Cannabinoids from marijuana preserve brain function, reverse dementia

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'The human brain contains an extensive network of special receptor sites that modulate nervous system function only when activated by the appropriate cannabinoid compounds, many of which are found in abundance in the marijuana plant. 

And emerging research continues to uncover the unique role these cannabinoids play in protecting brain function, which in turn helps deter the aging process and even reverse the damaging effects of Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia and cognitive abnormality.'


7 Borage Oil Benefits for Skin, Arthritis and Inflammation

Borage oil - Dr. Axe
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'As a common herbal treatment in traditional medicine practices for hundreds of years, borage oil has numerous uses — ranging from treating skin flare-ups to lowering pain. The most beneficial aspect of using borage oil either topically on the skin or internally in capsule form is it has strong anti-inflammatory effects.

Borage oil is becoming increasingly popular as a natural anti-inflammatory supplementbecause it has one of the highest amounts of GLA of all seed oils. GLA is one type of omega-6 “essential” fatty acid that the body cannot make on its own, so we must get it from outside sources.'


Understanding The Sickness of the American Psyche

The Sickness of the American Psyche

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'Is the sky falling? Maybe, maybe not, but there is a deep sickness beginning to take hold of the American psyche that threatens to undermine the principles that have long held the democratic experiment together. 

Although there are a variety of legitimate perspectives concerning this dilemma, I will propose my analysis of the psychiatric state of the American mind, an analysis that is largely colored by my vantage point as a holistic physician with a conventional medical educational background.'


September Favourites

It took me ages to properly review this foundation, but this month it finally happened and I still love it to bits just as the first time I tried it. This is my never-fails foundation that looks incredibly natural on the skin, has light-medium coverage and not matter how much you layer it, it won't look cakey. I simply adore it.

New love alert - this just shot up into my favourite blushes ever the moment I applied it on my cheeks. It has the glow! I'll cheat a bit because I haven't done a proper review yet here (I'll post it only after it's on the other blog where I write), but here is a pic of it on my cheeks. It's is the perfect mix of a highlighter plus blush that gives me that famous "lit from within glow" (such a stupid phrase, but there is nothing else to use in this context). It's a mix of two shades, a peachy-pink and the hot pink in the middle, and it's a bit difficult to use them individually, but I always focus on the peachy pink more. The blush is nicely pigmented (the peachy-pink shade could be too light for medium skin tones), the size of shimmer is just perfect and it even smells like vanilla. The packaging is beautiful and there is a mirror plus a brush in the back. Great job Physicians Formula.

I'm really impressed by this brand and I'd like more of their product. I was researching what other stuff is good on Makeup Alley and I love to have at least three other things: Nude Wear Touch of Glow powder (I hear it works similar to Hourglass Ambient Powders), Shimmer Strips Custom All-in-1 Nude Palette for Face & Eyes Natural and Happy Booster Glow & Mood Boosting Blush in Natural. Let me know if these are any good.

And another new love. I've found a brilliant waterproof mascara from the drugstore that is very affordable and holds my impossibly stubborn lashes curled all day. It's also impressive in terms of volume it gives, it separates well enough, it doesn't smudge or flake -  it's just an all-round winner. The brush is huge, but not terribly clumsy, so the only thing that isn't to my taste would be the packaging, which might prompt someone to ask you if it came in a set with a Barbie.  

I'm happy to report that after months this liner still works. Normally this wouldn't be much of an achievement, but it's a cheap liner of Chinese origin. We've had a pretty good run, but we shall see how much longer it will last. This is a pretty bitchin' eyeliner that isn't just inexpensive, but also majorly adorable with the panda cap. The formula is really black, it applies smoothly, lasts well on the lids and so far it hasn't dried out (five months and counting). 

