Resurrected videos from ABC Australia explode the cholesterol myth

cholesterol myth
Photo Credit: AlignLife
EDITOR'S NOTE: The actual videos are linked from the very bottom of the full article accessed from the "Read more ... " link on this pate. They're very well done and accurate. The statin drug bombshell is in the second video.

'A two-part documentary from ABC Australia on the criminality of Big Pharma sent shock waves through mainstream media and the medical establishment when it first aired in 2013. Titled The Heart of the Matter, the airing left the pharmaceutical industry in a tailspin. 

Its message was so powerful and pressure to remove it so intense, that ABC buckled and took down the videos from its site. Now they have been re-released. Why all the uproar? This documentary drives a stake through the heart of the cholesterol theory that has resulted in millions taking deadly statin drugs, the biggest blockbuster and cash cow the pharmaceutical industry has ever known.'


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