A Guide to Safe, Minimal Carcinogenic Outdoor Grilling

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'This may be a bit premature for some of you, but it looks like some of us are getting into outdoor cooking weather soon. Others will be waiting longer. Before you go through the trouble of gathering your outdoor barbecue grilling equipment, here as some tips that will reduce the carcinogenic aspects of barbecue cooking and outdoor grilling.'


Common antibiotics found to cause delirium and other brain disorders

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'If you thought antibiotic resistance or destruction of helpful gut bacteria were reasons enough to avoid the use of antibiotics, you’re right. But in case you are still sitting on the fence when it comes to using these widely prescribed drugs, add side effects of delirium and other brain disorders to the list of reasons to avoid them.'


Studies Show Neuro-Protective Effects of Real Maple Syrup

'Over the past several decades of unsustainable agricultural practices, farmland topsoil has lost much of its organic mineral content. There are a few food items from crops that do not depend on topsoil for its nutrition. Among them is maple syrup.

The large more commonly used maple tree varieties and even occasional birch trees tapped for their saps have roots that extend far below the topsoil level into layers of relatively pristine and less adulterated deep soil. It's there that maple syrup gets its high mineral content.'


What's Really Behind Mandatory Vaccines?

Merge-Santo - New Threat to Food Sovereignty

Merge-Santo: New Threat to Food Sovereignty
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'Now, world agriculture has three mega-mergers in play: Merge-Santo - New Threat to Food Sovereignty. If we act, we can stop the Big Six from becoming the Titanic Three.'


Vaccine Pod People Ban Andrew Wakefield Documentary from NYC Premier

'At first De Niro stood tall and explained that including “Vaxxed” in his film festival was his idea because he and his wife have an autistic son and feel their should be an open debate on vaccines and autism, which was scheduled after the only screening on the last day of the festival.

“Vaxxed” was directed by Dr. Andrew Wakefield and highlights the CDC whistle blower William Thompson and his denied congressional hearing on the CDC Atlanta MMR study’s deliberate omission of critical facts.'


5 Ways Happiness Affects Your Cellular Structure

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'There is an irrefutable argument in favor of happiness: Happiness and good health go hand-in-hand and scientific studies have been finding that happiness can make our hearts healthier, our immune systems stronger, and our lives longer through enhancements of our cellular structure.'


Benefits of Cannabis for Alzheimer’s disease

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'Alzheimer’s disease is a degenerative pathology that causes progressive and total loss of the cerebral functions in elderly people, especially memory. 

This disease affects about 30 million people worldwide, a number that will double in the following 20 years due to the aging of the population in the industrialized world. 

Alzheimer affects more women than men, especially because women live longer and this disease development is closely linked with aging.'


Sponsors Of The Tribeca Film Festival Revealed, AKA “Scientific Community”

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'As you are probably aware, the criticism over the pulling of the film Vaxxed: From Cover Up To Catastrophe lead to an in-depth investigation into the actual ownership of the Tribeca Film Festival, leading us down the rabbit hole into the land of billionaires and Big Pharma and, of course, prominent politicians.' 


Stop Mandatory Vaccinations

Want Your Children To Be Safe? We Do Too! Stop Vaccinating!

Vaccines are dangerous and unnecessary for vibrant health. Unfortunately, we’ve been lied to. On this website you can find numerous videos of parents talking about vaccine injury or why they are vaccine free, read comments from over 180 parents who share why they stopped vaccinating, discover how to raise a healthy child without any vaccines, learn the many horrors of vaccines and how dangerous they actually are, and find out how we have been lied to about the need for vaccines for public health. When a parent who has a vaccine injured child says to you, “DO YOUR RESEARCH,” that’s why this website exists – so you can do YOUR research. There are plenty of links and resources here for you to understand why we oppose mandatory vaccination; and yes, there’s a lot, but THAT is what “research” is all about. Be brave, your children are counting on you! ~ Larry Cook

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How to Detox from Mandatory Vaccinations

VAXXED film pulled from Robert De Niro's Tribeca Film Festival following totalitarian censorship demands from pharma-linked vaccine pushers and media science trolls

"A much-awaited and explosive documentary film called VAXXED - From Cover-Up to Catastrophe was suddenly pulled from Robert De Niro's Tribeca Film Festival following an intense censorship effort waged by the vaccine-pushing mainstream media and pharma-funded media science trolls.