These two were the star products in my Three Reds posts and I'm well aware I'm completely boring your with constantly talking about these two lipsticks, but they deserve it. These are the best matte lipsticks I've ever tried. They apply with no dragging, the pigmentation is outstanding and have nice staying power. Things that might bother you at these is the typical L'Oréal lipstick smell (I've always liked it, but people describe it as granny-ish) and if you're lips tend to get dry, you might find Blake tight on the lips after a while. But the colours are simply stunning and I think that Blake especially is the type of shade that everyone should own as it's that one super glamorous red for special occasions, while Laetitia is my favourite autumnal burgundy that has been on my lips a lot this month.

My feet have become impossibly dry, so I've been slapping generous amounts of this to alleviate the problem and I've been using it on the rest of my body as well. I'm not sure if this is sold any more, probably it isn't because you know, why keep selling something that's clearly super popular (#balealogic), but I'm sure they have a replacement in another scent already (Cocoa?). This one smells like Monte dessert, so it's a rich chocolate-hazelnut scent that just makes you want to eat it. Balea's body butters are very thick, so they suit very dry skin well, but it also means they are greasy and don't sink in fast, which is not that big of a deal to me as I apply it before going to bed. The important thing is that is fixes dry skin and it works fast.

This has been my face moisturiser for a month and a half, and we are getting on pretty swell. For a majority of that time my skin has been pretty much perfect, so no spots, white heads or dry patches, which is what I want from a moisturiser. It has coconut oil in it and that has always agreed with my skin, but some say that it's comedogenic, so it has the potential to clog pores (it clearly doesn't on me). The moisturiser is pretty rich, but not too thick and it smells lovely to me, kind of a professional like Yves Rocher stuff (floral). It's not too expensive, especially compared to my favourite L'Occitane moisturisers, so I'm pretty happy with it.

I do apologize if you feel like I might be rubbing it in a bit with the "oh look at me, I've got a fancy curling wand", but I genuinely love this. It gives a me tons of variety, it's light, there is no annoying clamp and it shows how it's heating up. I've truly been enjoying trying out different barrels and creating hairstyles with this, I especially loved the modern retro waves that I made with a 25 mm barrel. It's soo expensive, but worth the investment if you love curls. I've already used it on other people as well and they loved the results.

Another product I finally took the time to actually review, even though I've been using it constantly for almost a year (well, since December) and already have a back-up of it. It creates texture, which means that it helps achieve volume, it also makes the curls look more lived-in and helps them last longer. This one has a bit more hold than the rest I tried, so it's like a hair spray mixed with a dry salt spray and it can make you hair feel a bit crispy if you use a lot of it, but in moderation it's fine. This is one of my essential products for creating all of those curly hairstyles I wear all the time.

As much as I love Kérastase, this didn't impress me as much as their other products right off the bat. I'm a huge fan of Oreo-Relax shampoo, which works so well on my hair, but this one felt too light for me because it doesn't nourish it as much. However, I've been trying to purge my shampoo stash, so I've been using this for the past month and my hair just feels good. I think this is the type of product that works long term, which I would have discovered before were I not so impatient. It's expensive, but if your hair is dry and you like the squeaky clean feeling, this might work well for you.

Have a great day!

Comprehensive Studies Show That Cannabis Cures Migraines

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'Many of us suffer from headaches, unfortunately, conventional medicine helps in only a few cases and only if the medication is consumed immediately following the first signs of a headache. 

It is important to note, however, that all of these various medicament are accompanied by side effects or harmful consequences. Luckily, according to numerous research efforts, there is a universal and harmless cure that is a product of nature itself – cannabis.'


Is the Organic Label Worth Saving?

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'We are getting more correspondence from our farmer-members, and consumers, asking whether it’s time to give up the fight to save the integrity of the organic label from corporate plunderers and their all-too-accommodating federal regulators. Many suggest that it’s time to create an alternative label and/or an alternative certification system.'

Chocolate Health Benefits & How To Make SURE You're Getting Them

Essence Liquid Lipstick 04 Show Off!

We all knew this was happening - Essence releasing their version of lipstick-lipgloss hybrids was hardly a surprise. The only question everyone in the beauty community was asking: are they going to be any good? Essence is a very hit-and-miss brand to me when it comes to lip products. None truly stand out, except for the long discontinued Stay Matte Lip Creams (R.I.P.) and though I'll admit these Liquid Lipsticks (*coughs*lip glosses*coughs*) are certainly lovely for the price, they aren't the best such product I've tried.

