it's a half-half mix of matte and shimmery colours and it contains all the colours you need, from a matte skin tone base to a deep shade for outer corners. Surprisingly for Catrice, this time it's the matte shades that lack in pigmentation and quality, especially the third shade just isn't what I'm used to when it comes Catrice's eyeshadows.

First shade is a shimmery light champagne gold that I tend to use as an inner corner highlighter, but it looks lovely on the lid as well. This is one of the better performing ones as it's nicely pigmented. Second shade is a matte yellow-beige skin tone colour that serves as a base colour. It's more on the chalky side, but since it's a light base colour, this doesn't matter so much. But the next colour is very disappointing. It's dry, chalky and very difficult to build up as well as make it look even and blend. Otherwise the shade colour is lovely -  a matte, medium brown, but how this passed the tests to be included in this palette, eludes me. Shade four is a shimmery version of the previous medium brown shade and it's much, much better in terms of quality. Fifth shade is a gorgeous coppery-bronze shade that was just made to make blue eyes pop. It's the most buttery shade in the palette and it reminds me of some shimmery shades in the Makeup Revolution palettes. It still needs a lot of building up the colour, but I love the final effect. The last shade is a warm deep brown with a matte finish and it's the best matte colour in the palette, however, it still leaves something to be desired. For one I wish it were darker because now it doesn't add enough depth to the outer corners.

These perform better with a primer, but still several layers are needed for a decent look. The eyeshadow that you see on my look is that coppery one, even though I used all shades in the palette. the outer corners just can't be deepened enough with that last shade, so it all looks more like one eyeshadow. Staying power on the other hand, isn't' bad and these also don't crease on me. 

I expected so much more. Compared to other such palettes from Catrice, this just is not the same quality. I absolutely love the colours, so I'm gutted that the pigmentation isn't the best and I'm planning on getting a similar palette from a different brand. Absolute Matte is still my number one recommendation, closely followed by Absolute Nude. Absolute Rose lacks variety, but it's a lovely palette nonetheless. 

I got my palette in Tuš Drogerija for 5.29 €

Have a great day!

To science bloggers living with mommy

'These conventional science bloggers are really something. They’ve never met a published study extolling mainstream science they haven’t loved. I don’t know, maybe the studies somehow remind them of mommy and her warm basement where they still live at age 40 and do their important work.

A study praising a new drug? A study claiming a vaccine was “well tolerated?” A study claiming GMOs are perfectly safe? A study reporting the dire effects of man made warming? They kiss it and try to make it better.

So here are a few statements they can chew on like week-old delivery pizza.'


What Are Over-The-Counter Drugs Doing To Your Brain?

Photo Credit:

'Are you an OTC drug junkie? Frankly, most folks today are because they are dealing with some sort of ailment or even a chronic condition. Do you think because you can purchase OTC drugs in pharmacies that they don’t cause harm to your body? Well, maybe trusting healthcare consumers need to think twice before picking up another OTC pharmaceutical.'


Root Cellars 101- Root Cellar Design and Use

Root Cellars: The Low Cost Way to Store Over 30 Fruits and Vegetables Without Electricity.  How to design a root cellar?   What can I store in a root cellar?

'We built a root cellar under our front porch. Typically, if you’re building new your porch floor is formed out of a concrete slab, you need to put a foundation wall under it anyway, so why not put this area to good use?

Even if you can’t deal with (or don’t want to deal with) traditional root cellaring (storing vegetables and fruit), you could use the space as a wine cellar, gun cabinet, place to brew beer, a battery room for your PV/Wind system or simply more storage. I highly recommend including a root cellar as part of your emergency preparedness planning if you can, as it’s a great low-cost, no-energy way to store food and extend the shelf life of fresh produce.'


Everything You Learned About The Cause of Polio Is Wrong

Photo Credit:

"Originally titled, "A Critique Of Scientific Literature: Pesticides and Polio," this article by Jim West was first published in The Townsend Letter for Doctors and Patients, June 2000, then republished as a 2nd edition in 2002 by The Weston A. Price Foundation, with additional material and the editorship of Sally Fallon. The article summarizes his book, "DDT/Polio", which he had attempted to publish in 1998. This is a 3rd edition, August 14, 2015."



