Pulse Oximeter Normal Read

A pulse oximeter is a medical device that is designed to measure a patient's oxygen saturation level in their blood. Using a pulse oximeter is non-invasive, convenient and very easy. This means that they can be used by anyone, and they are not just reserved for use in a medical setting. This is why pulse oximeters are now used widely in the home. Many people have a pulse oximeter in their own home that they use to either measure their own blood oxygen saturation level, or the blood oxygen saturation of a family member.
They are great to use and can make you feel more comfortable in the knowledge that your oxygen levels are where they should be. However, sometimes people are unsure of what their reading means, and what to do with the reading that the device gives them. Once you know what your reading means, and if this is a healthy reading for you, you will get the most out of your pulse oximeter.

Reading your Pulse Oximeter Results

After you have put your pulse oximeter on, make sure that you give it enough time to properly calculate your results. Some people take their oximeter off too soon, and don't allow the device to properly measure the oxygen saturation level of the haemoglobin. Leave the device on for at least ten seconds, and even when numbers start to appear on the screen, make sure that you still leave it a few seconds to make sure the device has an accurate reading.

Once you have your reading, you then need to check if this is a healthy reading for you. Generally speaking, a healthy persons oxygen haemoglobin saturation level is between 94% and 99%. If your pulse oximeter tells you that your reading is within this range, then this means that you have a healthy blood oxygen level, and no action is required. This is great and your mind is at ease after using the device.

Sometimes, however, certain health issues can cause the oxygen saturation to be lower than this. If your oxygen level is lower than 94%, and it is between 90% and 93% it is not immediate cause for alarm.
Certain health issues, such as mild hypoxia, or any type of respiratory disease, can cause oxygen levels to be lower. However, unless you have a previously diagnosed condition, which your doctor has informed you about, and that your doctor has told you can affect your oxygen levels, you must visit your doctor if your oxygen level is in this category. You doctor can then run the appropriate tests to see if you have a health problem that is causing you to have a lower oxygen saturation level. If your reading is less than 88% you need to see a doctor as soon as you can. If your oxygen saturation level is this low, then you will need supplementary oxygen.

The cancer-causing sunscreen protection racket

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'Did your doctor mention studies showing that people who spend a greater percentage of their time outdoors have the lowest risk of melanoma?

For example, office workers have a greater melanoma risk than farmers, construction workers and even lifeguards! Based on population studies, melanoma rates are higher in Minnesota than Arizona, as well as higher in Norway than in the south of France.

Another pesky fact: Melanoma often occurs in dark places shielded from the sun, including the soles of the feet, the genitals, inside the nose and mouth, and under the fingernails.'


What really scares Big Pharma? People who learn how to CURE their own disease!

'Big Pharma is terrified that you might discover a simple, powerful truth: You can prevent, reverse and CURE serious disease yourself! Your body is a powerful self-healing system, and your healing potential doesn't depend on doctors, drugs or surgery.'

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The Once Demonized Source of Fat That Kills Cancer and Treats Alzheimer’s

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'Coconut oil was victimized during that era of erroneous dogma that demonized saturated fats, including butter, and created the unhealthy trans-fatty acid hydrogenated unsaturated fat industry, which included margarine. Saturated fats have been resurrected from the trash bin of forbidden foods over the past decade or so with proven health merits.'

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7 Facts About Depression That Will Blow You Away


'A silent tragedy in the history of modern health care is happening right now in America, but no one is talking about it. We have been told a story of depression: that it is caused by a chemical imbalance and cured by a chemical fix—a prescription.' 


Five Items You Need to Address to Reverse Just About Any Illness

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'One of my primary passions is health, which is one of the reasons I went to medical school. But that was only a start, as most of what I have learned about optimizing health occurred long after my medical school graduation over 30 years ago.

After three decades of managing patients from all over the world and reviewing hundreds of thousands of studies, I have reached some conclusions about how to avoid or reverse most any disease you can acquire.'