Formula: Compared to other such products I've tried, these have a considerably thicker formula. It's almost like paint and it forms a sort of a uniform layer on the lips. Surprisingly, despite such formula, they aren't sticky, which makes me glad we live in 2015 because if this was made ten years earlier, you could probably use it instead of a glue. Yay for progress! The pigmentation of this shade is impressive. Depending on how much product you have on the applicator, you need about two coats for full opacity, the main problem you're actually facing is getting it even, but it's not terribly hard. The finish is very glossy and similar to Dior's version

Colour: Show off! is a red-coral that on me also has a bit of pink and it's somewhat similar to Dior's Magique, only darker and more red. It's the type of colour that I associate with summer and colourful cocktails.

Staying power isn't amazing, but when has anyone heard the words "lip gloss" and "excellent staying power" in the same sentence. The thicker formula does somewhat help the gloss to cling on the lips better, but it still fades a lot faster than a lipstick. Unlike Dior's version this leaves no stain behind.

Scent: It's got a very familiar scent to me, but I can't put my finger on what it reminds me of. It's a mix of a chemical scent with vanilla.

The packaging is clearly ripping off Dior, Maybelline and probably someone else, but I love this type of faux-lipstick packaging, so I say go ahead and copy away. The tube is short and square, and the gloss has a wider applicator than we're used to from the XXXL glosses, which makes them much, much more comfortable to use than those. 

Essence's Liquid Lipsticks are very decent lip glosses, probably some of the best in their price range. They aren't amazing, but for the price you get a very pigmented lip colour with an intense shine. I don't like them as much as L'Oreal's because those are sooo comfortable to wear, but these definitely pack a punch and they are of course a third or fourth of the price, so go for it if you want. 
Taya compared them to Catrice's versions here, Petra did a review of the shade 03 Almost Real here and Nadja reviewed shade 02 Beauty Secret (I like this one).

My Liquid Lipstick was provided for the purposes of reviewing it on Click2Chic blog and it costs 2.79 € in their online shop (they ship to Croatia as well). Those who can't get Essence in their country, I saw that Beauty Crowd started selling this brand. 

Have a great day!

The Trouble With International Trade Agreements: Say Goodbye To Country of Origins Labels

country of origins labeling
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'On the surface, it appears that international trade agreements facilitate commerce between nations and make life easier for everyone. But actually the opposite is true. In fact, trade agreements are nothing more than multinational corporations rigging rules for their benefit regardless of what harm may occur among citizens of sovereign nations.

Here’s a good example of the folly of such trade agreement arrangements that are ballyhooed by national leaders, mainstream media, and legislatively agreed upon by congresses and parliaments over and over.'


Are You Low in This Powerful Nutrient?

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'Potassium, a mineral and electrolyte, is essential for your cells, tissues, and organs to function properly. It plays a vital role in heart health, digestive, and muscular function, bone health, and more.

While potassium is found in many foods commonly consumed in the US – including fruits, vegetables, dairy products, salmon, sardines, and nuts – only 2 percent of US adults get the recommended daily amount of 4,700 milligrams (mg).1

This is especially problematic because potassium is a nutrient that needs to be kept in proper balance with sodium in your blood. If you consume too much sodium, which is common if you eat a lot of processed foods, you’ll have an increased need for potassium.'


Pediatrician Begs Whole Foods to Cancel Alt. Doc's Book Signing

Pediatrician Begs Whole Foods to Cancel My Book Signing
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 "The Paleo Cardiologist, The Natural Way to Heart Health" author explains why a pediatrician opposed his book signing: "After all, I stand for health, he practices in a world of sickness."

'When I made comments in January 2015 concerning the health of our children, one of the first to criticize me was a pediatrician. It is not a surprise that one whose entire career is spent injecting chemicals into children would oppose my views. After all, I stand for health, he practices in a world of sickness." '


The Winner of the Giveaway is...