Photo Credit:

'Eating at a restaurant can be a disaster, health-wise!

However, with some planning, you can “limit the damage” while enjoying yourself.
A few basic principles:
  • In general, American sit-down chain restaurants (TGI Friday’s, Olive Garden, Applebee’s, etc.) tend to have the worst and unhealthiest food, disguised in an appearance of wholesomeness.
  • Next are regular fast food chains (McDonald’s, Wendy’s, Subway, etc.).
  • Your best bets are family-owned or non-franchised ethnic restaurants.'


Photo Credit:

'I grew up on the East Coast, born and raised in New York before trekking to New Hampshire for my more formative years. During most of young years we lived with/or lived very close to my Granny and Grandad. I remember my Gran constantly baking up delicious treats that became a nightly staple after dinner. One such treasured treat were called Magic Cookie Bars, which quite honestly, are heaven on earth.'


Catrice Prime and Fine Professional Contouring Palette 010 Ashy Radiance

High five to Catrice for finally taking the plunge and take on the contouring trend. I think that aside from Sleeks version, which is only available online here, the pickings when it comes to a taupe-ish contour shade are very, very slim with actual eyeshadows being probably our best option. So I'm delighted to see this in a permanent range and Essence will have their versions as well. The palette comes in two shades: this cool toned brown with a champagne-peachy highlight designed for pale individuals like me, while the other is darker and with a gold highlight.

The highlighter is more on the sheer side, which I actually like since I'm more of an subtle highlight girl, but it can be built-up to a stronger glow, though it takes several layers. The actual tone of the highlighter is lovely. It's a warm champagne, slightly peachy shade that doesn't end up looking too white on the skin, unlike like their newest Highlighting Powder in 010 Stardust. It reminds me of my favourite Jemma Kid Iced Gold in terms of shade, but not in texture, since this is a powder and that one a much glowier cream.

The bronzer/contouring side is nicely pigmented as far as my light skin tone is concerned and I pick up only a bit of the product at at time and build up slowly to avoid a random strip of colour on my face, but people with darker skin tones have said to me that this is too light for them. It's warmer and less taupe than NYX's Taupe as well as much more pigmented, but it still manages to fake shadows well. Ana Ina compared it to the Sleek palette in light and it shows how much more taupe-ish it is. The powder is quite silky, but it does dust/flake off, nonetheless it blends ok and doesn't look patchy on the skin. 

Staying power is nice as per usual when it comes to cheek products by Catrice.

I know I'll get this question: NYX Taupe or Catrice? I'd still go with Taupe for my skin tone, well at least in the winter when my skin matches the colour of snow. But I have a neutral undertone, so I can go either way. If you skin tone is pink, go for Taupe and if it's warm go for Catrice. Also pick the latter one if you're not as pale as me because Taupe is quite sheer compared to this one (by the way, my Taupe blush is quite old and I hear they have been messing with the shade since then. Petra recommends Essence I Heart Nude eyeshadow in 05 My Favorite Tauping instead).

I built-up both powders a lot for this picture, so my camera would pick it up. Normally I'm quite shy when it comes to contouring. 

This was a hit for me in the latest Catrice update. They managed to create a lovely taupe-cool brown "faking shadows" shade for super pale people like me, which is incredibly rare among the drugstore brands. The highlighter is more on the subtle side, which some will like and others not, but the tone of it is very pretty. In general it's a great budget buy. 

I bought it in Müller for 4.69 € and as far as I know, this is only available on the 3 m stands. 

What is your favourite contouring powder and highlighter? Have a great day!

After Reading This You Might Never Eat Commercially Made Ice Cream Again (It’s not what you think)

Kid eating ice-cream
Photo Credit: Inside Scoop

'Monsanto’s dream is to control the world’s food supply, and that includes the ever popular perennial summertime treat, ice cream. How certain are you that your favorite ice cream is actually Monsanto free? 

 Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’d know your ice cream could be made from milk or milk products derived from cows injected with Monsanto’s genetically modified rBGH (recombinant bovine growth hormone), sweetened with GM beet sugar, made with milk or cream from cows fed genetically modified soy and corn mush feed or “enhanced” with a HIDDEN array of toxic additives.'