Six Cancer-Fighting Medicinal Mushrooms

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'Medicinal mushrooms and mushroom extracts are used worldwide to fight cancer and enhance and modulate immune response. Lentinula edodes (shiitake), Grifola frondosa(maitake), Ganoderma lucidum (mannentake), and Cordycepshave a history of medicinal use for millennia in parts of Asia.

Research has indicated mushrooms have possible anti-cancer, antiviral, anti-inflammatory and liver protective activities.'

Benefits of beets documented to defeat cancer

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'Beets have long been known as a healthy source of nutrients, but – now, more than ever – scientific evidence continues to support beets as a natural cure for cancer. Labeled “beet root chemotherapy” by some health experts, actual scientific research reveals the astounding cases of remission in cancer patients who were given high concentrations of beet root.'


Herd Immunity: Words Have Meanings: A Review of Vaxxed

'The government is a private corporation and you are not the owner. Either you are the stock of the government, part of the herd owned by those who own the government, or you are a free human being.

When the government mandates that you must do something, you have two choices. One is to do as you are told, thereby accepting your role as a herd animal owned and controlled. The other is to recognize your own freedom and your equality with all men and women on the planet. No masters. No servants.'


10 Benefits of Using Resistance Bands During Exercise

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'Resistance bands are made of strong, thin rubber with handles at the end, and come in a variety of resistances depending on your fitness level. With resistance bands, you can do just about any type of strength training exercise -- chest presses, rows, shoulder presses, tricep extensions, bicep curls, and even squats -- without the need for heavy weights.'


Decadent Healthy Dark Chocolate Avocado Mousse and a Dollop of Coconut Whipped Cream

'No need to feel guilty about indulging in this DELICIOUS, creamy, dark chocolate, avocado mousse. It’s a healthy dessert for the entire family to enjoy. It’s very easy to make as well. A health conscious chocolate lover’s dream come true!'


This Powerful Himalayan Mineral Can Rejuvenate Your Health!

'There have been USA and UK studies that have shown disturbing decreases in the mineral contents of foods from the soil over the past 50 years. And recent discoveries of micro-nutrients shows that they are lacking in many of our crops. They are essential to health providing synergy of plant foods.'


New holocaust study: medical errors 3rd leading cause of death in US

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'The structures of medical propaganda are cracking.

The Washington Post (“Researchers: Medical errors now third leading cause of death in United States,” May 3) reports on a new Johns Hopkins study. I’ll give you the Post’s explosive quotes and then analyze them.'


Medical Tyranny Strikes Parents in Canada


'A recent case in Canada’s Alberta Province involved parents of a child who had died at 19 months of age from what was officially declared as bacterial meningitis, a disease of intermittent and confusing symptoms that can take a downturn and kill in days. The parents were found guilty by a trial jury for “not providing the necessities of  life” to their toddler just recently and could face up to five years in jail.'


FDA approves GMO flu vaccine

'The FDA has now officially approved the first flu vaccine created 
with genetically modified materials, and more are on the way. 

The new vaccine, Flublok, is the first flu vaccine to contain genetically modified (GM) proteins derived from insect cells. Developers say the vaccine contains recombinant DNA technology and an insect virus known as baculovirus that is purported to help facilitate the more rapid production of vaccines.'

At 100, Still Running for Her Life

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“I never want to go backwards. I’m a forward type of person.” - Ida Keeling, 100-years-old and still running. Not only is she a 100-year-old runner, but she lives alone and is self-sufficient - cooking, cleaning, shopping, mopping, and scrubbing all by herself.'


Time To Look Beyond the Birth Control Pill

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'Even though "The Pill" has now been used for more than 50 years, everything changed in the early 1980s. Let me explain. 

When "Direct To Consumer" advertising was approved by the U.S. Congress, the era of birth control pills with hip names being presented DIRECTLY to the American consumers via television and magazines began. The result, artificial hormones, i.e. birth control pills, are now a multi-billion dollar industry.'


