TheBalm Hot Mama Shadow/Blush

Hot Mama holds a special status among theBalm fans (reviews on Makeup Alley). It's often described as a dupe for Nars' Orgasm, but I disagree and you'll see swatches bellow which confirm that. Hot Mama is a much more unique shade and dare I say even prettier, actually it's one of my favourite blushes I got recently and I ended up wearing it a lot. 

It might surprise you how gold it looks in the pan. There is a considerable amount of gold sheen in this, much like in Nars' version, but compared to that one Hot Mama is a lot more coral. In fact, I'd compare it more to Benefit's Coralista, however, it is already a bit more pink. The sheen gives you that healthy glow on the cheek, so it's like a mix of a highlighter and blush in one (it's described as a highlighter + blush in one and I agree. Actually it's almost like Mary-Lou Manizer was added to the blush). If you have a warm skin tone you'll love this shade. I actually like it more than their Frat Boy because I've always been a fan of Coralista and this is very close. They describe it as a blush and eyeshadow, but I wouldn't wear this on the lids because such shades around the eyes would make me look ill, but it would probably work on someone with green or hazel eyes.

The formula excellent, it's pretty much a standard high end blush and it also performs that way. It's nicely pigmented, blends well and lasts so well on the cheeks (I wore it with another blush on the other side and this one lasted so much longer that that drugstore one, basically until the day was over). You get a very nice blush in this one.

The packaging is cardboard and it also has a mirror, though it is small. It has a retro inspired image on the front which you either like or you don't, I fit in the "it doesn't appeal to me" camp.

I'm a fan of this blush. Everything that looks like Coralista is my jam and this is a slightly pinkier version, but with the same awesome gold sheen. The quality is excellent, especially the staying power, so I'm impressed. But it is a blush that is very warm and I'm not sure if it will work for cool skin tones, even I sometimes feel it's too golden if I wear a foundation with a pink undertones. If your skin tone is warm this will look awesome on you. It costs a bit over 19 € in Müller.

Have a great day!

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