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Congratulations Nina S.! I already sent you an e-mail and now your job is only to reply and I'll send you your prize. If the winner doesn't respond in two days, a new one will be chosen. Thanks to all that have participated. I wish I could give all the prize, but unfortunately it would leave me penniless. A huge high five to most of you who answered the question correctly, it is indeed my smartphone that I'm using for my blog photography, Samsung Galaxy S5 to be precise. I wasn't strict about the answers, I accepted anything that described it well enough, so "mobile phone", and other similar phrases, as well as Galaxy S2, though that one was passed on to another owner already in January. Thank you for so many lovely comments under that posts, you really are the best!

Have a great day!



'Marijuana is quickly becoming America’s next big medical treatment substance. It’s been proven in research studies to help with a myriad of medical conditions, and federal agencies have finally published statements indicating that marijuana has medicinal value.

The National Cancer Institute (NCI), which is the federal government’s principal agency for cancer research and training, recently updated its website to say that marijuana “has been shown to kill cancer cells in the laboratory” and that “[marijuana] and cannabinoids may have benefits in treating the symptoms of cancer or the side effects of cancer therapies.” '


Users Testify to Coconut Oil “Miracles” on WebMD

Coconut Oil
Photo Credit: Health Impact News

'WebMD is the world’s most visited “health” website. They derive their advertising from the pharmaceutical industry, so they have a pro-Pharma slant, as one can expect. It is not typically the place you would go to find information regarding alternative treatments to FDA approved pharmaceutical drugs. 

If you are contemplating using prescription drugs, it is a great place to get information about the medical industry’s products. If, however, you are looking for information on products that are not approved as drugs by the FDA, their information will be highly biased.

Due to the increasing popularity of coconut oil and its healing properties, WebMD now has a listing for coconut oil. It is listed in their vitamin and supplement section, since it is not approved as a drug, and since they generally do not provide any health information about foods.'

Read more...-

Three Fruits That Enhance Brain Power and Prevent Dementia

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'Regardless of what foods are recommended for boosting brain power, keep in mind that avoiding cheaper and more convenient processed foods is necessary to fully benefit from those healthier food recommendations.

Beverages with added sugar, and processed hydrogenated cooking and salad oils (including Canola oils) should be avoided completely. This article recommends fruits only. The first one has to be organically produced, the second recommendation should be organically produced, but you can fudge on the last one, which is not so heavily chemically sprayed or not sprayed at all.'


Beauty News: Catrice Alluring Reds LE and Essence Merry Berry TE

Colour and Care Lip Balm C01 Smooth Operator. 4.29€
Liquid Lipstick C01 Moulin's Rouge, C02 Brigitte Bordeaux and C03 Marilyn Monrouge. 4.29€
Nail Glaze C01 Object Of Desire, C02 Art Of Seduction in C03 Pleasure Of Temptation 5.29 €. Consists of a silver base coat and a red nail polish.
Matte Lipstick C01 M-attraction, C02 Striking M-attitude and C03 M-attempt To Conquest. 5.29€

Available from November 2015.

Highlighter 01 i love my golden pumps. 3.59 €
Eyeshadow 01 the perfect dress ain 02 the masked ball. 2.19 €
Lipstick 01 let's the berry-tales begin (glossy), 02 pink & perfect (glossy) in 03 red rocks (matte). 2.49 €
Scented gold dust powder 01 i love my golden pumps. 3.79 €
Hair fragrance 01 i love my golden pumps. 3.79 € (contains shimmer and acts as a leave-in conditioner)
Top Coat 01 i love my golden pumps. 2.19 €
Nail polish 01 the masked ball, 02 purple with purpose, 03 pink & perfect in 04 red rocks. 1.49 €.

 Available from November to December 2015.

I don't generally care for LE's and TE's any more hence why I never post them, but I these are interesting. Especially Merry Berry is gorgeous and I'm interested in the nail polishes, the highlighter and the hair fragrance. At Catrice those matte lipsticks look very appealing.