Saying No to Antidepressants

'I wrote this blog for the many women who tell me that they feel pressured to take meds. They feel pathologized by the diagnosis, like a scarlet letter D, their new name. They come to me because they know I will work with them to make real changes that are at the heart of their symptoms.

But they still have loved ones who don’t understand. So here’s my list of the top reasons – logical, intelligent, evidence-based – to say no to antidepressants.'


Doctor Cures Her Multiple Sclerosis With Diet, Abandons Wheelchair

'This video is simply amazing: Dr. Terry Wahls learned how to properly fuel her body. Using the lessons she learned at the subcellular level, she used diet to cure her MS and get out of her wheelchair.'

The Surprising Health Benefits of Extreme Hot and Cold Temperatures

'When it comes to improving your health, some of the simplest strategies can have a tremendous impact. For example, did you know that exposure to extreme temperatures can serve as a catalyst to improve your health?

In a previous interview, biological scientist Rhonda Patrick, Ph.D. discussed the importance of mitochondrial function — a topic she expands on in this interview. As it turns out, exposure to extreme temperatures, be it hot or cold, actually improves mitochondrial function.'


The World Is Rediscovering the Medical Benefits Of Psychedelic Plants

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'This week Pennsylvania and Ohio announced plans to legalize medical marijuana, which will make them the 24th and 25th states to officially recognize its medicinal value. Because marijuana is successfully helping so many people cope with a host of ailments with few side effects, some other plant medicines are becoming popular for treating things like depression, drug addiction, PTSD and much more.'


Breaking Bad Medicine

"Want to know the key to lasting wellness? It's leaving conventional medicine behind." - Dr. Kelly Brogan MD

Pharmacist Speaks Out: Get Off Prescription Drugs, Avoid Vaccines


"Margaret is a pharmacist. With a Pharmacy (PharmD) degree, and over two decades working in the field of pharmacy, she’s seen firsthand how “guideline-driven” medicine has artificially forced every patient into the same clinical box, thereby hooking them on drugs. 

The result is that “Doctors don’t THINK anymore — they just do what they’re told, which is to put people on meds. So many people in medicine (doctors, nurses, pharmacists) don’t really question anything,” says Margaret. “They’re so busy that they just do what the ‘guidelines’ say to do, rather than look at individuals and what makes sense.” '


Beware of The #1 Cause of Acute Liver Damage

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'The number one cause of acute liver failure in America is a common fever and cold relief ingredient. Acute liver failure is a one way ticket to the great beyond, while liver damage or stress among those who don’t suffer acute liver failure is the source of much of our poor health and chronic disease.'


Four solid reasons to avoid Starbucks

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'Undoubtedly, Starbucks is a coffee Kingpin, which boasts the largest coffeehouse chain in the world, with 23,187 stores in 64 countries, and annual sales of $14.9 billion, while CEO Howard Schultz is worth a whopping $1.6 billion.

Although statistically impressive at first glance, an important question remains: are Starbucks food and beverage offerings high quality and healthy?'


A world waking up: damage after vaccination

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"The medical cartel has a puzzle palace. Inside this structure, words are woven in secret, to confuse, distract, and evade. 

The most important wing of the palace is engaged in explaining away the cartel’s own crimes.

Here is an example of how their gnomes operate. Follow the circular pattern closely: “We never call vaccine damage by that name. No.

We say that, in order to prove damage, people must show a vaccination led to an official disorder. Well, we own all the disorders. We define them. So, when we want to, it’s easy for us to ‘prove’ that vaccination doesn’t lead to a disorder. Therefore, we can say the damage never happened.” 


Doctor’s Refusing Care Unless Patients Sign “Immunization Contract” Forcing Full Schedule of Shots

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'Thanks to the decentralized sharing of information, people are now able to shun their doctor and politician in real-time for millions to see and share. The guiding principle of health freedom has now become ingrained in the American experience. 

The runaway control and power grab pharmaceutical companies have engaged in recently has ignited a collective push back throughout the US. People everywhere are asserting their right to not become a test subject price tag for criminal drug companies.'