The Tribeca Film Festival was co-founded by Robert De Niro, who has a child with autism and who originally supported the free speech efforts of filmmakers to create "an opportunity for conversation around the issue." 

But the vaccine totalitarians and media science trolls who demand absolute obedience to the fraudulent narrative that vaccines are "safe and effective" have zero tolerance for any intelligent conversations about vaccines."


Blacklisted Health Book Soars To NY Times Best-Seller Status Via Grassroots Support

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'One of the most important books in the history of psychiatry and natural medicine has just broken through an unprecedented mainstream media blockade, after only one week of intense, 100% organic, grassroots support.

Titled, A Mind of Your Own: The Truth About Depression and How Women Can Heal Their Bodies To Reclaim Their Lives, and authored by our advisory board member, holistic psychiatrist Kelly Brogan, MD, we reported on the blacklisting of her book in an article published last week titled, Why Is The Media So Afraid of This Woman’s Work?'


Robert De Niro Responds To Vaxxed Criticism ‘I have a child with autism’

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'Wakefield’s film has been the subject of mainstream scrutiny ever since Tribeca revealed its intention to premiere the movie. 

Some speculation existed, though unconfirmed, that Leonardo DiCaprio was behind the film’s funding and push. We’ve been investigating the matter because we feel confident that some of Hollywood’s most successful are helping the film.'


Aluminum, Fluoride, and Glyphosate—A Toxic Trifecta Implicated in Autism and Alzheimer's Disease

'Aluminum is a known neurotoxin, and according to Professor Christopher Exley of Keele University, aluminum-containing products are likely fueling the rise in Alzheimer's disease.

People with aluminum toxicity display many of the same symptoms as those with dementia, Parkinson’s, ADHD, autism, and other neurological diseases, and mounting evidence suggests aluminum may play a significant role in the development of those (and other) diseases.'


More Than Half of Herbal Weight Loss Supplements Laced With Pharmaceuticals

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'Over half of so-called 100% natural botanical slimming supplements are adulterated with unlabelled pharmaceuticals, according to French tests of 164 products.

If you are pursuing natural health supplements, knowing the difference between brands that can help you or hurt you, can make the difference between advancing your health, or degrading it.'


The Fear of a Simple Fever

The Fear of a Simple Fever
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'Often, a fever indicates a reaction by your child's immune system when fighting infection. Is a fever always a cause for concern, or is it better to let nature run its course?'


Deadly Chemo-Drug Costs 4,000x More Than Gold

chemo kills 2 

'One of the oldest marketing tricks in the book is to dramatically overprice something in order to increase its perceived value. Ironically, the less intrinsic value the commodity holds, the more effective such a tactic can be. This could explain what's going on with one of the highest priced and most useless chemotherapy drugs on the market today.'

NFL Players Pushing Medical Cannabis for Healing

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'Former NFL quarterback Jake Plummer recently commented that the thought of filling the Denver Broncos’ quarterback needs passed through his head. But at age 41 he dismissed the thought, which was provoked by the fact that he was feeling so good again.
What he’s trying to promote is what made him feel good – CBD or cannabidiol. “I owe a lot of that to CBD and what it’s done for me,” Plummer said.' 

The Much Maligned Potato is Actually Very Healthy

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'What would motivate a relatively healthy man to undergo a 60 day diet of potatoes only? In 2010, Chris Voight began his successful 60 day potato fast to prove the health merits of potatoes.

His inspiration was ignited by the federal WIC (Women, Infants and Children) low-income assistance program’s decision to remove potatoes from the list of vegetables that were being provided.

After all, Chris was at that time the executive director of the Washington State Potato Commission. So he had a point to prove. Due to his losing weight and having improved health markers from blood testing, his experience went viral at that time.'


8 Proven Health Benefits of Saffron

8 Proven Health Benefits of Saffron
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by Marge King

'This exotic spice has been used to treat more than 90 illnesses over 4,000 years. Here are just 8 healthy reasons to use more saffron.

When the Greek gods Zeus and Hera made love, the land burst open with blooming crocuses. Or so the legend goes.

While the crocus (Crocus sativus) is loved and appreciated as a colorful harbinger of spring, its mythic fame and power come from its vibrant saffron fronds or threads.'


