Stop Mandatory Vaccinations

Want Your Children To Be Safe? We Do Too! Stop Vaccinating!

Vaccines are dangerous and unnecessary for vibrant health. Unfortunately, we’ve been lied to. On this website you can find numerous videos of parents talking about vaccine injury or why they are vaccine free, read comments from over 180 parents who share why they stopped vaccinating, discover how to raise a healthy child without any vaccines, learn the many horrors of vaccines and how dangerous they actually are, and find out how we have been lied to about the need for vaccines for public health. When a parent who has a vaccine injured child says to you, “DO YOUR RESEARCH,” that’s why this website exists – so you can do YOUR research. There are plenty of links and resources here for you to understand why we oppose mandatory vaccination; and yes, there’s a lot, but THAT is what “research” is all about. Be brave, your children are counting on you! ~ Larry Cook

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