Seven reasons why natural cancer remedies sometimes fail

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 image: healthyfood.com

... those who seek alternative methods of dealing with cancer have a much greater chance of surviving cancer without any adverse reactions or side effects. As an old saying went: with herbal medicine, the disease can kill you; but with allopathic (mainstream) medicine, the treatment can kill you.

But sometimes the cancer survival rate drops from 80-plus percent with alternative natural means to 50 percent or lower. Here's why.

Dear Doctor: How to avoid blame for causing autism…

Vaccine Safety Testing sm
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'As the truth about horrendous vaccine-damage to babies emerges and spreads, doctors need advice on how to avoid blame. So this article is offered as a public service to the medical profession.

Dear Doctor, your best defense is: “I’m practicing proper medicine.” Always remember that. Don’t wobble. Don’t explain. Just keep saying it. It works. After all, you have decades of propaganda behind you. Make those lies operate for you. Stand on them. It’s your best strategy.'


Open Sesame! 10 Amazing Health Benefits Of This Super-Seed

 Open Sesame! 10 Amazing Health Benefits Of This Super-Seed
Photo Credit: GreenMedInfo

'Sesame (Sesamum indicum) is one of the oldest cultivated plants in the world, prized as an oilseed for at least 5,000 years. While it is beginning to regain favor due to its exceptionally high calcium and magnesium content, few realize it is also one of the most potent medicinal foods still commonly consumed today. '


What Your Body Odor Says About Your Health

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'Body odor is the toxic smell caused by the fermentation or putrefaction processes in your body when you eat animal products and processed, refined foods. Contrary to popular belief, body odor does not come from sweat because the latter is odorless.'


Does Sun Exposure REALLY Damage Our Skin?

Nadine explains the real relationship between the sun and our skin and debunks the myth that sunscreens prevent skin cancer. Find out who is likely to get melanoma and who isn't based on studies. You'll be amazed!

Autoimmune syndrome induced by adjuvants – another reason to shun vaccines

'Why are autoimmune disorders on the rise in a big way? For several years, researchers have been sifting through evidence that might answer that question, and recently the pieces started coming together with the discovery of a condition known as autoimmune syndrome induced by adjuvants (ASIA). Adjuvants are substances added to vaccines to increase the body’s immune response to them, but they may end up tipping the scale in favor of autoimmunity.'


How This Man’s Cancer Spontaneously Healed

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'Gracious acts of kindness without expecting anything in return resulted in the miraculous recovery of this man’s stomach cancer.

Brice Royer, best-known for creating the Gift Economy Facebook page, wholeheartedly believes that “the more you give, the richer you are.” '


What Aloe Vera Does To Your Body: Why The Egyptians Called it The Plant of Immortality

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'The etymology of the word Aloe is Arabic; It’s derived from the Arabic word “Alloeh,” which means: “shining bitter substance.” 

While the word “vera” stems from Latin and means “true.” 6,000 year old stone carvings containing images of Aloe vera plants have been found in Egypt, where Aloe vera was known as the “plant of immortality”. 

In fact, it was commonly given to deceased pharaohs as a burial gift! 2000 years ago Greek scientists deemed Aloe vera the “universal panacea.” '


The Shocking Truth About Hospitals That Nobody Talks About

Image result for $153,000 snake bite hospital bill
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'That enormous $153,161.25 hospital bill is easily on par with purchasing a house – except the house would typically be financed over 30 years. 

Notice the hospital bill was dated or issued on July 13, 2015 and the entire bill is due July 27, 2015. I think even loan sharks and illegal drug dealers would allow a little more time for a payback before ordering a hit.

Tell me again, what kind of country bankrupts its citizens when they are struggling to stay alive in a scary medical emergency and at their most vulnerable?'


Do You Know Where Your Chocolate Comes From?

'Have you ever wondered where chocolate comes from? The video above shows just how many steps go into making a chocolate bar, at least in this particular region in Mexico — from harvesting the cacao pods to tempering the chocolate and molding the final product.

