Autumn Picks #2

Although it looks like a standard neutral eyeshadow palette, it does have a very autumnal vibe and the real stand out shade here is the deep burgundy called Sexy. I've never really worn red on my eyes, but this one just works without making you look like someone punched you in the face. Nude'Tude is a fantastic palette that really impressed me with its quality and it's just as good as Urban decay ones, except it's quite a lot cheaper. The eyeshadows are very smooth, pigmented and blend so well that it's truly a joy using it. 

I wanted to include a budget neutral palette, granted the Chocolate version one would fit here better, however, the quality of that one just isn't on pair with the rest, so I picked the original Absolute Nude because it has a basic arrange of shades for a nice bronzy-brown smoky eye that will fit nicely into autumn. These are still my favourite budget palettes, the eyeshadows are nicely pigmented, they blend ok and lasts decently on the lids.

 I love the shade of this. It's such a beautiful warm almost coppery bronze brown that is quite dark and fits perfectly into autumn. However, it's not the best quality cream eyeshadow because it creases a lot and it's better use is as a base. The texture is so soft, almost like a cross between a mousse and liquid eyeshadow, plus it's very pigmented, so I only need to touch the surface very lightly or I end up with too much product.

KIKO Long Lasting Stick Eyeshadow
06 Golden Brown and 38 Golden Taupe
I adore these. They are seriously the best cream eyeshadows I found. These have an excellent pigmentation, they apply so smoothly with zero tugging on the lids, blend nicely and once they set, they don't budge. Golden Brown is a bronze shade that is very similar to Maybelline's On and on Bronze, but it's a bit darker and cooler and 38 Golden Taupe is a .neutral-warm taupe shade, which is in the same colour family as Satin Taupe, but it has quite a chunky green-gold shimmer in it. 

I rave about this blush all the time. They changed the pattern since I got mine, but I think it's still the same shade. There's something about this natural shade that just compliments my pale neutral skintone so well, it's just a perfect every day, goes-with-everything blush. It's an interesting shade that kind of looks like someone mixed a red-toned bronzer with a warm pink blush.

I always feel that brave dark shades like burgundies need a bit of contouring. This one fits us pale girls well as the contour powder is taupe brown, so it manages to fake a shadow well and it's pigmented enough to show up on my cheeks. The highlighter is subtle though, but in a nice champagne shade for a neutral skintone like mine.

Out all Creme Puffs available here Lavish Mauve is the least shimmery and coolest. It's a coo pink-mauve-violet shade with tiny duo chrome violet-gold shimmer, which I can't see on the cheeks. The texture is soft, decently pigmented and on my cheeks it has more of a satin finish. 

Tresure Rose is the darkest and most pigmented in my selection, it's also the only cream blush. It's a rose-retro red mix that translates into a pink-red flush on the cheeks and the texture reminds me of play-doh, which means it's quite dry to the touch. 

I've heard whispers that this is a dupe for Soar, but I don't have it to compare, it is nonetheless such a beautiful 90's inspired shade. The formula is creamy enough to be used as a replacement for a lipstick and it's cheap as chips. You can't go wrong with this one.

This is my ultimate favourite everyday goes-with-every-thing and appropriate for every occasion lip colour. It's a beautiful muted rose-pink shade that is actually exactly the natural tone of my lips, but a shade or two darker, making it look quite natural on my lips, however, it still stands out. The staying power and the matte formula are winners as well.

01 Lusty Peony is a dark nude type of shade that's easy to wear and would suit many people. But what's even more important is that the formula is just fantastic. It's so creamy and comfortable to wear. I really hope that Kiko decides to make these permanent. The packaging is divine as well, the rose gold tube really is a looker. Love this.

Strawberry Pink is a warm medium natural pink-rose-brown shade that is several shades darker than my lips as well as a bit warmer, but it might be a nice MLBB shade for medium skin tones The finish is creamy-satin and it's the type of lipsticks that at time can feel drying, though at first it's very comfortable to wear. 

Well, of course this is going to be here, it's the best burgundy shade I found with a fantastic matte formula. It's a deep red with no brown undertones and very little purple undertones which I appreciate a lot. I adore this colour on me, it's just so striking. The texture is pleasantly creamy and more waxy or perhaps silicone-y than most lipsticks I tried, but it glides on the lips like a dream and isn't drying at all despite the semi-matte finish.

Aside from Laetitia the other vampy shade. It's much more purple though. It's a deep purple with a bit of burgundy on my lips and it's super pigmented, creamy, applies without dragging - truly the formula is lovely. The lasting power impressed me as well and it wears off into this nice even stain.  

A gorgeous deep berry purple that is a perfect mix between purple and pink-rose. The formula is great as at most Essie, meaning it's really smooth as well as easy to apply evenly and it's fully opaque with two coats. It's on my nails at the moment.

This is without a doubt one of my favourite shades ever in my entire nail polish stash. I love such dark vampy colours especially in colder months. Sole Mate is a beautiful plum-bordeaux shade (supposedly a dupe for Chanel's Rouge Noire) with an amazing quality formula and that fabulous Essie brush. 

A retro rose shade or a dirty medium pink that fits perfectly into autumn. I hear Essence Love my Diary is a pretty close dupe for it and it's a third of the price. Both are gel inspired formulas.

MISSLYN Nail Polish
610 Night Club
A beautiful navy blue with blue frost. It's one of those shades that is almost black, but the reflect shows it's true nature. The formula is a bit on the dry side, so it's not the easiest to apply.

This is that one fantastic transition shade that can easily be worn from autumn though winter into spring because it's such a nice mix of styles. It's a mix of autumn-winter murky taupe and spring pastel lilac shade, so it looks very modern on the nails. Plus this formula has a very shiny finish.

ESSIE Nail Lacquer
Merino Cool 
A mix of violet and grey. It's in the same colour family as Midsummer Mauve, but darker and less grey. The formula is classic requiring two-three coats for full opacity.

The scent of this version is mighty powerful, in fact way too much for a majority of the year, but as soon as temperatures drop, you'll appreciate it more. I'd describe the scent as chocolate-vanilla-musk-woody one in a perfume version, so an oriental type of scent. But otherwise, it's a standard Batiste dry shampoo, which is one of my favourites.

Balea knows what to offer for super dry skin. My legs, elbows and especially soles gets so dry in autumn and winter, so I resort to really heavy-duty stuff. Balea's body butters are thick and intensely moisturising, so it's better to apply them before going to bed. This version smells exactly like Monte (the dessert) so it's an intense chocolate hazelnut scent. If you like foody scents, this is definitely for you.

Combination of central heating and the cold, foggy/rainy weather can make the hair drier - it certainly affects mine. Drugstore conditioners do nothing for me any more and I resort to many leave-in products to fend away dryness. This one is a cream leave-in conditioner or a version of it. It actually has a considerable amount of oil in it, but it doesn't make you hair all limp or greasy and it doesn't leave that silicone felling on the hair. It just helps with the dryness without screwing your hair style and it can be used on both dry and wet hair. It smells like the rest of the Extraordinary line, so a bit like cinnamon. 

It's the season of candles. There aren't many I like and most left me disappointed (though I recently found an amazing one with a peach scent in Eurospin for like a euro), but I adore the scent of this one. Truly it's one of the most amazing scents ever. it's like baby powder and fabric softener, so its soft, warm and cosy.

Have a great day!

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