How to Find the Best Healthy Pasta (not shaped in Teflon!)

healthy pasta at its best
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'The most shocking thing I learned touring the pasta factory in Lucca is that the convenient and profitable way to make pasta today is to mold the dough into various shapes using a teflon die (think meat grinder but for pasta dough) and then cut in accordance with the desired length.

Can you believe it? Most health conscious people long ago tossed their teflon bakeware and cookware, so to find out the pasta they buy is being shaped in this toxic material would no doubt be a startling disclosure.'


The FDA just outlawed CBDs and hemp oil extracts by claiming all plant molecules now belong exclusively to Big Pharma

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'Hemp oil extracts containing CBDs (cannibidiols) are such a threat to the pharmaceutical industry that the FDA is now invoking totally insane justifications for outlawing them.

CBDs are non-psychoactive compounds found naturally in hemp plants. They work so well as powerful natural medicine that people everywhere are realizing CBDs work better than pharmaceuticals for treating epilepsy, seizures, neurological disorders and other serious health conditions (including HIV infections).

So the FDA has just launched a massive regulatory assault against CBDs by invoking the most insane logic you’ve ever heard. Here’s how it goes:'


The cancer industry's war on cancer cures

Image result for medical mafia 
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There's too much money involved among the cancer industry's players, trillions of dollars, to permit any intrusions of inexpensive, effective, and safe cancer cures into the Medical Mafia's turf. Here are some of victims of the medical mafia's drive to destroy competition with mainstream oncology.

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Help Slim Down and Even Live Longer With This Forbidden Food

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Raw organic nuts are a great source of healthy fat, vitamins, antioxidants, and fiber. And, contrary to popular belief, eating healthy fat will actually help you lose weight. Far more often than not, if you're struggling with excess weight, it's because you're eating too much sugar and non-vegetable fiber carbs.

In fact, a high-fat, moderate protein, and low-carb diet is one of the most effective ways to shed stubborn weight, as it helps shift your body from burning sugar to burning fat as its primary fuel. 

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Garlic Is Better Than Non-Toxic; It’s Extremely Beneficial

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A little bit of knowledge is a dangerous thing when it overlooks all the details of the complete picture. There are claims that pop in on the internet that garlic is a poisonous plant food. The disinformation fear mongers or muddled misinformation mentors should all be ignored.

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Denying chemtrails is dangerous for your health

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Statistical evidence shows that lung issues such as asthma and COPD have risen considerably over the past two decades. While there may be a few factors behind this, hardly anyone includes chemtrails as one of them.

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Ginger: The Herb For Everything?

Whatever Happened to my #1 Herb for Pretty Much Everything?
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'Weight loss? Check. Antibacterial? Check. Liver Protection? Check. Is there anything ginger can't do?

As we approach spring, marketing madness will of course strip us of our sensibility and convince us that now is the time for change. 

 A new year; a new you. Weight loss fads and a detox in the box is just what the doctor ordered, isn’t it? 

“Come one, come all; choose your potion, swallow your pill, take your natural products to prevent you from getting ill.” '


Recent Good News About Official Stance on Weed is Bogus

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'What if I told you the largest anti-drug propaganda machine that infiltrates public schools to scare kids from learning about or trying cannabis decided to drop marijuana as a gateway drug? Well that’s what some from pro-weed sites say, also carried by the Drudge Report.

But D.A.R.E says that’s simply not true on its site. DARE is the acronym for Drug Abuse Resistance Education. From DARE’s own website in response to the posted misinformation, “D.A.R.E. considers marijuana to be a dangerous drug for youth of the United States and the world!”'


How To Use Coconut Oil For Weight Loss

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'One of the biggest questions I get about coconut oil is, “how do I eat it and what does it do?” And “why didn’t it do that for me?” You want to lose weight, cut fat, have energy and stomp all over the world daily. 

You want to break down cubicles and smash stop signs at will. You’ve heard Coconut Oil can help you do this, but you’ve tried it, and it didn’t seem to work. Or your friend tried it and said it didn’t work. Or you just have no clue what’s happening with it and suspect it’s just another fad.

I wrote this to clear the air for you.'


Johnson & Johnson’s new diabetes drug linked to coma and death

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'Series of side effects plague common diabetes drug, yet it remained on the market

On Dec. 4, 2015, the FDA forced Johnson & Johnson and other manufacturers of SGLT2 inhibitors to warn consumers via labeling that the drugs may cause ketoacidosis, a serious condition that can cause diabetic comas and death, according to the American Diabetes Association.'