The cacao beans have a fruity taste, according to the video, which is likely due to the cacao pulp (the cacao pod is a fruit and, like most fruits, the pulp is what's sweet, not the seeds). The beans must be fermented for up to a week before they take on the more familiar chocolate flavor.' 


Harry Hoxsey: Guilty of Curing Cancer with Herbs

'Of all the episodes of alternative cancer treatment suppression by the medical establishment, none is more dramatic and long lasting than Harry Hoxsey's. Harry's constant conflicts covered almost 50 years of the 20th Century. Hoxsey was flamboyant and put himself into the public eye and ear energetically and often.'


7 Foods and Nutrients Proven To Cut Macular Degeneration Risk

7 Foods and Nutrients Proven To Cut Macular Degeneration Risk 
Photo Credit:GreenMedInfo

'As the baby-boomers age, blindness from age-related macular degeneration is on the rise. More than 3 million more people will become victims in the next five years. Eating right can lower your risk.

Age-related macular degeneration (AMD) is the leading cause of vision loss among people 50 and older. It affects more than 1.75 million people in the U.S. and is expected to strike as many as 3 million in the next five years.' 


3 Simple Tricks to Effectively Optimize Turmeric for Maximum Bioavailability and Therapeutic Potency

Photo Credit:nutritionfacts.org

'Countless studies have demonstrated the medicinal benefits of this amazing herb which you can view here. Once you see the irrefutable proof that turmeric has a plethora of important health benefits you will be eager to work it into your everyday diet. However, before you begin consuming this potent food medicine, you need to understand how to fully unlock its powerful healing potential.'


A Simple Way to Reduce Stress

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'Gardening is one of life's simple pleasures. Even if you don't have a green thumb, digging in the dirt, planting and nurturing plant life fills a void in many people's lives. Some call it spiritual while others describe it as therapeutic or stress relieving.

Indeed, planting a garden lets you connect with nature in a way that you probably crave, even if you don't exactly realize it. This is why many people find gardening to be addictive — in a good way. What starts as a few flowerpots on your patio may soon morph into a flower bed or raised vegetable garden.'


Eating dark chocolate as a daily snack could help boost athletic performance

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'Dark chocolate has already been hailed for its positive effects on cardiovascular health -- and now a study undertaken at London's Kingston University has found the tasty treat could help give sports enthusiasts an extra edge in their fitness training.'


Vaccines and Vaccine Safety – The Full Truth By David Wolfe

'Where there is smoke, there is fire. A growing body of evidence indicates that vaccines are not safe and that they can injure, permanently maim, or even kill you or a family member.

The damage caused by vaccines can no longer be ignored, nor can it be dismissed as a necessary evil. By 2010, the U.S. Court of Claims had awarded nearly $2 billion dollars to vaccine victims for their catastrophic vaccine injuries. Currently, this number is believed to now be $3 billion dollars.'


Man with Incurable Lung Cancer, Turned Down Chemo and Outlived All His Doctors

Photo Credit:healthylifestylebase.com

'Stamatis was living the American Dream. It all seemed Hollywood perfect until 1976. That’s when Stamatis began experiencing shortness of breath upon exertion – for example, when working or climbing stairs. Eventually, he consulted a doctor who diagnosed him with terminal lung cancer and gave him only months to live. Predictably the doctor urged him to start chemotherapy immediately as it was his only hope.'


Ten reasons not to vaccinate

'The decision to vaccinate is yours alone, but it is a decision that should not be taken lightly or done under duress or pressure by others. Once vaccinated, the potential side-effects cannot be easily undone, if at all. These include death, sudden infant death syndrome, auto-immune disorders, inflammatory bowel disease, allergies, asthma, ADHD, autism, Guillian-Barre Syndrome and other neurological damage.

Your physician will most likely NOT connect the development of these unnatural disease states with vaccination, whether they occur immediately after vaccinations, several days or months later. You alone will be responsible for treating your child or yourself for these life-long diseases.'


