November Favourites

I had little hope finding a foundation that would suit my Snow White complexion in our drugstores, but lo and behold, I found three excellent candidates, but this one impressed me the most. I got the shade Ivory which is a very pale pink toned foundation (it's kind of a NARS Siberia's pink equivalent, though that one might be a smidgen lighter) and it fits me so well, despite the fact that my undertone is neutral. Colorstay foundations are not the most natural looking, lightweight products, but the medium-full coverage, fantastic staying power and a satin-matte finish certainly impressed me. The one downside at this foundation is the lack of a pump, however it's a pretty good foundation to try if you like more coverage.  

When I first tried this, I really didn't get the hype. I expected this intense glow, but it looked pretty shy, however, it turned out that I needed to get through the top layer to get the good stuff . I won't say it's the glowiest highlighter I own, in fact a couple of my cream highlighters are more intense, but it's my only gold highlighter and it gives a lovely, glamorous glow. The gold hue is noticeable, so I need to blend it in well to avoid it looking too gold, but I've been really enjoying glowy cheeks this month. 

What a cute little palette. It's got all the colours I use pretty much daily and it's shaped into this cute driver's license design that is so travel friendly. There are four powder products inside: a mini matte  peachy-pink blush, a champagne highlighter, a warm taupe crease shade and a deep reddish brown liner shade. I think theBalm makes some of the best eyeshadows, especially matte ones, so the quality is superb, only the blush isn't as impressive, but still nice.

I'm a massive fan of matte lipsticks and I think these are the most impressive ones I've tried so far. The finish is actually matte, not creamy-matte, it kind of almost reminds me of matte lip creams, though it's most similar to Mac's Retro Matte formula, but these are a bit creamier. I only have this one shade, though and I hope all of them are like that. I got the shade Darling which is a beautiful peachy-pink shade that is similar to Catrice's I got you Babel lip pencil. I'd really love to have more shades of these. 

Why isn't every Essence lipstick like this one? Excellent pigmentation, impressive staying power and a nice creamy texture, this is truly such a step up for Essence. The shade is so me - a gorgeous magenta that reminds me of Mac's Fired up. If you can still find these, they are so worth it.

I love this colour so much that it was on my nails for most of the month. It's a warm purple shade which is similar to Bahama Mama by Essie, but a shade or two lighter and not as vampy. The bottle is an absolute stunner as well with the gold cap. I was just really impressed by this collection as a whole. By the way, one of my lovely readers tells me that she found a dupe for this in Deborah Shine Tech 28.

My favourite vampy nail polish and perfect for this time of the year. It's a stunning plum-burgundy shade that looks almost black in certain lights, but it you can mostly easily see the reddish-purple hue of it as it has a jelly finish. 

Tappered crease, blending eyeshadow and flat definer
I was pretty pleased with most of the brushes in this set, but the tapped crease one, blending eyeshadow one and the flat definer one became my everyday brushes. These are synthetic brushes and very soft, so they are great at blending and not so much at picking up colours (unless they are very pigmented like theBalm's and Urban Decay's eyeshadows). I just love that these are smaller than a majority of brushes and are therefore very well suited for my small eyes. 

This was completely new to me and I'd probably never hear about it if I didn't get it as GWP. It's a strange very light serum that I expected it won't do anything on my thick, dry hair, but it makes it very sleek when I blow dry it. You end up using a small amount of product, so one bottle lasts ages. 

Black & Gold
When these launched years ago, I didn't think much of them, until I saw one in person. They are much better made than my original Tangle Teezer and the smaller size is so much easier to hold,  but it still combs my long, thick hair with ease. This gold version looks so glam, but many others exist.

I'm still so chuffed I finally got this. It's such a beautiful, fresh and floral simple scent that just makes you smell nice and elegant. Boss fragrances aren't the most exciting scents, but I love most of them. This one has notes of cactus flower, pink freesia, jasmine, rose buds, warm woods and cedar. I also love the bottle and I keep it displayed on my vanity. 

Have a great day!

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