Our “Elected” Officials Are Protecting Monsanto Even More

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'The “Dark Act” won’t die. It keeps coming back. Dark is the acronym for “denying Americans the Right to know” regarding GMO labeling. 

Euphemistically known as The Safe and Accurate Food Labeling Act of 2015, HR 1599 passed in the House of Representatives and was just recently, as of this writing, passed 14 to 6 by the 20 member Senate Agriculture Committee for discussion on the Senate floor.'


The Higher The Magnesium Level, The Healthier Our Arteries

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'Higher serum levels of magnesium may reduce the risk of hypertension by almost 50% and the risk of coronary artery calcification by 42%, says a new study.'


How Government Enables the Opioid Epidemic and Tax-Payers Help Fund It

'We are in the middle of an opioid and heroin epidemic, which is killing ever increasing numbers of Americans at an astonishing rate.

In 2014, almost 30,000 people died from heroin and opioids (also called narcotic prescription painkillers), exceeding those who died from car accidents during the same year, says the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Prescriptions for opioids have risen by 300 percent over the past 10 years and fed the heroin epidemic as the tolerance of opioid addicts surpasses their allotted prescription dosage and/or they are no longer allowed to refill their prescription.'


9 Other Reasons to Eat More Fiber

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'Even your great-grandmother knew fiber was the secret to keeping you “regular.” But fiber has many other surprisingly powerful health benefits. Here are nine other excellent reasons to bulk up on fiber.'


The Health Benefits of Mushrooms

'There is, perhaps, no other food source surrounded by such mystery and magic as mushrooms. 

In the videos above, leading mycologist Paul Stamets gives a glimpse into some of the roles medicinal mushrooms play in health, such as activating your immune system and potentially fighting cancer.

Mushrooms may even help to save the world by:

Restoring habitat that’s been devastated by pollution

Naturally fight flu viruses and other diseases

Killing ants, termites, and other insects without using pesticides

Creating sustainable fuel'


The Grounded documentary - full movie

Polish Study Confirms Risk From Vaccines Far Greater Than Benefits

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'A Polish study conducted in 2012 confirms what many have been saying for a long time, that the risks from vaccines far outweigh any of their perceived benefits.'

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Olive Leaves Just As Effective As Drugs In Lowering Blood Pressure, Except They're Natural

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'Olive leaf extract is just as effective in lowering blood pressure as other common medical treatments for hypertension, according to a new clinical trial sponsored by Frutarom and Dexa Medica.

The study, published in Phytomedicine, found an olive leaf extract (EFLA 943 from Frutarom, Switzerland) to be as effective in treating high-blood pressure as a common medication blood pressure medication (Captopril/Dexacap from Dexa Medica).

The researchers also found that unlike the drug, olive leaf extract also significantly reduced plasma triglyceride levels.'


Daylight Savings Time May Cost You Extra—Both in Terms of Money and Health

'The issue of whether daylight savings time (DST) should be abolished comes up at regular intervals, and for good reason.

As explained in the featured video, daylight saving time is intended to give you more access to daylight hours, thereby reducing energy costs and promoting healthy outdoor activities, and for nearly a century countries around the world have moved their clocks forwards in the spring and backward in the fall.

But is it really worth it? There doesn't appear to be any good reason for this time tinkering in today's modern age, and a number of countries, and even regions within countries, have opted out of DST.'


It's Time to Address Cannaphobia

It's Time to Address Cannaphobia
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"Cannaphobia," or unreasonable fear of cannabis, is a problem for holistic medicine and health freedom.

It’s called cannaphobia or cannabias and it’s a problem for holistic medicine. Cannaphobia occurs when a person holds an unreasonable fear or antipathy of cannabis and the people who support it.

By not addressing unfair bias against cannabis we threaten the scope of natural medicine in general. Many might be surprised that this bias is a fairly recent phenomenon."


How To Reduce Prostate Cancer Risk By 45% With This Antioxidant

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'If you look into cancer rates and diagnoses in the United States you’ll find that they always seem to be on the rise, every single year. 

Because of this the food that you eat, your environmental factors and overall health are becoming more and more important as the odds are becoming stacked against you with each passing year. 

There are many differing opinions on what is to blame for the rise in cancer but there is one thing we know for sure, we have a say.'