Find anything intriguing? Have a great day!

Essence I Love Extremes Volume Mascara Waterproof

You know if handed me this formula in a fancy Lancome tube, I would totally believe it's the real deal. Super volumising, lengthening, doesn't smudge, flake, the brush isn't as clumsy as at Lash Mania and it keeps the eyelashes curled all day. It fits all of my requirements - it's near perfect.

The brush/wand is a classic one, but as it's almost standard for Essence, it's huge. Luckily it isn't as clumsy as Lash Mania's though I can't claim I can do a smudge free application. There isn't as much product on the wand as at Lash Mania, in fact the formula is considerably drier (at that one is was just a bit too wet when new) and the formula is better distributed due to bristles being a lot more dense, so with this one I don't have to reach for an old mascara wand to comb the lashes. They aren't completely separated that would be odd to expected from any mascara without a plastic comb, but it's not clumped and it's separated enough.

The formula is a complete winner for me. It holds curl so well and the lashes don't drop no matter how many coats you apply. It doesn't smudge or flake off, but just stays on the lashes like it should. This of course means it's a bitch to remove, but I'm completely used to it by now, in fact I find regular formulas weird by now. I use either a duo-phase remover or an oil and it works fine. I tested under a shower and it flaked only a tiny bit, and I really mean a tiny bit, like one of two flakes. When I touched the lashes, then it flaked off on my fingers. And the lashes dropped, of course, but that's expected.

I'm also wearing it here if you want to see a full face picture.

The packaging is so childish. Who comes up with the mascara packaging at Essence? It looks like it was drawn in a comic book. But I forgive them, it's the product that matters and it works fine.

I flipping love this mascara! I'm not going to say it's as good as Lancome's because that one makes my lashes like angels themselves drew them on my face, but this one is pretty darn close. And so much cheaper, like sooo much. I'll definitely be repurchasing this one a lot, just don't discontinue it Essence. You can discontinue everything else, I don't care, but don't touch this. Oh, and the Big Bright Eyes Pencil and Frappuccino lip liner. Don't touch that either or we'll have a problem.

I got mine in DM for 2.99 €. Those who don't have Essence counters in their country can get on Beauty Crowd.

Have a great day!

Nurse’s Aide Awarded $11.6 Million for Being Paralyzed by Mandatory Flu Vaccine


Photo Credit:Health Impact News

'We have frequently reported here at Health Impact News the stories of brave nurses standing up for their rights to refuse mandatory flu vaccinations as a condition for employment. There are current cases pending in litigation over this violation of civil rights and recently a New Jersey appeals court ruled in favor of a nurse who was denied employment based on her refusal of the annual flu vaccination (see: NJ Appeals Court Rules in Favor of Nurse who Refused Flu Vaccine).'


The Secret of Qigong - How to Address All Causes of All Dis- eases

Update: Amish Daughter Healthy Despite Health Care “Experts”

Cancer free Sarah Hershberberger (2nd from right).

'Yesterday I visited the home of Andy and Anna Hershberger to deliver the good news that the Medina County Probate Court had at long last formally terminated the guardianship it had created over their now 12-year-old daughter, Sarah.

A government hospital, Akron Children’s Hospital, sought to establish the guardianship to take Sarah from her Amish parents and seven siblings to force chemotherapy on her, even though all signs indicated that the chemotherapy itself appeared to be killing her, was certain to sterilize her, and would no doubt permanently change her life for the worse, even if she were to survive it.'


Nebli Bottom Lash Mascara (Born Pretty)

It'll be a couple of years now since Clinique's Bottom Lash mascara was just about everywhere. I don't think we can even get it here, but it's too expensive anyway, so I'm happy cheaper options popped up on the market since.

The wand is really tiny, it's so cute. The bristles are very short, which is supposed to minimize the chance to make a mess, but I still manage to get some mascara on my skin (I must be extra clumsy). Because the bristles are so short, you don't get much product on the lashes in one go. It's more like it's tinting the lashes and making them more visible, but not too much.

