Kiko Midnight Siren LE Matte Muse Lipstick 03 Enthrall Pink

Apart from the stunning Rebel Romantic collection, Kiko currently has another limited edition, a much darker variant called Midnight Siren. Most of the products, though pretty, didn't really manage to catch my attention, but when it comes to matte lip creams, I'm always game. This was another item I planned on getting online and based on pretty rare online swatches, 02 caught my eye. However, once in the shop after swatching all the shades, I picked up a brighter shade 03 and I'm glad I did. I actually liked all the colours, they really made a lovely selection of shades and I would own all the colours if the quality made a great impression on me. 

03 Enthrall Pink is a coral-pink shade. It's not too bright neither muted and I'm a big fan of how it looks on my lips. 

The formula is very pigmented and fully opaque, just as almost all such products and it dries to a matte finish after about 15 minutes. It gets more matte than on my pictures, I just didn't have the patience because I again took pictures three separate times to get it right. I have to say that these aren't the best matte liquid lipsticks I've tried, but also not bad, I'd say they are average and there is room for improvement. It's a bit sticky on the lips for the first hour or so, yet it doesn't flake off because of that, which is surprising. Once it sets this doesn't move. It feels fine of my lips, however, I have a feeling that if your lips get dry often, you may find this drying.

The glass bottle resembles that of a nail polish, which is unique and cool. The applicator is interesting as well, but not unique, since Essence had a very similar one in the Stay with Me lip gloss. It's an hourglass shape applicator, but it's a bit small to fit my lips. At those with thinner lips than mine one swipe will probably be enough to cover them whole with the colour. These were actually some of my favourite shapes of applicators, however this one isn't as soft as Essence's, it's also a bit smaller, but it's fine. 

Staying power is excellent as at most such products. These will last through almost everything and need preferably an oil based remover to get them off. I notice no scent.

It was 6.90 € and the shelves were still full in Palmanova two weeks ago. These are also still available online, only shade 02 is sold out. 

Have a great day!

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