Beginner’s Guide to Medical Marijuana

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'There are a few additional states that allow cannabis without THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) the compound that has psychoactive effects. It’s known as cannabidoil or CBD. The result is an oil or tincture that produces medicinal effects without the “high”.

There are some confusions with CBD vs THC for medicinal purposes. Very often the more debilitating and chronic diseases ranging from cancer to Crohn’s need some level of THC to create medicinal effects.' 


10 Natural Ways To Relieve Rheumatoid Arthritis

10 Natural Ways To Relieve Rheumatoid Arthritis
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'Rheumatoid arthritis is an autoimmune disease that attacks joints, bones, organs, and more. RA drugs have terrible side effects and aren't very effective. Here are 10 proven ways to relieve RA naturally.'


BREAKTHROUGH: The food you eat determines which genes get activated

'Everyone says you are what you eat, but, for some reason, the majority of the world's population seems completely oblivious to this fact. Yet pure science and simple experiments have managed to definitively prove what naturopaths have been saying for centuries: 

What you eat changes you, down to your very DNA. As it turns out, our diet can influence what genes are more active or suppressed.'



grass fed butter kg circled
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'When it comes to fat, it’s all about the butter (in my world at least)! But are there things you don’t know about America’s favorite saturated fat?'


Coconut water exposed: 9 brands to avoid due to harmful chemicals

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'For example, better than sports drinks, coconut water provides athletes a natural potassium and magnesium-rich drink that rehydrates the body while reducing inflammation and balancing blood sugar. 

A scientific review published in the Molecules journal also showed benefits ranging from lowering high blood pressure, preventing heart attacks, and healing cancer. It also contains a plant hormone called “trans-zeatin” that may be helpful in treating dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.'


Busted: Candida Myths

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'What is wrong with The Candida Diet?

What is wrong with the popular Candida Diet? And what is a safer, healthier solution to eliminate candida overgrowth?

You are in the right place and asking the right questions, because I have some answers for you!'


Doctors Tell Us How Hiking Can Change Our Brains

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'“Nature’s peace will flow into you as sunshine flows into trees. The winds will blow their own freshness into you, and the storms their energy, while cares will drop off like autumn leaves,” wrote John Muir in Our National Parks. Clearly, John Muir understood the intrinsic value of spending time in nature.

Along with Muir, many of us recognize that hiking in nature is good for the body, mind, and soul. Walking through the woods while observing colorful birds and foliage, smelling the aroma of spruce and pine trees, and listening to a soothing running stream simply clear our mind and make us feel good. 

Lucky for us, doctors agree. Study after study shows there are many mental health benefits to spending time hiking in nature.''


How Did the Late Dr. Gonzalez Discover His Successful Cancer Treatment?

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'Dr. Gonzalez passed away from a sudden heart attack in July of 2015 at the age of 67. He had been struggling with attempting to go the standard FDA approval route for his successful cancer curing methodology that he had learned from a Texas dentist who was curing cancer

As a journalist prior and during med school, he was very articulate and communicative, a great teller of true tales, and a passionate advocate of curing cancer naturally. He is missed. 

Fortunately, his office is still seeing patients in Manhattan.'

Using the Medical Industry to Assist Depopulation Efforts

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'There is evidence that a dynamic involved with lowering the world’s population is aggressive stealth depopulation. Stealth because ostensibly charitable vaccination drives in third world countries are actually Trojan Horses for delivering sterility agents.


The Female Heart Reacts More Sensitively To Stress

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'While the number of men dying from a heart attack has been constantly decreasing during the past twenty years, the fatal risk particularly in young women has increased significantly, finds a study. The study showed that stress in the daily routine has particularly adverse effects on the feminine hearts.'


Taking Apart Psychiatry: Fraud-Kings of the Mind

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Exploding the myth of “good science…”

'“Promoting diabolically false science, psychiatry creates a gateway for defining many separate states of consciousness that don’t exist at all. They’re cheap myths, fairy tales.” (The Underground, Jon Rappoport)'


Non-Toxic Household Cleaner Recipes You can Make at Home with Essential Oils

'My family loves making and using all things DIY including cleaning and using essential oils to clean with. We love passing on the recipes we discover and love to everyone so they can enjoy them as well. 

These DIY cleaners are natural and can be customized to fit your own preference. Toxic free and DIY is what I am all about.'