The formula is thin, hence why also so little product is deposited on the lashes, but you can of course build it up should you wish to, though you won't get the same effect as with a proper mascara with a volumising formula. Anyway I think that with lower lashes moderation is always a good idea. It claims to be waterproof, but my under eye area wasn't completely clean after a shower. I wore Essence's I Love Extreme waterproof on the top lashes and that one is completely waterproof, so I know only this one was smudging. It wasn't a lot of it, but bits feel off. It doesn't smudge or run on me during the day, but I actually never have problems with that and I'm a poor judge of how it would perform on people with oily skin.

The packaging is really cute, I love polka dots, so I like keeping it on display. The product is in the smaller section, while the larger polka dotty one is the actual wand.

It costs 7.15 $ (currently 4.99$) on Born Pretty, which is not the cheapest, but it's still a much more affordable than Clinique's. I'm quite happy I got this and I've been using daily. It's not an essential item, but one of those little luxuries and it's fun to use. You can get 10 % off with a code MKOH10.

Have a great day!

*PR product

Max Factor Smokey Eye Drama Kit 02 Lavish Onyx

This was pleasant surprise from Max Factor. I've never tried their eyeshadows before, but if they are all anything like these, then I've been missing out. I got this at about the same time as Catrice's Chocolate Nudes, which unlike the rest of their palettes, did not impress me and it's a lot less pigmented compared to this one from Max Factor. The new quads are available in several combinations of shades, but this one is most "me".

These are very soft, pigmented eyeshadows and I actually like to apply them with the sponge applicator that is added to the palette because it picks up and deposits a lot of colour on the lids, plus it's actually easier to use than a brush, since the middle two compartments are very narrow. The only problem with this palette is fall out which is a consequence of the eyeshadows being so soft that they almost remind me of pressed pigments. 

The lightest colour is a champagne gold with intense shimmer. It's the loosest of out the four and has considerable fall down, but I use it in the inner corners for a more awake appearance. The second shade is my absolute favourite, a medium bronzy-brown shade that is similar to colours like Urban Decay's YDK and one of the shades in the Catrice's Nude palette. It's buttery and very pigmented, also it blends nicely. The shade below it is a bit out of place to me. It's a dark grey-navy with a similar texture than the one above, but I can't seem to combine this shade into the look. The last shade is a matte, dark cool toned brown that is perfect for outer corners. The one thing that bothers me at this shade is that a lot of the colour is quickly blended away when doing makeup. 

Also wearing it here.

These last decently well and don't crease a lot on my normal lids, but I can't tell you how they would behave on oily ones.

These palettes aren't the cheapest at 12.99€ for four eyeshadow that are actually quite small, however, these are really good quality. They're not Urban Decay's, but they are very pigmented, blend well and last well enough for powder eyeshadows. They have fall out, though it's mostly the lightest shade that is problematic. I can't really figure out what to do with that navy-grey and I'd prefer something brown instead, but I love the second shade in this palette and wear it often. The packaging is small and very travel friendly, but I can't get over the price for a drugstore eyeshadow quad.

Have a great day!

*PR product.

One Whiff of These 10 Scents Can Relieve Stress Almost Instantly


'Ever wonder why some scents make you feel relaxed or energized? It’s no coincidence and we have our olfactory system to thank for its intimate relationship with the brain, which affects both our memory and mood. Here are 10 scents which will enhance this system with just one whiff.'


How to heal with light ball-Wisdom Healing Qigong

Are Your Casual Clothes Toxic?

Photo Credit:

'A Greenpeace report has found that several major sportswear brands—including Adidas, Nike, and Puma—contain polyfluorinated chemicals (PFCs), nonylphenol ethoxylates (NPEs), and phthalates. All of these chemicals are linked to major health issues. 

PFCs, which make items stain-proof, are linked to problems like low birth weight and prostate cancer; phthalates are linked to attention deficit disorder, asthma, breast cancer, obesity, and behavioral and neurodevelopmental issues; and NPEs degrade into hormone-disrupting chemicals.'