'Oops... It Wasn't Cancer After All,' Admits The National Cancer Institute/JAMA

Photo Credit:GreenMedInfo

"Essentially, in one sleight of the semantic hand, entire swaths of the U.S., and global population, who thought they had “lethal cancer,” and were subsequently treated for it, often with violent procedures and treatments, were being told that “oops….we got that wrong. You never had cancer after all.” '


Ignore This Mineral And Your Natural Rhythms of Night and Day Will Be Affected

"The amount of magnesium in the diet plays a central role in helping to adapt to the rhythms of night and day, researchers have discovered."

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More Than 25 Percent Reduction in Cancer Risk With Two Cups of Coffee Per Day

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'Coffee has many reported benefits, but the anti-cancer properties are among the most widely studied when it comes to our daily java. Several studies have found ties to lower rates of breast and rectal cancers. Now, US researchers add to the evidence of an inverse relationship between coffee drinking and cancer of the large bowel.'


Medicine and the Dao, Part II: The Macrocosmic-Microcosmic Forces Driving the Rise of the Feminine

Medicine and the Dao, Part II: The Macrocosmic-Microcosmic Forces Driving the Rise of the Feminine 
Photo Credit: GreenMedInfo

'Centuries ago, we started a trajectory that brought us far yang. Now, we are on a trajectory to reclaim the feminine.

In Medicine and the Dao: Part I, we explored the Dao as an explanation for why we seem to have a divide in medicine: masculine (pharmaceuticals and surgery) versus feminine (natural medicines). In this article, we will look more closely at how the Dao is divided into Yin and Yang. 

We will see why the future of medicine lies not solely with the feminine or merely in the masculine, but in a combined, cooperative approach to integrative medicine. '


Why Kids and Adults Should Go Barefoot More

'When’s the last time you kicked your shoes off and took a walk in the grass — or let mud squish between your toes or sand warm the bottoms of your feet?

Going barefoot almost becomes taboo once you’re past school age, and even children are often scolded should they toss off their shoes in favor of going bare.

But there’s much to gain, and typically little risk, by going barefoot more often, both for children and adults. Many who have adopted a barefoot lifestyle say they made the switch because it feels natural; it feels good. '

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The Latest Study on Human - Pet Bonding Says You May Be Under a Spell

'Do you melt when you look into your dog’s eyes? Does your cat have you wrapped around her little fuzzy paws? You’re not alone! New science unlocks the mysteries of human-animal bonding and how our animal companions manipulate us into loving them—for our good and theirs.'


Vaccinated children have up to 500% more disease than unvaccinated children

'Suspicions have been confirmed for those wary of vaccinating their children. A recent large study corroborates other independent study surveys comparing unvaccinated children to vaccinated children.

They all show that vaccinated children have two to five times more childhood diseases, illnesses, and allergies than unvaccinated children.'


Dermatologists and The Cancer Industry Tell You To Avoid It, Yet It Prevents Major Cancers Worldwide

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image source: nutritionsecrets.com

'The widespread use of sunscreens promoted by dermatologists and the Cancer Industry, may lead to a significant decrease in solar-induced previtamin D3 in the skin, now correlated with a higher risk of cancer according to researchers.

Why Do Dermatologists Promote Sunscreen?

Quite simply because they like repeat business. Exposure to ultraviolet B radiation in sunlight provides the mechanism for more than 90% of the vitamin D production in most individuals and they know it. Our interaction with the sun is the one thing that may prevent cancer more than anything else.'


Costco working to increase the organic food supply in America by investing in farm-to-market principles on a massive scale

Photo Credit:internationalcollegesjapan.wordpress.com

'In response to the growing desire by Americans to consume more organic foods, Costco has announced its recent effort to work with farmers to help them buy land and equipment that will enable them to grow organics. 

The more organics that are grown means the more organics that Costco will be able to supply its customers; Costco will be better poised to meet the growing demand for these healthier foods as a result.'