Icing muscle injuries could actually delay the normal healing process, study finds

image source: http://strong-athlete.com/stop-icing-injuries/

'For decades, doctors, coaches and trainers around the world have advised us to put ice on sore, bruised, sprained or torn muscles to reduce pain and swelling. Ever since Dr. Gabe Mirkin came up with the acronym RICE – during the late seventies - Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation (RICE) has been the way to go to treat every athletic or muscle injury.

But is RICE truly the best thing to do to speed up healing and recovery, or does it need a revision? More recent research shows that icing and total rest may actually be doing just the opposite.'


The Brain Needs Cannabinoids And Dietary Hemp Is The Answer

Photo Credit:plantpoweredkitchen.com

"There are over 400 phytonutrients that exist in Hemp Plants. Hemp is often mistaken for its cannabis cousin, marijuana, even though smoking an entire garbage bag of hemp would not produce an altered state of consciousness. 

Optimal brain health is achieved when linoleic acid (LA) and alpha linoleic acid (ALA) are consumed in a ratio only naturally found in hemp.

The brain also has a requirement for cannabinoids, which regulate most of the major functions of the body including alertness, emotions, inflammation and cancer defences."


Cannabis Superior To Drugs For Inflammatory Bowel Condition (Crohn's Disease)

Cannabis Superior To Drugs For Inflammatory Bowel Condition (Crohn's Disease)

Photo Credit: GreenMedInfo

'When drugs fail, and surgery is the only remaining option on the horizon, smoking cannabis may provide an effective and safe natural alternative for the debilitating inflammatory bowel disease known as Crohn's disease.'


How to Make Candy That Fights Fatigue, Reverses Inflammation and Squashes Sugar Cravings

Photo Credit:pinterest.com

'What do you know about bee pollen? If nothing significant, other than bees, comes to your mind you need to read this article! 

Did you know that bee pollen is considered one of the most downright nourishing foods in the world? It contains nearly all nutrients required by human beings to survive. Well, if you want to know more just keep reading.'


One Person’s Lyme Disease Relief Shows the Power of Raw Milk

'Most Lyme disease sufferers clamor for antibiotics forever, which the medical establishment cancels after a month. The medical mafia cruelly claims if antibiotics don’t fix Lyme in a month, it’s all in their heads.

Most Lyme sufferers consider this a curse, not a blessing in disguise. Long term antibiotic use, even short term antibiotic use with fluoroquinolone antibiotics, often cause more damage than relief.

But a couple of years ago, one Lyme disease sufferer took an extremely unusual approach that very few would even consider.'


Modern Research Reveals Your Heart Does Have a Mind of Its Own

'Sayings like “I love you with all my heart,” and “my heart swelled with joy,” or the reference to someone being “broken-hearted” or “cold hearted” — how much of this poetic language is based on something real?

Are these kinds of sayings references to something biologically true, stated in poetic terms?

This is the question Malone seeks to answer in this film, and the reason he thinks the answer may be important is because he believes the way we see our heart is a reflection of how we view ourselves as human beings.

The ancient Egyptians saw the heart as an organ of truth. And indeed, your heart does seem to be able to tell you the truth about how you feel and what you think is right or wrong. When you lie, for example, your heart rate tends to speed up.'


Study: Big Pharma’s Smoking Gun – Antidepressants Proven to Double Suicidality

Photo Credit:www.whale.to

'Researchers from the University of Copenhagen, Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences, and Nordic Cochrane Centre, Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen, 

Denmark have conducted a systematic review and meta-analysis of the relationship between antidepressant treatment and increases in suicidality and aggression. Their study, published in the British 

Medical Journal, was based on 64,381 pages of clinical reports reveals new information on harms – pharmaceutical antidepressant treatment actually doubles the risk for suicidality in children and adolescents.'


The Waters of Heterodoxy: A Review of Gerald Pollack’s “The Fourth Phase of Water”

The Waters of Heterodoxy: A Review of Gerald Pollack's
Photo Credit:GreenMedInfo

'In "The Fourth Phase of Water," Gerald Pollack offers an elegant new theory of water chemistry that has profound implications not only for chemistry and biology, but for the metaphoric foundation of our understanding of reality and our treatment of nature.

Let me emphasize that this is not a New Age book by someone of questionable scientific credentials. This is a book on chemistry, albeit one easily accessible to lay people.'