What to Buy at Trader Joe's

What to Buy at Trader Joes

Editor's note: Unfortunately, Kelly missed many real whole food values available at Trader Joe's.  For example: their genuine, third party verified, California olive oil, pure (real) maple syrup, Kerrygold butter, avocados, organic and heirloom tomatoes, organic wine, excellent cheeses made with whole raw goat's/sheep's/cow's milk, organic arugula, organic apples, organic spinach, an incredible array of raw nuts, and more.

'Many of us real foodies were super excited when the new Trader Joe’s opened up here in Grand Rapids, Michigan. I knew that everything there wouldn’t be all sparkly in the whole store, that’s not going to happen anywhere, not anytime soon that is, but I figured that at least I could find a few things that I hadn’t been able to source easily around here.

And I did find some of those items there, but not as many as I’d hoped.'


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